Nioh 2 – Blacksmith Guide – Forging, Soul Matching and Making Builds

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Thanks to Playstation for a review copy of Nioh 2.

Master the lethal arts of the samurai as a mysterious half-human, half-supernatural Yokai warrior, in this challenging action RPG sequel.

Explore violent Sengoku-era Japan and the deadly Dark Realm, both plagued with grotesque, merciless demons.

Unsheathe your deadly weapons and cut down all enemies in your path using a revamped combat system and the ability to transform into a full Yokai to unleash devastating paranormal powers.

Sharpen your skills:

Prepare for the fight of your life with revamped mechanics that build on the fan-favorite elements of Nioh, requiring your full concentration and skill.

Choose your method of combat:

Follow the way of the samurai with traditional weapons including swords and hatchets, or fill your Amrita gauge to wield mighty Yokai abilities and destroy monstrous foes via a variety of mighty attacks.

Improve your weapons with the Yokai Shift:

Filling your Amrita gauge doesn’t just give you access to a powerful Yokai form, but also allows you to increase the stats of various weapons and add extra buffs, such as staggering foes and grappling downed enemies.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

What is happening gaiz cowboy here and welcome to my blacksmithing guide from neo to now black smithing can be a little bit daunting in neo but it is a core part of the experience and ultimately what is going to make you into an absolute god to come endgame so start things off the first thing I want to point out is you will not unlock the blacksmith until you’ve completed the mission you see right here at the Beast born of smoke and flames this is a very early mission in the game but until that’s done you can’t unlock the blacksmith so let’s jump on in and the first thing we’re going to do is just go through each category and then we’re gonna go in-depth and build a set and kind of show you how exactly I go through the process so buy and sell pretty straightforward you know you can buy up a lot of basic items here special finds if you’ve unlocked those weapons armor but you’re not going to use this all that much special finds you might find something occasionally and items are useful but besides that you won’t do much there so we’re gonna come back to in a second Forge is one of your main things as you progress through the game and pick up smithing texts Forge is where you go to craft new weapons and armor if you get very specific recipes you can craft special weapons right now or kusarigama you can see I don’t really have anything all that special whereas over annex I have a corruption hammer right here because I ended up getting this recipe in a similar fashion with armor you can find sets so we’re right here we have the appetite for ascension set over here we have the servant of the god set and these will drop from various bosses and once you get them it’s a lot easier to craft these sets another thing I want to point out is with something like the Shinto priests gear for example a crafted version of the set is only going to require three Constitution and three skill whereas pieces that you find will have a much higher stat requirement to wear them moving on from there we have soul match now soul matching essentially allows you to take a piece of gear that you have been using that you like a lot and level it up so take this for example it’s level 55 if I were to pick this at level 63 you can see for a cost of 24,000 I can level this thing on up to level 63 now one of the things that is new with soul matching in neo two is the rarity of the weapon does in fact matter you need to at least use a weapon that is a matching rarity for example if I use this at level 45 you’ll see it’ll go up to 63 however if I was to pick up a.

It’s not gonna work here we go level 57 you can see the blue won’t actually get the hero hatchets up so you always need to at least match your arity or go higher.

Now this does make things kind of expensive taking the hero hatchets for example if I were to go to that switche grave you guys saw right there you can see it’s at ninety nine thousand soul matching and this is what’s gonna make soul matching very hard in the o2 is if you want to match up a purple item it’s going to be almost prohibit ly expensive as opposed to that we can forge new stuff so something to keep in mind I think we’re gonna see a lot more forging as opposed to soul matching at least in new game refashioning is pretty straightforward when you go to refashion it’s quite literally just allowing you to pick a weapon and then pick any other appearance that you have found in the game to put over that weapon essentially just you know it’s fashion Souls moving on from there we have tempering now tempering is what is going to allow you to change the specific attributes on your weapon and tweak it to your particular quality we’re gonna be going in-depth into this in just a moment remodeling I still haven’t unlocked yet and I’m almost at the very end of the game but you know I’m guessing remodeling will probably have something to do with the weapon anyway point is we’re not worried about that for now and the last thing we have is disassembling which will break down gear into basic materials so what we’re going to do is make a new piece of gear for my character right now I have a couple pieces that are nice 65-53 54 but these are starting to lack at 43 and 41 so I want to update those so one of the very first things I’m going to do is going to disassemble I’m gonna go over to all my items I’m gonna tab and I’m gonna break down everything now you see I just got a ton of different materials for that and to make sure we can use those materials we’re gonna want to go into forge tools and then over here now out of the smithing materials category we’re essentially just going to hit X down on the d-pad and then just do this and run down the list and what we’re doing right now is we’re essentially smelting and combining all of our materials up to the highest quality and the reason we’re doing this is when it comes to crafting this way we have lots of purple materials and ideally we’re going to want to craft purple gear it’s extremely expensive to Seoul match but in terms of crafting it’s not all that expensive so it’s much easier to craft a new piece of gear that’s ten levels higher as opposed to soul matching it and that way you’re still keeping purple gear which in general is just better because it will have multiple stat boosts whereas yellow will have one blue will have two purple will have four so now we’ve done all of that we’re going to go back into forge and we’re gonna go to armor now when it comes to picking a set there’s a couple different things to keep in mind the very first thing you see under special effects right there this that little symbol that’s next to it that means that that ability is locked to that item besides that there is also something known as inheritable see if I have an inheritable to show off right now okay so those little square icons you see next to and Ritter earned this means that if I was to soul match my bore hole bow on to another bow as long as my familiarity is maxed out BM ridda earned will transfer over to the new bow that’s what little you know rectangle triangle rectangle means means it’s a transferable ability and this is very important late-game because there’s going to be weapons that have very very potent abilities things like familiarity scaling a skill scaling a in some cases you know huge boosts to your o mio organ Jitsu but anyway let’s jump back in and we’re going to look to make a new pair of pants now since I’m playing a ninjutsu build I’m going to go for the human ninja in general I could consider either the shinobi which gives me in the Jitsu power or this which is going to boost up my shuriken and kunai damage since I am doing a focus build around throwables this is gonna make more sense so we’re going to select that you’ll see looking at our materials that we have tons of purple and nothing else because we already took care of combining all our materials together and now we’re just going to start forging away and it might take a little bit each time before it’s just add to the inventory and the point here is we’re gonna keep forging until we get a purple there we go level 60 which is nice and high we can see we have the four different abilities on them so we’re gonna go ahead and equip that now we’re gonna go into tempering and this is where we’re really going to make this weapon our own so looking at it I got key recovery bonus based on my Amrit agates it’s not necessarily a bad ability but it’s not something I’m terribly in love with so looking around there’s nothing that I really want and what we want to do is just to reroll everything now we can use our Umbra site and your quality armor site and there’s two more tears of Umbra site these will come from higher difficulties in the game for the base playthrough at least you can get quality oversight out of doing the Twilight missions each day there’s a Twilight mission and doing that one that you one quality humber site and higher difficulties of the game I’d imagine we’ll get quality oversight just from some of the gear some of the the greens and whatnot and that ethereal will likely drop the the third or fourth to your bhangra site in addition to the Twilight missions so either way we’re just gonna pick something it doesn’t matter what we pick and now you’ll notice that the specials that we have available have rear old on everything now ninjitsu power is something I want but since I only have one quality armor sight we’re not gonna go for that just yet.

We’re gonna keep reeling see if there’s anything else that looks like some peeling right now one head and drop rate just pick item drop rate for now and look there we go then Jitsu power on a number site as opposed to using quality so we’ll pick that up and we’ll consider this ability locked in that’s something I want for a ninja buildable moving on from here let’s look at our other stuff so we have faster winter recovery that’s a decent choice to go with it’s gonna help if I get blown out of key so we’ll leave that up actually I’ll know if we’ll pick that up see I think I have that on my chest already I do so we’re not gonna pick that up and the nice thing is that these won’t change from you just backing out looking at them you need to actually select something to re-roll so if you have an instance like I just had where I’m like you know what I think I have that bonus let me check you can back out it’s fine it won’t mess with your odds at all running speed right now we’re just going through and we’re reroll into trying to find abilities that I find to be attractive and I guess its pick back up recovery bonus with it ready gauge and we’ve ran out of money now obviously this does take a lot of money to do this but you know that is the name of the game and this is we’re still going to be cheaper compared to leveling up my pair of level 43 pants all the way up to 60 and that’s essentially what this comes down to is you can either craft your gear or you can sole match to get it on up but now I have a pair of pants that are similar to what I was using before you can see we have a lot more defense because they’re a higher level addition to that we still have a ninjutsu power we still the shuriken and kunai damage and we got a couple different bonuses now the last thing I want to talk about and this is something that’s new is if you go under all items here or armor notice that we can now also temper our accessories and this is something that people have been wanting for a long time so for example this I’ve already tempered this up but I have melee damage versus poison which is great because I use poison a lot of the ninja build and shuriken and kunai damage and you can essentially go in here and customize even your accessories to make them fit exactly what you want on the note of accessories one thing I want to point out is that when you do break things down disassemble that does not affect accessories you have to go to sell tab here and all of your extra accessories are just kind of sitting here so you can go ahead and sell those along with the the junk gear that you crafted as well one of the last things I want to talk about is talking to the blacksmith now as you continue to do various things whether it’s forging or crafting new year what not you’ll have requests that can show on up and these will give you bonuses in particular I got a three level 3 discount on forging cost additional special fines I can do additional stock here and essentially every time you keep doing stuff with the blacksmith game patronage levels as you gain those you can get small perks with the blacksmith.

So with all that being covered we are going to wrap things on up I know that blacksmithing and ndo can be quite a daunting thing there’s a lot to it but if you take the time to go into it you can really customize your sets just for example you know I know the let’s play up and kind of blowing through stuff but I have a helm here that has Dan Jitsu power.

And shuriken and kunai damage and Jitsu power of shuriken and kunai damage untouched in Shih Tzu blade spend amateur Canon kunai damaged in Jitsu power shuriken and kunai and then shuriken and kunai on this as well so the point is if you take the time to go into the blacksmith and kind of really craft that gear that is going to meet your needs you can come up with some pretty crazy stuff and there are some really nice sets even early on in the game just to point out a couple things for a heavy oriented build I’m a really big fan of this guy right here the Orochi set you basically get health back every time you kill an enemy auto life recovery and if you have five pieces of this basically every time you kill something you’re healing for a big old chunk of your health so if you’re playing a beefy boy build this is an extremely efficient set to work with until you start unlocking things like obsidian samurai this is actually what I’m gonna recommend people use for the walkthrough when I produce that series so that is one that’s that’s really nice as for early sets that you can get early on the two you saw me have already we have appetite for ascension here this one is not a bad set at all for leveling since you get gold and ridda Anki recovery speed so you have a little bit of a combat benefit but on top of that 10% more leveling up than 5% more gold the Shinto priests gear a decent one as well.

You have reduce the damage taken from yokai you get almost 200 health back every time you do a purification and you can basically chug sacred water like you’re being paid to do it with a 35% untouched as a reminder anytime you’re unsure about something you can hit the Help button and pull this up let’s see gives a chance for the specified item to remain unconsumed if reduced damage from yokai mister is health and then reduced damage from yokai so don’t forget that if you’re never if you’re ever unsure about what something is or if it is something you want you can always do this and go ahead and take a look using the help function so that’s gonna wrap things up for now guys hopefully this video helped you out I know the the blacksmith is quite daunting in this game but you know I think one of the things at least for me that is most attractive about neo is once you really get into the game once you you know really get into the thick of it you start crafting these absolute god tier sets that have every bonus you want and yeah it’s expensive and there’s a grind but the payoff is just absolutely delicious so thanks for coming on by hopefully this helped out some of you and I’ll catch you guys next time.

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