Raid: Shadow Legends – Champion Guide Wurlim Frostking

Author: Chofly Elite

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Hey what’s up this is chosen and this video is going to be a champion guide for the battle paths of voyage Andheri were Lim Frost King so let’s get into it alrighty let’s go ahead and pull up whirlwind frost King here we’re gonna go Knight revenant up top right the defense void engineering world and frost king now as always for my champion guides down in the video description I will have one of these infographics that you can pull up and take a look at the current masteries the grades all the general info the champion takes 12 books you can see that top left stop priority sets on them all that stuff that’ll be down in the description if you want to pull that up and take a look so I’ll put that away and we’ll kind of go over the kit here so space speed of 100 perfect it’s not amazing it’s not bad.

100 a speed for imaginaries alright the a1 is attacked one enemy with a 30% chance of placing a freeze debuff for one term you can get that booked up to a 50% chance place is a perfect vale buff on the allied with the lowest HP for one turn if the freeze debuff is placed which means a couple things it’s not gonna work against the clan boss because we can’t freeze the clan boss so we’re never gonna be placing perfect veil in that scenario and it makes the a1 a lot more important to book because we can kind of snowball that that freeze veil you know tandem effect when we’re farming dungeons faction wars all that sort of stuff the a2 is attack all enemies on a four-term cooldown that we can book the three turns with a 70% chance of placing a 30% decrease crit damage that we can book up to a hundred percent for two turns also placing a 30% increased crit damage buff on all allies for two turns now I will say the crit damage is better than crit chance in terms of both reducing the enemy and buffing our team I would much rather have somebody increase my crit damage then increase my crit chance because we can’t really typically build champions or our DPS errs around that consistent effect and it’s not going to be consistent enough for us to in our build but the crit damage we don’t really need to build around that so it’s all it’s a lot more you know realistic to get consistent value out of that ability so a quick note on crit rate and crit damage in terms of buffs I do prefer the crit damage version all right and then we’ve got the a3 places a 25% strength and buff and a 60% increased defense buff on all allies for two turns.

Strengthen is one of the new buffs in the game and it’s basically the opposite effective weekend it’s going to you know just make your champions tougher it’s gonna place a 25% strengthen they’re gonna take less damage your team’s gonna be a lot tougher than without it the 60% increase defense buff is amazing we can book that down to 4 turns it’s 6 turns originally and the ARRA is increase Ally defense in the arena by 30% the arena is kind of shifting towards a more defensive sustained battle meta so this is actually a pretty good aura it’s not amazing we wish it was like 25% in all battles or something but 30% in the arena it’s it’s it’s trending upward and it’s a pretty decent aura so that kind of covers the kit and one note I do want to say is the the aesthetics on world and frost King are incredible I love the weapon and the the kind of like swirling frost effect the pauldrons the cape just all the the blue frost aesthetic very amazing rate always does an amazing job on the aesthetics and rule and frost King is no different one of the cooler looking champions in the game in my opinion so they knocked it out of the park there and in general the kit is pretty good I’ll go over his grades I kind of talked about where to use him in the game but overall the kit is pretty well designed and he should be pretty generally useful so let’s go ahead and pull up mine here go under champions and this is my whirlen if you want to see my current total stats this is it you want to aim for somewhere between like 30 and 40,000 HP the attack doesn’t really help him at all he’s a defense based champion we want to get defense somewhere between like 4 and 5k ideally mine is a little low I’d like to get that closer to 5k but I didn’t have the the right gear to get him.

With you know good speed that’s close to 200 and also get that 5k defense now crit rate and crit damage I got my first general build of him is kind of a blend of a buffer and a damage dealer that I can kind of use in faction wars and the arena and you’ll see that reflected in the masteries so there’s still a couple different ways I want to test him going down like the defense tree and the support tree right now I went down the offense and the support kind of using him as just a generally useful champ who can both be a support for my team and do a little bit of damage so that’s why I went with the crit rate crit damage build with high speed get the accuracy up over 200 we don’t want that being too low if we’re gonna use him like only for the arena I I don’t know if you ever really want to stack a ton of accuracy on him because really the only thing he does to the enemy team as the is the a one freeze and the crit damage reduction so accuracy is definitely good on him but it’s not like paramount ridiculous so anything over 200 should be pretty viable especially in gold for now if you’re gonna be using even platinum this is gonna be different you’re gonna you’re gonna need much better stats and you’re gonna need to really min/max him a lot better than this this is kind of an introductory build to show how viable he can be kind of in gold for and in you know the endgame dungeon 20s and and up in the high ranks of faction Wars and stuff so alright we’ll start with the jewelry the banner obviously we’re gonna be looking for a defense speed and HP so you could go with an accuracy banner because like I said he does place freezes and we won’t be placing the perfect veil without landing our a one freezes so accuracy banner could be the route to go on him if you can’t get up to like 220 to 230 accuracy without the banner then you’re probably gonna want to go with an accuracy banner but this is a pretty good banner for him it’s got everything we’re kind of looking for in the annuit this is perfect for him in my opinion defense main stuff with crit damage and accuracy as sub stats this is almost perfect in terms of an amulet I would want the only thing that’ll be better if it was if it was six star and then for a ring we’re just going for a stat stick we want defense with a lot of defense and HP on it the attack is worthless but we get 22%.

And HP with a six-star defense role so that’s pretty good for him so as we move into the other gear up top the normal artifacts I did go to p-speed two-piece defense two-piece accuracy I typically wouldn’t go with the two-piece accuracy but the fact that I didn’t go with an accuracy banner I wanted to put a couple pieces in there just so his accuracy would at least be over 200 and then pretty generally useful sets and speed and defense for him are gonna be kind of e staples of his gear and then to show the actual rolls and stuff the boots are typically gonna be speed on him and you know defense crit rate HP accuracy all that sort of stuff and then the chest you’re probably gonna want defense percent basically always on him and then again we’re just looking for the normal substantia curacy crit rate and HP and all the sort of normal stuff on him I the gloves can you can go a lot of different routes on him crit rate crit damage defense are all kind of viable really depends how the rest of your gear shapes out in terms of what means that you’re gonna want on the gloves the shield again I’m just kind of showing you my artifacts but you already know the stats you’re kind of looking for that’s the one I use and the helm pretty good it’s got a lot of what we’re looking for there and then the the weapon is the same kind of important to note you can’t roll defense on a weapon so on the weapon you’re just looking for HP speed accuracy crit rate that type of stuff and you can’t actually roll defense on a weapon so now let’s go ahead and go over the masteries alright so this is the masteries that I use currently and again you can pause and look at this or it’ll be down in the description but I do want to always point out don’t blindly follow these build the champion for what’s useful for you on your account use this as a general guideline this don’t use this as a be-all and I’ll always build a champion like this this is kind of my hybrid generally useful build to test him in as many areas as possible and there is a chance I could change these around depending on where exactly I want to use him you can make an argument that going down the defense tree might be a little bit better in the arena and maybe even going for Eagle Eye to get more accuracy to lay on those freezes on the a1 if you’re playing a defense team there’s a lot of different things you can kind of do here this is my general you know you.

Fulness utility masteries build that I did on him initially and now let me go ahead and show you I know sometimes open I do the pit we know that’s a priority I know sometimes you guys like to see what they can do in terms of like a solo clear so I do like to show that real quick it only takes like a minute to show this so brutal 12:3 is typically the stage that we farm most often so we’ll put in whirling frosting and throw in a couple pieces of food I don’t know if I didn’t take on the Builder so we’ll put him in and then do I have another three star I can throw in there what’s just throwing some two stars that will be easier so we’ve got whirlwind acting as kind of a solo campaign clearer and I expect us to take about 30 seconds he’s not too bad at it now this is with zero books by the way when I spend books on him I will show you the booking process and kind of what’s going through my head when I’m spending the legendary tomes on him because I do think he’s one that’s probably worth booking he’s gonna be really good in faction wars and he’s just generally useful to help you in a bunch of different areas of the game he’s also void and usually spending legendary usually spending books on void champions it is pretty good because they’re guaranteed that never be weak so they’re just gonna be you know a lots of utility for you alright so there we go 26 seconds not bad not amazing but he’s pretty good in the campaign especially if you’re trying to like three-star the campaign and clear levels he’s not a great like speed XP farmer but he can be good for like progressing in the campaign and 3 starring content alright so now let’s show you the booking process and kind of how I would go about spending books on him alright so I waited to do this just for the video so upgrade skills and we’re gonna want to get this I think the a3 ice cream armor is the priority so I’m gonna be spending books one at a time until I get these two cooldowns um obviously it’s not bad to level up the other ones as well but twelve legendary books is a pretty decent investment and let’s see what we kind of get here so we’ll upgrade skills and we’re gonna go one at a time to kind of see what we get so we got the a2 there it does show you down here right away it takes before it kind of loads the animation.

Okay so we might a 1 a 2 that’s not a good start if we’re really trying to be conservative about books okay so we here we actually haven’t gotten the priority role yet so we’re kind of those those books did not go optimally the a1 again and you know this is the RNG of books sometimes if you’re looking for a specific ability you might just never get it until the last book yeah wow so very bad rng just going straight to the a1 and a2 a2 again so you get to kind of see this live here live chosen fails hey there we go all right there’s the a3 that’s what we’re looking for and in terms of being really good in faction wars that have a consistent value I do want to get I’m gonna use him for basically every stage in faction wars so I do want to get this this this last ability here so we’ll spend the one at a time we got the a2 again and boom we got it all right so if I were going for a budget gosh though he’s now now these last two books are so much value so I’m kind of showing you the booking process live yes it’s worth it what like if I were up here then I would say it might not be worth it to spend for books to get this but and same with this there’s 10% buff chance with one book yeah it’s worth it because it went so bad I might as well just max it out so so I kind of I wanted to show you the thought process there I probably wouldn’t have spent every book if I got better RNG on getting the the a3 and I don’t you guys like to make fun of me for saving books and saying oh you have 50 or 60 why not just blow blow through them and spend them anyway I really like to make sure I’ve got you know I’m spending resources wisely no matter how much I have because you never know what champions are gonna come out what if they released three legendaries with some patch that end up being incredible and then there’s like two of them or fusions or something I don’t want to be sitting on four books and be like well crap now I have to spend you know $300 to buy these hundred dollar book offers so I like to be consistent and how I manage my resources and even though it seems like I have a lot I like to you know be diligent and how I manage them so alright now it’s taking for a spin in the arena and I’ll show you kind of a general team I built for farming gold for so I like to make sure I have good speed the arbiter is just there for the basically speed Aurra and trimming or boosting she can remove buffs and have a little bit of other utility but she’s mainly there for that then my we get the defense buffing which is gonna help my Valkyrie shield and my Valkyrie damage and my torment in terms of toughness and damage output torment will provoke everything this team should be very beefy and gold for and basically never lose because you know we’re able to do a good job of bursting them down and even if the other team goes before me and they get like boosting or something.

Odds are my torment will freeze one or two of them and we’ll be alright my arbiter should live long enough to get get a revive off my my world end should be buffing my team’s defense and then three champions are based on defense we got counter-attack we got Valkyrie shield it should be very tough for a team to overcome this type of setup in gold for obviously once I push up to platinum I would run into teams that are kind of prepared to handle a team like this and I would start to struggle to win I would have to change out gear and kind of change my bill but in terms of rolling through gold for rolling through the majority of the arena world them should perform pretty well in a team like this so I’ll show you just a couple battles here I’ll see if I can’t this is like an arbiter of a sandra team this should be a lot tougher of a match let’s go ahead and pull it up and see what happens and I like to just Auto the arena you see there even though they got their ability off my torment clutches it and ends up being pretty well I like to farm the arena going on auto it’s just easier that way it’s quality of life I’m gonna farm the arena a bunch every day I like to just be able to go in Auto and move on with my life but yeah you can see I wanted to show you a kind of a tougher fight this would be something that is borderline to avoid but but not really this team is kind of equipped to handle it and we can see the longer the battle sustains my defense champion and counter-attack and freezes can really overwhelm them and we will take them over with time well I was a lot of decrease buff duration all right and there we are.

So now let’s go ahead and pull up world and frost King and we’ll go ahead and grade him in every area of the game reviews okay so recommend the artifacts defense and HP I think this should be defense in speed but all in all I’ve seen worse recommendations from the in-game stuff for sure alright ratings arena offense he’s pretty good I mean not perfect I’ll give him a four we’re gonna defense I’ll give him a five he’s a little bit better on defense campaign I give him a four clan boss he’s definitely not that great he does have to strengthen and increase defense but I’ll give him a three Dragon’s Lair he’s a fives and be very generally useful in dungeons but except for the spider I don’t see him having a whole lot of utility in a spider I don’t think people are harsh enough in these grades sometimes when they because you’ll see champions at like four point seven and something they already think you know go dad that’s why it’s important to really look at these gradings objectively high school and he’s actually great in the golem because the goal was a little bit more about sustain and it can be a little bit tougher to get him 100% win rate team so his eye is strengthened and increased defense and freezes and all that can really help you in terms of sustaining in the ice golem Minotaur he’s fine the Minotaur is kind of a standard dungeon faction where he’s amazing five fire knight he’s not that good he’s got the single hit a one I I don’t he is at least a void legendary so I’ll give him a three but he’s not great in the fire knight void he’s fine it’s kind of a standard dungeon the magic he doesn’t really remove shield or remove buffs or anything so I gotta give him a three spirit same thing you want like heal reduction or buff removal he doesn’t do any of that I’ll give him a three and in the fourth key you want somebody who decreases defense typically he doesn’t really do anything but the force keeps kind of standard dungeon I’ll give him a four so yeah there we go exit out of that submit those and that’s kind of the live grading and showing you a bunch about whirling frosting it pretty generally useful champion that should be good to acquire for a lot of early to mid-game players and he does also have some endgame utility in a few different areas of the game so I think he’s kind of worth the six star and worth the booking process that I kind of showed a little bit ago maybe not worth the full amount of books unless you kind of get bad orangey like I did but you at least want to get the cooldown on that you know strengthen and increase defense ability in my opinion he is worth that so yeah remember that infographic will be down in the video description I’ll pull that up this will be down for you to pull up on your own time and kind of take a look at that so yeah as always thank you for watching have a good rest of your day peace.

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