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The new Cluster jewels in Path of Exile’s 3.10 Delirium are really powerful and offer something for just about every build. They are also quite easy to find, craft and trade! In this video I go over everything I’ve learned about them so far.

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Good AZT here and today I want to talk about all things a cluster jewels in part of exile I really like the cluster jewels system it’s a ton of fun to play with their ton of fun to craft they’re actually quite easy to craft as well and this but I want to just go over everything from my crafting trading how they work mechanically and how you use them things like that so let’s just start with how do they work how to use them you can use them in any of the sockets that are on the outside of the tree they look like this they look like fancy fancy different shape jewel sockets anyplace cluster jewels in those now it goes in size order so jewels go in large medium and small size looking like that and you can place in these outer sockets any of these sizes so you can go straight to small if you want or you can do a medium or you can do a large but then when you have a socket and you have another jewel on the cluster jewel there like this one here you can only go down so this is a medium jewel socket and this is a small jewel socket so you can go from large to small or large to medium and then you can go from medium to small you can put it like I love the large off of a large otherwise you have to get infinite chaining of these and make your own entire skill tree which would be really cool but very busted because these are not being very point efficient and have some very powerful effects on them just in a general sense every build is probably gonna want one of these at least at least one cluster jewel slot to take advantage of whether it’s just to get a medium with a nice notable like grand design for an additional brand or whether it’s Adamic make a really nice chain of several kosta jewels so just plan D builds accordingly because everyone’s gonna want at least one of these I think there’s something for pretty much everyone in that massive notable list of 280 notables so definitely take advantage of that another thing to note is you can use regular jewels in these sockets as well it’s easy to miss that but you can put regular jewels in here and take advantage of those fully and that can be very efficient as well because you can get like a large usual cluster like this and get two jewel sockets and put two regular jewels in there and then under something very nice when you also have like three notables and two jewel sockets that’s a lot of juice on one large cluster so those can be very valuable so definitely take advantage of that as well it looks a little something like this when you suck at a small jewel in there it basically just extends out and adds that additional cluster you can also refund these as well you need to take out any extra attached jewels and you just take it out and it’ll refund all of the points it does cost one point here and maybe it’s because.

Of one of these expenditures I’m not quite sure why it’s costing one point but some of the points like these ones he has spent are free so it just cost me one point to refund that one and then I can replace it and get it back and put another jewel in there or craft the jewel and change it and all of that sort of shenanigans so the cluster jewels drop with an enchant ah that’s that light blue text at the top there that determines what type of cluster jewel is and how many passives it has so large cluster jewels can have between 8 and 12 passives mediums between 4 & 6 and smalls between 2 & 3 now about this number of passives thing in most cases large clusters you probably want smaller number of passives because it means you need to spend less points to get the notables so it becomes more point efficient because these are fine but they’re not super amazing right you want the new notables without spending too many passives so for example I’m using an 8 passive jewel here if this is a 12 passive jewel and we’d potentially have to spend a lot more points to get to those notables you can see if you count this how it’s 8 passes we’ve got 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 so the small ones are effectively replaced by the notables and the jewel sockets so it just becomes really point efficient when you have a smaller number of these there’ll be some except exceptions things like maybe curse effect on medium clusters if you want as much curse effect as possible you might want to go for more passives so you can get more of that curse effect and the same might go for our small clusters that have things like life or manner if you want to get as much of as possible of that especially small clusters you might want 3 rather than 2 passives because you get a lot of modifiers to those small nodes so in this case we have like plus 3 life and plus 4 firers most small cluster jewels you’ll see something like well pretty much every small cost of jewel that has 4 mods will have one notable and then 3 modifiers to enhance those small modifiers so in that case you’re much better off with something more because right so you want to say this is a life node you probably want as much life as possible from your small cluster jewel Rock cuz you’re spending a point to get that in the first place to suck it up here so if you have three nodes you’re going to get the life the extra resists the extra percentage of life and so on on the other two nodes and then also the notable so you’re going to want that as much as possible so I reckon in a lot of cases three small passive jewels will be better than two small passive jewels but you know.

Decide based on you buildin what you’re looking for and how many points you want to spend obviously maybe you just want to go for the notable and spend one less point to do it now where do you get these these clustered jewels start dropping around level 45 so if you’re leveling you haven’t seen any yet they’ll just start dropping randomly off delivery and monsters that you kill in the fog around level 45 you’ll start to see them.

I didn’t release any smalls and mediums until I got the maps but it’s possible they drop then but at least you’ll start seeing some larges from 45 onwards there is a little bit of an item level thing going on with these ah from what I can tell all of the notables so these larger nodes like supercharged for example here don’t have item level restrictions so any level of jewel can roll any of these however if we take a look at pee-wee DB there’s been some data mining here and you can see that the smaller modifier so this is like small passive skills grant additional flat life this indeed does have different modifier item levels so from one onwards you get to three life and then at level 84 so from your highest level jewels you can get 14 to 16 extra flat life which is obviously a big difference so high item levels are better especially for small jewels because you’re going to be getting a lot of these sorts of things so there’s flat added modifiers they’re gonna be much more impactful especially for this one here item of Lady for 35% increased effect so if you got this on the life chill it’s gonna scale that percentage life even further so that one can be rather important as well but as I said the notables don’t seem to have other models they do have weighting though so some of the notables are rarer than others the lower the number here the more rare this is gonna be so this like maximum life is extra armor is really good and it’s also really rare because it has the lower weighting whereas like peak vigor which is 1111 our writing is just a life recovery from floss which is not quite as you know impactful on a live jewel so that one’s much more common so you will see the best ones are less often you got like the the biggest life no the 10% with 20 flat life is like 139 waiting so like one of the rarest they’re the other important item level to take note of are comfortable I found this but the two jewel sockets on large cluster jewels so large hospitals can roll one or two sockets some mediums can roll one socket and smalls cannot roll any additional sockets because that’s the end of the chain effective.

Now you’ll understand they have one socket here this jewel is not high enough item level to roll it it’s like I don’t level 68 the item level for two sockets so if you don’t make a large cluster jewel that has like three notables and two sockets is item level 75 so you’ll want to try and get item level 75 s and if you search on P we trade you’ll notice they’re a lot more expensive and that’s for that reason because you can get not only better other modifiers in some cases but mostly for the double jewel sockets because that’s very effective even if you just go for the large you’re not planning on chaining off it because you could chain two mediums often right which is pretty crazy but you could also just put two regular jewels in there which is potentially you know another 14% life plus three six extra damage mods so pretty pretty impactful so I don’t over seventy five for the two jewels on the large hospitals now searching for jewels on the official trade site is really easy you can type in added small passives grant and then this will search the enchant so the blue text which determines the type of the jewel so we’ve got things like chaos rose lightning rares mana damage with brands and damage with hits and ailments and stuff like that with staff skills you can search for that in here it’s actually really easy because the official trade site supports a drop-down box for this so if we wanna if we want to find like any particular one for your build say you’re playing like a fire damage build we can just type firing here and we can say maybe we’re playing a fire damage over time build or we’re playing a generic fire build or something like that we can search for that and then we can hit search and that’s a really easy way to find those you can also type in your specific item level down over here if you want to put in a specific item level if you want to try and go for the 75 ones this is a medium cluster jewel so it’s not quite as important but if you want to look for those you can type in 75 there or whatever other item level is important for you and then you can just have a browse of jewels that’s fine you can also determine let’s say I want to find large cluster jewels let’s go for the generic fire one which isn’t pretty sure is a large cluster jewel you add a large cluster jewel we can go for maximum number of passives we want to make a small smallest amount of passives spent one we want to basically want to make a really good large cluster jewel so they can type in ads like this hash pound symbol the passive skills so if you just type like passive skills in here you can probably just find on the list or you can go ads number passive skills and then just type this one it’s an in chance to make sure you select the enchant and then the maximum of eight and then we’ll only find the large cluster tools that have eight passives so you can cut down on the amount of passives you have to spend a lot which is really good for those large cluster jewels and then you can also search specific notables so you can do this by going to parry divvy I’ll put these links in the description for you but you can go to pee-wee DB and we can say find we’re on a small cluster jewel here we can go kloster jewels on the left side and we can find the fire damage one so we can click on the fire damage one here large cluster jewel I think this is actually all of them the other thing this is actually all of them there is a a document here sorry for the flashbang that has them broken down into lists for each of these so you can just scroll through this list if you want to find a specific one so we can find the large cluster jewel hopefully this is not too hard to find fire there’s a three there’s a forty three entries no it’s gonna be a little bit annoying defined through here but once you figure out what notables it is you want you can also just have a bit of a browse through as well have a browse through there’s also a official forum post here we can find some of these things so let’s say we want to say nearby enemies have fire exposure I don’t know if this is on this one but we can say master of fire this might be on a different cluster jewel we can go I’d start filter master fire and it does have does support these as long as there’s one listed on trade at least it’ll come up 100 person skills master fire we’ll see if this actually is available in here at all yeah this is on this one cool so we can add if you want to list out all three notables you want to try and get or just two main notables you’re going for you can search for those so we can see there’s a master fire one here with some other stuff on that it’s not particularly good for our five cows so you can search for specific ones quite an easily even like that as long as you know which notables you’re looking for and then the other thing is that don’t be afraid to craft these yourself they’re actually really easy to craft the list of notables is not particularly long and if you want to go for a specific one alt like transmute alt augmentation wriggling is not bad that’ll give you three affixes they can have a maximum for our fixes the fourth effects is pretty impactful in a lot of cases so that does promote the idea of doing like scour Alex or kal spamming eventually once you get like higher item level ones what you’re trying to make a really really really good one you got probably can gonna cow spam you can also use fossils I haven’t really explored the full extent of how helpful that’ll be yet but our cow spamming will be particularly viable and I’ve done a little bit of that but I’m holding off on a higher item level ones to do that but for now to craft like the ones that I’m using I’ve crafted myself right and these are really good and so I’ve got super charge which is lighting damages lucky and blind nearby enemies on using elemental skill which is amazing on my build and then grand design for an additional brand is known as excellent so if I want to try and make a better one here like this one for example I could try and old spam for this and go for a like this one was all spammed right this is the old spam Riegel so I just went until I got supercharged plus something else indeed else decent and then I regaled it and probably got the dual socket in that case so that’s are really quite good so for example I’ve got a brand skill one here with Max for passives I can transmute this and it’ll actually just show what the nodes do as well at the top there so you can see just next to it remarkable casts an additional brand that one’s pretty good I particularly want to get the notable this one here grand design is really good it’s a little bit it’s a little bit more round but I can basically augment and alt until I get something like that and then hopefully like real a nice one we can skip over these ones go remarkable and a dual socket that’s not bad brand loyalty no Joule socket remarkable integrals and you’ll socket you’ll see a lot of what you’re looking for a lot of the time I’m gonna drill socket we can augment we can do a little bit of extra cow sing a little bit of extra alting here remarkable we’re seeing a lot of the remarkable ones that one’s pretty uh don’t seems to be pretty common generally brand loyalty remarkable all the conquest brand loyalty Bramley LC jewel sockets we can augment to try and get the extra on again grand design there we go so that was in like ten alts I got the one that I was looking for that’s really not hard we augment the dual socket and then we were able hoping for something good we got in this case holy conquest movement speed damage with burn skills and activation frequency is actually quite good so this actually is probably an upgrade from a current one because my current one just has two percent increased M on the minor node which is literally just two percent creased image I’m getting one of them so uh that’s that’s a pretty big upgrade right there cuz I just got an extra notable that I didn’t have so I can take this one out and I can like recraft this one later try and make another good one um see if I got something good and now we’ve got a holy conquest as well for an extra point so that’s pretty good and I’ll get an extra point from somewhere and get that small jewel socket as well and restock it my jewel here but easy so that’s kind of just like showing live how easy it is to craft these and upgrade and make really really bangin jewels with great clusters cuz that’s that’s pretty fantastic I like that temps and activation frequencies quite nice so uh if you have any questions or things you’ve learned from your own experimentation with Acosta jewels let me know in the comments below but I definitely encourage you to get in do a little bit of crafting with them they’re quite common as it turns out I was expecting them be really rare but they seem to be quite common so even doing playing around with these and solar cell fountain seems quite viable and even some of the large ones that are really common and really good like the physical one for example if you’re playing like a gladiator please bleed explosion builds and get some really meaty stuff on the percentage physical increase damage one is really good so I definitely give it a go I finished recording my video and I just remembered there’s one other thing that I did want to show ah that’s really good to know with these cluster jewels is you can do the five for one vendor recipe with them or if you’re not familiar you take five items of the same rarity and you can reroll them by selling five for one so we just have a mixture of like less valuable ones here manner evasion lining rows things like that and you’ll actually get a random enchant and passive number back so if you’ve got like a bunch of large jewels that aren’t good or a bunch of small jewels that aren’t life ones that you want then you can you can reroll them by doing this so we get a little mystery box and we don’t know what it is until we actually accept it and we got three passives called resist which and this guy’s not very good but you could well turn bad cluster jewels into good ones and it does reroll them as well so you kind of get like a free chaos out of it as well so you get another rare back there that you can identify and maybe it’s good if you use like five rares like that so wow that’s a helpful thing to know as well especially if a solar cell found if you’re trying to get a specific cost a jeweled type enchant anyway folks those gonna be it for now I’m zig D and thank you very much for watching.

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