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Hey Guys! Welcome to my rs3 afk money making guide for 2020. In this video I have 7 Amazing money making methods for you so you should be able to find one money maker that works for you. A lot of these methods have pretty high level requirements however. This guide includes some of the best afk money making methods in runescape for 2020, I hope you enjoy!

In this video:

  1. Spiritual Mages/Warriors – 0:21.
  2. Crystal Shapeshifters – 3:47.
  3. Equipment Siphons – 8:05.
  4. Charging Empty Divine Charges – 10:03.
  5. Elder Trees – 12:16.
  6. Chaos Dwarves – 14:04.
  7. Abyssal Demons – 16:44.

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Hey guys welcome back to another video in today’s video I’m gonna be showing you guys some afk money making methods so all these methods I am gonna be showing you you’ll be able to actually do some other stuff while you are doing these and you should be able to make a lot of money while you are doing these methods anyway we’re just gonna jump right into it and move on to our first method so starting with our first method we have spiritual mages and warriors so this requires a 99 Slayer for the player own Slayer dungeon officially you only need 81 Slayer to actually kill these creatures but the 99 Slayer is so you can have them in the Slayer dungeon also Jack the spades to unlock the player on slayer dungeon and ghost hunter equipment does really help it will greatly boost your DPS while killing them and so as you can see in my player on slayer dungeon I have 5 creatures in here three of them are spiritual mages and then two of them are spiritual warriors I kind of have a mix in here although you can choose just one or for the other I will say that these spiritual mages will make you more money and then these spiritual warriors will be a little bit more afk so as you can see for this method I am using mage I would definitely recommend using this because you are gonna be having the spiritual mages to kill and they do use magic tax so you will have to kill them from range if you decide to only go with spiritual warriors you can definitely use melee because they will all be within melee distance it’ll also make it a lot more afk because you won’t need to run around and pick up the drops however if you do have a spring cleaner all the rune Salvage will be automatically alked and they drew up a lot of rune Salvage you’re gonna making a lot of money off of this but they also have a few noted drops and they also drop battle staffs so you can have alkanes in your inventory so you can just alchemy battle staffs because they are profitable when you do alq them and then alternatively you can have your spring cleaner set to disassemble them that way you’ll least get some components when you are getting these drops or have event just letting the B spawn if you don’t want to walk around and pick them up you are gonna make most of the money off of the salvaged however so you don’t always need to go pick up the drops over they do have a few good ones like the silver and drop they also drop noted air orbs and then also no to battle staff so those are good drops as well but most of the money is coming from the ruins salvaged and as I said these spiritual mages will make you more GB per hour that is because their drops are quite a bit better the spiritual warriors they kind of rely on the ruins Salvage drops and they don’t really have those noted drops that are worth much so depending on which creature you put in your Slayer dungeon that will kind of adjust for the GB per hour if you put only spiritual mages it will be less afk but you should make up to six mil per hour and then if you have only spiritual warriors it will be a lot more afk and you should make up to four mil per hour and then of course a combination in between will be between four mil and six mil per hours so it really is up to you to decide which creature or what ratio of these two creatures you want to put in your player on Slayer tension and also I should mention that you can actually kill these outside of the player on slayer dungeon it isn’t really too afk because you can’t have them auto auto attack you that’s because there’s too many in the encampments but you can kill them individually and they do make you quite a bit of money anyway that being said that is it for the first method moving on to the next method we have crystal shapeshifters so these again require 99 Slayer for the player own Slayer dungeon they also require the Jack the spades for the player on Slayer dungeon and then the light within quest that is to actually kill the crystal shapeshifters and also if you can get the a tuned crystal gear that is extremely helpful however you will already need to have killed some crystal shapeshifters you need the tardy and crystals to actually purchase these attuned crystal gear and they are quite expensive so you will need quite a few kills before you are able to buy this essentially what this gear does it provides some bonuses while killing them here is a list of these set effects so as you can see if you have one piece equipped it will actually increase the.

Amount of targeting crystals that you gather by one piece per kill so that is pretty useful just in terms of the GP per hour if you have two pieces you will have a 10% damage increase so as you can see having this gear on will actually definitely help you kill the crystal shapeshifters and it will be the best in slot so now looking at how I actually killed them so if you noticed I only have three crystal shapeshifters in my player on slayer dungeon and that is because I only have one of the attuned crystal gear right now so I don’t have that damage increase which will help a lot I find that having just three of them in really helps because they do hit a really hard and you have a potential of dying which might make this method a little bit less afk but they are automatically aggressive you do talk to and off so that is super useful now you can see that I am using melee and I’m using a soul split and not protect from melee and that is because if you do use protect from melee the crystal shapeshifters will actually switch to magic attacks and it will basically just avoid your deflect from melee so that’s why you want to have soul split active if you can see I actually have the vampirism aura active as well and then I also have the vampirism scrimshaw because they do hit really hard so being able to heal a lot of health quickly is super important for this method I usually bring my enhanced Excalibur for this method as well it will save you on a little bit of food and I do bring a full inventory and a full pack full of food as well because I do actually go through this throughout the time killing them and usually I can only kill around 100 150 before running out of food but I am thinking that if you do have more of the attune crystal gear you should be able to last a lot longer you could alternatively use a blood and I heal which will increase your melee accuracy and I would only do this if you do have at least three pieces of the crystal gear to use that way you won’t be taking an overwhelming amount damaged another thing that I should mention about Crystal shapeshifters especially in the player on Slayer dungeon is that the drops only last every 90 seconds so you will need to loot fairly quickly that kind of makes this method a little bit less afk because you will need to loot every 90 seconds so you won’t get too much afk time and also they do have it pretty hard so you will need to watch your health for most of the time as well and so here’s just a look at some of the loot that I made from just a slayer task that I completed I come killed around 150 of these for this loot and it usually takes around 20 to 30 minutes so you can definitely see that it will make you around 6 to 7 mil per hour you can see that I have 323 of the charity and crystals as well and those are actually listed at around 2k each so you can actually cash them in you can trade with egg off and you will be able to buy some crystal gear and the crystal gear does go for it quite a bit of money so as you can see here you can estimate around each crystal around 2k each so that is a nice bit of cash that you will be making it there as well I’m also bringing the spring cleaner and just alchemy rune salvage that will definitely make you a lot of money from this so overall this is a really great money-making method that you guys should try out you can make tons of money and it is pretty afk as well moving on to the next method we have making equipment siphons so the only requirements for this method is having 27 invention also if you have the ability to craft rings of slaying this is really useful it does cost 500 Slayer points in the Slayer rewards shop however so don’t just waste your Slayer points on this if you don’t have some of the key rewards already so as you can see I have acadia logs i have ruby necklaces and then they also have magic short bows so you are going to want to disassemble these and this is basically the AFK part of the method so you will just want to disassemble these for a full hour or as long as you want to do it and then your beginning the components to make the equipment siphons so from the acadia logs you’ll be getting these simple parts from the ruby necklace.

You’ll beginning the precious components and then alternatively you can use the rings of slang in place of the ruby necklaces these give more precious components at a cheaper cost so this is a good alternative for the Ruby necklaces if you can do it as I said it is one of the best ways to actually get precious components so if you can do this I would suggest it and then lastly the magic short bows these will be getting you the dexterous components which are needed for the equipment siphons as well so once you are done disassembling all of these you should be able to make a decent amount of equipment siphons and you will be making profit off of this you should make it round two mil per hour doing this method and as you saw it was pretty afk you’re just gonna be disassembling stuff which is afk for around one minute at a time so it’s definitely not too bad and it only requires a few clicks every minute so definitely a pretty good AF game money making method is a little bit less GP per hour than the previous two methods but some lower requirements as well moving on to the next method I’m gonna be showing you guys is charging empty divine charges so the requirements for this method you require 101 Slayer also 95 divination is recommended so you can do it at the incandescent energy however you can use other spots it just wouldn’t be as effective the legendary enrichment aura is pretty helpful as well same with the divination cape and the elder divination outfit grace of the elves luck of the dwarves pretty useful as well and then you also need a divine o matic vacuum this is so you can charge the empty divine charges also having the etheral connection perk active from the memorial of gothics this is really useful as well because it will make the divination springs last longer which is going to be super useful when charging at the divine charges so once you are ready to do this method you are gonna want to configure your divine o matic vacuum so you can choose to only use the energy or you can siphon both the energy and the memories so the second option it will cause you to charge the divine charges a lot faster resulting you in higher GP per hour and then the other method it will give you a little bit more divination XP but your GP per hour will be a lot lower so now you’re just gonna want to harvest the incandescent Springs you can also do this on other divination locations if you don’t have the 95 divination as you can see I have the energy gabbing scrimshaw as well which is another useful item the nightmare my spa pouch is pretty useful as well so just use all of the boosts you can to boost your GP per hour for this method it is pretty afk this brings lasts around 30 seconds at a time.

Especially if you have the anthro connection perk active so that way you will get around 30 seconds without having to click so it is it pretty nice afk money making method I’m pretty relaxing so that is one good thing about this method but as you can see the GP per hour is a little bit lower than of course the two combat related methods earlier in this video and moving on to the next method we have another sort of skilling money being method instead of me cunning elder trees and it does require 90 woodcutting a dwarven chained axe is really useful you get these from the treasure hunter so just check your bank for any of these it will allow you to get double the logs when you cutting them however you won’t get any xp for it but that is what you’re going for if you’re going to try and make money off of this also a beaver familiar is useful and this requires 33 summoning so essentially you will just want to be cunning the elder trees there are five or really good locations that I like going to so the first one being in varrock its chest east of the Varick lodestone the second one there is one close to yen L it’s just south of ENL so you can just go to the lodestone and go a bit south east the third one is in edgeville just a bit south of Edgeville the fourth one that is a little bit south of falador you can get there quickest by going to the Port Sarim lodestone and going north and then the last one that is just south of Draenor village.

So you can get there using the lodestone there as well elder trees are regrow between every five to 15 minutes so you only have to pick three of these locations to alternate to that is basically it for this method it is a really simple one also elder locks have been increasing in price due to the wars retreat update where they are required to have 1,000 elder logs to upgrade the bonfire to that last tier so that is why elder lock prices are increasing so you can make around one mil per hour from this method and also elder trees last about five minutes so you’ll have five minutes of afk time in between trees now moving on to this next method it is going to be killing chaos orbs so there are a few requirements you do require the forgiveness of a can source quest also 70-plus at combat is super useful and bring non degrading gear because they are really easy to kill and you don’t want just waste away some divine charges or just some gear charges so they are located in Kaldur grim just follow my location that I just showed you and you do unlock this place spot while you are doing the forgiveness of the kastorf quest so you should know where it is.

Now chaos orbs they do automatically attack you you do not need aggression potions so basically my setup here is my non degrading equipment besides my blood fury necklace you will get hit a little bit so you might need to bring some prayer potions and flicking curses our soul split every once in a while will help even if you just bring the enhanced Excalibur this should be able to prevent you from ever needing any food so anyway from these chaos orbs you aren’t gonna be looking for a few specific drops I’m including their famous dragon pickaxe drop so here’s just a quick look at all the drops you can get from them so first there’s the muddy key this is a seven in 137 drop chance it is worth around 13 K so not too much then they also have the hand cannon shots so these are around 15k drop and then there’s that dragon pickaxe drop so a one in 5,000 drop chance so you’re not going to be getting it very.

Often on average probably around once every eight hours but it is worth three mil so it’s gonna be really nice if you do get that and then the hand cannon so this is where you can make most of your money it’s a 1 in 132 drop chance and they’re worth almost 1 mil so you can see you are gonna making a lot of money from this the nice thing about this method it doesn’t have too many high requirements they are pretty easy to kill so the only thing you need is the forgiveness of a Dwarfs quest and then even if you have somewhat lower combat you can do this method you don’t require curses and you only acquire I would say at least 70 70 defense so you don’t get hit super hard anyway that is basically it for this method as you can see it is really good and you can make around 5 mil per hour doing it you also get a decent amount of XP as well so you should get around 60 K magic XP which is not bad because it is really afk also a nice thing to do is set your loot beam threshold below 15k so will go off whenever one of the noteworthy drops are dropped so then you will know to go pick it up and so the last method that I wanted to show you guys was the abyssal demon afk method so a lot of you guys probably already know this method but I wanted to go over it in this video anyway so the requirements for this method 85 slayer also 95 prayer in curses highly recommended 96 sort of lore is highly recommended as well for the overloads you should bring a spring cleaner and a gym bag as well so as you can see I am using magic in this clip but you can use melee as well in this in this clip I am using the ectoplasmic or in the demon horn necklace so using this combination you will automatically bury the infernal ashes which will give you a lot of prey or XP per hour as well but it does cost quite a bit because you have to charge the ectoplasmic or but the nice thing about this as well it will automatically replenish your prayer so it makes it a little bit more afk but less GP per hour what I usually like to do I like to bring the scythe and I don’t use the ectoplasmic door so when using the scythe I basically just use my AoE abilities to damage down the abyssal demons you will want to make sure that you have your combat settings set to revolution and allow it so the thresholds can automatically be used also make sure you have area loot active as well because this makes looting really easy and basically that is it for this method so you’re just gonna be using your area loot to pick everything up your spring cleaner should be automatically I’m al King the rune salvage which is where most of the money is going to be coming from basically they’re drops aren’t that great you’re just gonna be picking up the coins primarily and then also the gems with your gem bag so that is essentially it for the abyssal demon afk method I’m you’ll be making a three mil per hour doing this and it is a pretty afk method because you only need to loot around every five minutes so that is pretty good about this method so any of you guys that is basically it for this video if you are looking for some more afk money methods I do have another guide that I made I’m a while ago and has completely different methods in that video so you can check that out I will post a link to that in the description down below but anyway guys if you really did enjoy this video make sure you subscribe to the channel because I post a lot of money being guides like this and there’s gonna be a lot more in the future but anyway thanks for watching guys and I really hope you did enjoy I’ll see in the next one peace.

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