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Side Quests in Ori offer valuable rewards if you complete them. This Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Side Quest Guide will guide you through each of the side quests we’ve discovered on our journey through the game, including where to find each side quest and how to complete them.

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Hello everyone Johnny here can hear from gamers heroes calm and today we going over how to complete the side quest hand-to-hand in Ori and the will of the wisps let’s get started the long quest very similar to the trade and quest in Link’s Awakening in quote Kuo Lux hollow here on the map you will find an NPC speak to him and he will give you a map and the quest hand hand this is where it starts from there had to wellspring glades and you will be speaking with talk there he will then give you the Wanderers pouch which will then start the next part of the quest you’re going all over the world in this so don’t expect to beat it right away just expect to beat it by the end next head to the wellspring and here there’s a bunch of buildings you can go into not a bunch it was like four but this building right here this library this windmill whatever you want to call it go inside and on the right side of the building there is one of the toe keys or Loki’s or whatever they’re called Mokey’s speak to him he will want the bag and in return he will give you a pack of herbs next you want to go back to the wellspring glades you probably can’t do this one yet but you need to go to the top of the tree which actually requires the leaf so you can get the fire going so you probably can’t do it until you get to leave and you jump to this branch here most likely need the triple jump as well jump up here and then follow this path to the end and there’s a little colder in there talk to the guy at the cauldron and he will hand you some spicy soup so again you will need the I don’t know if you need the triple jump but it makes it a lot easier but you will need the feather so you can make the fire go at the bottom of the tree in the wellspring grip-it wellspring glades next is in Bauer’s reach here on the map this is a again you’re gonna need your need the feather because you got a float when you’re up there talk to this guy and if you have the soup he will give you the comfy hat you probably know where the hat goes if you’ve spoken to everyone but you need to go back to the wellspring glade to turn that in and here is where he will be on the map on the left side of the wellspring glades inside the little cave here talk to this dude at the end he will take the Hat from you and in turn he gives you a lamp you turn the lamp in and.

The mold would depths here on the map highly recommend you clear this place out that way you don’t have to worry about the darkness if not you will need the move the flash move that allows you to move through the darkness and the jump is right through there it’s kind of a hidden wall talk to the mochi here and he will take the lamp off your hands and then he will hand you some silk which you will then turn to the guy who needs the fishing line to find him you go to the luma pools I also really need for this one is the dash but if you’ve got everything else you’ve got all the upgrades you need to get to this guy there’s the warp point down there by the way from here grapple up – over talk to him right here and he will hand you some water a canteen or no spyglass he’s the spyglass my bed and again back to wellspring glades there’s the warp point this time we’re heading up here to the guy that hides behind the bush talked to him and I believe he’s the one who gives you the canteen.

When you got the canteen head to the windswept wastes and you kind of see where I came in.

Here’s where i warped at follow this path up using your dashes and your grapples talk to the Gorelick miner here he will take the canteen off your hands and he will hand you a stone tablet once again back to the wellspring glades this time we are heading to there’s the warp you can either go under the water or use the dirt your choice head inside the hut and talk to Lupo here he will tell you that you do use that in the ancient ruins which is one of the end areas you need to get all of the the four main items in order to get into that place so if you haven’t done that yet keep progressing in the story until you have if you have the wind torn ruins are right here there’s a warp point right there warp to it and just head down warp all art not warp – all the way jump all the way run all the way and the great part about this although it is a little bit late you get all the secrets revealed on your map once you turn this tablet and let the quest complete give it a couple of seconds and then the button prompt right there place the map stone fragment kaboom all secrets have been marked on your map like I said you probably almost done with the game at this point but now you’ll know where everything’s at if you want to collect it all right yeah and you get that achievement all right that’ll do it for me if you liked which song got what you needed like comment subscribe see you guys in the next video later Gators.

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