Path of Exile Guide 3.10 – Storm Brand Inquisitor – Best Allround Starter Build in the Game!

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Greetings Exiles!

In this guide I’m presenting you my most favourite build of all time: the Storm Brand Inquisitor. A strong and versatile start and endgame character that does everything.

This is by far the best allrounder I have ever played. You can clear everything on #Budget gear with a safe ranged playstyle, super fast cast, movement, and clear speed, and consistent high boss dps.

With going back to a clearspeed meta but also having to face strong bosses in 3.10 #Delirium, this build is an excellent choice as both #LeagueStarter or high investment character to steamroll every little bit of PoE endgame.

PoB. Leveling progression trees can be selected in the bottom left of the “tree” window within the PoB.

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Also, how do you like the bit different way of presenting my builds in a (hopefully) more easy-going-way instead of just pumping out facts and knowledge about the build?


  • 00:41 – Strengths and Weaknesses.
  • 02:37 – How to Play.
  • 05:58 – Leveling and Bandit.
  • 07:05 – Ascendancy Progression.
  • 07:39 – Gear and Jewels.
  • 10:39 – Flasks.
  • 12:26 – Anointments.
  • 13:08 – Skill Overview.
  • 18:33 – Skill Setups.
  • 20:24 – Pantheon.
  • 21:01 – Sirus Awakening 8.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Greetings exiles and welcome to yet another built guide do you want to play the build that has been in my personal top three since its main ability was released.

Do you like huge damage and a fast and efficient play style are you interested in one of the strongest Elrond rebels that has been below the radar for several weeks now then the storm brand Inquisitor might just be the build you are looking for first of all this is a part of building assisted build if you don’t know how to use the program I got a video linked in description together with some thyme stems all footage you can see is at awakening level 8 on T or 14 + maps and boss encounters the biggest strength of this build is the skills to UM rent itself the utility you gain from using the skill only a couple of times within a minute when using brand recall to its maximum effect is undeniably amongst the best in the game storm brand itself has built-in chaining making it clear on its own and opening the possibility to kill packs at multiple locations in the same time because you can have up to five brands active the ascendency Inquisitor allows to give more efficiently since no penetration is necessary to kill tough enemies and bosses the brand’s will stick to our target for up to 5 seconds meaning during that time you can focus on either d buffing bosses or simply dodge and regenerate these to effect consistent maximum damage and the utility to move around while killing make this build an excellent buzzer if you don’t face tank every mechanic there’s nothing this bill can’t do with high efficiency which is why I write this as the best all-rounder build in the game all of this obviously doesn’t come with any drawbacks first of all you are not a tank most of a defense comes from the playstyle and the ability to stay far away from dangerous enemies also to play the skill combination of storm brand and brand recall you need to get used to that first and you have to play well otherwise you will sacrifice a lot of efficiency that doesn’t matter in low content but once you reach to 14 awakening aid maps the difference in place that will have a huge difference in efficiency as well the tower play style itself is actually quite easy you place a storm brand on top of a peck then the storm brand kills the Peck after it killed a peck but it will change to another Peck in close proximity and so on while this brand and chaining you can already place a different brand on different enemies the tricky part comes when you use brand recall since the better you get the more the playstyle vowels around using the skill brand recall to reposition your storm brands instead of placing the storm brands yourself that was a really long and hard sentence for me but overall I wanted to say that you can actually use brand recall as often as you can and only Kasmir ends after you just recalled so brand recall two enemies close to you and then a another news to one brand far away from you this method will get you through most content with acceptable efficiency if you want to get a bit more advanced follow these two rules rule number one you want to position yourself in between pegs and then use your recall the first step in my wonderful and awesome drawing you can see is to identify two pegs that are close together but not close enough for brands to chain in between them so if you would kill the first pack the brand’s wouldn’t automatically chain to the other peg so that’s like two clothes pegs but not too close you see your recall is ready so you go to step two you flame – to get in between the pegs and while you are in between the packs you press recall a few of brands will then attach to one peg and another few of those brands will appear attached to the other peg but imagine this the moment you land with your flame – you notice a smaller peg further away from you in front of you now step 3 cast a brand to the first peg is a split second after used you recall with this method you will kill three pegs at once the two pegs that are close to you because of their brand recall chaining the brands there and then the father away one because you cast a new brand.

Rule number two which is a lot easier and much more straightforward if there are two pegs far away from each other so you can’t rules use rule number one anymore.

You jump close to the peg with the stronger enemies so your recall brands will attach to this peg and display it second after you recalled you cast a brand to the other peg to the weaker peg this means more of the damage is focused on strong enemies without sacrificing your insane clear speed of clearing multiple pecks at the same time I hope you understand what I just tried to tell you and in the case you didn’t don’t worry you’re still be fine a lot of improvement comes from just playing the ability so just get into the game and play the build so these strategies I just told you can also be used by leveling you will obviously have a lot less car speed and loveless or a lot longer cool on on your brand Rico but the leveling is still super easy and fast stone wound is actually my go-to on every spare castle I want to level with our having to use any snow ability you get the ability at level 12 so just at the end of Act one and before that I recommend you use a combination of aura storms and frost bomb so while running you place a frost pump in front of you it will explode and while the frost button is included on your place in horrible storms that will cool stuff and then the first one will be ready again and then over storms again I think you get the idea until you get the storm run obviously during the Bennett quest in ik – I always help Lyra especially for new players and on lower character levels mana regen is super important for a smooth playstyle and obviously resistances and crit multi are very valuable stats as well as ascendency progression go for righteous providence and inevitable judgment first these notes together pretty much double your damage against tough enemies which means enemies with resistances also known as bosses.

After that go for sanctuary and pious pal this grant you a lot of utility with mana regen and cast speed damage from cast speed and the consecrated ground debuff and damage in form of life region from the consecrated ground energy shield region and elemental ailment immunity when looking at my gear within the path of building you will notice that I have two item sets there one is the starter low-budget version and the other one is the damage focused high investment version you can aim for if you decide to play this build for more than just two or three days I will go over the starter gear in this build since that’s enough to clear the whole game relatively easily but as I said if you want to bring this bill to new heights please check out my endgame gear actually there’s nothing special going on here in my style EQ as weapons I love playing with Dorie Annie’s catalyst these can be expensive early on into Ludovic and with expensive I mean like twenty to forty chaos they give Cass beat crit elemental damage and especially the elemental leech those are all stats that you really want as a test piece I recommend it it pulls us while not mandatory at all this test helps you clear speed and damage output and it’s also really satisfying to see the explosions but any other air chess with life energy shield and resistances works as well talking about resistances this is also the first thing you want to take care of on your regular you want to reach the 75% elemental resistance cap on all your elemental resistances make sure you balance these roles over all your items so you don’t pay extra for any overpowered items early on you will also need to get some attributes going like strength and dexterity so make sure you don’t forget those after your solo teeth these things out get as much life as possible for even more defence also get energy shield and Cal’s resistance you might also notice that if you swap between my star.

My endgame gear that life and energy shield are higher on my starter gear setup that’s because my endgame setup is focused pretty much purely on damage and you can see that I nearly hit it triple the damage of my study here also something you don’t want to forget on your gear is movement speed on the boots on the ring you want to make sure to craft edit fire and edit cold damage this applies to storm brand so you can ignite and chill enemies ignite is important for the sinus water flask and chill is important for the hypothermia support to work the main defense role on your jewels is life offensive options are global crit multi crit multi with spells crit multi with elemental skills crit multi while dual wielding and crit multi with lightning skills so yeah crit multi is king for damage cast speed is also nice because it’s not only damage but also utility and also damage would be lightning edit two spells looking at the flasks now as always and for every single I face build an instant life flask is a real choice it’s kind of like a panic button when you see your life drop you just press it and you instantly regenerate some of your life as for nearly every crippled at Diamond flask is a huge damage booth another damage flask is an H series promise it does not only grant strong damage from the elemental as extra chaos but also leech and Cal’s resistance which is welcomed especially early on into the league when you don’t really have to gear to go for calories the last damage flask is a sin Espada urn this is the mastermind flask so it can be expensive I ran into the leak and this flask is also the reason why you want your storm brand to be able to ignite with the small fire damage on your ring craft to get the most out of this flask also on the Eno swallower you can have different roles like different unbelled mods I like the movement speed here because.

Movement be it is king when you want to keep maps if you wanted more damage though you can go for the crit and for more defense you can go for the live region if you can’t afford this flask you can just get a normal magic silver flask because one slot doesn’t only ground your movement speed but also car speed which directly is damaged for you so get on spot also you want to get curse and bleed immunity on your magic flasks there’s no need for freeze immunity once you picked up your last ascendancy so you don’t really need it but it helps if you have it early on here you can see a slight I prepared to see a few in ointments that I can suggest there are not many offensive ones but a lot of defenses I like true strike especially early on because it cuts about nothing forward grants the crit chance helps to get your crit chance higher obviously and crit multi is always welcome as you’ve might have noticed during this build you can also use any other anointment depending on a needs like life or live region movement be the phasing evasion energy shield more car speed just get whatever you feel like you want now it’s time to take a closer look to all the skills I use in this build your main damage as the name of the build suggests is storm rend in your six-link you might ask why control destruction if only crit still meaningful damage well let’s simply because there is no real damage alternative elemental focus would work but if you used that the storm rain can’t chill or ignite anymore so and you wouldn’t be able to shock anymore so you wouldn’t be able to use hyperthermia you wouldn’t be able to use the full effect from it so no swallow and you wouldn’t be able to use the impulsive explosion so le focus doesn’t really work here the inspiration support is a really interesting alternative but it’s actually only better if you have close to 100% uptime on all charges which can be hard since storm brand has a quite high mana cost meaning that once you want to used up 800 mana from your with your storm rain you will use the charges and then you have to recast storm drains to get the charges back but since you don’t cast storm brain that often I don’t like inspiration here but you can use it if you if you really want it so for me control destruction just makes the most sense also sometimes get asked why would you take energy leech support in a build that’s not focused around any shield that’s actually a good question but you usually don’t take the support only because you can leech when you have to support but because of the multiplier is you get when you are at full energy shield that’s 24 percent that’s respectable that not a lot but it’s respectable but in times of need meaning when you take damage when you are in a dangerous situation you will deal even more damage to get rid of the enemies that you’re currently fighting because the multiplier will increase to 39% and since the goal for more defense is to kill get a lot of energy shield on top of your life.

This can get quite important here you can also see the hypothermia which is the reason why you want some cold damage on your storm brain so you can kill the enemies in one of your weapons you want smite an attack that runs huge added lightning damage but it forces us into using scepters which is no big deal since scepters can roll for the most part the same things as once control and the Dori Arnie’s catalysts are setters anyways.

Reading smite with fortify a valuable defensive buff and increased duration for easy uptime on both the damage and the 405 of I usually only use that skill on bosses but if you feel like you need more damage or some if right now you can use it within your other weapon it’s your brand recall it’s a single socket along with custom and damage taken see you skin for some defense in the tooling so you’ve got the three sockets.

You’ve got the custom end damage taking steel skin linked and then you have two brand recall not linked to those otherwise you won’t be able to South cast your brand recall which would be bad in one of your four sucker items put a flame – linked with a level six arcane cirrage we keep it at level six because you only have to – once in order to pocket also in that item bar righteous fire it can be linked to the flame – and our concert’ but it doesn’t need to it doesn’t matter at all use only the val skill as a temporary burst against bosses do not use the regular skill because this will rapidly draw all your life and mana or not life an energy shield and you will die so only use Tabasco the fourth item in here which is not linked so it’s a solo socket or it can be linked to the bar edge this fiber just don’t cling it at all it’s easiest is a precision of the one it just grants you some crit chance for close to no mana reservation within your second force socket item is a falling over storms with curse on hit and s essence mark assassins mark is a strong crit buff for you against these enemies and also link it with calling strikes to execute also it’s below 10% health the last falling is your mana reservation here at a thunder for some damage and flesh and stone and sand stands for defense zealotry / wrath because the additional crit chance and the effect was born consecrated ground below enemies which by the way consecrated ground applies a higher chance to create enemies standing on top of it was the correct I think the boss correct so it synergizes well with your ascendancy you want to link all of them with a enlighten support the thing is if you don’t have a high level enlightened you have to leave out either head of thunder or flesh and stone’ depending if you want to lose some damage or some defense if you’ve seen other build guides I made you probably noticed that pretty much always there is a mapping and a bossing set up because I like to be efficient and to be efficient for most abilities you simply want to have a mapping and a passing setup so in this case that’s just a really really small difference I only recommend changing to the bossing set up against really strong enemies so don’t bother swapping out anything during any mapping situation or anything so yeah here’s what you want to go for it Maps you go for the chain support the additional chains mean that when a storm brand is on top of an enemy it usually changed to a three different enemies like each time three steps the increased chaining actually sends out more beams so it’s essentially a area damage or area of effect multiplier if you want to say so and since you don’t need the area of effect against bosses you want to change the chain support to hypothermia for another damage multiplier this only works if we have the before-mentioned added cult damage preferably crafted on your ring also against bosses if the situation allows it to get closed place all of storms on top of that to get the assassins mark and the execute and also use this might to get the fortify and the Edit damage valve then ever you have enough vassals for your valor righteous fire you can also use that against tough enemies but you want to be careful because once you use it it will actually drain 30% of your maximum life and energy shield so don’t use it is in an extremely dangerous situation because it can kill you and now the last thing as an every belt guide the Pantheon which is a super nice mechanic in the game and makes the game really good yeah but hey in this build actually if you have problems with chaos damage you can take Eric Ali is major and Shikari is minor this helps a lot especially early on if you don’t have a lot of kells resistance otherwise I like to play with ranking for the Year stuns resistance or the stamina recovery and gerakan for movement speed as a minor god and there you go this is my most favorite build of all time I played it on pretty much every single eternity you can play it on but the Inquisitor is just too strong so I’ve been playing the Inquisitor version for three or four weeks now I’m not sure I believe or us three and before I send you over to my awakener level 8q I want to ask you something in this video and try to go away from the script or not totally away but a little bit away from the script and talk more freely this means that obviously my voice is different and how I am acting in the videos to friend and also the length of the video will be different it will it will be much longer than any other build guide because I’m not only just throwing out fact after fact after effect but I’m just talking a little bit freely so I really appreciate if you put your kind of like your comments down in the section so I know if you like this style of the video or if you like it more if I’m just straight to the point give you all the facts you need within 10 to 12 minutes and then you have to build or if you like it if it’s a little bit more more easygoing.

I hope I hope you understand what I’m what I mean so yeah so enough in the comments down below I really appreciate any feedback there also leave a like and subscribe for future content and please follow my twitch I’ll be streaming there during the beginning of every week and during the leagues probably as well but I don’t know but would be nice to see you there if you have any questions I’ll gladly.

Try to answer them either on stream or down in the comments below so have fun with my awakener level 8 kill thank you very much for watching I am Jay and I’m out what’s this a real challenge you’ll finally caught my attention died.

Your Lords are meaningless the others found strength in their projections.

This city is nothing all this a.

There’s the silent died.



Do you yet see the futility of your efforts.

We are there is only or he utterly annihilated the edge of death racist.

Feel the thrill of the wood my mana is spent something.

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