Nioh 2 – Yatsu-No-Kami Boss Fight Guide

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Yatsu-No-Kami Nioh 2 Boss Guide. In this Boss Fight, we’ll give you helpful information, strategies, tips, and hints in order to help you take this Boss down. Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to our channel for more!

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Otsu no commie is the third boss in neo2 and when the fight starts you’re immediately gonna want to move left or right to get next to them he’s sort of gonna charge at you very slowly it’s not hard to dodge at all and then just immediately start attacking into his side unlike the first two bosses of the game you’re gonna burst counter a lot less often and the strategy is to back away from them and wait for certain attacks to happen and then get in an attack them you’re not going to be able to burst counter very often though so when he plunges his snake arms into the ground and shoots up one snake after the other after he’s gonna shoot up two snakes one than two you want to move in a pattern that allows you to end up next to him and attack him as soon as that second snake pops up behind you so don’t run too quickly to the boss or that second snake will pop up under you while you’re attacking it but make sure it pops up just behind you and then you begin attacking the boss it’s a great idea when you’re attacking the boss to try and attack from an angle not directly head-on if possible in order to deal damage to the arms because when he shifts into the dark realm those arms are going to come off and start attacking you and if they’re weak and they’ll die easier and as soon as those arms go down in the dark realm then he’ll return back to the normal route periodically he’ll fire a wave of projectiles at you the best way to handle these is to just dodge through them or run around them it’s not super hard to do you just need to keep an eye on them at all times and make sure that you see when they’re fired so that you can move accordingly periodically he’ll try and do a grab move and you want to move away just out of range when this happens you don’t have to get very far and then attack him out forward and back away and he’ll also do a couple of orange attacks that you can punish if you time them correctly it’s kind of difficult to do on this fight because he’s so narrow sometimes you’ll miss left or right a little bit but you should be able to punish them fairly easily and even if you miss you generally go off to the side so you don’t take any damage it’s also going to be in this fight to carry some antidotes as you may get poisoned and you also have to fight this boss more than once on different forms throughout the game and that arena that you fight in sometimes will have more poison so having poison resistance or antidotes to clear poison is always a good strategy.

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