Path of Exile 3.10 – Delirium League Starter – Spectre Summoner Build Guide

Author: Kay Gaming

Guide description

Hi everyone, I finally finished my league starter build guide video for 3.10! I tried to keep the video short, so you’ll need to go to the guide on the forum for more details. Forum guide.


  • 0:46 – How the build works.
  • 2:29 – Passives, Ascendancy, Pantheon.
  • 3:35 – Equipment.
  • 6:55 – Gem Links.
  • 8:10 – Levelling Trees.

I hope everyone has a smooth league start!

Sorry about my bad mic quality.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Hi everyone okay this video is about my 3.10 league starter build which I call base build League starter SSS I’m not going to perform for half an hour so please have a look at the official forum for the in-depth guide I also have a crafting guide out an inspector guide and a full leveling walkthrough lastly a lot of people post on the forum thread so it’s a good place to ask questions and share ideas I will also make many beautiful use for the specialized build options later on as a seminar few minions do all the hard work your specters are the damage dealers in your zombies in Golem are the support / meat shield the recommended Spectre is the slave driver from act 5 and I have more information about other specters you can use on the forum guide full map in front through the map in the castle location when you’re near a pack of monsters if you have a good amount of life in the es you can play a little bit more aggressively you can slam – into monster bags and cast convocation on top of them flemm – will poke Ian’s curse for a big damage boost this is how I play focusing you can prepare by casting a LeBron before pulling the boss LeBron will attach to the boss in prague ee and course you also need to cast dead mark on the balls.

This forces you spectres to keep attacking so you can run away from any danger.

The beauty has severe defensive features firstly the bill has a good amount of life in the years this should allow you to take a hit and not instantly die secondly bond offering mistress of sacrifice gives you extra block chance in sub life recovery of block lastly the defensive flasks give evasion fits damage reduction and a bit of touch the primary focus of the passive tree is life in the ears and the secondary focus is minimum damage at the top of the tree you can see that this attunement is allocated by itself this is an amulet anointment and will save you 6 travel nose and you should kill all bandits in act 2 for the two passive points specifically for 3.10 the possible tree travels close to the two authors you also gets at the top of the tree this can be used for the new classes yours I’ll post an updates when I get some time to use them for the ascendance ease take mine risk aggression unnatural strength mistress of sacrifice and lastly commander of darkness for Pantheon’s I recommend Eric Ally in Shikari to deal with scales damage in dots.

Since this is a league starter SSF build I’ve equipped the demo character with rare items that I self crafted or picked up basically you just want to get as much life in res on all items yes is a nice bonus start for your weapon you want a wall handle with a good amount of minion damage you need an open suffix to craft trigger a socketed spell attack Casspi would be the third thing to look for I got this from a level three hybrid chamber in the temple you can also cross the convoking wand it needs one green and two blue sockets for your shield you need shaper influence to get recover life when you block if you have an auto traffics you can craft extra block chance it needs one green and two red sockets for your helmet you’re looking forward past two or past three minion gem level if you can get on outer base minion life more is very good it is one red and three blue so gets the body armor with +1 specter number is a job only item from delve you can find in the special encounter that says contains minion or or items but it’s not guaranteed job it needs an open traffic’s to craft gain life as es it needs six blue circuits any gloves will do it is for blue sockets due to a tricky item to get the +1 Specter gem mode you need other influence you can then craft with bone fossils it is one red and three blue so gets nothing special with the amulet just stack stats you want to anoint this with these achievements using clear crimson in silver oils not that you need a hunter influence on the way with pass one inch gem.

To get five specters I recommend Vermillion rings Cobra is the next best for the belt get a Stygian vise or laser built for the ghastly eye Jules you’re looking for life in some minions that damage is the best followed by attack Casspi it’s a good idea to get a bit of leech here as well new zombies in golem can proc taunt and blind to reduce enemy damage in a hit chance bubbling eternal life of staunch in for instant life recovery and weed removal Quicksilver flask of adrenaline for big speed boost grenade flask of iron skin for this damage reduction coats flask of heat to give phasing dodging remove freeze jail flask of reflexes for evasion unless mention all gems should be 20/20 booty respected test mark minion damage spell echo ela focus controlled destruction while Honda Disick made bomb offereing you can also put our summon skills in here or even of all someone’s children to create a big body block against bosses but it will also body block your FPS shield just when damage taken level 15 links to immortal core level 16 face run with 20% quality use whichever level you can use but it must not be linked to cast when damage taken helmet stone golem zombies feeding frenzy elemental army boots generosity Ross skitters convocation gloves a LeBron flame – cross on head elemental weakness I will end the video with the few notes about leveling I based the expected level on the last level of each out here’s what the progression looks like.


I’ve included the leveling trees with the TLB paste and I’ve linked the images to the guide in the leveling walkthrough I’ve noted down when and where to get gems and I also have a gem checklist for each act it’s a bit too long to include in this video so you’ll need to visit the forum to see ok I hope you have a smooth League start thanks for watching bye.

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