Runescape – A Complete Guide to Solak for Beginners 2020

Author: The RS Guy

Guide description

This guide explains every single mechanic of the Solak fight, as well as everything you will need to know to successfully take him down.


  • Introduction – 0:00.
  • Requirements – 1:13.
  • Recommendations – 1:38.
  • Familiars – 1:59.
  • Things we will not be using – 2:35.
  • Picking a combat style – 3:44.
  • Gear and inventory setup (dps) – 4:37.
  • Gear and inventory setup (base) – 6:25.
  • Extra action button – 7:36.
  • Phase 1 – 8:15.
  • Pads – 8:25.
  • Roots (ground) – 9:58.
  • Roots (personal) – 11:25.
  • Blight charge (dps) – 12:42.
  • Arms and legs – 13:21.
  • Blight Core – 14:29.
  • Phase 2 – 15:50.
  • Anima Storm – 16:51.
  • Charges – 18:34.
  • Anima rain – 19:35.
  • Arm climb – 21:07.
  • Tornado – 22:06.
  • Root arrow – 22:46.
  • Dps charge – 22:57.
  • Phase 3 – 23:54.
  • Team Stun – 24:22.
  • DPS dps charge (p3) – 25:05.
  • Charge Pads – 25:29.
  • Mind realm – 26:11.
  • Entering phase 4 – 27:00.
  • Phase 4 – 27:17.
  • Phase 4 dps – 28:16.
  • Phase 4 base (small team) – 29:46.
  • Phase 4 base (range alternative) – 31:40.
  • Phase 4 base (large team) – 32:00.
  • Super long realm tanking – 33:34.
  • The no realm – 34:16.
  • The full fight – 34:58.

One change to phase 4 as a dpser. The large hit can be generally ignored if there are meleers or mages on the team, as destroy and asphyxiate are stuns, which reduce the hit. If you are duoing with ranged and not using any stuns, this can deal very high damage. To prevent this, use tight bindings and/or binding shot on occasion, and you should be good to go.

My apologies for missing this, although I did bring range in some testing I did not range in any duos, where this is most likely to be an issue.

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

Hello and welcome to my complete guide to CELAC for beginners the objective of this guide is to take someone who either isn’t familiar at all with Solak or maybe he’s tried it before in the past and had a bad time and break down every single mechanic in every single attack to allow someone who is completely new to the boss to start successfully getting kills in this video we’re gonna look at gear setups we’re gonna talk strategy and then we’re gonna go through every single mechanic this boss fight has phase by phase until we’ve covered everything after that we’ll take a look at some complete kills start to finish and I’ll give you guys some other overall pointers or things to look out for this is a very long guide so let’s not waste any time and get right into it the last thing I’m gonna say before we start is that practice makes perfect you can watch this video a hundred times and even at that point you likely would not get a kill on your very first attempt that being said this video should prepare you for everything this boss can throw at you let’s get right into it to start things off who is Solak selec is an endgame boss with complex mechanics and valuable rewards so it can be taken on by teams of 2 to 7 players so Locke has between three and eight million life points and drops both the blight bound crossbows as well as era Thor’s grimoire but if you click on this video you probably already have an idea who so like is you want to know how to take him down the key requirements for this guide are tier 90-plus weapons of any style to your 80-plus armor of the same style that you have the weapons in as well as level 95 + prayer for at least the turmoil level curses you’re also gonna want a t9 + herb-lore for the base overloads although you want to use the best overloads you can I see a lot of people using standard or holy overloads when they’ve got the level 4 supreme overloads or elder overloads and this is not a boss you’re gonna want to do that use the overloads that give you the best stats here are some recommended things that are not necessarily required but will be used in this guide we’re gonna be using Dominion mine’s a planted feet perk switch and ring a vigor switch as well as the enhanced excalibur you will also be using a steel titan which requires level 99 summoning if you don’t have all these things that’s probably fine and you’ll get by but if you’re planning on doing this boss for an extended period of time these are all things that are worth getting now we’re gonna talk a little bit about familiars I see a lot of learners taking PAC mammoths and they end up failing DPS checks because they don’t have a Titan helping them out the two points where you’re most likely to fail a kill when learning the boss are both DPS related so a steel Titan is going to be.

Significantly more useful than a pack mammoth even on a complete learner team a steel Titan will also promote better learning and dealing with the mechanics properly when done correctly you will use next to no food and even in our sample kills for this guide with sample gear almost all of our food was untouched because we did the mechanics correctly even if you’re basing you should not need a pack mammoth and I would strongly recommend learning on a titan now although we talked about some of the switches and items that are good to have that we will be using here are some things that were not used in the sample kills and the research for this guide we will not be for it to auto attacking we will not be using flanking or lunging switches and we will also not be using air throws grimoire eret throws grimoire is best in slot at Solak and it doesn’t even use charges at that boss so it’s free to use once you’ve purchased it unfortunately the upfront cost of it is so high that it’s actually two to three times more expensive than the entire rest of our gear setups combined because of this we will not be using it speaking of things we will not be doing in this guide hybrid hybrid takes advantage of berserk and sunshine or death swiftness not sharing a cool-down it is used in most high-end select teams as once mastered this boss requires next to no food we will not be hybrid in this guide as it is not necessary to properly learn the boss I found in my research that most players actually deal more damage style camping versus hybrid and until they’ve got a lot of experience both with hybrid II and with the boss this also greatly reduces the number of switches and the number of inputs which means more food more mistakes can be made and you’re a lot more likely to get the kills once you’ve mastered the boss though hybrid is a ton of fun and it is how I personally kill the boss now now before you go to CELAC you’ve got to pick a combat style teams normally have at least one mage or range user this person would be the base combat style doesn’t really matter outside of that and you can learn the boss with any style you want in this video I’ll be showing the base perspective as a mage and the DPS perspective as a melee are before you go to select you will also want to pick a team size so luck can be killed in teams of 2 to 7 players all mechanics scale linearly to team size in my experience teams of three four and five are ideal for learning in my opinion duo is the most difficult team size when learning duo was used to recorded the majority of backing footage in this guide for that reason but if you do want to learn in a duo and it doesn’t go well are you missed by just a few thousand life points at the end consider bringing up the.

Person or a fourth person as you should find especially the final phase will go a lot more smoothly but more on that later once you’ve got an idea what your team size is gonna look like it’s time to get geared here’s an example of the gear and invent set up for a DPS er at celac I’m wearing full custom fit trim master work although anything to 90 or to your ad will suffice I’m also using sin urbane gloves as they’re very good at so luck in my pocket slot I’m camping a scrimshaw of vampirism and because of this I should use next to no food this entire kill that being said if you’re lacking in damage output is something like a god book would be a better option the grimoire is best in slot but because of its price it will not be included next up I’ve got a set of dry Gore’s as well as some alloy armor spikes these give you a tiny bit of extra damage every time your hits it’s not much but it’s better than nothing which is the alternative I’m using a ring of death and this will be your best friend when learning this boss after that I’ve got an amulet of souls as well as a kiln cape for the invent you’re gonna want the best overload and then the best adrenaline potion you can get your hands on after that I’ve got a two-dose weapon poison as well as for spiritual prayer potions not only will these be giving me prayer points but they’ll also be renewing my familiars special attack bar so my Titan will spec more often I’ve got exactly four dominion minds a malevolent kite shield and a noxious scythe you could easily do this with a scythe or drag ores you don’t really need both but two of the strongest male liabilities are cleave and decimate and they don’t share a cool-down if you’re willing to swap to a scythe every fourth ability you will greatly increase your damage output which is probably not a bad thing to learn after that I’ve got a ring of vigor as well as an enhanced Excalibur at the bottom of my invent I’ve got to ruin pouches one for vengeance and one for disruption shield vengeance isn’t absolutely necessary but disruption shield is nice to bring if you have it unlocked it will help and you’ll be able to use it quite frequently during the kill next up I’ve got food I’m taking 6r Doman brews as well as eight blue blubber jelly fish depending on how much food you’re going through you can tweak this ratio and bring more brews and fewer blubbers but this seemed to work out pretty well for me if you’re wondering what perks I have on my mail like year they’re all on screen here’s an example of a mage based gear and invent setup I’m not gonna touch on anything that’s exactly the same as the DPS perspective but I’m wearing full tectonic I’ve got a scrimshaw of the elements in my pocket slot I’ve got a noxious staff and I’ve got.

Ouch that has runes for both vulnerability as well as air spells if you wanted to you could also take blood spells and that’s not a terrible idea Beauty either needs spell book swap or vulnerability bombs to keep the boss debuff to at all times in my invent it’s pretty much the exact same – two changes because I’m using magic I’ve got a wand of the elders that has planted feet on it and I’ve also got myself a virtus wand the virtus wand has a perk called Koroma.

3 on it it’s a very nice perk that isn’t good in too many instances but it can make phase 4 of CELAC ever so slightly easier this is not a perk that I would get before going to select for the first time but if you do go and you start to struggle with the final phase it can make a pretty significant difference outside of that the main hand dragger is just for the bladed dive ability I put on the drag or with my Excalibur and that allows me to get around a little quicker you’re also gonna notice I’ve got more sorrow and bruise in my base preset and instead of blubbery jellyfish I’ve actually got sailfish this is done in case I make a mistake or I need to combo eat you’re welcome to tweak the brute of food ratio as much as you would like or even bring some blubbers as well but this should be more than enough food these are all the perks on my magic gear the last thing we have to do before we’re ready to take on Solak is find your extra action button you can do this by pressing escape and then going into edit mode and then Advanced Options and there you’re gonna scroll down until you find the extra action button toggle it on and off a couple times and make sure you know where it is you’re gonna want to move it somewhere that’s gonna be easy to click you won’t need this special action button until later on the boss fight but have an idea where it is it’ll be important later on okay I think we’re finally ready to start the fight the first couple mechanics are a little more complicated but you’ll find it as the fight and the video goes on they get a little more streamlined as there are a lot of similarities between mechanics don’t be discouraged if it starts off a little confusing it’ll make more and more sense as the fight goes on this is a list of all of the phase 1 mechanics in the order they appear we’re gonna go through them one at a time and break down exactly what to do for each of them I’ve also included the life point thresholds depending on your team size the very first mechanic we’re gonna look at is pads so uccle raises arms in the air and one green pad will appear on the floor for each member of the team this means in duo mode there will be two pads if you’re going in a 5-man there will be five you need to look for a vacant pad and move towards it every missed pad will hit the entire team for roughly 5000 damage after the pads disappear your bladed dive and surge cooldowns will be reset so you can then blade a dive or surge back to your original after the pads disappear you’ll see a bar above your head fill up once full you’ll be hit for between 2,500 and 7,000 damage you’d want a resonance or disruption shield once the bar fills up to avoid all damage timing this resonance or disruption shield can take some practice and it’s something that’s worth learning early on as you can use a well-timed resonance or disruption shield many times throughout the Solak fight what you’re gonna do is when the bar is about to fill up and you’re about to be hit you’re gonna wait for either arranged or a melee attack to hit you as soon as it does you’re immediately gonna use either resonance or disruption shield and it will block that attack if your resonance or disruption shield too early the auto attack will break it and you’ll still take full damage if you have trouble getting this timing down the easier way to do it that doesn’t require timing anything is to use devotion just after the pads if you do this and have protection prayers on you can resonance anytime and you’ll block the hit the pads require a ton of coordination especially in a larger team in a duo it’s pretty easy to say the base takes the closest one that the DPS or takes the further one but in teams of three four five six and seven players you’re gonna get a bunch of pads spawning all over the map and you need to very quickly figure out who’s going where it’s really important to communicate with your teammates here and voice communications can make a very big difference especially for this part of the boss fight the next mechanic are the ground routes.

Cilok will spawn eight routes around the edges of the arena these green circles represent where the routes will spawn if you have Dominion mines you can place them on the two southern routes before the fight starts in a duo the base would go to the southeast and the DPS are would go to the southwest or vice versa in a larger team just split the team size into and make sure half the mines are on each side once the routes actually spawn your mines will automatically go off and clear those southern routes from that point you’re gonna start on either the Northeast or the north western side and then work your way down by the time you’ve cleared the four northernmost routes your Dominion mines will be off cooldown and you’ll be able to place them again on the southernmost routes that are still alive in doing this you only actually have to deal damage to four of the eight routes if any of the routes have a couple Life Points left at the end just finish them off and then get back on Solak while I clear my routes in the background I’m gonna talk about what happens if you do not kill the routes if you leave the routes alive for too long and they will turn into blight bound lasher’s the blight bound lasher’s will have the same amount of life points as the original route did but they can also heal the routes near them all the way up to full life points they have an incredibly long attack range and should be able to hit most people on the team with range attacks that can hit up to three 500 damage if you do end up with lasher’s the best way to kill them is with stuns as that will stop them from attacking anybody on the team that being said as long as you notice when the roots spawn and you go around and kill them you should not get lasher’s ever now that I’ve killed the two northwestern roots I’m gonna go over to the third route and instead of attacking it I’m gonna drop both my Dominion mines at the same time right next to it in doing so they’re both gonna go off one shot the route and I’m able to get back on so lack the next mechanic is pretty straightforward it’s the personal routes two members of the team will get a timer on screen and a flashing arrow on their mini-map when the timer reaches zero three routes will shoot out from the location of the arrow to the location of the player anyone on the team that’s hit by the routes will be stunned and take mass damage every tech if you get a personal route you’re gonna move towards the arrow as quickly as possible with surge and or bladed dive you’re gonna communicate the location of your route to your teammates and you’re gonna move away from the arrow as soon as the timer is right around one second if you don’t completely trust your timing you can also use anticipation or freedom here so that if you do get hit by your route or anybody else’s you will not be stunned in place if you get it down completely you actually don’t need to anticipate or freedom as if you run away correctly the routes will hit where you were standing and will not actually come in contact with you there’s a chance that when the personal routes come out you’ll still be dealing with the ground routes which is the mechanic we talked about just before if this is the case prioritize dealing with your personal route and then go back and finish off the route on the ground for what it’s worth this is what happens when you do the routes incorrectly and you do not tell your teammate that you’ve got a route going across the entire room that’s gonna hit you in the face you’ll notice even though I take an absolute ton of damage I still managed to clear my route and I don’t die either I survived because I used to freedom the second I got stunned and then I ate a couple food mechanic for is also a super easy one it’s the blight bomb one two three DPS rules weaken a bar above their head when it completely fills up they’ll be hit by a 3×3 AoE attack that will deal 4,000 plus damage to all nearby players all you got to do is take a few steps away from the nearby players and use either resonance or disruption shield to avoid all damage after the first blight bombs so luck will begin to attack a little bit faster you don’t really need to do anything here but you could use devotion if you wanted to they’re gonna be a total of two blight bombs and as soon as the second bomb explodes the following mechanic will begin the next mechanic will allow you to soul split back all of your life points so there’s no need to block this attack unless you think it’s gonna take your life points all the way to zero after the blight bomb Salak will go right into arms and legs salak will move to the center of the arena and stop attacking the player his arms will become attackable they must be killed before the yellow bar fills up completely.

After the arms selects legs will become attackable you’re gonna want to attack the arms with basic and threshold abilities remember to use vulnerability and turn your overhead prayers to soul split it’s also not a bad idea to call your steel Titan in the familiar interface as sometimes on phase one your Titan will get stuck and forget how to attack once the arms go down attack the legs if you’re male laying you want to use thresholds and basic abilities and if you’re ranging or majoring you want to use your damage boosting ultimate certain area of effect abilities will hit both legs these include a fully charged detonate as well as hurricane and dragon breath if your position correctly if you cannot kill the arms and legs in time you’re gonna take a bunch of damage and two black bone lasher’s will also spawn if this happens there’s a very high chance of death and you’re very likely to have to restart the kill especially for the base unless you’re very quick and good with your defensive abilities it’s not a bad idea to simply restart and take another crack at it if you absolutely had to you could use your damage boosting Ultimates for the arms and the legs so basically use them right away but this is not advised you shouldn’t need to do this with a proper rotation and it’s gonna greatly slow down your kill the final mechanic in phase one is the blight core as soon as you finish the legs a blue core will spawn at just south of CELAC the core will last up for 18 seconds and that’s your window to deal as much damage to it as you possibly can if you’re using melee this is where you’re gonna use berserk if you’re using magic arrange do you intentionally use your damage boosting ultimate on the legs so that when the corresponds you still have over 18 seconds of it left after 18 seconds the core will despawn the goal is to get the core below half Life Points on the first cycle some teams will do the core in a single cycle but that’s more of an advanced strategy as soon as the Cordy spawns resume dealing damage to soul AK if you can get them to the HP cap which is 2.25 million life points in duo but I’ve put all the other ones on-screen as well so like will instantly go back to arms legs and then repeat the arms legs and the blight core until you finish off the core as soon as the core goes down phase 2 begins until you get select to the phase 1 HP cap he’s gonna continue to go through the same set of mechanics that we just learned in the exact same order if you get so locked to the HP cap that’s listed on screen at any point the very next mechanic going the list will automatically be arms and then legs and then the blight core some of you may be wondering why you don’t onslaught the blight core in terms of overall damage output onslaught maybe more damage for the mage or range user here’s the problem not only do you get less damage output on the legs if you’re just using thresholds and building up to onslaught but you also get less damage on soul like after the core ends which makes it less likely that you’re gonna skip the second set of ground routes although you could use onslaught purely for adrenaline reasons I would strongly not recommend it once the blight core HP reaches zero congratulations you’ve finished the first phase of soul lock it’s time to get into P 2 phase 2 introduces blight stacks for each blight stack you have you’ll take 1% increase damage a number of the mechanics throughout the remainder of the boss fight will increase your number of blight stacks you can clear your stacks by clicking cleanse on marital who is stood at the south side of the arena and then standing in the green circle that appears just north of her there’s a short cooldown on this but you can clear your blight stacks as many times as you would like throughout the remainder of the fight phase 2 features six separate mechanics although some of them happen multiple times and some of them you aren’t likely to see at all phase 2 will end when the HP bar under a soul axe reaches 0%.

This is lowered both by dealing damage to soul Locke and progressing through the phase and phase 2 you’re gonna start with an animus storm and then go into bombs a first anima rain an armed climb a second anima rain and then you’ve got the tornado you’re very likely to finish the phase before the following 4 mechanics will still go over how to do them but you’re very unlikely to see them.

The first mechanic of phase 2 is the anima storm the anima storm will deal periodic damage to all players each hit taken from the storm will increase your blight stacks by 1 you want to avoid standing in the purple cloud in the middle of the room as it will deal rapid damage and increase your blight stacks even faster for animations will spawn in the four corners of the arena once killed they will become a one time portal that will transport you above the ground and allow you to destroy the storm here’s how to deal with the special computer in ants the storm takes damage based off the amount of blight stacks you have at zero stacks you will deal 10,000 damage per click and at 10 stacks you’ll deal no damage before killing the first atom eruption use cleanse on marital and stand in the green circle north of her to remove all of your blight stacks as soon as you’ve been cleansed kill the eruption and either surge or bladed dive to the blue ring where the eruption used to be once you do this will be transported into Skai once you’re above spam click on the storm circle in the center of the room to deal damage to it be extremely careful when you drop back down as CELAC loves to switch who his primary target is and melee the person who’s praying range will range the person who’s praying melee you may want to eat up here and this would also be a good time to use resonance you want to repeat this with the other eruptions until the storm completely dissipates it should take two climbs and can be done in either one or two cleanses depending on how quickly you clear each eruption as soon as the storm clears finish off any remaining eruptions and then run all the way north before using a DPS boosting ultimate if you get the storm too low HP but don’t completely kill it it shouldn’t be the end of the world you’ll take a bit of extra damage but it will die to poison if you completely ignore the storm you’re gonna take damage from it for the remainder of phase two I’ll also note that in larger team sizes the base will generally not climb the base will stay north and DPS the two eruptions that will likely not be needed while the DPS will go up on the two southern eruptions and clear the storm there the second mechanic of phase to you is a super-fun one it’s the bombs select will yell rip the earth open spill the blood of life and bombs will spawn and detonate all around the room in a 3×3 range standing in the cubby at the north of the room should stop most bombs from hitting you the first bombs will only deal one to two thousand damage but the later ones can hit up to 8,000 if a bomb is going to hit you it is worth moving out of the way to avoid it even if that means running out of your damage boosting ultimate ability alternatively you could also use debilitate or reflect to reduce the damage taken although running around is generally a better approach continue to dodge the bombs until they stop spawning in research we saw a lot of teams like the barricade at this point and it’s just not worth it if you’re moving around correctly there should not be a high chance of death especially if you’re keeping your HP relatively high this is a point where you’re going to want to deal damage to the boss I will also mention that in some larger teams the base will stand in the cubby to the north and all of the DPS will fan out behind a soul lock this is to take advantage of the flanking perk and it works exactly the same way try not to get hit by any bombs and if any bombs do hit you try and have enough Life Points that they won’t one-shot you shortly after the bombs stop spawning a golden dome will appear next to you clicking on it will grant you one use of nature’s blessing this is a five by five shield that is placed on the ground and will protect you and your team from the anima rain the golden dome will grant you a total of three shields you want to coordinate who’s gonna be taking the shields and make sure you’re standing close to whoever is the first one some teams I’ll use two shields on the very first ring for convenience but this is done only if you know you’re not going to need the third shield when you’re learning I would advise all bunching up and only using one shield per anum arraign this way if you’ve got a longer phase you don’t need to worry about it and you’ll have enough shields to make it to the end so Locke will say let it rain down upon you the shield dropper should wait one to two abilities and then press the extra action button to deploy the shield it’s the button we positioned before going through the phase one mechanics so you should know where yours is the rain will hit you five times each time dealing 2,000 damage inside of the shield and close to 10,000 if you’re standing outside of it although you can use defensives like debilitate and devotion you could also run outside of the shield and use resonance to get to full HP after the first few hits to deal with this mechanic without using any food or defensive thresholds if you really don’t trust your timing and you’re worried that one of so locks Auto attacks is gonna snipe your resonance and you’re gonna get one shot by the animal rain it’s not a bad idea especially as you’re getting more familiar with this boss to use devotion before you run out that way your resonance doesn’t need to be perfectly timed and you’re guaranteed to get all the way up to full HP one note I will add only for the base is that they should not resonance the fifth rain hit as you’re gonna need it shortly after where might the base be needing resonance well it’s for the armed climb as soon as the first ring ends so Locke will state I’ll crush you like the bug you are and pick one member of the team to drag into melee distance and stun if you get grabbed use freedom and then move away from where you were pulled at this point every DPS are should ultimate and hit the boss as hard as they can the DPS will not take any damage for the rest of this mechanics you can put on soul split as well so luck will collapse and you’ll be given the chance to climb on top of him and strike him with a deadly blow the base should click on soul axe arm to climb and then ultimate as soon as the climb animation begins if you’re using melee you will not be able to attack so like here which is why it’s suggested that the base use either mage or ranged after the climb ends so luck will attack the player who climbed with a crushing blow that deals 9,000 plus melee damage the base should either reso devotion or disruption shield to negate the attack after the arm climb you’re gonna get a second anima rain it’s exactly the same as the first and can be dealt with identically after the second animal rain you have the tornado the tornado is likely to be the final mechanic you see on Phase two but I will be covering the other ones as well just in case so luck will yell and do his best beyblade impression I’ll start spinning around and you’ll see a purple vortex on your screen he will hit all players for 9000 plus damage five times unlike for the anima rain nature’s blessing will not reduce this attack one member of the team should barricade and intercept the other members or all members should use barricade after the tornado all players will have 50 plus blight stacks so you may want to consider going to marital and cleansing to remove your stacks especially if you’re a competent DPS er you’re likely going to be in phase 3 at this point that being said I’m gonna go through the following two mechanics that we haven’t talked about yet that will occur in Phase two if you do not complete it by this point the first of the two is the route arrow and it’s incredibly easy cilok is gonna state it’s time to die and will stop moving you will then launch three routes directly in front of him that deal mass damage simply surge or run behind him and resume attacking that’s literally it the DPS bomb is a mechanic you’re unlikely to see on phase two but you will be guaranteed to see it on Phase three I’m gonna pull a clip from phase three to explain how it works as you’re a lot more likely to see it there a maximum of three DPS is on the team we’ll get a bar above their head once full it will hit an AoE 3×3 3,000 to 4,000 damage if you get a bar above your head you want to move away from the rest of the team and use resonance for a free heal when the bar fills up if the DPS bomb is on more than one person when it explodes it will connect the involve players with a route this route will deal damage to anyone caught in it but will not damage those who had the DPS bomb if you draw a line connecting all the players with a bar above their head to make a triangle so long as no other players on the team are caught in that triangle you should be good to go this is pretty much a perfect example of how to do this mechanic if you’re any further out you could start hitting other people on the team and if you’re any closer together you’re gonna start being hit by each other’s blight bombs which is not recommended unless you’re trying to die on Phase three you will want to use anticipate before you use resonance but more on that later phase three features only three separate mechanics but unlike the first two phases that play in a linear fashion the pace of phase 3 is completely controlled by the base the mechanics are the charge pads the DPS bomb which we’ve already talked about and the team stun phase 3 will end and phase 4 will begin as soon as either all green pads are charged up by the base where arathor is killed in the mind realm killing arathor is strongly recommended as not only will it be faster but it will also make your face.4 easier the next mechanic we’re going to talk about is the team stun so lock will state give me the life you so tightly cling to and stun all players for 2 seconds all players will be hit with blight damage that will increase constantly until enough players have stun solak.

As soon as so lock stuns you you’re gonna want to use freedom so you can resume attacking follow that up by using any of your stunning abilities the number of stuns required is your team size -2 but with a minimum of 1 stuns with the flanking perk will also still work to summarize if select stuns you stun them back if you do this you should not take any extra damage in case the formula didn’t make sense I’ve displayed the number of players who are required to stun based on your team size as a general rule you won’t assign specific players to be stunners and everyone on the team should try and use a stun the next mechanic of phase 3 is the DPS bomb it’s the same as in phase 2 but with one slight difference it will happen as often as every 30 seconds throughout the entire phase and the team stun mechanic can happen at the same time because of this if you get a bar above your head you want to use anticipate to prevent select from stunning you and menus resonance for your heal outside of using anticipate first it’s exactly identical to the mechanic we covered in phase 2 now let’s talk about the charge pads these are the fundamental mechanic of phase 3 as soon as the phase starts eight green pads will form a circle around the Salak room although the base controls the pads and the pace of the pads the DPS arrggh should have an understanding of what they are and how they work all eight pads can be charged up by bringing select to them if a pad is charging it will look like this with a blue dotted line going around the pad once charged the paddle turned purple and select will stop attacking the players up to two players will be granted entry into the mine realm and can enter by pressing the extra action button that will permanently be on screen for the remainder of the boss fight we’re gonna talk about how you might approach the mind realm on Phase three in just a moment but for the majority of green pads once they’re charged up you’re gonna throw on soul split and deal damage too so lack what is the mind realm when the first or second pad is charged members of the team should use the extra action button to enter the mind realm regardless of team size only two players can enter the mind at a time in a duo only the DPS er needs to answer be very careful in the mind realm as food will not heal you although soul split will once inside you should attack arathor to lower his life points to under 60,000.

He attacks with ranged and only hits one player he doesn’t hit that hard so you should not need any defensive abilities so long as you’ve entered the mind realm with over half your life points and you should be able to focus on dealing as much damage as you can you’ll want to use berserk or metamorphosis as soon as you enter after 18 seconds you’ll be transported out of the mind realm and will reappear in the center of the soul Locke room the goal is to lower air throws HP so that he can be easily finished off once you’re ready to move on to phase 4 this can take multiple entries depending on the team size and DPS let’s take a look at that right now on screen I’ve listed both Aerith doors HP’s as well as the phase 3 end point depending on your team size once solak gets to the HP cap of phase 3 the base will charge a pad allowing one or two players to enter the mind and finish arathor off as soon as it goes down phase four will begin immediately phase four is where things get interesting for the DPS sirs it’s very simple you will have a limited time to deal as much damage as you can to Solak and finish off the kill the HP bar under soul acts is the mind HP and if it reaches zero before soul acts HP does the entire team will be instant kill the base will enter the mind realm and try and buy the DPS as much time as they can in general the DPS herbs should have between 30 and 50 seconds to kill the boss before the base will be overwhelmed in the mind if you’re in a duo and you fail any of these phase 4 steps don’t be disheartened it’s significantly more difficult to do this in a duo than any other team size if you miss it by just a little bit consider bringing a third or a fourth person as it will make it significantly easier in a duo you have 300,000 damage to deal between two people and one of those two people is gonna spend a majority of their time in the realm in a trio all of a sudden you have 400,000 damage to deals so a hundred thousand more but instead of only having one dps or out you have two let’s start off by looking at what the DPS earth should do so luck will not move or auto attack during this phase the phase will start with a red message on screen after this message disappears so luck will be attackable but not damageable for 12 seconds you should take this time to use the natural instinct ability and then build back up to 100% adrenaline once you’re 100% adrenaline use a damage boosting ultimate ability and by then Solak will be damageable this part’s really simple go through the best dps rotation you know if your ultimate ability ends before the kill is over either use the zero squad so it’s special if you’re mailing.

Use thresholds or you could even use your adrenaline potion and get up to onslaught that’s what I like to do here as I don’t have a sorrow squad saw it in this setup and dealing 75 thousand damage with just thresholds does not seem like a good call I will also mention if your may laying here and you don’t have a grimoire we did this intentionally with me camping a vamp prism scrimshaw but it would not be a bad idea to bring either a saradomin or preferably an our middle god book just for this last phase there will be several blight bombs as well as a large bomb from soul lock during this phase but these can be largely ignored as your soul split will keep your life points high if you have disruption shield it’s not a bad idea to use it before you onslaught but we found the chance of you getting Kay out here is pretty low the more damage you can output here the easier it’s gonna be on your base in the realm the amount of time they can buy you is extremely limited so choose every ability carefully if you’re looking for sources on where to find good DPS rotations I’ve linked some in the description down below as the DPS err if you can deal enough damage here congratulations you have successfully completed a soul at kill but what do you have to do is the base welcome to realm tanking in the realm manifestations of arathor will spawn and begin to damage so lack in the mind these manifestations should not be killed but need to be attached so they switch their focus on to you it’s a tank test you will have to use defensive abilities to stay alive for as long as you can they attack with magic and can deal upwards of 3,000 damage so luck can be healed in the mind if the mind HP gets low but only while the player is under the effects of barricade this is done that by clicking on Solak in small teams of 2 to 3 players the base should quickly deal some damage to Solak and then enter the realm to control the manifestations the dps rotation isn’t completely set in stone but the suggested based rotations can be followed pretty much exactly as soon as the read message disappears use natural instinct and then build to 100% adrenaline make sure the bosses Volland and use metamorphosis as soon as you can you’re gonna drink her adrenaline potion double bleed dragon breath wild magic is fixie 8 and then shatter before using the extra action button to go into the realm if you don’t have enough adrenaline to shatter you can either use the limitless ability or just thrown one more basic if you brought a wand with the chroming perk on it this is where you would put it on once inside the realm pray deflect magic focus on tagging the manifestations as soon as they spawn chain is extremely good for that.

But be warned if you use chain at the second you enter the realm it will not work and it will only hit one target wait one game tick first and you should be good to go.

Use reflect and resonance and then devotion as soon as your Life Points get low.

After devotion expires immediately use barricade do not kill any manifestations if you can help it as when Kilda they will spawn in the real world and damage all the DPS errs well barricaded you want to focus on tagging the new manifestations more than healing so lock this is because you can’t heal select particularly quickly and even one or two stray manifestations attacking CELAC will more than outweigh the healing you’d be able to provide if you can do this rotation properly and your dps is do their job the boss should die before you do.

It’s up to the DPS O’s to make it happen if you’re basing with range you won’t be able to get quite as much damage on CELAC before heading into the realm as there’s no ranged equivalent to metamorphosis it must you want to include the eldritch crossbow special attack which is a little over budget you can use corruption needle strike snipe snapshot rapid fire and then shatter before using the extra action button once you’re in the realm it’s exactly the same as with magic this rotation will buy you the most time in the realm and is ideal for larger teams as the base does not need to be responsible for dealing much damage to Solak you don’t need to worry about using natural instinct as soon as the red message disappears and instead use natural instinct as soon as Solak becomes damageable while you’re waiting in the cutscene make sure the bosses phone daddy pays to shatter because you are not going to be using a damage boosting ultimate this clip is from a four man scaled trio that means we start with four people but somebody died and because of this I’m going into the realm and using this rotation with only two DPS errs when there would normally be three throw a couple basic abilities on CELAC before pressing the extra action button and entering the realm once inside the realm of prey deflect magic and focus on tagging the manifestations as soon as they spawn use immortality and then build up to reflect after that you want to build back up to 100% adrenaline and use barricade as soon as your immortality goes off after your barricade ends use devotion this should be an extremely long realm as you’re likely to get over 20 seconds out of the immortality with a barricade time of 12 seconds as well as a devotion you should be giving your DPS there’s plenty of time to get you out of there once again do not kill the manifestations if you can help it when killed they will spawn in the real world old and damaged all of the DPS errs while barricaded it’s the same priorities as before focus on taking the new manifestations more than healing so lack you’ll see that I made it out of the kill before I even had to use devotion which would have bought me another 10 seconds of safety and that’s with two dps errs instead of three in a four man scaled kill so if nobody dies and you’ve got a full team you DPS is should be able to get this done even if the rotations aren’t perfect here are some items that you can use if you want to stay alive for an excessively long time in the realm none of these things should be necessary at all but I thought I would mention them just in case you’re in a very specific situation where you want to do the longest realm of all time a spirit shield will reduce your damage taken by 30% the maleate ops player on farm perk will also extend the length of barricaded by an additional 3.6 seconds if you have a tier 90 shield turtling 3 and the maleo tops perk that means your barricade will last just over 17 seconds a 3-piece Actos which could also be used to reset all your defensive cooldowns once in the realms so you could use all of your important offensives throw on the act oh and you’d likely be able to use them all a second time once again none of these things are needed but I am gonna mention them just in case the final rotation for phase 4 I’m gonna talk about is no roaming no roaming requires high-end melee gear and good rotations the base must also have a melee switch to do this when no real mning nobody goes into the realm at all you need to be able to finish off so lock in roughly 18 seconds anything over that and so lock smite will die and then so will you an example of an O realm berserk rotation is as follows and everyone in the team would go through effectively the same rotation one person on the team would use shatter and you’d be guzzling your summoning flasks so that your familiar can spec more often as well.

No realms are the metaphor high end of select teams but I would strongly not recommend learning them when you’re first getting into the boss if even one person sausages the rotation everyone on the team’s gone down I think we just did it that is everything you need to know about Solak I hope if it isn’t I’m sorry I tried my very best before we end this guide though I am gonna take you guys through one complete kill as the base perspective where I’ll add in any other little things that didn’t make it into the mechanic by mechanic breakdowns this way you’ll also get to see times when I used Altima Tbilisi and will also get to take a look at what the DPS ER is doing at the same time we’re watching this in 2x speed we both drop our Dominion mines and you want to drop them both at the same time if they don’t fall on the same tick sometimes that won’t go off I’m gonna start the boss encounter and we’re both gonna be going through our dps boosting Ultimates for me that’s a sunshine.

We’ve got pads coming up right here and we’d already established that I was gonna take the closer one I’m about to mess up my resonance timing and I take a cool 3,500 damage because of it it’s not the end of the world though after my sunshine I’m gonna head to the north and start working on my roots this is also a good time to use devotion as you can extend it by killing targets so if you kill both roots with it active you’ll actually get a 20-second Devo after that I dropped my Dominion mines on the final read on my side but you’ll see there that my corruption actually touched the root because the root got damaged by mines will not go off I’m gonna deal with my personal route and then sunshine in the middle of the room I quickly noticed that I still had a route alive and I decided that it was not worth getting a Lasher and wasting food so I go and kill it you’ll notice that I’m not using defensives like barricade or debilitate or reflect here you’ll see me use devotion and you’ll also see me occasionally throw on my shield and put on Soul split for a nice resonance that should be enough to upkeep your life points for the most part and you’ll see I made it through arms and legs while going through less than one food into the arms and legs I’m gonna vol mine and I’m gonna make sure my Titan is called and attacking as well outside of that I’m just using thresholds and I’m building up to full adrenaline before I sunshine on the legs I actually use detonate as it will hit both and it can be really really nice after that I sunshine I add rent pot and I help my do a partner finish off his leg after that I use vulnerability on the blight core and I’m just using as many thresholds as I can you also see me use the Gothic staff special that is not to debuff it in any way that’s just for the damage at the end of the blight core were less than a hundred thousand damage away from hitting the HP cap so we rush to get that done to avoid having to deal with any other phase one mechanics because of this we go right back into arms and legs once again and this time around because the core is well under half Life Points we’re gonna be able to finish it off and get into Phase two there’s a lot of soul splitting going on here as so luck does not attack for really any of this if you hit the HP cap it’s also not a bad idea to throw a storm shard on so like as you’re gonna need them for last phase overall despite messing up my Dominion mines and that first resonance on the pads I still managed to make it through the first phase while only using one food heading into Phase two you can expect to go through easily half of your food.

And if you have to it’s not that difficult to know food phases three and four so really your food is for Phase two the strong can it pretty hard and the mechanics do as well this sample kill was recorded before an update that reduced the amount of life points the storm has so you’re gonna see that we don’t quite completely kill the storm here but if you did exactly what we did now the storm would be long gone we didn’t go up on the third or fourth eruptions because we knew the storm was extremely low HP and every time it hits you its life points go down ever so slightly the point of showing an entire kill is partially just to give you guys an idea of the pace of the fight how quickly the mechanics go off I didn’t want to give you guys a list of exactly how many auto attacks are between each mechanic because counting and memorizing the auto attacks sounds super difficult and is super unnecessary as well in general whenever a mechanic starts you have enough time to react to it so you don’t need to know exactly when it’s coming you just need to know that it’s coming next and have an idea how to deal with it whenever that moment does come I’m also gonna add that it’s generally the basis job to keep the boss bond and I did a really bad job of that this skill about 30 percent of the kill the boss wasn’t volunteen for 30 percent of the kill we were doing 10% less damage than we could have been there’s not a whole lot else to add about phase two here I was fairly conservative and I made it out of the phase while only using one and a half SAR Doman bruise if I’d wanted to I could have turned some of that food into more damage output by using fewer defensive abilities but overall you’ll see I didn’t spend much time with my shield on outside of the occasional resonance and I was going through my DPS rotations correctly I think a lot of people blow all their food on Phase two by eating up to full right before points where they’ve either got a chance to get a resonance to full HP or they can just soul split all the way back up by knowing the mechanics and having an idea of what’s coming next you should be able to save yourself almost all of the food that you’d ever rise go through we’re gonna start faced nearby cleansing at marathon although a lot of teams actually stay north the entire time just to save time but we’re learning here and taking fifty five percent extra damage does not sound like a good time to me you’re gonna see I’ve charged up the first pad and every time you charge a pad you’ll see a blight hit come down from the sky it’s a very low hit of roughly 2,000 damage but if you want to avoid it you can step out of the pad once that’s charged up in general it’s not super necessary to do this because you’re gonna get a chance to soul split back up afterwards anyway but if.

Not lazy it could save you a food or two over the course of the whole phase after the second pad is charged i actually enter the mine realm and use metamorphosis this clip was recorded before an update that reduced the amount of Life Points that arathor has now as the base you would just stay out and soul split on every single pad as the base you want to make sure you don’t charge up all eight pads as that will instantly start phase four but charging up as many as seven pads is a good idea it gives you more opportunities to soul splint which is just gonna save you and the DPS are a bunch of food you’re gonna see here that the fourth pad didn’t charge for a while and this because it’s based on soul acts position and sometimes if he’s angled in a weird way the pad will not detect it he’s close enough if that happens just move back and forth a bit and you should be good to go by the way one thing I brushed over earlier on the guide is aura choice or is don’t make a massive difference at this boss and you can certainly do it and learn it with no aura but if you are gonna choose an aura the Maserati aura is fantastic especially for learning as you get a damage bonus but you also don’t take increased damage either alternatively the berserker or maniacal variant auras are good too and dark magic would also be a decent option you get a seer that we’re very close to the phase cap of 300 thousand life points because of this I’ve only partially charged up the fifth pad and I’m actually gonna run away and do a little more damage to select before I bring so lock back on to it for it to finish charging once it’s completely charged we are heading in to the last phase when you’re finishing off arathor there’s no reason for the base not to go into the realm as there’s nothing to do outside because phase three kind of goes at its own pace it’s the ideal phase to stack storm shards ideally by the time you head into phase four you’ve got eight shards on the boss and then you can throw the last two on in your natural instinct as you’re building up to your ultimate ability on phase four speaking of phase four we made it let’s slow it back down to real-time I’m gonna make sure the bosses Volland I’m gonna use my natural instinct and then I’m using metamorphosis I’m gonna go through the exact rotation that was listed earlier with my basic abilities and my three thresholds most importantly you are also gonna notice that I ate up a little bit here before going into the realm and even once I got into the realm I was not full HP this was a mistake and during that cutscene I should have eaten up to full I miscalculated how many life points my soul split would give me and that almost cost me right at the end here I’ve used my reflect and now that my life points they’re a little under half I’m gonna use devotion I mean to continue tagging manifestation and this is where I made a slight mistake I should have barricaded when my devotion had one second left on it but I got distracted looking at all the new manifestations spawning in because of this I took a big hit and almost died still I managed to get my barricade off on time and the kill was over shortly after ok that is a full selection with that I just want to say thank you very much for watching this video I appreciate the support and I really hope it helped if you learned anything about soloq while watching this feel free to hit that like button or don’t I don’t really mind one final thing I’m gonna mention is the archeology skill is coming out shortly after this guide is released I am aware that some of the metas may change but the way that the CELAC mechanics are dealt with should not and for that reason this guide should still be relevant past the release of archeology that being said the archeology relics will be a DPS increase so if nothing else they should make this boss fight even easier with all that said I hope you’re all well thank you very much for watching have a good one.

And peace out that is it for me it’s 5 o’clock in the morning I’m going to bed you.

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