Roblox Jailbreak Sniper Update (Full Guide) – Bugatti Chiron, Revolver, Plasma Pistol

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The Roblox Jailbreak march update is here with the roblox jailbreak sniper update that adds in the new bugatti chiron, revolver, plasma pistol, sniper, and weapon skins!

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Alright guys so a new Java Cup they just came out and I’m gonna go over everything in this video full update guys so in the March update we’ve got new items new skins we’ve got the sniper the revolver the plasma the new Bugatti showrunner with interior and weapon skins right we’re gonna go through all of that no I imagine most of you guys are probably you’re wondering where you can get the new Bugatti how’s it work obviously this is the old Bugatti here and how you get the new weapons I’m gonna go over that in a little bit first I’m gonna show you guys the new Bugatti so obviously this is the old Bugatti here if you don’t already have it it is no longer purchasable in the game you can’t get it but if you do already have it well check your money up here because you’re gonna be getting an extra two hundred thousand just for having the old Bugatti and obviously if you already have it you get to keep it now the new Bugatti alright is right here where the old one was it’s the Bugatti is so wrong um this is it right here looking good and you might notice there’s a big difference between the two in that there’s actually interiors inside this car so it’s five hundred thousand I’m gonna go and buy it here we go purchase Chiron for five hundred thousand one-time purchase going by that and you can see it looks and works a little bit different because you can actually see inside of the vehicle like there I am now first off this car is much faster than the the old Bugatti I’ll do a speed test on that there’ll be a video coming out probably tomorrow speed testing the old Bugatti versus the new Bugatti some a fear subscribe for that and let me go and upgrade this bad boy there we go but as you can see it is a little bit faster this may be the new fastest vehicle in the game we’ll have to figure that out but anyway whenever you’re driving this bad boy you can press C to actually go inside of the car and drive in first person you can see my hands moving and see all that and everything works now passengers cannot go first person but the person driving can’t and as you can see everything works you can do your ear speed boost you can you your rocket fuel all of that in first person you can literally even drive in the water just press seat go in first person and see yourself going through the water and first person press C to get back out of it very very nice now I’m gonna go and buy some rocket fuel because I want to show you guys what this looks like in first person when you’re actually using rocket fuel so let’s go ahead you can see the ramp right there we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna make sure I hit it foam and goopy cupca I’m actually boosting in first person this this is crazy this is this is why and then flipping this flipping is a little weird flipping is a little bit crazy a first person but it works that’s the Bugatti no according to asine wombats you see you can’t customize the interiors yeah that’s not quite done but soon you’ll be able to actually customize the interior and make it look purple or pink or however you want the car but let’s talk about the new weapons so obviously they redid all of the weapons in the game I’m going to show you guys the new upgraded versions of all the weapons and then we’ll talk about the new weapon so I’m gonna head into the weapon shop here the missile launcher doesn’t look too different it’s basically the missile launcher nothing really changed with that but if we go on over here the the shotty does look a lot different um not only will it now remember your camera position so if you prefer it like this by pressing V then it’ll stay like this or you can go back to how it was before so the game remembers this now but as you can see the weapon looks a lot different I’m gonna go ahead I’m gonna grab at the a K and the Uzi as well here is the here’s the a cane again looking a lot different looking a lot more powerful as well a lot more a lot more oomph II I guess here’s the the new pistola here as well you guys can see that look kinda looks like the one out of doom if you guys have played that now obviously if you look down here in the bottom right you can see you can press B to customize it and you can actually buy different skins for all the different weapons so I can buy the tiger skins I’m gonna go in buy that we can buy you the diamond skin go and buy this the the camo zebra the rainbow the money bag the candy cane the scorch smell they’re pretty expensive you know I lost a little bit of money there and that’s simply because they want them to to be pretty unique so there’s the shaadi right there I can put the diamond on you can see the the SHA DS now now all diamond be and that’s really cool we can put the tiger on there looking good I like it you can do the same thing with the pistola so let’s go ahead and I think that pistol skins are actually bugged they’re not working right now that’s it that’s a big break I’m sure they’ll fix that let me grab the mini you see here so we can go ahead diamond on the mini you see like that looks epic and then the tiger right there.

Looking good kinda looks a little weird on the back scorch here scorch also looking pretty cool I’m a big fan of the of the the camo and the the diamond these look these look really good I love these now let’s talk about where you get the new weapons alright so the first weapon is the alien plasma pistol and in order to get this you’re gonna need to be a cop or you’re gonna need a keycard because you’re not to get into the alien base and then where you want to go is right on in here to the top-secret research and back here behind the UFO is the redesigned force field weapon it looks a little bit different right there got the force field but as well right here you can buy the plasma pistol for 50,000 cash no I’m gonna head into the garage here so we can actually take a look at this since it is nighttime in the game but right here we do have the upgraded upgraded you know force field weapon I like it and then this is the plasma pistol here now just like the other weapons you can customize it put diamond on it make it all diamond D if you want to or Tiger or rainbow or camo however you want to do it I’m just gonna roll with scorch for right now and well this bad boy if you’ve ever seen Emperor Palpatine it’s a lot like that as you can see it’s very bright it’s very dangerous and it’s a little bit of damage how much damage it does well let’s find out alright so I went ahead and brought in alt to count Crete we’re gonna need them again here in a second to get the other weapons and you’ll see in a second but I’m gonna go ahead honest like beyond not that there we go with the the awesome plasma pistol here and let’s just see how much damage it does as you can see it does about half it’s helped a little bit more in in just one round and obviously it reloads pretty fast as well now you can also hit him from pretty far away let’s actually see how far you can actually hit him from self okay I got to go a little bit closer right there literally from right here I can actually hit him with the weapons so that’s pretty crazy but yeah very very cool weapon it’s very shiny you could probably blind a few people with if you hit them in the face with the ends all works pretty well now the reason why I need all to count Creek is to get the other weapons you guys are probably wondering how do I get the sniper how do I get the revolver so first I’m gonna show you guys where the revolver is and to get the revolver you’re gonna want to head over to the museum now you’re gonna need a friend in order to get this or you’re gonna need to be in a server where the museum is being robbed otherwise you won’t be able to get it so I’m gonna go ahead I am going to actually don’t want I need to be a criminal for this I just realized I got to switch teams alright we back let me go ahead and place dynamite I’m gonna come on over here and I am going to place die and mine again well there we go alright so in order to get this let me turn off the of that you’re gonna want to go on in here and somewhere in here here it is right here all right we’re gonna break the glass actually don’t have to break the glass you just click it there you go there’s the revolver I thought you had to break the glass but I guess not I’m then gonna go on and glitched out of here with a fire truck like that and boom there we go we have the revolver now this thing fires six rounds and as you can see the reloading animation is awesome really cool little weapon here obviously you can customize it as well you can make it Diamond if you want or you can make it with the scorch or the rainbow or however you guys want it you guys can view that I’m gonna roll with the diamond here that are very nice and we’ll test how much damage it does here in a second so what we’re gonna need to do now is umm I need to get a cop so in order to get the sniper rifle you’re gonna need a cop so I went ahead and switched my alt account over real quick and I’m gonna pick up my main account here and then where you’re gonna want to go is over to the bank that’s where you’re gonna get the sniper rifle so let me go ahead and head on over to the bank I’m gonna give my main account a keycard here cuz you’re gonna need a key card to get the sniper and then what you want to do is go into the bank and as soon as you run inside right here is the sniper you just click it and boom they’re ready so here’s the sniper rifle and it’s pretty epic you can you know zoom in fire God’s got a lot of recoil now I am gonna be doing a video testing just how far away you can fire with this thing and obviously you can customize it as well I’ll make it all diamond but you can actually fire this thing from pretty much across the whole map again I’ll do a video showing that off now let’s go ahead and do some damage testing I’ve got a cop right here this is a revolver there it is about 25 health there so four shots for a revolver and they’re gone.

Mel the sniper how the sniper works is whenever you’re up close it does about thirty damage you have about 100 damage in total so it’ll take about four shots up close to take someone out maybe three no the further away you are the more damage it does alright now what this does is means that if you’re up close you want to not use the sniper and if you’re far away you want to use the sniper so I’m gonna go ahead and we’re gonna snipe this bad boy from way over here we should be able to see him from right about here yeah there he is okay I’m gonna go ahead snipe them right here boom and that day how much damage that do let’s find out here that oh my gosh look at my health that’s that’s a lot of damage I wonder if I can noscope them let’s see if I can noscope them three two one oh my gosh no yes you can do some pretty crazy things with the sniper I’m gonna put a video up on the screen of me jumping off of a plane and parachuting and sniping someone in midair check it out where’s somebody at I don’t see him right there freak press CY draw anything in command it’s broken.

Oh wait where’s another guy where’s another guy right here right here right here right here right here right here oh my gosh where’s another guy right here Bo no one last thing I want to show off with the sniper here is you can actually see unloaded parts of the map when you have the sniper out as you can see the textures are just completely unloaded and that’s just how the game works so don’t be alarmed your games not breaking but you can still see players alright if there was a player over there I would still be able to see the players will load across the whole map alright like literally no joke no to show this off I’m gonna put my my alt account here right here on top of the water tower and I’m gonna see if I can snipe them there is right there we can see him there he is and I hit him that did about 80% of my health right there look at that alright let’s finish them off here we go guys let’s finish them off three two and bow we got him oh my god we gotta see ya guys that’s the new roblox jailbreak update it’s awesome I have a lot of really awesome videos planned we’re gonna be testing the new Bugatti versus the old Bugatti we’re gonna be doing a damage test on all the new weapons figuring out which weapon is the best we’re gonna be doing one view ones with the sniper some crazy sniper or like montage stuff like it’s just insane stuff so make sure you guys are subscribed you definitely know what I missed I’ll hit that red button underneath the video we’re almost to a million substitute so I really appreciate the support and keep using star code rule Creek it allows me to buy literally.

Of roebucks to give out to you guys so thank you very much for using star code rule Creek I appreciate it and yeah thank you guys so much for watching hopefully you guys enjoyed this video and I’ll see you guys next time bye.

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