Roblox – The Ultimate Guide To Rallying in Loomian Legacy!

Author: Jamiy Jamie

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Hey guys Jamie in today on roblox we’re playing small Lumi and like I said as you can see on the screen rights now obviously the mastery update we got a lot of the items for rally as well they are fairly high obvious I don’t remember all of the levels that you need them off top my head but I know that for the yo-yo is very high in the forces and for the totems is 24 for the smiling one and 26 but scowling one I would recommend is complete and mastery before you want to rally it isn’t it take a while but it’s definitely worth it to have all of the items also having all the toys all of the feeds a step from the duel through the duel fruit you cannot access yet is not in the mastery right now it’ll probably be in a higher level in the mastery like server like down in a few up this I would imagine so there is that so just want to make sure that you know that I will do a video talking about the duel through whenever it comes out just like right now you don’t need to worry about it because you cannot get it so we’ll keep that in mind anyway without being said I’m gonna split videos like multiple parts so in like the first half I’ll talk about the toys the feed the totems and there’s stuff like valley news and stuff like that just so I keep all organized and also you can like I guess skip ahead to what pass you I guess mostly want to here anyway if you are new to it I probably would advise what starting from the beginning just so I can get used to what everything does and at the end you can go ahead and try and get some new PvP Lumias without being said though I guess I hop into it and we’ll start with the toys first so learn like I said we’re gonna start with the toys first the rubber toy is probably just not really that great.

I would much I would advise just skipping it really you don’t really need to worry about that one so and the ones that you do need to worry about low is the yo-yo the puzzle cube and the bouncy ball the yo-yo is obviously the best one and yes it is the best one this is what you want though for endgame this is not gonna be a toy that you want to use when you’re just getting into rallying because it’s actually just gonna hurt you and not actually help you in the slightest so what you want to actually start using is the cube or the bouncy ball so a good example one is let’s say I want to get myself in this video a brand new zoo long that also has seek ability it’s going to take me a while but I wanted to have a very nimble and – defenses or nimble and smart and very one of my very negative one will be one of my defenses or my melee attack I guess it does really matter in that regard so then what being said obviously I would need to start off with something with nimble so as you can see I have a pure nimble revolt but if I want to go for the smart one I need something with smart so since I don’t have a weave up with smart I can go ahead and get any other loo me and with smart I just happen to have a harmonized box which has pure personalities for those skills you don’t need to use discus you can literally go into the wild and just capture something eventually you capture something has a pure smart one and it doesn’t even need to be pure you can just use one that has at least a smart it could be smart and frail it could just be smart and something else you mostly just need a smart one so I’m gonna use this disc it just because I have it obvious slow so what I can do one is I can put this disc in the rally and now I can pick do I want to nimble one or do I want a smart one obviously with that then I can use the bouncy ball which will pick me the leader so I’m actually gonna cook it too and ease off so in this regard I can also choose bouncy ball that means it will choose the leaders positive personality so that means I’ll pick nimble so every time that now I rally a new Lumia I will always have a nimble weevils at the very least if I wanted a smarts we vault I would choose the cube the cube will pick from the assistants flaw most of my system is smart so everything that I get a new weave all it will have the smarts personality and then obviously once I get to the end game which I’m a squid I’m not gonna talk about the yo-yo in the toys but that’s because the yo-yo is something that you want to use at the very end so if you’re gonna work on totem stats and stuff like that then also all the feed and stuff it’s a very very late item that you want to use which on.

Gonna mention it so I’m gonna just quickly mention the possible the puzzle cube that’s basically they do whatever you want to pass down from the leader of the assistance you want to use the toys so with that being said that’s basically the fundamentals of the toys anyway answer the next one okay so next up is the feed then so obviously we have the strawberry the blue melon the tootsie fruit and the Wonder bean again the Jo through isn’t available for us right now but it will be a guess later and again anyway you probably won’t really need to use a strawberry all the blue melon but basically what feeders it will pass down ups sullen obviously the more forces you have on your UPS the better although I should mention that feed does not take boosted stats so for example there ask the things what there are things like shads which you can have like the energy share the defense ads these will boost your you P points by 10:00 also capping out to falter it does not apply up those booster stats do not apply to the feed and fortunately so if you have a boosted stat it will take the original value so for example let’s say my desk it has 6 in the range defense I can use for range defense showers on it to make it fall – although if I’m using the feed on it it will still take the old value which is 6 which also isn’t like good so you know keep in mind.

It doesn’t take mooster stuff or take the original bike stats of 1 without being said though you probably won’t really need to use a strawberry or the blue melon at all the tutti frutti tutti fruit and the one that bean are really really good I’d also say that the 2t fruit is probably the better one in this regard.

At least this early on until we get the jewel fruits but the 2t fruit is pretty good the wounded bean is also good but the to you is probably what we’re gonna want to work with so and in this situation if you’re starting out your best bet is to either try and treat for some really really good you pea lumens or to have discus and a kazoo in is and it’s kind of like annoying because you gotta try.

Because ruin is in Disqus and if you don’t have it it’s going to take a while but you only really need a couple of them just to get you started so as you can see every time that you catch a dusky or any Kizuna they will have three faulty ups guaranteed so in this regard my my special attack and dusk it has fought to energy faulty range attack and fall to speed but as you can see the restless tasks are just completely rolled at random so it’s become one between 40 and I can run between zero and four tits looks like a faulty one-sided Dax basically so also you can see my health is like decent and the rest of them completely suck although you could get really look like I did my gleaming biscuit I got 40 in the health vein melee attack and speed Glen I rolled a 38 on both of my melee defence and my range attack and then I got a 32 in my range defense and a 31 in my energy I’ve got really really lucky with this one and I’ll probably use it for a lot of rallying from right now I guess so basically you want to try and have things with more ups also the more you have the better and the easier it’s gonna be if you don’t have any it’s just gonna take all a while to get really started but you can in like need to start with some forces before using feeds.

Otherwise you’re gonna keep passing on lower-tier its ups so basically what the tutee food does is it will take three ups from both parents so in this situation it will take three you p-stats from my we vault and it will take three from my dust gear so in this situation they’ll be completely random I could pass on let’s say the range attack the melee defense and the melee attack which also are the worst ones but you can pass them on from the we’ve all we’re gonna keep rallying a few times and eventually my goal is to get the 40 from the we vaults health the 40 from the energy on my we volts and then I guess the the 36 on my range defense that biblical for the we’ve all and all that same lumion will channel I get I guess and get the faulty range attack and the falsest beads and then also a whatever else comes out which.

Kind of low but once I learn start getting new we’ve also have better stats in my disk it I can then just replace my disk it with the better we’ve all and I keep doing it keep doing it keep doing it and just keep replacing them and eventually you’ll get some we vaults that will have like that I can potentially have all forces across the boards the end goal is to try and get something that so is to try and get like six falses so also it might also it’s not gonna be okay cause you can’t rally limbo say for we’ve all the end goal is trying to keep rallying to get six forces so you can say I have faulty UPS on all of my stats a set from speed which is fine then I want another one that might have speeds so when let’s just say for a good example just to make it easier is my first weevil has four T’s from top two range defense and my second weevil has falses from speeds to energy so also my first one doesn’t have max speed and my second one doesn’t have max health that’s actually perfect because that way whatever I’m rallying I will most likely pass down six forces and then the last one which also there are seven stats is completely rolled so if I roll if so if I rally 41 we’ve also and after I’ve done all over there’s a good chance I could get 740 UPS on all of my on all of my stats which is also the end goal so the tutti food is really really good for that situation obviously if you don’t have like a good assistant to use for for UPS.

I wouldn’t recommend the tutti fruits but the 2t few is really really good so like I said if you have biscuits I would recommend the tutti fruit and then just swapping out discus with more discs it’s and then obviously for the Wonder bean would be useful if you don’t have anything like good assistant so let’s say you have like a good weave all which this we’ve always pretty good I could pass down the UPS from health and energy and range defense and speeds so that’s why I would want to use a wonderful bean if I didn’t have a good diskette and then also I can rally I get like some pretty good ups from that and then also I can like keep swapping out stuff and make stuff better so it’s basically the idea for feed is just to keep up now and eventually you like get something decent blogger sent you mostly need to work you must need to start with forties in order to get more falters it’s just the way it goes unfortunately gonna need stuff the best way to actually do it is to have multiple discs it’s so like a sense the the if you have any friends I have multiple discus that is like the best situation or a kazoo news I should say so let’s say my desk it has 40 health fault energy fault in melee attack I will use that just get with my we vault and once I get our new we vault that has the same fault is what my new Weaver also has faulty health fault energy and faulty melee attack I then use that we’ve all and pretty my leader slots and then I take my second disk it and replace in my replace it my thirst does get so the second disc it has faults in melee defense forty merely a range attack and forty range defense so now my my new we’ve all that I’m using has faulty in the first three stamps and my second disc it has faults in these second three stats and then also that’s the best situation for me to get even better we’ve Austin befall and then you just keep doing it until you get like new we vaults that have really really good stats awesome using we bought an example you can do this with any aluminum low it’s just that for we’ve all I feel like a lot of people are still gonna go for them so it’s just like easier to explain we focus that’s probably gonna be the first thing that I kill for so basically that’s how the feed works it’s just a lot of trial and error until you get a lot of good things it is easy low if you have discus and echo Xun is so I would like suggest trying like you help some of your friends I guess help with one because like I said I have a lot of discus since I do a lot of hunting so I can defaults like use a lot do skits with best dance so that’s basically it anyway Lou that’s basically for feed that was a little bit of a long segment I know but I just wanted to make sure I get that across anyway next up I guess is totems okay one so next up is totems learn and we’ll talk about the yo-yo as well because also I didn’t mention it before then so on also it I’m gonna take that one off I’m gonna these ones off as well so and first up is the smiling totem so basically if you don’t know what this does the totems can give you new stats that we couldn’t really get before so what you can get is if you’re using the smiling totem it will say you will rally lumens with two positive personality traits and one strongly negative so obviously if you don’t know we have I’ll use this along as an example this villain has a dull and clever also these are normal personalities – also we have a normal positive one and a normal negative one the dole decreases my energy by 10% the clever personality increases my range defense by 10 percents if it leaves were very very ones so basically if it’s normal positive is plus 10% if it’s normal negative it’s minus 10% if it’s very negative it will decrease it by 20% and if it’s very positive it will increase it by 20% so basically that’s the entire idea Solon plus my only totem you will get two normal personalities so on are you evil I could get a nimble and smart increase my speed by 10% an increase in my range attack by 10 percents but along with law I need I need to take one strong negative one which also means I’m gonna get a very negative one which means I will probably slob what and I guess one of the defenses so one of my defenses is gonna drop by 20% which also sees a big threat to where you could print a melee attack I guess what we’ve all if you really want to it’s just an example okay so then what being said you cannot get rid of that very strong negative one that’s that’s the idea of totems so instead of all getting 20% stats for free yes it’s like take the negative with the good so yes so it’s there’s a lot of situations where like you could get some stuff far better that’s basically this idea for the smiling totem loyal next up is the scowling talk too much does the opposite of that so instead of getting too good personalities you get one a very strong person.

So for we’ve all I would probably go for very nimble which means that my speed would get a 20% increase ravelin just a 10% one but a longer that I get an additional two negative ones so for zoo long I would probably slap it onto both of my defenses so I’ll get a my range defense will drop by 10% and my melee defence will drop by 10% again it depends on what lumen you’re using some of them are gonna be better than others zhulong wants a lot of speed and range attack the Restless toss don’t really matter as much it’s already really frail anyway so I just really want to take a hit to be honest so like I said it’s just an example every lumen is different low so you got to try and like figure out what’s that you want like for example char Tiki could wants range attack and maybe a little bit of Defense’s maybe a little bit speed on certain situations it’s all preference and what you’re gonna use that’s basically idea for the totems now when it’s cool to talk about the yo-yo a little bit the reason why I didn’t mention the yo u before because this is the toy that you want to use at the very last so like I said most people are gonna go for the totem stat so let’s say I want to go for a let’s see I want to go for a smiling totem I want my we vault to be nimble and smart why would Doolin is I would equip the smiling totem so also I’m gonna get two polyps to positive personalities I will then think okay well my weevil has nimble I am going to pick the bouncy ball because obviously now it’s gonna pick the positive one from my leader which is we vault so now every time that I get a new we vault I will always have nimble the second positive one will be random so I will always have nimble but the next one which is positive to be random so I it could be melee attack melee defense male ranged attack and range defense obviously my goal is trying to add nimble and a smart one so I was got to keep basically redoing it until I get its nimble and smart once I’ve done that we’re good to go but obviously I also have the one strong negative one to worry about so basically my end goal I guess in this situation is to try and get a nimble smart and I guess for me I would probably go for the foolish which is range defense so I want to go for very foolish oh that’s like keep keep rallying until I get very foolish smart and nimble and once I’ve done that then I can go ahead and welcome the yo-yo the reason why you have to do that before you use the yo-yo is because the yo-yo cancels out the totems so when you’re the the yo-yo on it basically ignores the totems from now on the yo-yo completely copies the personalities from the leader so if my leader which also like I said I want nimble smart and very foolish every time if I put that we’ve all in the leader slots every time that I rally and you we vault and I have the yo-yo turned on it will 100% stay the exact same I will have nimble smarts foolish nimble smart foolish news ooh new we’ve all nimble smart very foolish that’s basically how it works for the yo-yo so that’s why I didn’t really want to talk about it earlier is because it’s basically one of the toys that he wants to save until the very ends so with that in mind that’s basically like the fundamentals of rallying I went into death a little bit but it’ll go in depth too much but basically the general idea so what I would recommend if I was to do this first is I would publish that by trying to get the personality first so obviously I would go for a a weevil again the one I want is probably gonna be smart nimble and very foolish I’ll try and get one of those once I have it I’ll lock in my toy okay now that is the personality done now I can work on trying to get better you peez doll so I’ll use the tutu fruit with just kids to try and get better as you Long’s ball slit while I’m getting better you peas like.

Not sustain the exact same and then eventually once I’ve got my ups done now then I just gotta use both like two really good QP parents and then all I gotta do now is go for the secret ability and voila I’ve got my perfect zhulong that’s PvP ready the only thing I got to do now is FS if a couple of ups are like bad like let’s say the speed is 35 I can just use a shout on it and then I can go TP train it that’s basically the idea for rallying I know I was talking about it very simplistic but I didn’t want to really go too in depth to make it confusing but if you have any questions let me know in the description oh stay on the description that’s my area if you have any questions let me know in the comments I will try and get through as many as I can but before we end the video there is something else that we won’t I want to talk about and that is in fact valley news and i quickly go ahead and delete these lands so on I’ll leave it a link in the description to a to the aluminum legacy wicked oops so I’ll leave a link to the aluminum legacy wicket in the description down below so you can actually go check out all of the valley movers Solan if you are rallying there are such things called rally news which also a we’ve all for example cannot get chili chomp by leveling up but it can get chilly chomp through rallying so for example you just need something with chili chomp so a good example is my himber member has chili chomp so I can take this I can go here I can do this now it’s it’s looking for the the chili shop you can do this before or after you’ve got your perfect zhulong it depends I would probably recommend doing this last but I will talk about in both ways so I’ll talk about it one so in this situation as you can see my soup my we’ve already has it because I did it a long time ago but basically what I would do is I will get my him burger with chili chomp putting the we volts every new we’ve although I now rally will have chili chomp.

Once once I really get one of them low I can walk and Len do is I can take him bur off.

As long as one of the parents has chili chomp into Zuma who is it can even be the we vaults the outside just ralads if I put a we’ve all with chili chomp which I do in the leader slop and then I can put whatever I want in these system one maybe even maybe I want to go for an euler rally move you can have more than one but now every time I get a new evolves I will still have chili charm that’s basically the general idea like I said there is a list of all the rally news we’ve all kind of once chili chomp it’s pretty good like plant type so definitely would recommend it it’s up to you or if you don’t want to run it or not but it can come in handy quite a lot so that’s basically the general idea for rally news that’s how to get them normally although we’ve an update a little while ago we did at the ability for you to reverse rally so this is stuff like how to get rally news on disk it obviously like I said this kids cannot go in the rally slots on the in the leader slot you can use it in the assistant slot for ups and personalities but you cannot put them in the leader slot because they are too rare so just get a Kizuna barrel if I see girl technically event Lou means you can like Halloween such a smuggling and Santa Lagoon you can put them in the leader slot but every new Lumia that you rally isn’t the event variants it’s the normal variant so in case you were wondering so on with lot being said that’s how to get them normally although what you can do is you can do one reverse and you can reversal valley move or reverse rolling new so basically let’s just say that this we vault doesn’t have chilly charm will just say I deleted it you need to make sure that whatever looming you have so actually a good example is this is oolong it doesn’t have chili chili chomp I would want it to actually jump eventually so what I can do is I can go to the ball Coliseum go to one of the npc’s and you can delete Moos delete a movie you need to have a free slot in order to make this work so let’s say I deleted pounds from my donkey my gown is oolong what I will then do is put this in the assistance law and take something with chilli chomp I could it could build my him birth.

Jilla chomp on my weevil that’s chilly charm put in here when our slides close it leave it for about five maybe it’s ten minutes extra bill it shouldn’t really be ten minutes but oh just I’ll leave it for a little bit I’ll come back to it lower loads of it now my zhulong but I left in the assistant slot will now have chili chomp so as long as one of them have it they can pass it back and forth to each other like I said it depends low what Raleigh mousse you want there is a list of them so for example you can’t give zhulong earthquake italy get earthquake there’s a specific amount of news that azulon can get and whatever lumen can get so for example just get even we can’t rally it you can get rally mousse so you can give it stuff like flabbergast so if a good example is Farah glyph Farah glyph gets the new flabbergast move which is a a moderately strong mind type move I guess like it’s medium damage of wise so I can get flop a guest on my pharoahe glyph I can rally it with a salt chip saw she also has blob biggest as a valid mu so ferric live cam learn it by level I’ll pass it on to a soldier and then I can reverse rally I just did to my gammas oolong and pass flabbergast on to duska that’s the only way this can get flop I guess so with that being said I think that is everything that I’ve touched on now for the rallying and how to do all of the stuff in the rolling in what every item does hopefully it helps you like I said I tried to keep it as simple as possible I didn’t really try and go too in depth also from start to finish your goal is to go from complete garbage to go to your PvP mom’s obviously at the very start you might want something like this get Snickers ruin is with good ups to actually help you progress with your ups but it’s basically the hardest part another one that just got ranked at the right person notes that you want and flop the yo-yo on and try and go for the secret ability one if you really want the secret ability one in that situation we’ve all Seulong secret abilities goods timbers is messy probably wouldn’t really.

That one you just have to worry about the ups and the toy other personality for that one so it was up being said I feel nice everything although like I did say earlier if I did miss something or if you want me to go in-depth on something else let me know in the comments down below I will try and answer as many as I can but without being said I’m gonna start rallying this weekend so you want to see some live action of someone actually rallying and getting good.

PvP Lumias you can come by and hop in my stream and I’ll be best there doing it live because I want some new PvP illumines because also all of the old ones don’t have the totem stats I even pvp’s with totem stats so yeah I know that being said I’ll leave off the Aussie guys next time.

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