Nioh 2 – Weapon Combinations Guide – Weapon Scaling and Synergy Breakdown

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Nioh 2 weapon combinations guide. In this guide we discus Nioh 2 weapon synergy and the best weapons to pair for the best synergy. Included in this video is a breakdown for Nioh 2 weapon scaling in the form of a Google sheet which you can view below. Feel free to take a copy for yourself and have a play around with it.

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Hi guys welcome back to neo 2 today we’re talking about weapon choices and the synergy buried in start scaling you probably already know this but every weapon a certain character stats that it scales with organically I’ve been trying to make a decision about which weapons to pick I’m kind of a numbers guy so I did some digging and some readings help inform my choice Berryman I haven’t watched any guys on this yet I will eventually be getting more involved with the community but for this choice at least I wanted to come to my own conclusions without having the messer forced on me I pulled some information together from various sources I’ve made a shot ok so yeah I’m a geek but no I’m not sorry for that the chart shows how each weapon is ranked against each of the character stats so that’s heart strength skill Constitution stamina courage dexterity and magic when you put a point into a stat on your character it automatically helps your weapon damage if the weapon is aligned with the stat in question I got most of the information from the wiki all the rankings shown here are for baseline weapons I expect the weapons you find later in the game will have slightly altered scaling ranks but for the time being this will serve as a good baseline measure.

I also added in the column for range this one purely anecdotal it isn’t scientific it’s based on my own experience during the beta for my weapon showcase videos so take that column with a pinch of salt so here’s the criteria that I’m following when I’m looking at weapons and making choices for a good pairing first and foremost it has to be fun I need to enjoy the playstyle and the aesthetic of the weapons that said for it to feel fun for me it also needs to be effective sure as hell isn’t fun getting battered over and over again unnecessarily because I made a poor choice at the beginning of the game secondly range variation for me I like to have all the angles covered as much as possible I know it isn’t possible to cover every single scenario but I like to give myself options when it comes to dealing with different enemies third attack speed versus damage again I like to attempt to either a find the middle ground or being have a way to cover a variation of heavy hitting versus speed attack to give myself options as the game presents different challenges forth individual weapon versatility ideally I want each weapon to stand on its own without needing a crutch to fall back on five utility okay do the weapons I’m looking at have any little bonuses to help crowd control enemy agro distance or maneuverability that’s important to me and of course weapons synergy from a stats perspective how well does the weapons pair when it comes to how the scale of my stats am I getting the most bang for my book when I invest a point in my character I don’t want to spread myself too thin when I’m trying to max out the damage potential of my weapons which brings us all the way back to the shot I made so i started by taking the stats energy into account and then i went from there the remainder of the things on my list i could take for having tried the weapons out and the move sets during those showcase videos so on chart i added filter so okati for example all weapons that scalable strength at a glance or all the weapons that benefit from courage the chart looks simple but I found myself looking over it for so long and cross-referencing so I tried to make it easy for myself I’ll try not to let my natural bias toward certain weapons simply override the facts you get the idea anyway so back to the sheet for convenience added a section which shows the other main benefits you get for each stat suit it doesn’t cover every single minor benefit but it shows the main ones which will at least give you a stare in the right direction I’ll leave a link to the spreadsheet in the description it’ll be view only but you’re very welcome to copy it out and put it in your own document if you like and have a play around with it again this is just my own thought process if anyone has a different approach I’d love to hear it leave me a comment and looking debate it please bear in mind I’m learning as I go and I’m bringing you my findings so keep any comments constructive if you don’t mind I’d like to eventually build a community of like-minded West weapons specialists and geeks so that we can pool our resources also selfishly following this process has been a great way to help me clarify my own thinking if you ever watched my last play series or if I end up streaming live at some point in the future you’ll notice I tend to think how loud so now I’ll quickly talk you through my weapon shortlist and the rationale I follow behind it I’m torn between my final two choices but I’ll explain that toward the end so looking at the chart only the most obvious pairings would be a single sword and jaw sword they each benefit from three stats simultaneously stats put into heart strength and skill the problem with this well to me at least it feels like it wouldn’t be a very well-rounded build it would scale brilliantly for both weapons at once for every stat point place but well it doesn’t meet my criteria for versatility ranged areas or damage versus speed crossover so that one’s out for me next switch play the spear each weapon benefits from stats placed in both skill and Constitution Constitution stats also give me extra life and resist for poison and paralysis the were comparing offers me great range speed and damage variation points potency skill also benefit both bows and rifles so on paper it sounds amazing doesn’t it so what’s the catch I’m glad you asked to put it bluntly the the spear of shit okay yeah I know that’s a bold statement but just for me it felt clunky it felt disjointed I just didn’t enjoy the play style so despite the numbers and the synergy the pairings out for me too plus the switch globe main scaling is is magic it’s an outlier that one I don’t personally want to use magic as a crutch I like the thought of relying on weapon skill I do accept however that I may need to change my stance on that one depending on what the game throws at me the next pairing I consider is the Adachi in either single or jaw sort from a synergy perspective they all have scaling with heart and strength stats it was covered the range speed and damage variation criteria I’m looking for easily was a side benefit from the heart and strength stats a maximum key would be growing I’d also get a small bonus for maximum weight allowance it would lend itself to a heavy arm build eventually downside well at once pepper joules 12 personalized to go with you – II but the pairing is imperfect only one of the stats matches up and the scaling for the dual swords and strength is a D so it’s far from optimal so that one’s out – which brings me to my final two choices I’ve picked the winner for now but I’m giving myself permission to change my mind after a few hours gameplay if I decide I’ve picked wrong I may even changed my mind at the last minute but here’s where I’m at for now so my first choice plan a this is why I’m planning on starting the game with axe and hatchets aesthetically I love both weapons.

I enjoy the play style of each the damage range speed and placed our versatility boxes are all ticked for me quick side note if you enjoy reading look up the book legend by David Gemmell if you’ve never read it you missed out you’re looking for a character called gross he’s who I’d want to emulate with this build and I’ll probably end up trying to make my character look like him if I can.

If you end up reading of the books the first time based on this recommendation you welcome your fuck me later ok so back to the weapons the axe is a powerhouse it’s got a great range the spin I think would be useful for crowd control if I get surrounded the hatches are quick with decent damage in a great Muenster they can also be thrown which appeals to me as a back up long range option Sindhi wise to both scale well with courage and to a lesser degree with stamina the side benefits of that were those two stats I get increased life and increased stamina while key recovery the hatchets also have a B+ scaling with skill so if I decide to that I can boost my bow and rifle damage at the same time the ax also scales with strength which means if I decide to push for the heavy armored passive bonuses in the future I’ll have the option and I’ll also be boosting my axe damage at the same time to me that feels like a pretty well-rounded build so that was plan a plan B well confession time this was mainly born for my craving to used as your swords.

The primary Stanford you all saw this skill so the best synergy on the primary step would be to pair it with hatchets on paper but that doesn’t take my box arrange variation and damage the next best primary snap pairing would be jewel swords with the cursory Gama based on the skill on the skill the skill stack focus also naturally gives me access to light armor passive bonuses eventually as well now this parents a strange one it’s on the verge of breaking my own rules on one hand the damage output and speed of the tax is very similar between the two weapons in the same ballpark at least but the kusarigama has an option for the heavy charged attack which gives a way to close the distance in a fight either by dragging the enemy in or pulling yourself towards them that’s an example of the utility I’m looking for also alongside the skill stop both the jewel saws and the cursor agama also scale with strength so that lines up okay additionally if I were to put some focus on heart for the dualsaw scaling I also raise my maximum the stamina key energy and fire resist and if I put some focus on dexterity for the kasoori Gama then it gives me bone system then GS ooh which then lets me play with the buff system so despite all the analysis I’m still a little song demo two choices either accent hatches with a heavy armor focus or the jewel swords and the cursor aguma with the white armor focus now guys I hope you found this useful let me know your thoughts or questions in the comment section and don’t forget to hit like button on your way past and quick reminder before you go the link to the spreadsheet is in the description if you wants it thanks again for joining me guys really pretty sure a time love you to subscribe you feel like joining me again hit like do comment hit the belt you know all those things and I’ll there I’ll see you for the next one thanks again for joining me together.


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