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Alright guys I have something a little bit different and something very special for you today in this video I’m going to be showing you how to play a collie like a pro this is gonna cover everything from runes two items guys I’m doing a $1000 RP giveaway with a bunch of youtubers to enter all you got to do is click the link in the description anyone can win from anywhere across the world good luck to early mid-late game how to snowball how to get kills how to carry and literally everything you could ever need to know on a collie and within a 10 minutes you guys are going to be much better players colleagues hope you guys are ready to destroy everything in ranked with this secretly opie champion let’s just get right into it so starting off with the runes or she talked about is there since it’s a commentary as well nice guys alright so let’s talk about the runes first so conker is the best room page now against melee champions electrocute is a little bit weaker now since you can’t really queue autocue in lane that’s brutal actually it hooks me into the tower so I’m just not used to playing it spike that much oh yeah we are going I guess a melee so conquer is the way and this is the best room page for soloqueue anyways the way you want to play Kali guys is literally play aggressive in melee matchups for versus range matchups you literally just try your best to hit six without having any prompt get as much gold as possible because once you at 6 it is the first key to winning the game there are a few keys he’s a potion now should be fine he’s a cue to get a little bit of a movement speed buff and also cute with the tip of my cue first slope and we’re completely fine but as I was mentioning guys all you got to do is hit level 6 and then great things will happen okay those gonna dodge and then try to fight obviously don’t be afraid to take trades because if you’re playing top laner if you ever going it’s a melee champion you need to learn how to trade them because you can actually get early kills with the Kali you can actually force him to go back which gives you an early lead with the Kali there’s really no reason Ted and that Elise try Wow how’s that how did that hit anyways I’m gonna continue playing aggressive now try it you know it’s funny I’m so confident in my collie and the strategy that I’m gonna keep going so you can even carry when you’re down one killing a colleague just hit six and you will win trust me we’re back in the lane it is trying to push a little bit so we are gonna just press you press W get this whole wave shoved in really quick because we do on the way to express wave is gonna crash and then it’s gonna reset it but so we have a little bit of time looking for the jungler maybe see we can steal Scout crabman you go for a game right now it’s a look impossible oh yeah definitely looking possible there is a pink word though didn’t end up getting anything completely fine always just at least tribe we lose one minion in CS but doesn’t matter now we don’t have a we don’t have flash need to make sure you always save at least one thing for escape of worship right now let’s give you our shroud not gonna be using it to go aggressive or anything we got level six to our way of us pusher so we’re literally just gonna go straight toppling and what you want to do in your roaming top lane for mid is check one brush ward the other just to make sure you’re not wasting your time because if it’s warded than good anyways guys at this point Maley versus melee we just need a little bit of room to kill pike so we want to actually freeze the wave towards our tower he pushed a little bit too much and now I can kind of work with that and just make it so I have way less wounds in him but not enough to the point was gonna hurt my health bar too much right now it’s like not doing much and if he wants to try in the farm since he’s melee versus melee he’s gonna have to overextend a ton we’re good and I’m gonna keep this freeze even though I saw a pike top he’s more than likely than not on his way back and I don’t push instantly he’s I’m only level seven and I don’t have a bunch of AP so we’re actually gonna keep the wave frozen a little bit towards our tower it’s only a tiny bit now now I see pike still fighting I’m gonna push since this time it is very easy to push and he’s gonna run all the way he’s gonna miss a ton of XP a ton of CS so even though he gets that kill it actually will look how ahead we were on CS and it’s only gonna get crazier in like a second then push this all gonna back up and then we’re gonna go ahead and just go straight to bot Lane.

See if there’s a pink ward in sight hopefully there’s no pink there I don’t have time to like check all of them right now they’re pushed it looks like there actually might have been yeah if there was you gonna tell just off the way they pass so we clear it out and we head back to MIT honestly we are playing against maybe the most passive like I’ve ever seen in my entire life so with that in mind we’re gonna take the quick recall get a bilge water and some more AP this will help us slow him and actually.

What do you know that Nami going for the 1v3.

Does not get the 1v3 as the supports that’s level six sources level eight fat plated okay.

Anyway it’s just something that’s gonna happen all on your soul games using the deal if it’s not a big deal just try your best.

And this is actually really good should be able to this not I don’t think I need to flash it perfect don’t want to flash if you don’t have to I saw Tommy did get rid of Zack passive so with that in mind no need to really do anything else and guys this is the beginning of the end this is truly it it doesn’t matter if you’re zero in one because something happens you’re old if you make a play they stay with overextend it just takes one little thing won most of all it turns into two kills turns into two plaits.

That’s three kills worth the gold if that’s all this extra XP that he doesn’t have now we’re gonna go ahead and listen really quick and then II and leave and as you guys could see right there I was on the other side of the minion but if I eat it flies you backwards and then it shoots it out so you can actually clear the wave and run away at the same time to go back a little pro tip sometimes actually really useful but moving on we have the next item we’re going for zone is next because they have almost a lady armor is very good against a bunch ad champions they don’t really have an AP Zack is a salute this kind of a tank guys just look at this this is another golden opportunity for us to get ahead if pike thank you I don’t want to I don’t want to like waste any time if I queue while I’m further away then Auto when I’m in range to Auto it’s just the fastest way I didn’t want to channel is even running that could have been really good I didn’t hit guys we’re gonna keep going I think this is a double execute potentially no don’t don’t even alright that’s fine.

Guys our old is up our gum blade slows up so this is a double kill this is double kill I’m gonna run back a little bit let make them think that I’m not actually trying to kill them and check this out so a lot of time they actually fall for it.

Not this time apparently anyways that guys have moving on we have a thousand gold and the only good option right now is sword foods super insanely good guys these items gunblade sort boots is dounia’s and sometimes oblivion orb so good on a collie these are like the core items this is when you’re thriving this is the mid game of Kali that wins game she’s not the best licking you’re not badly game but mid game is when you need to win the game in order to like actually have a high winrate so with that in mind guys you’re just gonna kill them we’re gonna kill because we’re not priority our jungle is zero in floor and they’re piking gets us really quickly with his W and boots of mobility I need to be playing fights that I can win very quickly or I know I won’t die if it’s if we’re outnumbered we can definitely kill pike easily even if zach shows up but we can’t kill Zach if pike shows up because we use our spells on a tank then obviously pike will just shred us to pieces so we’re going to be a little bit more careful moving forward alright guys Pike just went back so we’re gonna shove the wave in really quick and then we’re gonna look to Rome I’m even gonna use W to get energy back to take the weight faster and this is something that I’m expecting a pike to be yet but hopefully okay that’s good over there just in case we need to dive but I think Pike is on his way so did you back up we see Pike is a bot lane and the bot Lane had just died and the jungler is there am I gonna help the jungler you know he’s one side which whatever I’m gonna get a thousand gold for my team here and just open up mid lane vision by taking it out this is much more important than helping a jungler assuming you don’t think they’re gonna rage quit all right then with the gum bleed.

And this should be a hill there we go have to use it yet I want to respond and just fly away I don’t know how Mike you missed him that made no sense at all okay what we’re gonna do here we’re gonna olds over aren’t you gonna go for it.

No Otto okay okay maybe there we go there we go just a little way anyways guys next up on the build we got a oblivion orb now this is a very strong item you should pretty much always get but the question is do you upgrade it to a Morello the answer is it just depends on the enemy team comp if they’ve healing like this time I would as AK blobs and Darius Q is enough not to mention Pike W that’s enough for me they want to do it on a flash that is unfortunate definitely a little greedy there are very greedy rather but it’s okay.

Well we got one if they chase I’ll bait it.

I can definitely kill them you leave it then and now honestly I feel like because there’s a big bottling wave they might actually send someone bottling to clear it so I’m gonna go ahead and wait here for a second this is kind of like an intuition thing could not work out they could be at Dragon as well which is also another reason why I’m here is once it spawns if they go on it I have a red plan to flank them doesn’t look like they’re on it though this is a free kill and that is a free kill all you guys do is look for them and I see this guy what as long as well I have no cooldowns and while you’re gonna try and QV and then if you keep going in and that is a kill just know the reason is already at that time is it’s because it’s a time where I would do the least amount of damage and the time where I would take the most drink energy it was the worst possible trade time for me which is why I decided to go for it we’re gonna take this out really quick we gotta move to the future not talk about the path and I wasn’t looking like a potential flank for us that is a fling for us indeed that is a lot of furry kills and 15 and 6 just like that guys every new item is a different potential every new item gives you more new potential in the way you play the game you just have to use your items and smart don’t sonja’s to damage as long as a million and there you go guys I think we’re gonna win you know we’re not gonna get Coco’s waving back up we’re actually a very interesting spot Gold wise we could go for a rabbit ons because it would do the most against gin hike and Senna which is pretty much all we’re targeting anyways but in terms of being like a team player team fighter I think avoid would be better but but because all of their damage is you know Pike gin and Senna and Pike has 15 kills he’s got half their kills and he’s mailing I will definitely go for a rabbit ons we have the survivability off of the sonja’s and the shroud we don’t really need anything else tanky so yeah this is probably the perfect build we go void staff next and eventually we’ll sell it up living on for now this is it okay.

I pressed E.

We find her express eat he’ll run with him hey Pepe’s that you gonna run with him you do not want to let him get away by being too far out of the circle but you got a the obviously just right inside the circle go ahead just run with them fight a minion block to death all right shake this out true in Hibbs are now down nami with the intentional feed all good though let’s go ahead and do this we can heal up all right guys this is probably the most important fight yet is for these girls that do not let me take that okay well that is it the cloud salt so we’re good to go okay.

There we go guys I think it’s over I think it is finally over I I thought that was gonna be a lot harder but apparently all it takes is them trying to steal our blue and then it’s destroying them so we’re gonna go ahead and end the game off of midlane and it will do that TRO alright guys so in conclusion here’s the thing about a collie right you play super aggressive not because it’s always gonna work out but because you try to do the one for once when it’s necessary you just try to learn and get better at the champion obviously this was me playing hyper aggressive for a video it’s always gonna work out but we did end up carrying the freakin sanguine blade Kazakhs we did a good job and that’s all that matters just practice being aggressive never ever be scared if you think you have a chance of killing them go for it but if don’t be dumb obviously don’t don’t just feed like for no reason anyways guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you want to see a top lane addition for this be sure to leave a like and comment down below top top top top top 5 tops in a row and I’ll do it guys thank you so much for watching and have a good day peace out.

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