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Say hello to the strongest damage and clearspeed you can get for region 1-3 on NG! kunai build is back in action!

WARNING! Minor boss spoilers in video.

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I’m back what’s up guys its project bringing you the first build for neo 2 and it’s potentially the strongest build you can possibly make but early to mid-game right now and hell maybe even all of new game and it requires near zero skill or effort aka boom a ninja build so as a warning this is a pretty brain-dead build which I don’t really recommend using as it will ruin your first experience with the game.

I have not beaten the game yet I’m still in the third region as of last night hashtag nor the copy but I have recently stopped holding back the build and fully transitioned to it which you can see me gearing it in part 4 of my first playthrough well I don’t plan to use kunai spam much at all for the story content hell I’m holding the bill back purposefully by wearing no pants in my playthrough thus losing damage but neo2 does have a lot of bullcrap side missions that this build can help feet smoothly that was the main goal to build when playing this game for the first time it build with high clear speed to farmer Merida to level up fast after reaching new game+ whether this build holds up in endgame I’m not sure we’ll find out but I wanted to get something out for you guys ASAP so why not a build that can get you to and game so let’s discuss the build this is a ninja build the goal is to spam your shuriken kunai and kunai storm and kill the enemy before they kill you pretty simple it’s glass canny.

However because of the lightweight armor you should be able to dodge out of harm’s way often and well first counters exists to handle the rest soon as you get Fuma gear you win that’s it that’s all you need you can wear shinobi said as they start a set until you get Fuma gear around late region 1 or early region 2 and you’re gonna be able to craft it as well booming gear is best because armors don’t have inheritable z’ which is this icon that lets you pass on effects to other gear I’m not sure if inheritable ‘s were completely removed from the game or just removed from new game but so far I’ve found no drops with them at all but if anyone can confirm that they’re in the game that’d be cool but the armor is the most important piece to the build as they give kunai and shuriken percent damage because no inheritable ‘he’s the only way to get this stat on to other pieces besides gloves is this armor the second or should i say most important stats is ninjutsu power however one ninjutsu power adds about 0.5% kunai damage as we test it on streem and in the fourth episode of the playthrough and luckily you can temper that alongside your kunai damage percent we also learned that untouched ninjutsu can also be stacked alongside both of these effects still which can preserve your kunai from wasting away though tempered edges to power and temper untouched ninjutsu so far it seems only gloves and chests can get untouched however for my limited testing times two kunai damage is also not present so I don’t know if that was removed but it’s not in the early game at least or as a stat you can temper a weapon I use kusa since it scales with dexterity however you can use whatever you want as you’re not scaling weapon damage high enough for the scaling greats to matter you can use spear switch clave whatever you want just make sure it has backstab damage and Peart onto it as backstab damage is a universal stat that affects kunai damage in order to get this stat on a weapon it needs to not have a damage stat already well if you got mid attack damage on it you’ll have to temper that stat out as you’re only allowed one damage stat per weapon he damage and final blow damage and grapple damage do not apply to that rule however your range weapon should have agility damage bonus since you’ll have a agility with the armor which affects kunai damage then Jitsu damage bonus is good too if it exists but I haven’t seen it yet regarding your range weapons make sure to buy like a hundred to two hundred ammo of whatever one you plan to main personally I like to rifles for accessories you want the writing sets as they give a huge amount of ninjutsu as a perma stat temper kunai damage on to both and boom got your setup renew players watching tempering changes a stat on a gear from a pool of three to six effects which requires amber sight or quality um besides to temperate which you can get by dismantling gear or doing Twilight missions you can also Forge normal amber sight from the fragments you get from nan here for spirit guardian there’s not much or anything that really benefits kunai damage so far at my point in the game but how about elephant has anima bonus ranged hit which gives you anima whenever you use your kunai though not a bad option to have it’s also locked to the Phantom shift form which has a great burst counter after testing allowing you to spam it in quick succession if you do suck at timing the counter correctly it probably has one of the fastest animations to do that the equal best option is the bird spirit the starter one you get feral farm which is the best form alongside running speed and lightning damage which we’ll talk about shortly that wise basically you just need Dex as high as possible as it gives them Jitsu power to scale our Cunha damage I don’t use too much magic so 10 is probably the most I would do put a couple points into stamina and strength to get a agility if need be and lassie consider some points into courage and or heart form or key and key recovery speed same thing with skill which also as a side effect boost our ninjutsu damage for your prestige points an uncool tree in a title menu you want a gzip our life and ki just ban those over and over again and for your clan that you get in region 3 I chose Tokugawa for the 40 ninjutsu power but I might change that later for skills obviously barber shuriken then kunai and then storm kunai around region 2 to 3 but now I’m gonna bring your attention to the new skills from the ninja tree in neo 2 feathers these are very powerful from my testing doing massive damage to enemies out of key so instead of going for a weak grapple you can instead do 2 to 6 to 8 k+ damage 8,000 damage will definitely take advantage of enemies that are out of key it does have a slow casting animation but because of the subtle nerves to kunai being that most humans block after 2 storms now this is a nice alternative to throw in the mix alongside your kusa a weapon play it’s very powerful against yokai though since you can damage their ki fast by breaking their horns I haven’t fully tested the damage difference between the elements but assume that they’ll deal more damage depending on the enemy’s weakness lightning in particular though you can use the bird to scale its damage yet sure it can shooter and then thrown blade technique for faster throwing and more damage its sneak attack if you want loot change scroll is amazing in case you die at walking sneak-thief and tiger running scroll allow you to be ninja or mystic art get concealment which will boost your kunai damage even more I can’t wait to try that out um yo ho now listen to me carefully if your starting is build from the start of the game make sure to use Omni o as much as possible as to do the crazy damage you seen of videos you’re gonna need weakness talisman but you can’t get unless you got thirty thousand Omni proficiency so make sure to use elemental talismans for your weapon and life leech is good as well early on as much as possible aside that you also got sloth protection talisman and barrier talismans to be ope early on however once you do get kunai up and running you’ll seldom need those effects mystic art from Neos should be amplification since it’ll allow your weakness talisman to last longer however you can also just go with awakening for faster casting for samurai tree copy the order and skills I obtained here I aura ties flux and flux to as fast as possible then the stance bonuses you can get any green active skills you want but the dexterity one is they must have as you can scale whatever skill you want to use most often as much as possible which are dexterity and fortitude will give you more life and for shifting prioritize the dark realm and burst counter bonuses the dark realm makes it so your key recovery is super slow so you can barely attack right in this node more or less counters that so get it ASAP and max it out likewise if you’re out of key you can use burst counters or yokai skills to block dodge are interrupt even if you’re in the exhausted state and for weapon since I said you can use anything you want just get what skills you find fun with kusa blade spin footsweep Reaper and tangle strike or all must-haves also get the shadow strike bonuses for extra kunai damage from behind if you’re using the kusarigama as your main weapon although most weapons have this passive effects so make sure to get it Speer also gets thrust nodes which add even more damage and that’s the build I definitely don’t think anything can compete with kunai at the stage other than feathers damage it’s safe it’s fast it’s easy to build and play flexible on weapon choice can be made early on as you’re able to temper and cocoon a locked.

Not elemental restricted like omni o builds or paralysis or poison builds the only thing missing is untouched ninjutsu on everything to make spamming them or reliable otherwise you will generally have to fight with your weapon so save your storms for big boss youkai or the boss and save kunai for the tougher enemies while you kill the weaker ones with your main weapon or rifle that’s the build wanted to get this out early I’ve pretty much streamed me making this which you can watch me at slash project war I’m streaming two times a day till I beat the first playthrough walkthrough on YouTube is pretty much the stream just reloaded if you can’t catch the streams I’ll see how far I can get with this build but in region 3 without over farming or anything it’s Plano P but that’s it for me thank you guys for watching kunai storm that like button comment down below your thoughts on the build or what build you’re using at the moment that you find successful discord link in the description join the channel to support me and subscribe for more neo to epicness.

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