Overwatch – The Complete Reinhardt 2.0 Mastery Guide

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The big Reinhardt rework in the breakable barriers patch sped up his gameplay by lowering his shield health, but increasing his move speed and resistance to knockback with the steadfast buff. This empowered Rein’s mechanics to carry his gameplay and made him a serious force on the battlefield, he is now less about playing scared of all the things that can kill him easily and instead more about imposing his will with strong tank mechanics and overwhelming his opponents by hitting his abilities. In this video we cover everything we could think of when it comes to playing the new and improved Reinhardt, you can check below for timestamps for the different sections. I hope you all enjoyed this complete Reinhardt 2.0 mastery guide video, if you did please be sure to leave it a like and don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell icon to actually get notified when our videos go live!


  • 0:50 – Reinhardt Overview.
  • 1:38 – Reinhardt Mechanics, Sensitivity.
  • 2:25 – Hammer Aim! Melees Lingering Hitbox.
  • 3:55 – Hammer Knockbacks.
  • 4:30 – Shield Speed & Shield Jumping.
  • 5:37 – Shield-look-behind-you.
  • 6:15 – Shield animation canceling hammer.
  • 6:46 – Crouch after earthshatter.
  • 7:21 – Hammer cancel into firestrike for higher DPS!
  • 7:47 – When you should use firestirke.
  • 8:22 – Rein Pin – Charge Advanced Sections Begin.
  • 10:20 – Short pin, framing the pin.
  • 12:17 – When NOT to short pin.
  • 13:20 – 180 Degree Turn Retreat Pin.
  • 14:19 – When to go for Long Distance Pins.
  • 16:48 – How to Aim Pins, Don’t Miss.
  • 17:30 – Blocking Earthshatter.
  • 19:35 – How to Successfully Land Earthshatter.
  • 21:56 – Shield Advanced Brawling.
  • 23:00 – Protecting Your Team w/ Shield in hectic fights.
  • 24:49 – Clutch Shield Jump sets up retake.
  • 25:43 – Using shield to box out all damage, take space and control the brawl.
  • 26:05 – Shield Management with Rein 2.0.
  • 27:02 – Jmac Shield Aim.
  • 27:42 – Shield countering Mei or Reaper.
  • 28:12 – When to fight and target priority.
  • 29:40 – How to Survive as Rein 2.0.
  • 30:06 – Playing Reinhardt with Low Resources.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Oh this is just wrong what you did to them was the right space jeez this is why you make videos on how to play tank nice is it that was so wrong what’s gone everybody its frito here for your overwatch and I’m happy to finally be bringing you the complete Reinhart 2.0 mastery guide today Ryan underwent a host of reworks to how he plays and now he’s in the most skillful and challenging version yet overall he plays a lot faster than older versions with less shield health but faster movement and more control with the steadfast buff and with shield health a lower for all tanks there’s more chances for Ryan to set up better engagements than his opposing tank is the skill gap there or carry teamfights outright with earth shatter first let’s discuss a quick overview of the playstyle of Reinhardt and when you do and don’t want to pick him he’s a carry tank which I know is often a controversial word but for the purposes of our content the term carry beans a hero that excels when resources are put into them as opposed to other tanks like Orissa were more about setting up teammates they’re more supportive Ryan does a bit of that too but it’s harder to have a pure supportive playstyle with him so if you lack an off tank or main healer you may have to consider swapping Ryne but that’s something we’ll discuss later on in short unwind you have one of the most powerful jobs in the game with a huge percentage of the win resting in your hands no pressure of course but assuming you have the right pieces and your team comp let’s proceed and start with the most fundamental first thing you want to go about mastering is your mechanics the first step to improving this is to increase your sensitivity it’s very important as Reinhardt that you’re able to quickly turn when you need to you’re gonna have to search up a video and a dpi if you don’t know what that means I plan 1,600 with two in-game sensitivity I like that for all the characters I play but you’ll notice if we drop this by a quarter I’m not going to be able to turn around nearly as much so if you are at a lower sensitivity you might not be getting the most out of Reinhardt because especially when we talk about the different moves I’m going to prescribe you want to do you’re not to be able to do them if your sense is too low so it needs to be high enough for you to be able to turn and get all of your Reinhardt things going firm speed unlocks everything rank does but it’s key to the first thing you need to learn which is swinging that hammer all melees in overwatch have a lingering hitbox so even when I’m playing tracer if you’re fast enough you actually can miss the melee but move it towards the target and still connect provided that it is at the end of the animation still now reinhardt’s hammer has a very long animation all the while with a lingering hitbox that we can move and manipulate so because of this even when our first swipes against a target miss we are able to swing our hammer around and create almost a backswing effect where the first swipe in the animation is automatic but we can whip our aim the other direction while the hammer is lingering at our side to sort of create an extra swing if that makes sense and remember it’ll do damage at any point it makes contact so if the targets behind you you can reverse it you can push it just remember that the hammer itself hangs at the side of your body so don’t focus at your crosshair as you’re swinging think of the physical motion you’re making and concentrate on turning that hammer especially when it slows down and hangs at your side that’s where you can aim it the most because it moves the least getting good at this helps punish quick characters that otherwise would feel safe around or behind you it’s the difference between punishing that tracer or lucio buzzing around your death ball or forcing them away if not outright getting the elimination on them hammer.

Aim headers folks this is key don’t knock it and it’s not as easy as it sounds other cute tips with the hammer that you’re gonna want to keep in mind is that Ryan’s hammer applies a bit of knock back all Malee’s do this actually but it’s a little bit more pronounced on Reinhardt this could be important for all manner of things just pushing enemies into danger physically making space by knocking enemies out of the way so you and your team can get through in the Reinhardt mirror it matters far less now that they both have steadfast but up against other tanks like when Winston’s shield dancing and knocking him out of the bubble will make him much more vulnerable or when you’re trying to control as aria.

And punish her from over aggressing those hamanaka backs are really key okay next we’re gonna talk about shields mechanics you will walk slower when shielding it’s faster than it used to be but it is slower than full-on walking there’s less of a penalty now which is really important but you are going to want to maximize your move speed as Ryne whenever possible especially when it comes to dodging enemy abilities and instead of retreating full-on with your shield like this you want to employ what’s called shield jumping where I move faster in the air with the shield and I’m not getting that movement penalty that I get on the ground so if I’m walking with the shield I move this slow whereas if I jump backwards I’m get the jump speed which is far faster and there’s also an added benefit that you’re able to not keep your shield up the whole time so if I was like this up against the bots here that shoot then I would begin taking damage this entire time my shield health going down and down and down to execute the shield jump remember to move in the direction you want to go jump but try to hit the shield in air because if you shield too early you’re not gonna get as much momentum and you’ll be stuck short hopping another better shield tech that I think is really important is using your ability to block your shield in place with your primary attack and then moving your camera to see where the heck your team is right not really used at higher tiers because positioning and teamwork it’s a little bit more natural but at lower tiers especially you’re going to want to use this ability a lot and remember higher sensitivity makes this easier you just want to quickly gain information of where my team’s at you want to know are we even ready to go because if we’re not then you shouldn’t press W gaining that information as Ryan is like half of his playstyle just knowing where your team are what their intentions are improves your decision-making to a huge degrees and a must know shield mechanic is that you can cancel the animation of your hammer swing with shield so at any point during this animation if I begin swinging I can just cancel it in the middle I can cancel it at the end I can cancel it whenever I want to put my shields up but what I cannot do is throw a fire strike and do the same thing I have to wait the entire time it’s me so important to blocking Earths shatters and abilities so fire strike does more damage but hammer is a better ability to spam because you always can bring your shields back up and our last quick tip is to remember to crouch after you earth shadow reason being when you fire strike while standing up the projectile comes out at a much higher angle and a lot of targets are lying on the floor so if there’s one target you want to focus out in the distance that’s fine but what’s far better is to crouch in front of the line of targets that you’ve just shattered through maximize the damage with fire strike it’s sort of like you are rolling a bowling ball down the lane you don’t want to throw it because you want it to hit everyone on the ground to max out how many connections you get and while we’re on fire strike tips to increase your DPS when you’re focusing a target down and you’ve already connected your hammer you can immediately animation cancel the end of your normal hammer swing to begin the fire strike animation this is faster than waiting for the entire swing to finish so just feel out when those crunchy hammers hit and start the fire strike immediately thereafter to increase how much burst damage you can do fire strikes a pretty massive projectile but it moves very slow so most of the time you’ll just be tossing it down lanes in order to build earth shatter you could see man oh here being cheeky tossing it through a crack and then on his next fire strike he’s watching the enemy divas defense matrix really important that you don’t toss fire strikes into off tanks abilities especially Zarya so much so that if you see a bubble go up and you’re about to fire strike throw it away whatever you do don’t charge the enemy’s area with fire strike it’s really easy to do that’s so bad if you chuck it into a DM but better still if you dodge those tanking abilities okay now it’s time to get a bit more complicated it’s been fundamental at this point now comes the start of the advanced sections of the video Reinhardt spin charging as Reinhardt is your big risk big reward ability it’s the way you carry the mid fight but it’s also how you throw if you don’t know what you’re doing you’ll notice that the higher tiers of play Reinhardt’s almost never pin unless it’s a perfect opportunity mainly because they respect the enemy Rhine and the enemy Ryan’s supports so much that the game of chicken between two reinhardt’s.

Usually equates to neither of them being willing to take the risk potentially putting themself out of position in ranked though I think you badly need to learn how to master this otherwise you’re giving up your big a carry potential pins get pick offs charger olds and manhandle the enemy frontline brawl in a way that carries the games you have to learn how to do this very well and learn how to disrespect the enemy Ryan enough and force him to play better or else you’re just going to carry the game so how do we go about doing this a golden rule of using charge is that it’s best to press it when the direction you’re going leads you somewhere you wouldn’t mind being anyway the quick and easy way to explain this is anytime it’s a short pin or you’re pinning to safety it’s okay to press the button so what this means short pins good long pins bad for one short pins are just easier to aim with less time before you make your connection on the thing you’re targeting it’s more likely that you can set it up cleanly but also with less travel time there is less chance for the opponent to sneak in and ability or cool down on to you with your shield down and kill you or your team so as long as the enemy Ryan doesn’t have earth shatter as you’re tracking olds properly if you play the enemy Ryan on a corner and you can box him in assuming you have enough health to survive even if the pin doesn’t connect it’s a good risk to take now you can make these risks even better when you learn how to frame the pin and read the animations of the enemy Ryne so here this Rhine jumps forward losing all his momentum now he’s on his shield falling back down to the floor I noticed his health is low meaning he’s not going to W towards me or I could just hammer swing on him and win meaning pressing shift here is a very high percentage chance to connect or at the very least put me inside his whole team with full health and probably be able to swing and kill things anyway now notice this is actually the max distance your target can be away from you for the pin to connect properly the shape of Reinhardt’s pain hitbox sort of looks like the front of a train which is why if the Rhine was just a little bit more to the right off of my shoulder he probably gets bobbled out of this but because it just barely lands in the sweet spot.

He gets suctioned into the pin and gets caught by it and it’s this interaction that makes this a little bit tricky sometimes if you’re not fast enough or Fitness that line up perfectly the pin can get bobbled which is partially why pro Rhines don’t take the chance on it but you can make this a lot easier for yourself if you only set up short distance pins on corners which are just good risks to take as long as you’re not going to be too far out of the battle once you land where you’re going whether you get the kill or not on the thing you’re trying to lane it’s a good risk to take because getting a full pickoff as a main tank is value that you don’t expect to get but if you reliably get it you full-on carry the game because you also do all the other tanky things that you do to keep your team alive few more examples of short pin reads this example same as the Havana one the enemy Ryan has less health than me is unlikely to aggress and is walking into a frame right in the center of the choke with his Zarya by his side so even if for some reason I don’t pin the rhein here good chance I get the Zarya instead and even if both of them miss because I have more health I’m closing the distance on them to swing and finish the fight anyway so we saw a health advantage and easy angle in the setup and a destination we wouldn’t mind being anyway make those three reads and press the button and cash in your free teamfight win.

Conversely here’s one where I don’t take the bait on a short pin because we also have to keep in mind is this state of the whole fight yes we sleep Ryne but the enemy still has the Zarya bubble on him then we sell us a bunch of cooldowns we have a may wall we have spam characters at the choke I don’t necessarily need to go put my face in the front of everything enchants dying I’m on defense so instead I wait for the enemy tanks to peek their head out go for the pin when they press into the choke because even if I miss it pinning here lands to be on my side of the choke whereas the first pin had a chance of putting me too close to the enemy when they still have all their cooldowns and be able to wreck me cooldown reading will get more complicated as the video goes on but here’s another simple one a horrible Zarya bubble before Ryan can even swing on anything which means they’re not bailing this Ryan out from this pin he takes an easy death best-case scenario he counter pins me there but either way he’s dropping his shield giving my team the opportunity to attack so that’s short pins but what if I want to pin long distances fritto well the easy one that you can still get away with is the 180 pin which you can use to do a 180 degree turn when you’re too deep into the fight and don’t mind retreating pinning back towards your team you can use this simply just to reposition when you can tell you’re about to be overwhelmed but if you get the mechanics down on it you can make some magic happen by scooping enemies back towards your team for easy focus fire or even exit picks on a fight this 180-degree retreat pin has surprising effectiveness up against an enemy nano blade in which case you have like two options your teammates are either all gonna die – the Nano blade meaning you either have to W hard to try to frag the enemy faster than he can slice up your team or you can attempt to pin backwards immediately towards your support line and nab the dragonblade before everybody dies the 180 turn speed on this is very important you can practice this even in the training range getting comfortable with the muscle memory of how to do this instantly is the ticket to catching your opponents off guard and last but certainly list is the long pins okay sometimes you can go for long pins and make them work but I’d say it’s more about reading the resources in the state of the fight than it is just setting it up you don’t want to follow the other rule of being where you would like to be anyway but you want to add on the context of is it okay for me to potentially feed entirely and my team still win most of the time that’s not true but in some cases if it’s a low-percentage teamfight anyway or if the fight is broken up in chaotic enough that the enemy won’t see it coming that’s when you can consider pinning longer distances a good time to go for a long distance pin on the enemy Rhine is when a zoning alt is put onto him whether it be a diva bomb or Deadeye where he has to keep his shields up you can give him a no-win situation by sending a pin at him while he can’t really move quickly another instance that it can work is if you have a flank going on like a dragon blade or a teammate death blossoming into the backline committing in in time with them diving in is a good way to add a bit more chaos into the mix if you time you landing into the fight along with them at the same.

Time otherwise a major thing you can look out for is the enemy making mistakes whether it be Anna using her cooldowns McCree using stun Zara using bubbles too early here the enemy Rhine pins so I know even if I miss I’m not going to get pinged back so there’s little high damage threats that are just going to instantly do 500 damage to me meaning that this is a really high percentage pin and again when we’re cleaning up just closing the distance getting closer so I can swing the hammer finishes that fight with more practice and experience you develop a sense of this of what it’s okay to take these risks.

I’d say the harder the point you’re trying to take is the less risks you want to take because those sections of maps the harder they are to close out the more pristine your play has to be but if you’re going to get a lot of shots to capture a point maybe you would up your risk taking a bit because you aren’t going to be as badly set back so for example early attacks close to your spawn where you have a respawn advantage would work that way whereas you’re more severely punished when you’re fighting closer to the enemy’s spawn but truth is most of the time the enemy is going to be ready for you to drop your shield and pin in from Narnia everybody loves shooting tanks so unless you really are catching the enemy off guard or it’s worth the risk like we’ve said you want to avoid DeLonge the pins when possible you of course can turn during the pin but you only really get turned control when you’re already so deep that if it was that long of a pin to begin with it was probably a mistake so I advise you to set up the clean shorter pins whenever possible that don’t require you to adjust the movement of it much because really the control you have is so low that you’re better off aiming it as if it’s a straight missile rather than expecting to be able to adjust if you miss don’t miss the best way to aim it is to make sure that the target you’re trying to hit will be inside your shoulders by the time you get to connecting with them if for whatever reason there’s a chance that’s not going to be the case it’s not going to be a high percentage pin connection next up earth shatter talk about landing them as well but far more important is blocking them if pins carry in the mid fight blocking earth shatter carries the alt fight it’s like a support olds worth of value I can’t stress enough almost nothing you do and the rest of the matters if you don’t block shatter failing to do so loses games just straight up the first important tip is not to fire strike can’t put up your shield fast enough so if the enemy Ryan has shatter what you want to do is just not use it ever the damage isn’t worth it instead you want to be bullying the enemy Ryan with hammer swings and when you see him drop his shield and start the animation by putting the hammer over his shoulder whip up your shields immediately this is the most reliable way to block shatter but also you’ll notice it’s very important that you sneak in your shield jump when required because if the enemy Ryne jumps towards you or has a speed boost it’s possible for him to get past your shield and shattered your team so for example here when Mumma sees j-mac swinging and barreling towards him to prevent this earth shatter from diving past his shield.

He needs a shield jump backwards to regain control of the brawl and get his shield in the right place so the shatter can’t connect you could see Jay Mac do this here where the enemy Ryan is getting passed where his shield would be so he jumps backwards to lay the shield down.

But regains control of keeping his shield parallel with the enemy Rhines then he can go back to smacking him and then animation cancelling the shield to block the shatter when it does come out there’s a lot of tricks you can do with this I like to faint as if I’m distracted by something behind us revealing my back to the enemy reinhardt just to quickly whip around with a 180 to block shatter when it comes out another thing to keep in mind is that when the enemy has shedder and they’re stuck in a grav panic shattering out of it is a go-to move especially if you’re frantically chasing after it to follow up on the damage so keep in mind to hold shield firm up against the Rhine in close range and try to set up for a pin at kissing distance which once you press that charge he won’t have time to react with shatter by that point he would have needed to predict it sneaking in at that point and this exchange is the biggest swing in a Ryan matchup locking the enemy shedder in hitting your own Terri’s like few characters even have the potential to now okay the fun part landing your own shatters there’s a lot of ways to set this up you can go aggressive using speed boost or bubbles to push deeper than the enemy Ryan expects you to go if they don’t parry back in time you can land it that way you can pop out of spots they don’t expect you to be horses with the classic hiding around a corner not a big fan of that one better to learn how to manhandle the enemy run in the brawl in my opinion but that can work too if they don’t check their corners the other major time that you will find value with shatter is sneaking it in to small gaps this feels really risky and a lot of times you will just flat out send it into a shield and not get anything but I stress that you really want to try to test yourself and your reaction speed and don’t worry that sometimes you’ll waste your shatter because the times where you are able to thread the needle just seeing a character not paying close enough attention or timing it exactly when the shield turns just a little bit will carry the entire teamfight will be worth it considering it’s a very fast charging ultimate anyway sort of like tracers pulse bomb you want to try to go for the high-impact plays but also don’t be afraid of low impact shatters either just so low shattering a key target one of my favorites is Zara is to always try to go a little bit too far from the team assuming you’ll have the damage yourself or your teammates around you to focus that isolated target or too small shatters are big plays doesn’t have to be a team wipe every time but the other ways you can set shatter up is either by pressuring the Rhine shield enough so that it’s breaking or member shattered a 75 damage so if the shatter breaks the shield it will continue past it in hammer everybody down or you can combine with Ultimates or other abilities like stuns with McCree puddings flashbang over the shield you can count down with a teammate three two one go hit them both at the same time or pairing with a zoning ultimate remember you don’t always have to be the one to follow up on the shatter it’s more important for you to keep your life most times and have your teammates help you get the eliminations except in super specific circumstances like a nano blade or an EMP maybe that’s the enemies only win condition but beyond that don’t overextend to try to secure your shatter kills your life is more important I want to talk about some more advanced usage of your barrier and overall brawl control the first part is a bit more mechanical and it’s out playing enemies cooldowns by shield cancelling to deny them the ability to shut you down with stone Sleeps nades things like that man Oh on the NY excel is famous for being a very stable tank in weaving in shields in his brawl is key to denying rappels ability to land asleep on him here by the time he’s even in his face presenting a sleep opportunity the shield comes up to block it and we see this again even when the enemy is completely isolated there’s a lot going on here he sneaks in the hammer swing but blocks the nade because it’s more important to block that than to boneheaded Lee continue to swing and during which time is extending his hammer out deeper controlling that swing arc to do more damage to the rest of the fight and just get more value out of his swings and look at this from the repels point of view locks nade dodges sleep repelled has nothing to do because the rhein mechanics were too strong but beyond brawling with your shield you also want to be dynamically repositioning how and where you control the brawl and this honestly could be its own video or video series here we see mono setting the front of the engagement and not letting his teammates wind up on the front line getting bashed in by the enemy Ryan he needs to peel back when the cooldowns are going to wreck him or he’s losing shield but he also gets in front of his team when he needs to as well and that moment-to-moment decision-making is incredibly complicated but a good example of it is this clip where on defense in a stall scenario he doesn’t have his ana and his job is to contest the cart without overextending his face doesn’t have enough heals to go deep so he tries to help follow up on the blizzard but immediately returns to securing the respawns for his team shield dancing and buying his time’ long enough for his onyx to come back hit the nano boost on him and that completely swings the fight back I think it’s the reading of the resource exchanges in real time at the speed required to make good decisions is what a lot of tank players struggle with if you ever catch yourself saying where was my team well that’s your job to know where they are and to know the state of the battlefield even as the complex overwatch interactions are going back and forth so here on this full skaia clip my shields low their zoning me out I’m an seed I have to regen my shields but my lucio gives me sound barrier so I go aggressive try to isolate the diva with.

Chatter I’m not gonna get the kill and I’m getting low so I peel back to shield the bomb to secure us there I get nano so I tried to go aggressive again and you can see this urban flow right I want to isolate the healer try to get a kill on illusio the diva peels recognizing I’m in a 2v1 it’s time to shield before I die and it’s this moment to moment testing your limits and then backing off when you realize it’s too much for you to handle that’s all the difference.

This retake on Havanna getting through a doorway 1v2 is tough but the shield jump backwords allows me to dodge most of the micro missiles and the doom fist dive to just barely get through the doorway land a pin and an earth shadow to help the retake turning a point that looked like we were going to blues for sure into clutch Abal here we’re brawling on a corner and being on the defensive puts me on an advantage here going deeper onto their side means it’s easier for all them to follow up so I don’t really want to go aggress into their cooldowns especially since they land the anciano me anyway but I also want to touch cart to stop it from moving and sneaking damage where I can and you see as soon as I make the mistake of going too far on the enemy’s side I get pinned old man reaction times didn’t hit the counter pin it’s very important that you use your shield as equally as important as your hammer when you’re considering brawl mechanics you can see the big difference of how much space my team has what I’m getting in the enemy Road hogs face and watching his animations to swing when he’s reloading or taking a breather and to whip up shield to block his hooks or damage meaning that I’m always in control of this brawl they have to constantly retreat they just simply can’t find any damage there’s just a big shield in the face of everything that can do damage and they’re constantly losing ground now in the previous version of Reinhardt in Ryan 1.0 this guide would probably have a big section about shield management which don’t get me wrong shield management is important it’s just that the rules of when you should shield are so much clearer now in my opinion that it’s quite simply are you pushing are you retreating if not don’t waste your shield the old barrier that had more health when you were slower had a bit more balanced how much poke you could take but now your shield is a bit more about brawl control and if you find yourself in a situation where you’re struggling to manage it you’ve basically already lost the new rind requires you to use cover in between the time fights are actually committed point C on Anna is great to explain this because what’s my objective as a tank here just to gum up the works and keep them in this choke so the more time I can just use the cover of the cart to hold it in place without shielding the better in between which time I try to sneak in some hammer swings and threaten the enemy front line with pin but if I ever feel that I’m about to be out of shield I just need to get to the next bit of cover hide and wait for it to regen this j-mac clip is pretty hilarious on a number of accounts notice how he’s able to survive on the enemy’s side of the map just by aiming his shield well it gets a bit of healing from mid as well but it’s this turn speed to whip the shield in front of the may freeze in front of the Daevas micro missiles that acts as his own personal cover while he’s able to return back into the fight then when the fights back on its brawl time when you’re swinging the shields recharging but keep in mind it’s got to be down for an extended period of time to actually get health back so that other means it needs to be heid time or brawl time when your barrier health needs to regen and one last shield clip for you one key attribute of Rhine 2.0 is the faster move speed while shielding this allows you to completely style on maize that are trying to run you over look at j-mac just clown on ya key here backpedaling and jumping away from the freeze keeps him alive long enough for the stall to come through you love to see it keep in mind that’s gonna be key against any close-range character like Reaper or even tracer as well use your speed backpedal put the shield in front of the damage blocking it in time with their shots to minimize the damage to your face and neutralize the enemy DPS now as I said brawl control is more important than shield management in this new era of rhine so in that i wanted to put a little section about picking fights and target priority in the brawl here’s a hectic teamfight where my team decides it’s time to flank it a lot of times in ranked vods that players get scared to commit with their teammates ignoring the fact that if one or two of your teammates decide to go fight on their own and you don’t you just allow them to make the decision that that team fights over without you contributing so for better or for worse you see your team diving in it’s time to go and another rule thumb for you when you’re inside the brawl don’t get sidetracked into far away.

Targets Ryan’s got steadfast he can’t be moved his hammer swing damage is incredible when you’re brawling and focus firing a golden rule is to stay tight to the teamfight yes I see the honor on the far right staircase and maybe I could go get her but doing so might get me slept out of the play or with an opportunity to shield something important on the frontline meanwhile my honour hits an ante on the brawl anyway and if I’m off taking a solo duel I can’t contribute to the main brawl just try to get hammer swings on whatever you can building up to earth shedder it’s not necessarily your job to finish off kills that are running away you’re not fast enough to do that you don’t always get to confirm eliminations but you do get to rack up a ton of damage and you’ve got one of the best dholtze in the game and after all the shield nerfs arguably the best barrier to so keep that in the heart of the teamfight even as things get crazy and run away from you massive tip to keep your uptime high track the damage you take and keep an eye on your health at all times and what resources you have to work with this sped up version of Ryan rewards reaction time and requires you to do some very fast calculus to constantly re-evaluate this state of the fight and the resources in play it’s good to remember that Ryne doesn’t like to be surrounded and would rather fight in close quarters on a corner if possible now for the final clip of today’s video we’re going to quick play which I love for guide content because it pairs me with and against players of all ranking and you can see me incorporate everything we’ve talked about today starting with waiting for my team to actually be together before I go in by myself framing a pain and controlling the brawl to really box the enemy in and deny how much space they have this clip is cool as well because I’m playing with teammate hero picks that provided me less resources Vitesse and Brigida neither have that big bailout to help Ryne and we have a road hog who we essentially have to treat as another DPS that we’re supporting so well that seemed comp like this I have to play much more disciplined and accurate with everything I do and when you don’t have the likes of nano boost or bubble you’re less of the star so your play needs to be more about setting up ways for your team to use their abilities rather than you pressuring forward to do it yourself then we do Bank a bunch of volts and get a retake but controlling the brawl staying in the front of the engagement is going to guarantee.

T-that we secure our clean the teamfight retake yes we get a pick but it’s important to remember as Rhine that you need to be the one keeping your team alive you’re the one who needs to be actively involved in the right fights all the time so if you ever feel like you’re not sure what you’re supposed to be doing well.

Probably a good time for Vadra view because it should be something you should have intention with everything you do whether it’s zoning out the enemy damage or making space for your own where I think about pushing cart but my team wants to be fighting in the vault so I need to be fighting in the vault if you learn nothing else from today’s video just getting your shield and your value into the fight even if you struggle with the other mechanics of Reinhardt at least we’ll get your tank where they need to be as the main second overwatch you want to be involved with every teamfight in some way so stay active stay hungry and tape down the charge button just paint at every opportunity.

Ignore what I said earlier you’ve made it this far in the video you’re allowed to pin constantly off the map but deeper to the enemy team who cares okay I’m just kidding forgive me just a little joke here at the end of the video if you enjoyed the vid please be sure to leave it a like it really does help us out let us know that you’re enjoying the content this video took a super long amount of time to produce so please leave the video a rating to support that you enjoy this type of content being made and if you did enjoy it why not subscribe hit the subscribe button and the bell to actually get notified and linked in the description is our Twitter where you can follow us where we twit out news and have discussions about the state of the game otherwise that’s been it for me I’ve been fritto for your overwatch what’s the guys next time I set up the boot or your boot look at my body look at that go why do you always say you’re bad in your videos just like oh that guy’s boosted by it come on bro you’re not bad though I carried.

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