Raid: Shadow Legends – Cillian The Lucky Champion Guide! Great Arena, Fireknight and Faction Wars!

Author: Hell Hades

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Hey guys this is how ladies the snubber raid shadow legends video so we have got a guide on Killian the vaccaei the lucky I have built them up as I promised I said I’d do a guy today and I will here he is.

Killian the lucky I have pushed him in probably a slightly different way to what I’ve seen so far that I think this is how he’s going to be most useful for me he is an out-and-out arena champion can you use him in other areas of the game yes you can but he is by no means the best champion to use in other areas of the game for me so I’m gonna go straight into actually let me show you skills first so I explain why I’m going to write in the way I will who’s got a decreased speed on his a1 I have booked him up as much as I could I didn’t have enough books did all of them he’s really expensive to book I would suggest you don’t book him up I’ve only done it because I get some free books from Blair iam a couple of books a week to view some of those books to see what he’s actually like in full even then I didn’t have enough books and you know that’s that’s saying something so he’s very very difficult to book so what do we have here we’ve got a decreased speed on his a1 decreases when booked up 50% chance to land for two turns each hits also got a chance to grab the term eater so this could be quite useful in spider it could be pretty useful in fire Knights.

It’s a shame as affinity is bad for fire so I think that’s one of his places he could actually be pretty good but it’s very good for the arena we’ve then got a a2 which has dots if you do get it booked up 100% chance to play this block cooldown skills for 4 turns which is massive on one target and then there’s a 50% chance if you can get the books into him I really want to deed the books to land here rather than is a 1 if I’m honest.

So 50% chance it if booked to spread that block called out across the rest of the team this for me is where he comes into his own for the arena very very effective still.

And then we got a free which is got a chance as a single target stun this it’s pretty hard as well so I’m interested to see what this does with less insane gear so because I don’t really see him as my damage dealer I see him more as a utility champion I’m interested to see what sort of damage I do with the gear I’ve gone which is not aimed at being full on damage it’s more aimed at being landing these abilities and then he’s got a passive which just kind of brings in a random buff every turn he’s also got an increase attack aura it’s not a big one compared to bring up another legendary Baron Baron Scott increase attack by 33% Gillian’s got 25% I don’t know why they did it with a smaller one 33% here with blood twin maybe this disease avoids I don’t anymore about your five percent so yeah it just feels like his is a little bit weak compared to the other voids in terms of Master Zen what have I done I have pushed for an offensive arena build but pushed for accuracy accuracy accuracy evil eye is something give me that drop turn meter on his a one chance to extend that block cooldown buff for longer than the four and longer than the one turn and then more accuracy in eagle eye so for me as I said he’s all about landing those abilities if you’re gonna use him in the arena that’s where you’re going to get the benefit if you can block out your opponent’s kills basically they’re only coming at you away once if they come at you away once you’re going to be laughing for days so that’s the idea I probably could do with him being quite a lot faster than ears I haven’t put them in like my best PSS I’m not moved here off of my other champions just yet but he has got quite good gear so what have we got him up to then we’ve got 175 speed as I said it’s a bit slow we’ve got 82% crit rate to 30% crit damage that’s pretty good for accuracy gear 359 accuracy I’ve got another what we got in this about another 30 in the banner that I can push up to I just I’m not much silver right now so he is literally ready for the arena I think you can do some work in fire Knights let me just give you an idea of where I think he’ll be rated campaign tonight staying arena offense I think he’s going to be strong probably a four faction Wars I think he’s excellent I think he will be perfect for faction Wars the way I’ve built him so getting that block cooldown ability out in faction was his massive arena defense probably a bit weaker because you won’t be controlling when he does his abilities minute I’d be okay by nights I think it’s probably a four he does have some utility that you can use to any turn meter gain or steel tell me to steel is the point is actually really good if he was a different affinity he’d be an absolute five all day long so what i’m rating this on his based on if you’ve got him in your mid game he will definitely get in your finite steam so i think he’s a five heaps he’s average she’s not gonna bring too much hasn’t got any kind of rely are we damage spiders again he can dropped her meter he can still turn me to anything I’d say level you know if you’re around level fourteen to seventeen he might do some work for you so maybe a three or four he needs a pretty certain calm comp to be able to so he won’t be the one doing the damage that’s the first thing he will not be doing your damage in spiders he will be there to just control term eater but controlling term eater is one of the main aspects of the game so you know it doesn’t need to you do need that in your team I think maybe even before ice golem.

Cool down skills doesn’t do anything for you the one thing it will do is on if you get too wiped if you get to isotope 20 you get to that wave too which is difficult to be it will put that block cooldown steel on those two front mobs which do the shriek so we will enable you to get through that way much easier so probably a four and then the rest of the stuff here dragons I don’t think it’s going to be his place to help you with the waves a bit but it’s not really his area plan boss terrible for clan boss none of this steals work on plan boss force P none of these deals are relevant to force keep magic keep it’s not bad because you will be able to block out the the shield that’s pretty good and the spirit it’s not really a thing so that’s how I’d rate him let’s get him into I think some just want to see what the faction Wars is for today if actual moss is on today we’ll do that first I think it is no I will definitely come back and show him in faction wars actually cheers he’ll Hades is a whale killer right yeah so what we’re going to do then that we’re gonna get into I think I’m gonna go straight to the arena first the arenas where I think he’s totally the most relevant so let’s get into a few teams here this is a team that I’ve been running for my offense so I guess I’m gonna want the shield actually I’m gonna go arbiter to try and go first I’m gonna bring warlord in to bring some shielding for me rotas is coming in for my damage and then old mr. pointy nose Killian is coming in to basically be a D buffer so it’s not coming in to be my hard hit so that’s what rotors his job is he’s coming in to deal with the most annoying champion on their team basically I’m gonna speed up get people into the fight we can start doing some damage they just wanted to try and take the seeker out the game he’s gone my name is seat pointy nose here depends out-crazy rotors goes he’s going pretty nuts maybe the next fight maybe they expire get ago okay here we go so what do I want him to do then I can even go in and try and stun so I’ve got a hundred percent chance that stunt as I booked him up on this steel so we’re going to go in we’re gonna stun him stun in the arena is basically the most effective debuff that you can cast so look we’re not in any trouble here but yeah that stun meant that there’s no way now that this guy can start doing some sort of crazy combat coming back into the fight if I’d gone block cooldown Oh Bob Steel’s and there’s still a chance orangy would have played in his favor let’s try the next one let’s do this again this this team comp is just reliant we go first now look at the speeds here whitey way quicker than these guys I doubled on my speed up so I’m probably afraid I torment so in fact what I’m gonna do is just try and get a weaken out there somewhere got some paid Murr got that and then we can try and get rid of pavement a revived she’s down 130 Kay see you later getting the bin now look up block block damage here which is nice what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna try and block the skills of you don’t want to block probably morally I don’t want morally to provoked me there we go in block hit for 14k it’s quite nice still got four turn cool down but her to be able to do anything useful in this game she is literally locked out of this fight.

Totally locked out once you’ve locked someone out the fight like that this fights easy now there’s absolutely no way I should lose this fight now though especially when I’ve got my damage dealer he’s just kind of going a bit bonkers like rotors might be able to kill this guy I didn’t do crap I’m not gonna go for it now so I want to get him with the block revive she’s down once I get the weaken up here if I can didn’t get it so what I’m gonna do now so I’m gonna stun this guy up because I don’t want him to come up with any freezes didn’t get my stun off sure well it is actually maybe it’s not in 2% chance so I get the weaken over here didn’t get it again and we’re gonna go anyone there.

81 trying to so I took her turn me to see that wasn’t a lot but took yeah and I’ve got slow on her as well and we’re gonna block his revive so we can’t get his second life there we go all in all that’s pretty useful he’s a good champion actually I’m bearing in mind I’m like what a couple hundred points off of plat so generally feels like I’m at a bit of a week maybe about a week load in or something because this doesn’t feel super strong especially started to be stronger but the possibility here is that we might have a quick team there’s still got a low team power actually may be able to stop one of these random pages it’s just easy to be so but no one that could freeze me up so the aim here if he was second I would throw up his block cooldown and block skills Oh.

See you later on this this chick here so what I don’t wanted to do is her ability to hide the rest of the team so I’m going to go inflict misfortune on their she’s actually resisted it but we’ve blocked his steel which actually is quite good as well he needs actually accuracy that I haven’t put on him yet to be able to land it every time at this sort of level we can get rid of burnout hundred K see you later who’s next.

Righteous is just busted good it’s so good.

Nice 2 down 3 down 4 down see you later so do one more fight then I’ll show you him and just in a couple of different areas but this I think is how he’s designed to be built so you absolutely as I said you could go for him full damage you can do that and it’s not a terrible idea but when you’ve got someone doing 100k you probably don’t need him doing damage so who do we want to lock out and do I will knock out this guy doing strength burned or I’m gonna lock out this guy because weak affinity so I’ll probably avoid him I want to lock out risk I can look out crisp like that he now clan 2 is our life protection you can’t do anything that’s gonna can’t speed them up so their whole team the whole point of their team is now gone that damage dealers gone and their utility champion and keep everyone alive is is useless totally useless so now could come in and stun somebody else are pretty understand a twirling or kill him 21 case not bad speed this up now we’ve got a lot of damage coming here it should be a kill where’s Mike Rick’s leave my crit rate obviously on my rotors build I guess I probably go for a stun here got it you see that I’m just locking out their team stuns and block cooldowns it’s just insane for the arena it’s so do hundred K crisp gets in the bin and this is another easy win so it feels like we’ve done that these buffs actually really benefits as well stolen astir meter so for me this is how he’s intended to be built this is how the average person that’s playing this game should try to look to build him for me he’s not going to beat your damage dealer don’t don’t think that’s what you want from him that’s not what he’s there for.

So if I show you a couple of dungeons quickly then let’s go into I guess fine ice is probably the area where I think he can be most useful for us so let’s show him then on stage 18 where the affinity actually favors him this is where I think you’d actually get some benefit from using him 20 you’d have to build him very tanky to use him and if you did then it kind of uses loses his utility that he’s going to bring so we’re going to go decrease defense without a rail just try and give someone a bit of a whack probably one of these front guys so he’s got the immunity buff come on which is nice we can no block cooldown skills now I’m one of these guys hopefully it spreads didn’t so if that spreads and that becomes an insane ability if it doesn’t then it’s it’s not amazing really try and lock out one of these guys reduced turn meter over here see the way I’m just kind of playing with turn meter right across the board get a stun off on one of these he’s already locked out so not fuss about him I think I’m gonna lock I was trying to stand up the.

Metal that’s him done you see that I’m doing this I sort of systematically thinking about who do I need to concentrate on next when I take this guy out they wanted to is unkillable what’s he do a torn and equally I could literally throw out an altar and he’s gonna do he’s going to do work anyway I just wanted to show you missed it though sixty-five K which is pretty nice considering I don’t have him like full damaged ear 59 K yeah as soon as you put me into Interstate 20 I think you just have to build it in such a different way that he’s actually not that useful but if you’re if you’re fusing him and your perhaps midday more or early-game then he’s a legendary champion that hits hard and it’s got a lot of utility in his kick so he’s useful to you if you are super in-game like I like that ability there is massive lot everybody out of their abilities Hugh justice up nice you can’t even imagine how strong that ability is right there when it comes off but yeah if you’re late game like I am then actually he’s not going to bring much more to your team apart from a different style of arena chat to have for you I like a spear I think it’s interesting but um yeah he’s he’s certainly not overpowered it’s just that he’s probably a quite good balanced level.

Look at this with stun people up with lot people out if people can’t have a go then how can you lose yeah that’s the whole point of him you see he’s doing work here he’s gonna do a different type of job when we get to the boss so to the boss we want him to still turn meter we want him to but slow on and that’s about it really so this stage we’re kind of trying to get through the shield which we’ll do here.

Try and still turn me today go see that turn me to steal now puts us right in the game with an arm and goes well basically means that we are we’re laughing really Armiger now we’ll keep stealing that term eater or removing it not stealing it he steals it do that job to meet you again and it just means that this fight is now easy got his drop speed on that’s the upper ability that’s kind of crucial here and you know with a team of one fused champion one uncommon two rares and an epic you know this this stage has looked pretty simple really none of these dyes are aliens that insane dear I’d say some of them even what a way I was in pretty good gear and obviously my Sicilian you’ve seen this deer that is quite good but none of the others are in crater gear yeah just constantly dropping that term meter this is very strong it’s such a shame they made him magic affinity because he was any other affinity he’s then really viable for finite twenty but for eighteen you see there he’s come in biggest damage dealer in the team which its decent and yeah that’s him with finite 20 I’m not going to show you spiders or dragon or ice don’t I just don’t think he’s worth it I don’t think he will do enough for your team perhaps what I will do is just show you wave 20 quickly I’m not going to show you the whole fight I’ll show you stage 20 the second wave won’t be able to do there so if I get there quite quick you.

Be interesting to see if he does it on also in the right place here so to slow it down we would get our main abilities come back we’ll see we do our slam do our slam we’re gonna kill him don’t kill up that I’m so try again I’m so Charlie again this summer white late and kill him.

So we’re clear through the first wave there’s one else what else right okay so let’s just slow everybody down now what I’d want to do here is block the cooldown skills on one of these two like this hope it’s spread it didn’t spread but this guy now cannot do shrink so if you are just running a normal team you’d be blocking him out and then you’d be focusing on this guy to try and make sure that he dies first then that way you don’t have to deal with and on Aalto if I just just slightly not killed them I can actually stand this door as well I see that stun one lock the other one out and hey presto you beat this wave now on Auto you’ve got a hope for a bit of decent RNG with that but yeah ultimately that’s what I think he could be useful for here it was pretty specific and it’s pretty lucky if it makes if it works really anyway look do I like him I think he’s a good champion I don’t think he’s top tier as you’ve seen on my ratings if you’re struggling for some utility in the arena I think he’s worth having and for faction wars I think he’s going to be one of the best champions that you can add to your lineup so I’ve been hell Hades that’s been my guide on Killian the lucky Jelena.

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