Raid: Shadow Legends – Cillian The Lucky Guide #1

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Still here with raid shadow legends in sealian the lucky we’re gonna go over everything this guy has to offer and I’ll tell you right away I do not think this champion is bad whatsoever I don’t feel like he has a good place in the game right now but as far as the character as far as his skills go right as far as his uses go I think he’s a very balanced champion he has a lot going for him that’s what I love to see in something that does damage let’s take for example an e3 blood twin if we took his passive away where he where he blocked revived when he killed somebody what would this guy bring to the table anywhere he’d just be a damage dealer he wouldn’t do anything else and you’d be like okay I’ve got a damage dealer I can make almost anybody in the game deal damage so being that this guy can do damage just like everybody else that’s great but what really matters is something like a big in like when we have a big in here big in has other things he does he can stun he can put you know slow speed decreased turn meter that’s what makes him so amazing not only cuz he does a a we to everything else too but that’s why I like this guy this guy has other things going for him and he’s not just a straight damage dealer and that’s kind of what we need in the game or what we usually use in the game unless it’s somebodies specifically tailored for something that we’re doing say like a cold hard heartseeker for spiders or for fire knight things of that nature so let’s go over here we know he hits two times he has a chance to place in the decrease speed we had he has a chance to steal turn meter which means that he takes away from them adds it to his own very very strong we’re going over see lee in the lucky without books 15 books fully to level them up we’re not using those books so we’re gonna go over him as if you’re not if you’re not able to use the books and don’t have the books because he kind of needs the books he really does right here he attacks one enemy he can block skill cooldowns and then he only has a 50% chance killed out to spread that block over to other people now on our masteries we do have master hector to extend this we have a chance to extend it to another turn four turns already on the main target means that we lock somebody down if we land it we lock somebody down on waves for four turns and we could lock the other people down which means they can only do their aim one kind of like a provoke but a provoke makes you only do your a1 to the target that they’re provoking to this would just make it so they can only do their a1 but they can still attack anybody they want but it’s still very very strong in waves for progression that’s very very good that’s that one does damage to this one attacks somebody has a chance to stun on a five turn cooldown now I’ve seen the I’ve seen this in action already when I was doing dragon’s eyes column everything else and I really liked it this done happens often but it’s on a five turn cooldown if I could take this to a 3 turn cooldown and have a chance to always apply it this would be pretty good I mean really good for progression through the game to help you stun up somebody as you go through those waves and then he also has a chance to make it into a to turn stun and take some of their turn meteorite or steal turn meter again which is a lot of turn meter so that’s pretty cool too and then then as you know he’s got this this passive here that sometimes we can attack block damage is very good to get increased critical damage is pretty cool too if you have a hundred percent crit rate like I do we don’t need this increase crit rate actually and strengthen you know taking 25% less damage can also be handy so he’s got a pretty cool I think he’s got a useful kit this if it spreads is very handy this one if you stun somebody every every three turns if you can get that cooldown it can really help you out now I’m only talking PvE I’m not even trying to go into PvP because PvP meta right now is pretty set this guy doesn’t really fall into anything I would consider for PvP meta unless you’re in gold for if you’re in gold for and you’re just matched up against whomever sure you can use them so I went down here for critical damage I want to do more damage against people with higher max enemy max HP all the normal things do more damage through shields do do what get to reset our cooldown if we do 30% exceed of their max HP which we can do and then we’ve got critical damage to keep it consistent that way we always know we’re doing consistent damage with him we got more accuracy accuracy accuracy evil eye you know I love evil eye on everybody I do so there a one can deplete turn meter this is the greatest thing to have in anybody in PvE as you know then I went over here to get master hex or to extend the duration of any debuff that we cast right that’s great to have for his first a – only for his 82 it won’t do the stone of course and then since we’re not at a hundred percent for everything and even if I wasn’t a hundred percent say I hold I fully booked him out this should still give us a better chance of applying the slow speed and probably gives us a 5% higher chance to do the this deal so it’s not a bad thing to have on him the sniper in there so that’s what we got let’s go roll them into some battles and see what he is all about see how he can help you progress in the game move forward through dragons ice golem fire knight and we’ll talk about him and spider so I’ve got him set up with some rares here I don’t want to go too flashy with other ones because I want to see exactly how he’s gonna help us out how he’s gonna help us progress through these things right so here we go right away stunned I love it taking out one out of the five is actually a big deal taking out one person out of five and you know as I played him here we go so he only got it on that he only locked up that one four five turns instead of four but it didn’t spread I love the spread because then it’s you know it makes everybody else only do their a one so it can really help out but unfortunately even fully booked it’s only a 50% chance to spread but we really did lock down that one person we had that person stunned and we had them lock down for four five turns to only do their a one pretty insane if that was on a 3 turn cool now cuz we got it on a four turn cool down right now and if our stun was on a 3 turn cool down I think he could really help you go through waves really help you now you know any even though he’s helping us go through waves that’s fine that’s his job we’ll talk about the rest of this when we get to the dragon we’ll talk about his other you know what we do with with DPS D buffing classes like this when we get to the boss because really their main job is to help us get through these waves when we get to the boss we have frozen Banshee here she’s the one that’s going to kill the boss but right now what we want is help to make sure that nobody else dies so that we get to the boss with the team that we want so that we can take that boss out and that’s what we’re trying to work towards so we can lock them out again that’s great let’s see what we can do over here now of course we’ve got Naru horn right here doing the AoE 3 turn provoke right it’s on the three turn cooled it out doing that ar we provoke and then putting unkillable on himself he’s also spirit affinity so they’re more likely to gun after him which is good because our our boy here Cillian the lucky is not he doesn’t have any HP chest on and the more I play silient there we go alright we got everybody locked out so they can only do their a 1 on this next go-around which is really good because they’re not provoked some art provokes some art and then he’s doing damage in here as I watch him right as I see him go through these things he is going to be a phenomenal champion for a tower the towers that we have in all other games the way they work is usually those bosses at every 10 stages you can you can do CC to those bosses you can’t stun them but you can you can do turn meter reduction you can block out sometimes you can provoke even on some of those bosses so being it the way he is like this I think you’ll be really good for something of that nature and it looks like II can help you out through waves and I don’t think you have to make him DPS heavy he’s almost such a good at a three-term cooldown if you can book him out he comes around so fast that it’s almost might even be good to make him tanky like don’t worry about the DPS he does just make sure that he can get in all the debuff study that he’s doing to get you to them to the boss I mean you don’t wanna make him crazy tanky but I think at HP chest on him would be good to keep him alive you don’t have to worry about him falling over especially when you fight the boss and then on the way there he’s not gonna die too because obviously you you wanted to be around you wanted to get the job done so now that we’re at the boss again these these type of champions even if we brought begging in here and all that those aren’t the ones that we really kill the boss with if we have enough champions like that sure we can do some damage to the boss if we just roll through with a whole bunch of like five big uns yes we can still do damage to the boss but normally you’re gonna have you know let’s team like this you’re gonna have your decreased defense you’re gonna have your apothecary in here giving us our speed increase giving us our heels and then we bring Banshee in here to really finish off the dragon so I feel like sealian did a really good job at what he needed to on the way here so if he dies here or if he doesn’t do insane damage because you know to do in saint’s damage to a boss we need to bring poisons or we need to bring champions they do damage based off the enemy max HP normally that’s how we would do speed runs or how we would get through this we bring a cold heart in here we would bring a Royal Guard in here if we wanted to go faster depending on where we’re at in the game right for progression depending on what your gear is and what you have available to you and your roster we would eventually work towards some team like that or we keep it in a poison team like this to where we come in here no matter what we know we know that that frozen Banshee and apothecary together are going to kill the dragon because we made it here so again I think he’s doing a really good job at doing what he’s supposed to do not necessarily the damage but he’s doing the good damage he’s also making it so that it’s easier for us to get through the waves and get to the boss we’re gonna go over here we’re not gonna do a full run of ice golem because with this team it would take forever once we get to the boss so we’re gonna end it sometime in the middle of boss but we’re gonna see how he does here operate again he should have stun there but he missed it he missed that 85% chance to stun otherwise we would have stun that but that’s okay you can work weird enough speed we come back around to hit again so he would have locked out but he didn’t lock anybody else on that a – so now we should be on as a one right now where we can steal turn meter now again luckily we’ve got normal horn in here Oh rare doing a three turn a oh we provoke so we’re taking the attention off of our fragile champions and letting our boy do the work right letting him do the work that he needs to do do the damage to him try to lock them up try to get some stuns in there so it’s doing the damage right because I do have him set up to do damage which isn’t bad I was just saying that if we if we had others in here to do damage we could take away a little bit of his damage make him a little bit tanker if we needed to so that he’s always alive so he always does his job I like how he’s stunning there anyone with this done he also has a the block block cooldown block skills okay let’s go on the next wave to what we can do now when we get to the side champions right when we’re fighting the ball so we have the two side champions up on us a one silly and concerned steel turn meter right which is very good and slow them which is also very good and then he can he can stun them which is cool so I mean he’s got a lot going for him when we get there we just you know ice columns mechanically wise and ice column wise we need to be able to take out those side side champions aside his side champions as quickly as possible so we can get to the boss and DPS the boss right there you go.

Skill lock out skill lock there we go we’ve got provokes up anyways though so it really doesn’t matter too much but if we didn’t have those provokes up they could go after our weaker champion obviously gnar horn has high defence so it’s good it’s good to happen so we would get there we’re gonna use Cillian as our main dps er to lock up those champions and to take them down obviously we need Madame Sarason here to do a OE decrease defense and d8 AoE decrease attack on the boss and the side minions it helps us out tremendously tremendously otherwise we probably couldn’t get through it the whole team works well together but let’s see if our guy can do enough damage to take out the side the side minions and then to wrap them up enough steel turn meter do the stun and he does I think he does a great job at it let’s see here there it looked like he what was that his a1 I couldn’t tell I couldn’t tell the names I didn’t see the names on it look like he was doing his a1 he’s got his buffs look at all his bus coming up so he’s getting he’s getting his buffs every turn some people have evil eye on them so they’re knocking down there to meter a little bit more there we go turn me to reduce turn me to reduce very cool because this guy was about to attack now if he could get a stun up whenever his five turns done comes around cuz we don’t have known a three-term cool down unfortunately he’ll stung one of these guys which again makes it stunning this guy right here that puts a decreased defense on us for three turns it’s very handy very very handy or even just decreasing his turn meter whatever we got to do to wrap them up I can’t tell I can’t tell because we don’t have a hundred percent chance to apply cuz we don’t have them booked out and I don’t want to waste 15 books on him so that’s why and I’d prefer you to see since then I don’t think a lot of you out there have 15 legendary books to use I prefer to use them this in this fashion so we took down his turn meter and we put a slow speed on him beautiful so that’s how it’s gonna work I mean this whole fight is gonna last about 9 minutes I’m not gonna go through 9 minutes of recording just this one battle for you cuz I want to get onto other things in the game with you about him I want to talk I want to show you his gear masteries and everything else I have on him I think I showed you my masteries already but I’ll show you the gear I have on him and basically the whole fight would just go this way we’re gonna get these side champions again it’s gonna come a time till we hit that threshold side champions are gonna pop up and then sealian and the rest of the crew are gonna have to go back with killing them slowly getting back to the boss and then working our way now we’re gonna win there’s there’s no doubt we’re gonna win but it’s just gonna take time it’s gonna take time so here we go side champions down fantastic let’s see silly and come in here what’s he gonna do turn me to reduction great that’s good so he did is a 1 here now see if you switch his target and tries to bring down the highest person no he did it again 81 again he’s actually stealing look at his turn meter it’s all the way up it’s pretty up fast I wonder if he’s gonna switch over to the right usually he does now he stunned him hey he wrapped up that whole champion all by himself turn me to reduction turn me to reduction and stun now the turn meter reduction is pretty low right now it’s a 35% chance to proc I believe and then 4 if we hadn’t fully booked out on his a 1 it would go up to a 50% which would be much much better be very nice we’re gonna talk about so here again a long battle we’re gonna back out of here he’s doing a he’s doing a good job at what he does right he’s doing a very good job he’s doing damage he’s doing a good job of what he does now I’ve heard people talk about spiders now here’s my only complaint with spiders on this guy yes in spiders we’re always looking for somebody to decrease parameter right we are always looking for somebody to come in here decrease the term meter so that we can beat the spider now if you’re going with a team with miscreated monster and burns right say do you have ultimate G ultimate Gaelic in here and you have miss creative monster hopefully I can find these people there they are there next to each other and you’re doing a slow long team we’re not worried about the spider taking as many turns in yes we want to slow her down with a silo or a cold heart or whatever we have but we’re not concerned with her taking we know she’s gonna take a few turns and we know we have miss creative monster to keep us alive and the burns are gonna take a little while to take effect so that the spiderlings take their turns and the burn goes down and we don’t necessarily want to wipe out the whole team so it helps to have something to lower the turn meter so she doesn’t take as many turns that way we can kill her faster right it does now the only problem with using him I think is that nothing else is gonna help.

Is he an option well you know who knows you could try it out but the main thing is he’s not gonna do damage on the spider right he’s just not that type of champion doesn’t do damage based off of enemy max HP he’s gonna slow the spider down and then every so often he’s gonna have a chance to steal turn meter right which is good I just don’t know if it’s enough I don’t know if it’s enough to actually do it when he does this move it’s not gonna do anything even if it were to go over to the spider links which it won’t because this won’t even proc on the boss it’s not gonna stop the spiderlings from attacking you we can’t stun the ball so this isn’t gonna do anything we’re not gonna steal turn meter and yes he’s gonna get his buffs but we’ll try it out we’ll run it through here to see if we can bring a team in here I don’t know who else we would use to keep our people alive let’s go with arbiter and see if we can just what kind of damage we’re gonna do to the spider and what’s gonna happen see if we can steal turn meter or not like enough of it yes we can still turn meter but at this low percentage 35% per hit is it really gonna be worth it to use him like this so he did is a three nothing’s gonna happen there we can’t stun we can’t stun the boss yeah we got our burns up now the spiderlings are gonna take their turns and burn the mama boss down she’s gonna heal soon we know that we can’t stop her for inhaling because we didn’t bring in a cold heart to wipe the if we brought in a cold heart it would have been great now he’s doing his a – so that’s that’s a lot of turns.

Wasted on trying to get the turn meter down on the boss now he does have evil eye as well so his first hit on his a 1 will deplete the turn meter some more and we’ll try to get procs eye Center meter is said to me to decrease great I guess we’re all fast enough that we were able to loop back around and do a little bit more damage but she’s gonna heal she’s gonna heal a pretty good amount here so we got a weekend up we got a slow-speed up from him and burns up on everybody it’s actually going pretty nicely we’ll have to wait for her to heal okay.

He did his a 1 again he could have stolen turned meet her then on his a 1 cuz you know we don’t have him booked out so as a 2 and a 3 are longer cooldowns they’re on a 4 tournament 5 turn cooldown which actually doesn’t work out too bad here because we want him to do is a 1 here all the time really if the game was set up to where we could lock skills in this would be a situation where we would lock him in to only do his a 1 100% on this fight we wouldn’t have him do anything else we would just have him do his a 1 slow slow speed right get a slow speed debuff up on the spider and then try to decrease that turn meter that is all we would have him do along with this team get the burns up again great see I don’t even want him to do anything else all I wanted to do is try to steal that turn meter on his a 1 make his he’s stealing it right so he gets his turn back faster then he plows in there again and does his a 1 keep stealing it from him keeps getting his turn back it would be beautiful so you let me know I don’t know if he’s really helping out a tremendous amount with this fight I would prefer to have a cold heart in here to drop the turn meter all the way down I would prefer to have a maybe another support in here to give us some healing but we’ve got our bure to bring us back to life maybe we should have brought apothecary in here to give us get us our turns even faster okay turn meter decrease turn meteor decrease great he stole it right then he stole it again like he always does this turns coming back much faster so like I said if you could lock him in to do is a 1 and on a team like this he’s fine but if you try to bring in a different kind of spider team a team where you’re going Royal Guard cold hearts and all those kind of thing he’s not gonna work out for you he’s really not he’s only great for I believe a team like this to where you have total coverage miss crazy monster can keep you going for days.

You got the burns up and you just need somebody in here to reduce the spiders turn meter a little bit just a little bit and you didn’t have any other options right you didn’t have any other options to do that and this this seems like a decent option especially if one day we can lock skills and he can only do his a1 if you did is a1 all the time we’d be great we’re gonna lose madam here in a minute and right now he’s the weak affinity for a fire night I’m gonna do an additional video on fire night specifically for him after this one since this one’s taking so long and I kind of want to mess around with some teams so I’ll mess around with those teams and I’ll get right back to you with another video with sealian magic infinity on fire night 20 because we’ve done all magic team on fire night before we made it happen no problem it’s the one team to rule them all that we could do on stage 20 of everything that worked beautifully now we’re gonna throw sealian in there and see what he can do to help out and I think he’s gonna do a great job on the waves again and then we’ll see what he can do on the boss as long as he doesn’t get weak hits that’s all I got guys that sealian the lucky as far as arena goes it’s up to you it’s up to where you’re at in arena and platinum arena I don’t see any uses for him whatsoever it’s all about speed and platinum arena in your team comp setup there’s so many Road toeses out there if you can come in with enough speed and make him go first yeah there’s things you can do but they’re gonna have immunity artifacts real players a lot of players up they’re gonna have immunity artifacts all until none of the stuff he’s gonna start off with are gonna matter you’re not gonna get a stun off you’re not gonna get the block skills all those other things so for gold for gold 3 whatever else sure use them just like you would use anybody else please let me know your comments below and I will see you guys all on a video soon.

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