Path of Exile 3.10 Delirium Guide – Cyclone Cast-on-Crit Ice Nova Assassin – Start to Endgame Allrounder

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Greetings Exiles!

In this guide I’m presenting you my Cyclone Cast-on-Crit Ice Nova Assassin. While the gear might look intimidating to any players who want to #LeagueStart with this, don’t worry! You can clear the whole game on a 5 link and also without a Cospri’s! I’m showcasing how much potential the build has with a bit of investment.

Since 3.10 #Delirium looks like a clearspeed meta while your build also has to be able to handle bosses – this character is a great choice for that and any upcoming league! This is an insanely strong #Allrounder – Cyclone is huge utility, the interaction of Ice Nova and Frostbolt ensures absurd damage, and a large life pool and strong chills make sure you are tougher than it looks.

  • PoB. Leveling progression trees can be selected in the bottom left of the “tree” window within the PoB.

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  • 01:02 – Strengths and Weaknesses.
  • 02:06 – How to Play.
  • 02:31 – Leveling and Bandit.
  • 03:17 – Ascendancy Progression.
  • 03:48 – Gear and Jewels Part 1.
  • 04:57 – Breakpoints.
  • 06:52 – Gear and Jewels Part 2.
  • 09:57 – Flasks.
  • 10:57 – Anointments.
  • 11:20 – Skill Overview.
  • 14:47 – Skill Setups.
  • 15:13 – Pantheon.
  • 15:28 – Sirus Awakening 8.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Greetings excel and welcome to yet another build guide we want to play a relaxed simply halt right-click character that clears all content do you want to go through enemies like an explosive chainsaw and are you interested in a build that slows freezes and kills everything before anything can react then the cyclone cast accurate eyes Nova SS and might just be the build you are looking for first of all just in all my bills this is a path of building assisted build if you don’t know how to use that program I got a video linked in the description together with timestamps all footage you can see is out awakening level 8 on to14 + maps and boss encounters the biggest advantage in this build is cyclone like in most cars encrypt bills this is the best choice because of its extremely high base attack speed and the ability to move while attacking the assassin ascendency is still one of the strongest choices amongst all other ascend and sees and builds since it grants damage survivability and utility the build features huge damage and trunk chills which makes it an excellent choice for bossing while still retaining fast clear speed especially as a beginner once you got all your gear and skills set up this is one of the smoothest play styles you can find within the game which leads me to the first weakness of the build it only starts to shine once you have your cos priests and a six-link set up don’t get me wrong the build also works without those but for high awakening tiers you really want the power these items grant you another problem is that this is a Mele build which means you have to be close to deal damage and lead a great life pool helps you against one shots but to heal up you have to attack or use a flask the play style it serve is straightforward in maps you hold right click spin three enemies until the time you can use your flame – to touch things and be a water faster on bosses you also want to placed on your water X below them to get you each chose making them slower and amplifying a damage significantly through the use of Panchal support another damage boost comes when you put down your frost pump as well to further debuff the boss before I reach the end game and the big bosses you have to level up your character first this is quite complicated on this build since the pew cast and creator setup already takes a three link without having any meaningful damage support circuited in I recommend leveling until you get a 4 or a 5 link what I suggest is you storm brain or all of storms or a combination of both both super easy and fast skills I will include a falling if you want to run on storm brand by leveling up and here you get levers and the gear going in the act to bennett quest I suggest you help a Lehrer resistances and mana regen especially while leveling early on feels really good and since the birds gaze with crit the crit Maltese also really welcome as an ascendancy progression take opportunistic first many players might not agree with that choice but since this can be used as a starter build the movement speed and the damage helps a lot especially early on then go for unstable infusion and deadly infusion a lot of crit chance and crude multi which they built heavily relies on as last note go for mr. Walker which is the best all-around ascendancy note in the game elusive in this case is like onslaught but on steroids and the note itself grants vital damage reduction for the character the build really starts to ramp up once you have across priest malice as your main weapon and now listen carefully this is extremely important with all your gear and buffs active when fighting bosses do not get above 7.57 cyclone Intex per second if anything go below that value otherwise you damage will be cut in half why because that’s the exact cooldown to attack speed break point I do not want to get deeper into that because you can make a complete video just talking about different bright turns a server refresh rate and how to calculate the DPS itself if you are not using the pupae fork that can calculate elusive I highly recommend you install it I got a link on how to do that in the video description so if you’re not using the POV fork then go over to notes within my POV at the top there you can see how many cyclone and text per second you want to see within the normal POV calculation depending on your cost press malice attack speed roll for my specific build and I highly recommend you follow exactly what I have here in terms of a tech speed and passive tree stuff the easiest way to get.

To the breakpoint is to get a 12% cost-free and no other attack speed modifiers other than the ones that I have again because I already know that many players will do that wrong Geddy 12% or less a textbook Osprey and do not get any attack speed anywhere else then I have it.

The only things where I get a text bit from our elusive from the ascendancy the richer bution passive close to the Templar start and the onslaught granted by my flask any additional attack speed you might get on on a ring or somewhere on a passive tree if you decide you want to alter the passive tree can lead to your build dealing only half of the damage I hope that you could follow me there I can’t stress enough how important it is another equally important stat on your gear is cooldown recovery speed I have it on my boots you want exactly 14 percent or more more doesn’t matter but you do not want to go below 14 if you are not hitting the coolant or you are overshooting the attack speed breakpoint then your damage will be significantly worse in the light game but don’t worry as I just said until you reach high awakening love is on to 14 plus maps you do not have to hit the break points since the content is too easy.

Anyways the only thing you have to do is to keep that in mind when you go and purchase your cos pre boots and your belt now I want to go back to other uniques we use in this build as a offhand I highly recommend a la casa de this grants you 100% chance to hit without any investment into accuracy however if you have a lot of accuracy on gear then you can go for more defensive shield with life armor and resistances as a chest piece use a carcass check if you are on a budget it runs everything on an acceptable level the offense offense and the utility from area-of-effect.

If you don’t mind spending a lot of exalted’s.

You can.

Also get a chest with a tech is crit explode mod life and if you can find one also spell based crit I snap this chest for 7.5 exalted’s whereas other chests with similar roles where around 60 so I got lucky.

Another really cool unique in this build is the frozen trial duel if you put it in a socket with 40 or more intelligence around it which is I believe every socket we have in this build your frost bolt fires 2 editor projectiles we are going to use two of those talking about unique jewels you should try to get a thread of hope with a lot ring and socket into the upper which jewel from there you can reach breath of rhyme and heart of ice without having to travel there this jewel isn’t fully implemented in pob so I added the lines to the item manually another crazy jewel is a militant faith with the high Templar Dominus roll this turns any key stone in the area to inner conviction we put it into the socket between the witch and shadow starting errors so it turns pain attunement into in our conviction which is a huge damage multiplier but I’m not done with uniques yet as an amulet I highly suggest the pandemonium this multiplies your damage by about 40% and you will almost always blind enemies so it effectively grants 50% chance to evade and 40% more damage this item is definitely best in slot the last unique gear item is a mark of the shaper ring this isn’t mandatory at all like most of the other items but this item when combined with an elder influenced ring increases your damage by a huge amount the first priority on the rest of your gear which should be rare is to get 75 percent resistance cap on every elemental resistance you will also need some intelligence and dexterity because cos pre needs a lot of those after that get as much life as possible don’t forget movement.

Speed and cooldown reduction on boots or belt as well also if you can get some armor and cows resistance crafted at fire damage honoring otherwise you won’t be able to ignite enemies and make use of the sinner swallows flask effect always keep in mind do not get any attack speed anywhere nothing talking about the sinner swallow let’s go over the flasks now an instant life flask is never a bad idea a huge crowd boos comes from the diamond flask which in my opinion is the only mandatory flask in this build since crit increases both your pro trait of the ice Nova and obviously the damage of the ice Nova sword crits more often other damage flasks are a white oak if your unkept cult resistance is the highest uncut resistance and the before-mentioned sinha swallow as an unveiled mod on that flask.

I prefer movement speed but crit or live region are good as well a super strong and super expansive flask is the bottled faith if you can’t afford it well not many players can afford it taking it serious promise instead while mapping take a quick sip of flask instead also make sure to get played freeze and curse immunity on your magic flasks as far as anointment goes there are multiple viable choices I went with heartseeker since it’s relatively cheap for the damage it offers feel free to use any other anointment depending on your needs you can get movement speed create or crit multi like hard seeker or you can get evasion or life or live region take what you want.

Let’s go over all the skills now and how caste and creed works caste and creed combines in a tech skill with one or more space goals and whenever you crit with the attack the linked spell skill will get triggered the attack which in our case is cyclone doesn’t deal any noteworthy damage only the triggered eyes nor does that means we want as many triggers as possible to achieve maximum damage I talked about the break points earlier so I.

Skip that in this section of the video if your effective crit chance on a cyclone is below 90% socket increased critical strikes instead of elemental focus now we have a nice normal that’s being proct about 7.5 times a second to further enhance the damage we are using frostbolt in our cross pre what the COS pre does is whenever your crit with this weapon and this is our only weapon because we only wield the 1 cos pre and shield it will cast the circuit cold spells so in addition to our caste and creed ice Nova we also know shootout frost bolts without doing anything else than cycloning the frost sports are important because ice Nova can expand from up to two of those which essentially allows us to shotgun enemies in areas where they overlap form double damage this is why this build uses the frozen trial jewels to get more protectors the pupae provides you with multiple different set of options to run in your cos Prix I personally went for the damage setup but if you want more mixed effects choose two of these gems in addition to the frost bolt to even further enhance our cult image we are using a wart x-linked bone chill and bond ailments and arcane search the vortex chills enemies within the area unborn Airmen’s increases the chill and makes enemies act even slower now the bone chill makes all enemies that are chilled by that area take increased damage that scales with the effect of the chill so the bigger the chill the bigger the damage gain that combination makes for strong offensive and defensive paths especially while bossing another ability to place against bosses is a frost bump linked to elemental weakness curse on it this applies code exporter and lowers the enemy resistances even more if you are more lazy player and don’t mind losing if a damage you can put the frost bump and the not elemental weakness but frostbite occurs along with your frost bolt inside the COS pre a caspere damage taken steel skin offers variable defense within the same item put a tool link of flame – and faster casting do not link these two with the cuspid image taking a set up otherwise you won’t be able to use your flame – other paths both offense and defense come from our three main auras hatred Herald of ice and flesh and stone linked to an enlighten if you do not have an enlightened oil tool or a Hydra early on leave out one of those mana reservation skills if you want a more offensive and expensive setup use kilobots instead of flesh and stone this however requires you to have an enlightened level 4 which can be really expensive while mapping you want better area coverage since your damage is more than enough in most situations this means in your main skill set up take increased area of effect over concentrated effect this will both affect your area of the cyclone and the area of the ice Nova while bossing change increased area of effect took concentrated affect the rest stays the same in both setups and now last Pantheon I liked lunara’s is major because you usually fight enemies in melee range for pure bossing Solaris is the better choice carrucan or Rolla cache are both good choices s minor gods that’s it from me for now I hope you liked the video guide if so leave a like and subscribe for future content also follow my twitch link is in the video description if you have any questions I’ll gladly try to answer all of them in the comments also I’d like to hear some feedback instead of just providing plain facts I try to be more personal and inviting by changing my voice and to talk more freely for bedre atmosphere during my videos but now have fun with the awakener level 8 kill thank you very much for watching I am Jay and I’m out finally something what’s this a real challenge you’ll finally caught my attention died.

Lower mana.


The others found strength in their projections there reliant on them.

And I’m not so foolish died.

His life’s really interesting enough to warrant all this pain watch.

Little stars.

Yawn is only hora nasty.

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