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Enenra Nioh 2 Boss Guide. In this Boss Fight, we’ll give you helpful information, strategies, tips, and hints in order to help you take this Boss down. Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to our channel for more!

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Nn r ax is the second boss in neo2 and if I’m not mistaken he was one of the bosses in the Alpha so if you fought him in that then you’ll have a pretty good idea how this fight is gonna go it hasn’t changed a whole lot when the fight starts usually drops bombs right around him immediately so you don’t want to get too close and then you’re gonna wait to see what’s what if the taxi does he’ll usually teleport at you and you need to dodge away when this happens and he’ll usually do a couple of attacks and a kick or two he’s either you’re gonna do a swipe combo or a swipe kick combo.

You’ll recognize these pretty quickly if you fight him a couple times and you need to wait for him to finish this combo before attacking if you have a feral yokai form you can dodge away from this teleport attack he does by hitting R to encircle to use your burst counter it works really well to get away from it because sometimes your dodge just doesn’t quite roll far enough when he turns into a tornado is a good time to punish his attack with a burst counter that’s what you want to do every time he does this just make sure not to do it too early or you’ll get hit you need to make sure he’s actually a tornado when you do it you can use it anytime after it becomes a tornado and then you can get in some free damage every time he changes realms he sort of explodes in a tornado so when he does this you need to back away or you’re gonna get hit with an AoE attack.

Additionally you’ll see these pillars around the room that hold these water buckets that if they dump on him if he knocks them down like he kicks them or punches them they’ll fall on him and do substantial damage the boss is weak to water damage so if you want to imbue your weapon with water that’s a good strategy for this fight or you can use the pillars to get some extra water damage and help take down his health quicker.

The best way to deal damage during this fight is during his tornadoes by first countering this is about the safest way you can deal damage otherwise you need to wait till he absolutely finishes his combos before attacking because if he’s the only does two swings and you think okay well he’s only gonna do two swings and you attack then you might get hit by a third or fourth it not gonna happen very quickly and you’re not prepared and then you’ll usually die sometimes he’ll summon some tornadoes that you need to sprint around I like to just run left or right and get around them as quickly as possible keeping an eye to see if he turns into a tornado or teleports while he’s doing this because you need to get ready to punish that if that happens or dodge away and teleports.

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