Path of Exile: Delirium League 3.10 – Freezing Pulse Totem Build Guide Update

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Overview of the preliminary changes I’ve made to my Freezing Pulse Totem build for patch 3.10 (Delirium League). Thankfully not much has changed for Freezing Pulse totems, other than needing to set aside skill points for future cluster jewel usage. This build should be just as effective as it was in 3.9 and pretty well suited for the Delirium league mechanic as it keeps a pretty good pace when map clearing.

I’ve also updated the forum guide with these initial changes, which you can find here.

I’m also planning to do my usual league start progress video series as I have for the past couple leagues, though I will be league starting with Holy Flame Totems this time around since I’ve played quite a lot of Freezing Pulse totems for the past few leagues. I will however be continuing to update the Freezing Pulse guide with more detailed cluster jewel suggestions once the league is in full swing and we can more accurately optimize what kind of cluster jewels we can actually put together, so keep an eye on the forum thread for future updates.

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What’s up Internet let’s talk freezing pulse totems in 3.10 the good news is that this build is not changing much in the typical sense there really weren’t any passive tree changes there weren’t any nerfs to like soul mantle or kick Azzaro or sanctum of thought or anything that we’d actually lead to operate the build just like we did in 3.9 which is a good thing.

What’s changing is this new cluster jewel system which we have modified the skill tree to try and better support so we’ve clipped a bunch of points out of the skill tree up here in written in blood and doom cast a little bit painful to let go of doom cast but the extra travel points up here made that a decent proposition still we are still gonna come down in a shadow a little bit for this life and this really powerful assassination node but it may even prove that we clip these points too depending on how efficient we can really make a cluster jewel chain currently I’m holding back 13 skill points yeah from level 95 so that we can invest into some kind of cluster jewel chain up here the problem is gonna be that at least as of right now like we’re one day before the league we don’t exactly know how these clusters you little roll so it’s a little bit hard right now to suggest you know exactly what kind of cluster jewels you’re gonna want to put together we have some obvious candidates for really good nodes right as I mentioned in the holy flame totem guide there are some things like you know master of fear and wish for death these are really great right you can apply unnerved from your curse you can get coaling strike from your curse there’s some just generically powerful stuff like blanketed snow damage penetrates 10% cold resistance against chilled enemies some general elemental nodes arcane heroism would probably be a strong note for us percent more increase the effect of arcane surge some interesting life flasks this is the one that allows you to remove bleeding when you use a life flask so we can be antara life flask Oh something else right there’s a bunch of totem nodes I didn’t feel like any of these were super amazing but ancestral echo and ancestral reach would still be pretty useful right this totem placement range is a basically a completely new stat that would allow us to place totems from farther away and then you have something like you know precise commander this could essentially serve as a replacement for doom cast on some other cluster jewel that offered you no more than this notable right so it’s not hard to imagine getting a lot of value out of a cluster jewel chain but the problem is gonna be questions like so we look back at this blanketed snow right this is a high value node for us but what kind of jewel can this come with so if we imagine it’s like let’s say it rolls on medium jewels does that mean it only rolls with these other two nodes because we wouldn’t want either of these other two nodes and that would sort of damage the value of a medium jewel maybe it can roll with all of these appear too we wouldn’t want most of these they’re kind of like average returns for us but the answers to these kind of questions are basically everything right they determine how efficient it’s gonna be to a dump points into a cluster jewel and until we know for sure what kind of jewels can even exist it’s hard for me to to you know a theory craft exactly what I’m gonna get out of cluster jewels this one here would be really good both of these are pretty good I feel like it’s a safe assumption that we can get at least similar value out of these skill points in cluster jewels instead of coming over here the only thing I really know for certain right now is that we really want to end our cluster jewel chain in a small that has a life wheel because we want to avoid we had to lose these points and written in blood and we really want to avoid having to put them in melding it’s the only other node were connected to this my wheel is trash I don’t I don’t know what they were smoking with this thing it’s actually straight up worse than written in blood in every way it has no upside it’s just scuffed written in blood so we really want to be able to end our cluster jewel chain in a small that has something like if we look at their life list like holistic health is 8 percent life 10% mana that’d be way better than having to take melting right or fedil which is just 10 max life or 10% max life and then 20 flat life pretty much all these would be better than having to take melting right because you wouldn’t you would presume that those would end in like three point small clusters and we’d still get at least just as much life as we would out of a four point melding so that’s the only thing I’m pretty sure about right now otherwise not too much else has changed we did lose the ability to get so picks on boots which is pretty unfortunate they moved that exclusively to the amulet slot or I think it’s just gonna kind of die right I don’t even think that the builds that are gonna be focused on stacking a lot of mana for the new like Ark mage support are gonna be too interested in having so pecks on their amulet amulets are really competitive in the prefix lot and it’s such an offensive slot that I don’t know if so thanks has really got what it takes so I feel like those objects just kind of just kind of died otherwise I guess the fossil nerves kind of changed the way we’re gonna have to think about rolling a helmet I guess it’s not very impactful if I’m being honest especially compared to the way it impacts other people’s builds but it means that you know when you’re buying a helmet off the trade site that has freezing pulse projectile speed it’s gonna be much more relevant if that helmet has an influence or not because if it doesn’t you can’t force that nearby enemies have nine percent cold resist on to the helmet anymore you’re gonna have to slam it with a redeemer orb to do that that’s why they had to make this a redeemer item right in the POB now there are a bunch of different influence types that are good on ailments.

We can get the shaper which has both cold like flat cold dispels but it also has a new like nearby enemies take increased elemental damage aura which I think would be straight-up better than this old cold resistance penetration or a thing hunter has multiple flat damage dispels rolls warlord even has like increased elemental damage in global crip multi right so it’s not really gonna be a problem getting a helm it’s just gonna cost more at the highest end because if your helm doesn’t have influence you can’t get as much damage out of it because you can no longer put this cold resistance or on it you’re gonna have to have influence on your helm and that might just be you know sinking additional cost into a one of the Conqueror ores or something yeah otherwise I don’t I don’t think much is really you know needs to be thought about this is a pretty known quantity very very little has changed for freezing pulse totems relative to everybody else’s builds it’s just gonna come down to optimizing or cluster jewel usage and we can probably squeeze a few more points out of the build to go like we could like I said we could probably clip this if we can really get high value out of cluster jewels it remains to be seen but I’ll probably update the forum guide more once once the league’s been out for a little while and we can sift through these cluster jewels and really get a better idea of what can actually roll and what can’t I suppose it’s worth mentioning that there are a couple of new skills right I think a lot of people are gonna ask me about arcane cloak I did have a quick exchange with Mark on reddit who confirmed for me that our King cloak actually will work with cast when damage taken because our King cloak doesn’t actually have a cost so what happens to your mana happens after the skill is activated the thing is the when they revealed the gems yesterday the cost on arcane cloak is absurd right it’s like it’s over 60% of your mana I think and I feel like that’s gonna be really uh it’s gonna conflict really hard with mind over matter and a build like this right.

It’ll be it would make more sense in a bill that has like absurd mana totals and is supporting their mana regen that way but for us what we have you know relative to some other bill is a lot of minute but it’s not like a true man a stack billed losing all that mana because we’ve taken a large hit sounds like a recipe for death basically so I don’t I have a feeling I’m not gonna wind up using it myself I’ll take another look at it maybe when pob updates with the gems themselves but I don’t plan to include arcane cloak in my bills right now feel free to play with yourself and see how you feel about it but I feel like I’m gonna keep steel skin on there and the other thing worth mentioning there’s a new second wind support that we’re gonna be adding to our flame – link so you’ll have to remove either faster casting or portal probably faster casting right because half the time flame – is instant anyway that second wind support will a it will add another stack like another charge to your flame – still go up to four charges but they are nerfing the cooldown recovery speed flame – in the base gen and second wind comes with a cooldown recovery speed like bonus for supported gems so second wind will help offset that nerf a little bit so we’ll really want to have that linked to flame – one other thing I guess is worth mentioning – is that this third like this portal gym or anywhere else that you can fit it in your build but there’s obviously a spot right here there’s the new skill blade blast I can’t add it to you out of here in pob just yet because it’s not updated but it’s just a new skill that’s like a targeted AoE that applies unnerve on hit and unnerve is basically 10% more spell damage taken enemies and as you can see it’s it’s literally just like a 10% damage increase because it’s handled as a debuff right I don’t have that ticked and I don’t have it in this here because I don’t know exactly how I would want to add on nerve I really feel like I’d be more compelled to add on nerve like I said from something like master of fear so that I don’t have to have another active skill to apply in combat because the base duration on a nerve from blade blast is only like four seconds so you’d have to be applying it quite a lot and it’s gonna be really hard to fit like an increased duration gym I guess you could replace vol righteous fire with it uh but that sounds you know pretty crappy to be honest could probably go you know you could probably do something with your cold snap setup or squeeze it into here in place of increased area of effect or something that might be that might be the way to go then you could spell cascade it that seems more reasonable I also don’t know I didn’t double-check to see what the next requirement is but I’m pretty sure we could cover it either way blade blast is another option to get unnerve into the build and if you don’t get it through like warlord or I think it’s hunter gloves actually and you don’t get it through something like this this is this curse notable then you’ll probably want to try and include blade blast in your links somewhere to get that unnerve but that’s really about all this changed this feels like a really known quantity and if you played it before I think it’ll be at least as effective if not more I’m really expecting we can get more value out of our cluster jewels than we could in the passive tree so I think we’ll get a little bit stronger than before but I kind of feel like everybody’s gonna get a little bit stronger because of that so in general the build is exactly basically how it was in 3.9 uh so that should do it for this video I will be doing my league start progress series like I do like I have for the past couple of leagues but I’m not gonna be league starting with this build so that’s gonna be done with holy flame totem so yeah I won’t involve freezing poles that soon.

After that I think what we’re gonna do is a video series for leveling to kind of serve as like an accompaniment to my leveling tip section where I’ll go through every single act and do every single quest and kind of go over the entire leveling process so that newer players have like a more direct reference to uh as a leveling aide I still get a lot of questions about leveling and League starting and stuff so I think I’ll probably do that with holy flames for them to just because I feel like that’s a little bit easier like a much newer player friendly build it’s pretty much impossible to screw up and it kind of carries you through the story so we’ll probably do it with that build but I expect to not start that for at least a week and delink start anyway we got less than 24 hours left so uh I’m sure everybody’s about excited as I am obviously I’ll be streaming a lot for Lee start so if you want to stop by and you have any questions or you need like a gear check or you just want to say hi and see how League starts going you can catch me at twitch TV slash Wallach TV and if you’re looking for any more updates keep your eye on the forum thread I’ll keep that updated as much as I can anyway I’ll see you guys tomorrow for delirium peace.

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