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Prot War any good? Why yes and the 8.3 Prot Warrior guide will help with that as we go through gear, corruption, essences, the 8.3 prot warrior talents and ofc the prot warrior 8.3 rotation. As a tank, protection warrior 8.3 is not at the top of meta but this doesn’t mean the spec cannot soak damage, no matter if it’s the Ny’alotha raid or the protection warrior mythic plus gameplay. Our prot warrior 8.3 guide will cover the basics and will get you started on the right track while also showing taking from the 87.3 prot warrior pov. So raids, dungeons and even prot warrior horrific visions, we got you covered and this is why you will learn how to play prot warrior in no time! Keep close to MarcelianOnline for all the 8.3 bfa wow class guides 🙂

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Let’s check broke warrior for 8.3 what no funny sketches what no sexist jokes that’s because prop warrior is no answers no get things done kind of spec so let’s look at the talents essences gear rotation and as always a bunch of other things that will boost your Prada.

Fart boobs all mature adult I swear a quick note the guide will cover the spec from a basic understanding will give you everything you need to start a point 3 off with a bang but always remember there is more to each spec in this game unless bliss makes bow into a candy crush expansion on the first roll take into the fray this little guy will boosts your haste when you are surrounded by enemies and friendlies alike each time giving you a stack of faced up to 5 stacks or 15% extra haste in BFA tanks have a tendency to have their main active mitigation skill on a cooldown reduced by haste for you that shield block along with other important rotational abilities not to mention when you start to tackle tougher and tougher content the damage you will take will scale more and more and while you yourself can only scale as much as the gear allows which is far less and how far the content can go will depend on you the best example would be mythic Keystone’s where you can get the highest eye level in the game from a +15 but people are clearing +20 force and potentially higher by the time the season ends going to the second roll we are looking at reach reach can be multiple things but in more plain terms how far you can extend in terms of mobility AoE damage and aggro and such when raiding take bounding stride this will.

Lower the cooldown on leap and give you a 70% move speed buff for three seconds after you use it this is really good when you need to move the boss around the room when you need to go away from the boss and quickly back in things like that fights like Ratheon and Vickie ona are good examples for this otherwise crackling Thunder will be your alternative this is especially good in mythic dungeons where mobs are a bit spread and your first goal is to get aggro on all of them as quickly as possible.

Increasing the range on thunderclap will make that happen as well as increasing your damage by being able to hit more of them in big pools with fewer cooldowns the third talent here brings only one viable option and that is unstoppable force this salhan has been nerfed multiple times in BFA but still provides the best value that is also no small part because of a specific azurite trait we will cover in a bit so you’ll have to think of thunderclap as a solid part of your rotation and cornerstone of the protection warrior builds in VF a fourth row sees only one actually viable option as far as tanking is concerned and that is bolster this turns your last stand into a bigger shield block where you will block all melee abilities for its duration while also reducing its cooldown by one more minute the whole role focuses on defensives yet the other two options are overall way inferior but very very nice situations where they would excel / bolster since the situation’s are few and far in between BFA does not promote active talent swapping so balsa will be your only good choice even if magic damage would be a problem the amount of melee hits you will take will out class magic damage by a huge margin and unless Blizzard makes that one boss do one specific cast that will one-shot you there isn’t anything like that in the game at this point then balsa will be your best bet next up a bit of utility storm bolt is a staple warrior stun a sin.

Target effect that can be shot from afar it has pretty much any applications you can think of as long as the target is stun about which usually happens with specific boss ads or dungeon ads that you cannot interrupt but wish to nonetheless specifically for eight-point-three this is also very good for things from beyond if you have enough corruption to proc it the alternative is rumbling earth which reduces the cooldown of shockwave if you hit three or more targets with it this used to be part of the baseline ability but since it’s very difficult to design a spreadsheet talent system Blizzard was obviously forced to break down the ability and make this effect something you need to talent into don’t question the game design Minds neither one of us is one so we couldn’t possibly fathom the cost efficiency of this choice it’s like that one time when you were growing up super poor and your mom broke your piece of bread into tiny smaller pieces so you wouldn’t eat all of it at once and have it last you longer same thing here guys so stop ranting stop being salty because you lost options and have to talent into things you already had in the past baseline if you want to avoid this just buy some store mountain don’t be a baby.

Moving down the default pick for all contents is booming voice this buffs your demo shout to increase your damage and give you rage giving you a very good button you can press to control the flow of the fight this makes really well into the before-mentioned azurite tree that makes thunderclap increase the duration of demo shout this is a big reason why these two talents end the trade creates such a good synergy amongst each other a very niche alternative is Devastator this removes the devastate from your bars and makes it into a passive addition to your auto-attacks this can be combined with a specific trade although there isn’t a big synergy between the two to provide you with an increase your single target damage but that’s about as far as this option will go in improving your gameplay we would only recommend it if you really really really really need little bit of yes just little bit of extra single target damage wait you mean to say you’re infinite stars speck doesn’t have a plot warrior talent option for you to play and you need Devastator.

Goddammit have you not learned anything in 8.3 last we have the last role with anger-management giving you in my humble opinion one of the best reasons prot warrior is cool and actually super good at tanking stuff reducing the cooldown of all of your major spells and avatars especially makes prot warrior shine like a beacon in an expansion filled with gcd playstyle gated around their cooldowns and so on this ala will outperform its counterparts in all content being raids and dungeons alive since you will be playing a tank seeming for your stats and gear in general will only give you information about DPS output and not be an actual tank the best way to approach basic gear is to get the highest I level first then look at haste and then versatility this logic will help you out in braids most of all we already covered the benefits of phase before it increases the uptime of shield block.

Thunderclap shield slam revenge and passively increases the rage you gain by giving you more overall auto attacks it also lowers the global cooldown rate which for tanks is something crucial and something that should never be and never have been an issue in the first place GCB versatility self-explanatory damage gained damage reduction of all kind in dungeons you still want a level first then haste but cannot for crit above versatility.

Since crit gives you parry and when taking multiple targets very very often parry increases in value since it has more chances to proc are you being attacked more in all also more damage with that in mind when choosing your enchants and gems and other conceivable like buffs take haste or 1/4 face for rings and quicksand spills for gems you can still opt for one viens I have strengths especially at lower eye level and hence lower levels of strength your weapon will get the force multiplier enchant which will be an overall good choice always take the greater flasks of the undertow for your one our strength buff and use the superior battle potion of strength as the best universal potion out there there are other potions mostly used to increase DPS with which you can play with a BIM power proximity being especially good and fights where you consistently have at least four targets in your 8 yard range it fees for your major food buff but feel free to replace them with baked potatoes for the haste and a cheaper alternative overall here we go the juicy bits as far as the trades go there aren’t many traits worth switching between in raids and dungeons nothing that would give you a considerable edge anyway not to mention this raid is so AoE heavy that you don’t really want to change it anyway.

To not keep you in suspense any longer deafening crash is your first must-have trait it’s not optional it’s not oh I’m gonna play this for now until know this makes prop warrior what it is and reinforces a few talent choices you made as previously mentioned if you stack it you add more to your AoE damage output but it’s not as feasible since there are better options out there and you don’t really want it for the damage in the first place Bastion of might for example is another almost must have you actually stack this three times for the mastery you will have a lot of avatars while in combat from anger-management specifically and a lot of rage generation from booming voice and the like so Mass you will make you very very very tanky and do more damage just with two of these my block chance and values and attack power doubles so it’s very very good.

Since you value eye level so much the highest eye level pieces in the game won’t offer you much in the way of alternatives especially for secondary azurite traits which are normally just stats but heart of darkness for instance will be a good stackable trait considering the rate offers it on a higher level.

Right than normal anyway this and other generics that rates are good filler traits brace for impact excels at providing you with a higher single target dps output it helps defensively by increasing your block as well but mainly you would go out of your way to get this if you wanted more single target damage the essences offer a bit of variety in raid you want to go with vision of perfection baseline for the most overall tankiness and sustain it excels in longer combat phases and after the buffs to it sprockets even better than before crucible flame will be the DPS alternative if you are out giving the content and the constant avatars will not be necessary to stay alive for miners null Dynamo will be the best one since all raid fights have some form of magic damage and being able to also convert that into DPS output will be a big bonus confidence strife is another good miner a big versatility buff with a very high uptime nothing to scoff at formless void will be your probably best third choice it’s good for the corruption resistance sure with the amount of hub time you will have on the strength buff in a raid is crazy way higher than anything else in dungeons take vision of perfection major almost always we are running on the assumption here that you are pushing Keys as high as you can otherwise anything goes and the kind is of little help no dynamo again for the same reasons as your first miner of choice confidence strife still as well as your second strengths of the world will be your corruption essence it works decently in terms of sustain as well mostly because formless void does not perform as well in mythic since your party will probably all pop their essences at the same time and the strength buff does not stack edges of the deep will outperform conflict and strife in large AoE packs and will be a good alternative source of versatility if you don’t have any other better choices for trinket you get up for bloodthirsty urgent if you have or can get it at a high enough eye level for the sustain which protection lacks big time it’s from the old rate here I know but can still tear and forge if you want to go for it the lingering psychic shell from Mossad performs really well for prod as well and can be a considerable defensive cooldown this is a good example of a good tank tricky that sadly doesn’t work as well for every tank otherwise haste powerhouses like the humming black dragon scale and the velar charge tarnish art both metal off the trinket will be very good trick is to aim for giving you either high amounts of paste or more frequent smaller amounts which is still you know good as far as weapons are concerned there are really only two that drop in the Ray that are worth getting fire loss drops from Ratheon with a very lackluster corruption it can be a filler corruption if you need to proc heart of darkness or just don’t have a better alternative the other option is the lurkers piercing case simply because it drops at a higher high level than anything else and a level is still king as for actual corruption effects well first keep in mind that you can actually deal with corruption negative effects quite effectively specifically for things from beyond which you can CC with a lot of abilities while spell effect will negate its full damage and also help you with I have corruption damage as well that aside infinite stars will be the best dps output for pure single target while two out of a station of your AoE choice toilet devastation is actually good in single targets simply because it has stupid damage echoing void is middle of the pack but still worth not cleansing unless you have the before-mentioned once as a rule all stacker options either proc or percentage increase will be good for you surging vitality is especially cool since it has a proc rate of 2 per minute each lasting 20 seconds of pretty high uptime on versatility I’m always a major plus other than this there are more options you can use and play with it’s hard to determine which is good but there are graphs that you can find in the sky hold the score channel which can show you mathematically what is good what is not there are some links down in the description that are very helpful as you open on the boss you precast avatar and intercept while taunting at the same time use shield block first then shield slam pop demoralizing shout and after use thunderclap quick then precedes your normal priority the idea here is to make sure you have aggro on the boss since you know demon hunters and that you maximize the first few global submit you not die in a few hit or take large amounts of Meli damage unnecessarily hence the initial shield block and avatar in terms of priority avatar is first and should be popped on cooldown followed by demoralizing shout cast shield slam on cooldown thunderclap next revenge only if it procs free of cost and fill in with devastate why you also need to keep in mind is that a tank needs to be proactive and reactive to perform as opposed to a DPS that will focus more on maximizing Global’s used for DPS output proactive refers to you preventing damage with cooldowns and shield block reactive refers to you reacting to a situation that has occurred to best keep your group alive and functioning at maximum efficiency this can play into you positioning the target using utilities and crowd control and so on in AoE you want to use thunderclap above all else.

Revenge next followed by shield slam and devastate as a filler and resetar the cooldowns like avatar and such still follow the same rules as before and the priority you have for AoE focuses mostly on optimizing damage output it’s always good to save a bit of Rage for shield block in case happens both neigh away and single target but damage is important as well especially when you can dish a lot of it and you can dish a lot of it the faster you kill stuff the less damage it deals to you that without otherwise needed to be mitigated there is a lot more to go over for pot warrior a lot of in-depth info that we cannot include in the video without turning it into an audiobook with this being said massive shout out to Maki the author of the icy vanes guide and the prod dood theory crafter in the warrior community you can check him and all sorts of advanced info in the sky hold the script community with the link down below thanks Maki for helping us with a guide feedbacking in fact checking everything that we did here and Thank You sky halls for being awesome and of course a major shout-out to our patrons for supporting our content you guys make this possible you guys make us be able to do high quality content consistently and improve with each video yes you play a big part of it and if you want to support us as well check the details down below there’s our patreon link march link and Marschallin you know Marceline has some cool graph design for your t-shirts hoodies and a lot of other cool stuff that you can get so thank you everybody for watching the video we hope it helped and we’ll catch you in the next time and we’ll catch you in the next one not in the next time man why is grammar so difficult I have a degree man the green means sure.

You know you.

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