Pro Players No BS Guide To Icon Swaps 3! Who Should You Pick In FIFA 20?

Author: Lyricz30

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What’s going on last Erickson I’m back bring you today another video this one’s gonna be bringing a quick guide to icons walks free I recorded like a 25 minute video on this before you know what we’re March fifa’s dying who the hell wants to watch a 20 minute video on who to pick for icon swaps in icon swaps that is so disappointing that’s crazy so we’re gonna speed this up or do something I noticed the first time I recorded this there was a 93 Pierce Michael in six tokens and I don’t see him here but um for him if you’re lazy I would take him because he’s probably one of the best goalkeepers on the game but as you guys know it’s a steak and Allison great goal he was so yeah probably not worth it little moon foot for the main reason that he’s free star four star and doesn’t have great Jillian balance I wouldn’t go for him personally the stats over would pre decent but other than that yeah not to matter in my opinion you’re not gonna play him send him it because he’s defending solo you’re gonna be playing in the attacking position and he’s also got pretty bad pay so yeah not recommended for me Trezeguet he’s six foot to force a four star which is positives definitely positives but in the game where like the meta is get the bull Taleggio editor boxing strikers per and shoot that’s seventy one of jillee 60 balance isn’t going to do it so I’m yeah pretty much all the other stats are pretty much irrelevant the pace isn’t great as well so I’m yeah other gates also another no from me got two so only if she would good – so he’s one-dimensional and the pace isn’t great so he’s five foot ten high defensive ideal for your you see the M freestyle beef obviously isn’t the best but you know you don’t really expect much from Gattuso in terms of that the physical is amazing the defendants amazing the dribbling the parson isn’t great but the Parsons good enough where like he’s just gonna be able to do simple stuff so I’m yeah if you’re looking for a lot all-out CDM you know he’s not he’s not the worst option at all louder this guy that she’s got really good stats I’m not sure how he’ll actually play in game but the stats are amazing light to agile e85 balance and 97 dribbling so you dribble it’s gonna be amazing according to the stats you know let me know what he’s actually like in game shooting isn’t great but other than that everything else is amazing the part in sick.

He’s got Lisa stubborn are really good pay so you can play them in attacking position.

Thumbs up an outdoor for me definitely recommend him Carlos we all again only think that you can really look out for his his pace.

Part in a driven is actually disappointing because you know just got part to Barton in team one of the best football in teams of all time as well as the Spanish team other than that defensively is there’s literally like I don’t know he’s missing like ten stats physically again he’s missing like I don’t know twenty stats amazing card defensively I’ve used him in draft with a shadow card I think it’d be even better as in draft you’d always get you either chemistry style yeah for nine tokens it’s not bad at all prior compact that’s probably the best value that has ever been yeah there’s nothing else to say I would take this I’m going to take this I’d I would do this for eighteen tokens so you’re given if you’re giving me at half price you know that’s that’s what that’s a win for me so I’m definitely recommend up are my compact Overmars music on people seventeen one of the first icons that got released he was amazing.

We’re gonna get from him is be a speedy speedy winger or right Samuel F cam which is what you need sacred ilium imbalance and sick dribbling which is what you need from your winner 94 stamina which would this overload enough is even more crucial than ever and pretty good parson and pretty good finishing so thumbs up from me on over Mars definitely commend him for ten tokens not bad at all hooda um who literally is kind of a slept on card to be fair but um I don’t know if to make a point to EA that like this isn’t acceptable I don’t feel like we can take this guy.

Because bro how are we getting baby hula in March in icon swaps come on man I what the hell the whole reason that they brought in item Sports was to replace the icon SPC’s and this is what you’ve given us as our pinnacle that’s awful but that’s wise he’s really good only thing that you’re missing is from him and the big hula is the the high work rate which is kind of a big deal to be fair the four star skills which I les you’re someone that does like I don’t know desktop croquettas and scoot turns on sapphire you send them in I wanted a person one of the people that Dina and also the pace you know the thing that makes her LaHood is Pacey’s power and you’re kind of missing that formed from this babyhood it so he’s not the worst guard but he definitely isn’t the hood that we know along for ISO lampung I would definitely take him over hood it just for the for the principle that he’s a prime icon moments and pull it as a baby icon and idea that same tokens which is crazy to me.

Stats wise Lampard is amazing at everything except a jillion balance and also the defendant is an exceptional but you’d ever just read up on I’m proud to be fair like you get a lamp are to be more of a ever created turned amid like that Kevin de Bruyne or something so you don’t really hold Kevin de Bruyne Oh Ali’s defender into you so I don’t know far is it ten tokens definitely worth it in my opinion he’s not the most metal card but he could definitely be a fun one to use um I’m like I say for ten tokens you’re not really going out your way at all Maldini me personally Maldini I like him but I wouldn’t go for him I use him last year in the qualifiers I know obviously it’s a different game but he didn’t have the same like umph as the as the 86 pace martini and like the high ammonia so for that reason I wouldn’t go for him personally I think there’s been there’s bad defenders that come out even recently like destroying boating you know he’s about 300 K s be see if he’ll untradable a lot cheaper he’s even faster than aldini I don’t think the defendants much worse and the physical way there and so as to passing and dribbling no you’re not getting a bull player mouth dealing pretty much forced I was good from him but other than that yeah I would recommend Kaka I’m sure you guys do Delon Kaka and paid him for a few games I personally didn’t like him I don’t think he was good enough to play in like a central position which is where you wouldn’t you tak had to be so um yeah Rama Lama I guess he’s a decent option obviously got your five star skills he’s got a good pace.

Decent physical not the best but a decent really good parson so you know as a ram or lamb I guess it’s not it’s not it’s my bad option can you doubt leash as I said time out on this game get the one to your striker turn and shoot go can ee she’s perfect for that he’s got five W foot so you could turn either way trick trick the defender all right four star skills um it’s not the worst she’s still but just your standard scoop turn you still got your drag back she still got your body feint your step overs so um yeah anything you’re missing is a scoop done in this guy and a little bit of pace so as you see but if that’s pace is a little bit slow but with a hunger not too bad shot power and finishing long shots really good curve it’s decent so he’s gonna have a nice finish short past it is pretty good come by when I fast I weak foot he’s gonna be really nice jillee amazing balance amazing stamina and not the best but you know it’s decent and 70 fries to come aggression to go with a 5 a it’s not about at all you’re gonna get some some BS some BS in there so can you definitely recommend him Ian Rush they did actually upgrade him too fast I weak foot which he was owner the only players that he did upgrade I think him and Hadji which kind of sucks because they could have made these Primark a moment so much betting you know even a rubbish ones a bit mouth but it definitely is about our about card and he’s midium pride baby or than why I keep saying that stamina strength really good physical dribbling is actually decent 8 you’re free 81 I think with a wood engine on he actually could be decent but I prefer Kenny personally just for the full star skills the shootin is way better than Kenny’s and passing is pretty good so yeah he’s not the worst card definitely bergkamp’s another one I don’t think he’s been in Kenny but he does have like really really good positives one of them being he’s passing is amazing and he’s dribbling is almost maxed out my Jillian balance again is a little low six foot tall see he’s gonna be like kind of a Lewandowski type dribbler I’ve been using this year but he’s pretty much does that same copies as that same body type stamina is pretty good physical is over a pretty good shooting his amazing almost maxed out yet again and the pace is a bit lacking so I don’t complete up to you guys on Mika bleed a decent cam definitely could be a decent cam will kill me he kind of reminds me of a sedan without a pace and the defendant so I don’t know take what you want from that not worth it not worth it the shooting is pretty good the passing is amazing.

Sorry I said the shooting spree but the shootings really really good for a sentiment the parson is amazing the dribbling is amazing it’s a stamina strength is awful that’s another thing day hasn’t gone as a dam especially we like to overload man you know sometimes you need to slap a label on me defensively is all for these to slow to play and like an attacking position so you have to play him send a middle C DM you know I definitely skip recurring me if I was you guys right so Maradona in like I said in a matter where you need to get one Co striker turn and shoot my rodent the best for one reason he’s one dimensional freestyle weak foot kind that kills he’s got he’s pretty much a worst version a messy you know Messi if they shouting you to your right foot you’ve got outside of the foot with the left so you’re not actually about to bid with disadvantage but Madeline doesn’t have the trait so that kind of makes him pretty much useless obviously slot 5 star skills sick dribbling sick passing 6ue and these physicals awful and he pays isn’t great to be like a ram or lamb and he’s not really that explosive so yeah for that reason I’d definitely skip my on especially for the 19 token that are asking for per team this is another FIFA 17 legend petit I really look at this card hi hi work rates are made and sits with one really good high the interceptions are unreal to stand tackles unreal the stammers I’m real the physical is overall just amazing really good shoot in I’m not sure if that translates into like finish shots because as you guys know be shot so I’m only great this year yeah shoot I’m short passing long passing really good again sick ball control sick composure a Jillian balance is actually not that bad it’s better than Vieira’s so he’s gonna be a bit better on the board and Vieira pace is really good definitely recommend 40 Cannavaro discs this is um it’s like a home run hit you know he could even be like amazing or he could be awful and you know that all comes down to how the high effective in game huh me personally I haven’t used them like a small Center back this year so I couldn’t actually tell you but he’s got a perfect were true the perfect defendant literally the only heart up in bed and Maldini in defendants in this game is Cannavaro physical for coitus five foot nine amazing a jillion Palance bro amazing like he’s got like of like a wingers stats II’s a jillion balance is better most a striker that we’ve seen in his icon swaps which is crazy reactions 93 he’s gonna be on to that bs cutting out you know you want to tackle me and get the bull still no that’s not happenin composure 86 again amazing he’s not gonna be doing much stupid passes given on the bull and stuff like that overall sit card six it card Carlos Alberto in terms of being an end game card wonder the best in E position in the whole game this is this is the the guy from that stands out to me from all like some sorts this guy is if not the best the second better right back in the game like no questions asked full star week for freestyle skills the stats the pace he’s got the dribbling he’s got two defending he’s got the physical he’s going abundance he’s got like centre backs tight physical stats amazing card show part 92 vision 88 the only downside to this card is he’s got a 67 short I’m long past and a 66 curve which you know sometimes the Weibull is down the line didn’t work ideally but this is by far the most endgame card in the whole of the icon swaps wherever you want to put 21 tokens into a right back which is a lot of a lot of grind a lot of time me personally I wouldn’t do that but it’s up to you guys Corinne Shaw again I’ve used he’s a middle card I didn’t really enjoy him I think he’s like unique you can’t blame centrally because he’s too small in my opinion and his shootings pretty bad it’s kind of got like Neymar shoe and without the 5-star weak foot which is even more detrimental the stamina is not great to be a winner and also on top of that the pace and like the power to physically he hasn’t really got you know from my wingers in for 40 and 41 I kinda wanted to be speed demons that I like get in but I’m getting behind the the full bats you know fake shot passed on whatever.

Corinne she hasn’t really got that he’s kind of more like I come inside pass inside type of player which for 21 tokens definitely recommend and then the pinnacle this is this is what what really disappointed me this is your pinnacle violin swaps sit down baby burn my common man come on this is the dis replaced icon SBC is where you can get the best cards in the game and you’re gonna have babies are done in March for 20 free tokens that’s awful we lay she just got Sen primer oh and that’s not saying this cause I’m bad because this card is amazing having my my expert team by having my ps4 team he’s got five star skills fast I we put six at one great high underrated Lee eighty five interceptions seventy it’s done tackle the best that’s it our most important that’s in defendant especially if you like a manual defender then defense of that do not affect him at all physically really really good of course part in the shooting on top of those fat ladies or fast I’ll wait for amazing and sick pace so I definitely recommend this a damn as he is he’s about two million coins on the market so he is worth it to crime for him but still so disappointing that that’s that’s the pinnacle of icon slots free bird like that is the card that you want us to really going for at the stage of the year really disappointed but anyway I hope you guys enjoyed um this is my first video back sorry I’ve been inactive um I just haven’t had the motivation to the upload to be honest I’m not really enjoying feat for the moment but either way I know you guys enjoyed this last time so I thought you know why not why not do this again yeah if you guys have any questions in the comments um let me know below I definitely respond to them haven’t got much going on especially with a coronavirus we’re getting a lot of events canceled and stuff like that I’d ever qualify this weekend for a Champions League on the ps4 I will be streaming on tight lyrics for if you guys want to come and training definitely appreciate it well yeah but than that I wish you guys a good week a League of course they save yeah try not to spread this virus yeah that’s me I’m that’s me summer appreciate you guys watching as always like comment subscribe catch your nets on peace.

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