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In today’s video I’m breaking down the Safi’Jiiva siege, all the mechanics and strategies I use to maximize the encounter rewards. Share this with your friends for best results 😛

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This video is sponsored by Squarespace if you’re looking to get a proper website up and running stay until the end of the video for a special promotion shields up arm breakers work on here coming at you with another video welcome back to monster hunter world and with Saffy Jeeva heading towards the BC here pretty soon I figured that this would be a good time for me to do a refresher on my Safi Jeeva guides it’s been quite a while since I’ve done the guides and since then I’ve actually changed some of the tactics that I talked about in those videos so in this video I’m gonna be compiling all of that information so whether you’re doing Saffy Jeeva for the first time on the PC or you’re just looking to optimize the amount of rewards that you’re getting for your Saffy Jeeva runs on a console side of things this video should have you covered now before we begin it is important to mention that even though we’re gonna be getting our first glimpse of Saffy Jeeva on the PC on the 12 that is just going to be the Recon encounter which means you just go in there you experience the first phase in your experience a little bit of the second phase right up until his special sapphire start attack and then he goes away and you can’t actually farm the event you can practice but you can’t actually farm not gonna be getting all of the relevant materials so you’re not really going to be stressing too much about Sathya Jeeva in this first week however one week after the 12th that’s when the real Saffy Jeeva siege is gonna be coming and that’s when we’re actually going to be seeing the crap out of sappy Jeeva and hun for all that sweet sweet Drac alight so let’s begin very much like colter op this encounter is gonna be tuned for multiplayer difficulty which means it is going to be not only extremely challenging if you choose to go at it solo but also extremely time-consuming due to the mechanics of how the siege works out highly advisor to go to your online session if you don’t have friends that are playing Monster Hunter you go to your online session and then you search for a Safi Jeeva lobby it’s fairly easy to just go to the filters option you select Safi Jeeva is a target and usually whenever Safi Jeeva is around there’s always a bunch of people that are running lobbies for Safi Jeeva so it should be fairly easy for you to join a team of people that are doing Safi Jeeva so that you make the whole thing a little bit faster now also like wolf to Roth it is going to be a point system so the more actions you do in the siege that give you points the more rewards are going to get by the time the siege ends this is particularly important when it comes to breaking of parts so you break Southie jivas head that’s gonna give you like 200 points you break Safi jivas back that’s gonna be a hundred points.

You break Southie jivas wings both of them that’s gonna be another hundred points so you want to make sure that you break as many parts as possible and you achieve as many objectives as possible although most of the other objectives that don’t involve the breaking of parts they’re pretty much passive so you don’t have to worry about them too much now I would very much advise anyone that wants to run Safi jiva should try to run part breaker 3 because it just makes it much easier for you to get as many rewards as possible and this is very important from a group perspective so everybody that is running Safi jiva I would highly recommend all of you run part breaker please I’m actually asking so that when I run Safi Jiva.

Everybody has part breaker like this is very important to really get as much as many rewards as possible so let’s tackle your first run as you begin the quest you’re gonna be heading into Southie jivas lair his lair is divided into three different levels each of these levels represents one phase of the fight which essentially means that this is a three phase encounter now on the first phase depending on whether you are playing with an organized group or a random group if you got an organized group my advice would be get someone to handle the head get two people to handle the tail and get one gunner to handle the wings this in my opinion is the most optimal now you can do whatever groups you personally prefer if you want to have like four Gunners go for it if you want to have no Gunners go for it the main difference will be if you do not have Gunners then you’re not gonna have someone that is going to be focused on wings so I wouldn’t even bother targeting the wings for breaks however if you do have at least one gunner than have the gunner shoot the wings if you are using elemental damage you’re going to have to hit the red part of the wings and not the membranes on the other hand if using stickies you can hit whatever you want because stickies as we all know are pretty friggin broken so the Gunners job is essentially to break the wings both wings each of the wings is worth 50 points now one of the common mistakes that I’ve seen throughout all of my attempts in Safi jiva is people attacking the legs let me make this point perfectly clear despite the fact that I feel like I’ve said this a million times.

Safiye jivas legs are worthless they’re the last thing that you want to attack because each of the legs is worth 20 points and they take a long time to break therefore I would never ever focus the legs unless you’ve broken literally everything else the monster has the break or if you don’t have an option to chop his tail which sometimes can be the case but if you have those options then focus on literally anything else so like I said at the start get the Gunners to get those wings those are very useful get them to break both wings each weighing 50 points very good you usually should get one melee on the head if you can’t get a male if you have too many range then get one of the range on the head and get everybody else that you can on the tail now the tail is going to be challenging to break and this is why a lot of people just go for the legs because the leg is a much easier target to break but the tail is worth more points and the tail also gives you an additional car for the fight in case you are working on getting his armor or if you just want to get Safi g for parts to trade for drak alight so if you’re the one who’s been trying to chop the tail and you’re getting frustrated because you’re getting hit by the tail and you feel like you’re missing the town you feel like you’re not dealing that much damage just keep at it and keep one thing in mind if you chop that tail it is going to be worth more points than all four legs put together ok so just keep at it and don’t worry too much about it and that’s pretty much going to be your strategy for the first phase you want to hit the head you want to try to break the wings if you have a gunner and you want to try to chop the tail now in that first phase there’s a couple of more mechanics that you can go ahead and do so there’s a couple of rocks on the back of the the scenario close to the wall I believe it is 2 Northside of that particular arena and if you’re able to move Safi into a position where he’s below those rocks you can shoot a slinger pod onto the rocks you can drop the rocks on top of Safie jiva that’s gonna deal a lot of damage it also deals part damage so it’s always helpful to go ahead and shoot those rocks it’s also gonna give you an opening because you’ll fall down so if you’re able to position him in there and shoot those rocks down it’s gonna be a massive opening the very first time that you’d do this on each attempt I believe the handler will actually say something like hey you can probably shoot those rocks down and that’s the point where you definitely want to shoot the rocks and bring them down on I believe that for the second one you have to eyeball it but you know get a little bit of practice as you do more and more runs and you’ll know when to drop the rocks and when to not drop the rocks now it doesn’t matter which part of the body the rocks hit it usually will guarantee you would knock down so even if you hit just like the very tippy tip of the tail which we’ve had multiple times happen on our runs it’s good however just pay attention because you really don’t want to miss it’s a big opening you really don’t want to miss okay the other mechanic that is there is if instead of Safi moving north he ends up moving south you have the vine traps now the vine traps what happens is if you’re able to trigger a flinch then he is going to get stuck in the vines and it works almost like a paralyze gives you a lot of time for you to deal damage so it’s very useful for you to try to rock as much dps you possibly can if you see them on the vines to try and proc a tripping mechanic and by the way you are able to drive Safi jiva in this area kinda the way that it happens is if you hit any of Safie jivas parts on the right side he’s gonna move to the opposite side it’s gonna move to the left side if you hit him on the left side it’s gonna move to the right side so you can kind of like push him around closer to the rocks and closer to the vines but to be quite honest I would mainly focus on your assigned part because braking the parts is more important than dropping this stuff on them so if you’re focused on head just try to smack him in the head and if he moves into position then go for the rocks if you’re working on the wings try to shoot them in the wings actually the Gunners have probably the easiest time trying to move them around because you know you’re either shooting the right wing or the left wing and you can like decide which way you’re shooting at much easier than having the melee reposition themselves completely so you know you can do a little bit more work there if you’re a gunner but don’t worry yourself too much so phase one focus on your position focus on trying to break the parts that you feel you should be working on and if he gets below the rocks drop them if he gets the vine traps try to deal as much time as possible.

Now as you deal damage the Safi jiva throughout each of the individual phases he eventually is going to start draining the energy from the level he is in so the way it works is you deal a bunch of damage and then he goes and he drains energy from the level and heals himself back up and then you deal more damage and then he drains more energy from the level but there is a limit to how much energy he can drain from each of the levels and eventually when he drains all of the energy of the level he is going to move to the lower level and it moves on to the next phase of the fight this particular mechanic is very important because what is happening is all of the groups in the lobby that you are in that are having Safi Jeeva drain the energy from these levels it’s all counting towards the siege effort that’s why you want to do this in a multiplayer Lobby because everything that everybody else is doing is also counting towards your own progression of the siege shortly after Safi Jeeva absorbs all of the energy in the current level he’s gonna move on to the next phase of the encounter so that basically means that at this point you’re going to be going into Phase two now phase two is going to bring a couple of new mechanics into the siege and it’s also going to give you a couple of more features in the scenario that you can work with some of those that you’ll instantly notice is that there’s a couple of rocks in the snare those will come into play when he does this big AoE attack but besides that there’s also a couple of ledges here that allow you to shoot for a mount this is particularly important in your first run because it’s one of the easiest ways of breaking his back you get a mount that instead of finishing in the head which is what you usually want to do you want to go in to finish on the head and most monsters in the case of Safie Jeeva you want to actually finish on the back if you have a charged blade on your group I would prioritize the charge blade getting the mount because charge blade is one of the few weapons that can crack Safi jivas back in 1 dismounting attack just one which is very very useful however other weapons are also very good at breaking backs for instance if you got someone with dual blades and who knows how to do the beyblade spin on top of the monster that is also very useful and can get a couple of cracked backs your Gunners can also take potshots at the back the back is basically the area above his head kind of like the top of his neck right at the very end of the top of his neck if you’re able to aim to that section you can also break the back as a gunner so there are many ways of breaking the back but basically during phase two in the first run is usually when my group tends to go for the back break the back break once again very important because it’s worth a hundred points which again is more points than all of the legs of Safi jiva put together and the back is very flimsy like it breaks super easy so you should be able to get that back crack and at this point in the second phase if your gunner is doing a good job if you have a gunner you should have the back break and you should have both wings broken as well and the gunner at this point should be fairly close to beginning to help the person that’s on the head to start getting the head cracking maybe you will even get your first partial break on the second phase that is definitely what you’re shooting for people on the tail most likely still gonna be frustrated because the tail is again is a very frustrating thing to work on but they should be successful in breaking the tail potentially even before you get the head break depending on you know our monster RNG and how each of the groups is performing their role ok so let’s talk about the different mechanics that happen in this particular phase so there’s an agro mechanic it doesn’t work why like behemoth if you guys have done the behemoth encounter that also had an enmity mechanic Safi jivas aggro works differently I get a feeling that he targets the persons dealing the most damage to the person he views as the biggest threat but as soon as you see somebody get aggro you can instantly steal a grow by flinch shotting Safi Jiva if there is no aggro though you cannot get by Flint shutting if there’s no Agri there’s basically not going to be a target for Southie jiva so you don’t really have to worry too much about it however the moment somebody gets aggro’d that aggro can be stolen by anybody else usually we have the person that has been working on the head the whole time take the aggro because they’re their muscle memory is adapted to the attacks of the head so they’re kind of used to and know how to dodge each of the different attacks so that’s kind of like the ideal way and the cool thing about you grabbing aggro it’s it’s gonna give you even more openings to everybody else so the people working on the tail should have a much easier time chopping up that tail if somebody else has aggro now besides the aggro mechanic there’s also a new attack which is a rabbit AK you’ll have to just start identifying the animation where it does this you can dodge this attack usually I try dodging to the right sometimes to the left actually I mean I try dodging towards my left to the right of the monster but sometimes you’ll be able to get enough distance other times you won’t I believe that temporal mantle lets you evade it however that is pretty much it anything else.

You’ll be grabbed instantly and if you are grabbed it’s not an immediate death sentence but it will drain your HP pretty much close to nothing if not even right down to one HP so the way this particular grab attack works is basically he’s gonna grab you then he’s gonna breathe fire on he’s gonna basically have you in his mouth and he’s gonna be breathing fired when he shoots a laser and out you go into the ground and the thing is he incinerates the area around you so if you are at 1 HP then you get back up immediately then you’re gonna burn and die so the idea here is after you get grabbed and after Safi jiva shoots you into the ground somebody else in your group better have a life dust and they better heal you.

That’s pretty much how it goes you should not try to instantly get back up because if you get back up and there’s fire around you you’re gonna burn you’re gonna die it’s gonna suck so you just wait and see if anybody heals you if people don’t heal you then a it sucks you’re gonna die anyway but maybe you have enough HP sometimes you might have enough HP but the idea is you want to heal people.

After Saffy Jeeva spits them into the ground that’s when you heal them to make sure that they survive if you are the person being grabbed by the way try to immediately look for cover in the form of those rocks that we talked about earlier because a lot of the times after Saffy Jeeva spits you out he’s going to start sniping you so either get ready for a Superman dive or look for some cover because there’s a definitely a tendency for him to spit you out and then instantly zap you with a laser to the face boom you’re dead okay now besides this there’s naturally the sapphire star AoE attack where basically you’ll see him take flight and usually when it takes flight it’s pretty bad he only takes flight for two reasons either he grabbed someone and he’s about to spit them or he is about to do is massive AOE attack whenever he does is a we attack you hide behind these rocks there’s also a really cool tell that will let you know if you’re in a good position or not which is your controller assuming that you have the vibration function function active your controller will be vibrating if you are in a position where you are going to die so basically hide and hide behind the rock and to make sure that your possession is correct just notice if your controller is still vibrating or not if your controller is no longer vibrating then you should be fairly safe from the sapphire star and eventually is gonna come back down after the attack ends and you can go and you can continue the encounter so be ready whenever you see him take flight be ready to hide behind a rock that’s pretty much how it works so very quick summary of phase 2 agro mechanic make sure that someone always has a grow so long as a grow is active make sure to dodge the sapphire AoE attack make sure to heal anybody that gets grabbed by him try to score 1 or 2 mounts to break the back and at this point you should have both wings broken hopefully tail chopped and head partially broken if these things are not done yet do not stress because like I said phase 3 is when you’re going to be able to deal the most damage so very much like in the first level after a while of taking damage is gonna start draining energy from the level and eventually is going to drain all of the energy from the level and he’s going to move on.

To Phase three now phase three is going to include all of the mechanics we talked about in Phase two with a couple of differences namely the rocks where you can take shelter from as big AoE are actually going to have dynamic positioning the way this works is that every now and then is gonna do an attack that is going to hit the ceiling of the cave and that is gonna drop rocks down and those will be the rocks that you end up using for cover after he does his big AoE is going to destroy those rocks and you only get new rocks after he does his attack on the ceiling again this is why sometimes you’re going to see a couple of situations where he’s just gonna do two back-to-back sapphire star attacks and murder everybody because for some reason is a I didn’t do the attack that brings the rocks from the ceiling maybe because you pushed this damage too much or not enough so there are certain occasions where you will have this frustrating thing we’re like Oh God a OE is coming there’s no rocks to hide under we’re all dead but besides that a couple of more mechanics that happen in here is that before he does his first sapphire star attack in the third stage there are walls that you can do your running attacks off of like those little mushroom walls except they’re not mushroom they’re made out of stone basically you can run on the walls that are at the bottom of this level but after he does his first sapphire star attack those walls are gone so the opportunity to use those walls is gone as well so if you have a weapon that takes particular advantage of something like that you’ll want to do that before he does his big AoE attack on top of him still doing is a reattach and the dynamic rocks he’s gonna have something new which is called super critical state now super critical state basically means he’s going to be dealing a little bit more damage when he goes into his super critical state there will be big warning screens big warning signs on the screen you’ll notice that he starts glowing that’s when he goes into super critical it should be fairly easy to identify when this happens when it goes to super critical he deals more damage but he also takes more damage this is why you want to get to phase 3 as fast as possible because you’ll be dealing more damage in all of the parts therefore allowing you to break anything that you want also super critical actually makes it a lot easier for weapons to crack his chest because usually most weapons will be bouncing off the chest unless I got purple sharpness or mind’s eye and even if you don’t bounce when you hit you’re not gonna deal that much damage unless you’re using like a a true damage weapon like a gun Lance or a sneaky ammunition or stuff like that so supercritical state is one of the things that you want to use in order to crack his chest however you don’t always get to crack his chest in the first run don’t worry too much about okay but anyway another mechanic that also happens in this phase is gas pockets after he does his first sapphire star attack you’ll also notice that there will be three areas that will be glowing green if you attack these areas they explode so ideally what you want to do is you want to move Safi to those areas and blow them up now it is important to mention also that when you hit certain damage thresholds he’s gonna get knocked down like any other monster so ideally before you detonate all of the gas pockets you want to wait until he’s in super critical state because then you’re gonna get a knockdown and he’s gonna be in super critical and you’re gonna be able to deal more damage okay if you can’t do this don’t worry too much about it just make sure that the gas pockets hit him it’s more damage you know but eventually as you progress and you start getting him into farm status you want to time your downs on the monster with this supercritical state this also means that this is the perfect time for any mount attacks that you still might be able to do for Peres for Sleeps for anything whenever he’s in super critical States and you can you know do something that gives people an opening that’s definitely when you want that opening because it’s gonna be taking more damage let’s talk about kind of like a sum up of your first run your objective for the first run is to chop tail break head bust both wings if you have a gunner if you don’t have a gunner don’t worry about the wings and break the back this is your main objective okay if your group is exceptionally good and you’ve been able to do these things reasonably fast then by the time you get to phase 3 you got to focus on chest and you if you’re able to crack the chest at that point like anything else that you do is just a bonus because most likely you will be hitting maximum reward depending on how the rest of your Safi Lobby is performing but usually once you break the things that I mentioned which is tail head wings back and chest you’ll be pretty much golden but like I said I wouldn’t count on chest on your first run because usually if you want maxing out rewards which is something that I like to do usually getting the chest on the first run it can be hit or miss so don’t stress if you don’t get the chest but do try to get all of the other things so now let’s talk about the second run because you have drained the energy from the levels once you go into your second run he’s gonna be progressing through each of the levels a lot faster and you’re gonna have more time on phase three to deal more damage using a super critical state mechanics and all of that jazz now on your second run you want to use that to target things that you weren’t able to brake on the first one so maybe on the first run for whatever reason you weren’t able to brake a specific wing then make sure that you break that wing now maybe you weren’t able to chop the tail make sure you break the tail now maybe you only got a partial head break make sure you break the head fully this time around but make sure that by the time you get to phase three you want to focus on that chest as well because that is a lot of points so usually if you break all of the recommended stuff that I say by the time you get to the second phase the only thing you really have to worry about is the chest and only after that you’re free to go after the legs if you really want to because again the legs are worth like 20 points a pop and it’s just not worth it to focus on the legs while all of these other much more valuable targets are still available to you usually by the second run is when we’re done but if for whatever reason you’re still not done with Safi jiva on the second run it’s just rinse and repeat and try to hit the targets that you didn’t hit before it to try to get those breaks there’s also a menu that you can look up in case you’re wondering did I break that thing that I not break that thing which is Safi jiva siege information it is in your main menu I’ll show it on screen right now and you can look and see which parts have been broken and which parts have not been broken another advantage of doing this in a blobby that is full of people that are also running Safi jiva is that whenever a group that’s not your own breaks apart you get half of the points for that part break so someone breaks the back you get 50 points you break the back you get a hundred points you know someone breaks the wings you still get like 25 points for one wing 50 points for both wings so the fact that there are more people in the lobby running Safi jiva is going to give you more points and it is going you know the more points you get the better the rewards are going to be now some of you might say well we’re a con I mean getting rewards out of Safie jiva is not super hard I already have like all the weapons or I’m close to getting all the weapons yeah the thing is what you’re gonna be meeting those points for is to get more drak alight so that you can roll the abilities on the weapons that’s what the encounter is actually about it’s not really about getting the weapons it’s more about getting the drak alive because the weapons you should be able to get them like on your first 20 runs or something you should be able to get most of the weapons that you care for do remember that when you go to collect the rewards the weapon that you have equipped is going to give you like three or four guaranteed weapons of that weapon in the reward and that is the weapon that you have equipped at a time not necessarily the weapon that you use during the encounter so like if you’re really good in the encounter with gun lands but you actually want to get sword and shields you can do that before you collect the reward swap the weapon and it’ll give you more swords and shields now very quickly I know that some people are gonna be asking work on what’s the bet what’s the best weapon for this encounter and I’m gonna be giving you guys a breakdown of the roles that I would assign to each of the weapons starting with one of my favorite weapons which is sword and shield and in my opinion it’s not a very good weapon for this fight sorry I feel it like all of you do but quite simply the sword and shields moveset makes it more adequate for breaking the legs which are the least valuable target therefore I usually don’t bring sword and shield into this encounter until after we have broken the chest at which point you can bring whatever weapon you want because all the important targets are busted dual blades are good for tail chopping and back breaking with the bay blade attack the charged blade is a great all-rounder that means you can use it on the tail you can use it on the head it’s also the best weapon to crack the back with a mounting attack it can it’s I think it’s the only weapon that can break it in one mouth at least that I have seen the longsword is most likely the best weapon for tail chopping even though I see all the view longsword mains out there always hacking away at the legs I cannot express my disappointment but yeah longsword is probably the best weapon for chopping the tail insect glaive is good to guarantee mounts in the third face so this is works best unlike your second run going the third face and guarantee a couple of mounts to you know to get openings like we talked about the openings during the which we call the super critical state other than that there they’re also decent all-rounders I wouldn’t really use insect glaive to tank though some people might say oh but it’s super safe because I can like be hovering in the sky yeah and you’re gonna be making the monster turn all over the place making it much harder for everybody else so I would not use an insect like the tank unless you are doing so in the ground but basically it’s decent all-rounder it’s good for chopping tails as well some people might think oh but the insect glaive must be the best for breaking wings it’s not that great at all I’ve seen people hack away at those wings the entire fight and not break a single one so I wouldn’t i use it sec late for wing breaking it is possible it is possible i would just not advise it gun lance is a decent all-rounder one of the advantages of the gun lance which is why i personally like using the gun lines quite a bit in this encounter is the fact that you can hack away at the chest when a lot of weapons can’t do it yet like you can start working on the chest before you get to super critical state because of the weapons to damage it’s also very good for tanking because got a big beefy shield and once i’ve even soloed Asaf EG bus’ tail it was not a pleasant sight but i solo the Safi jiva tail with the normal shelling gun lance Jesus Christ switch axes in my opinion fantastic for this fight all around because got the part breaker modifier with the axe it’s got zero some discharge that allows have target specific parts whenever you want and just like you also have your natural mind’s eye on sword mode there’s just a lot of really good things that the switch axe can do in this fight so if you’re a good switch X player you’re set dude with this weapon you can take any role that is neat you need someone to break the tail switch X got your back need something to break the head switch ax got your back hell you need someone to break the chest switch X is also pretty good for that – great sword is good for chopping tail particularly a crit crit draw great sword with frost craft it’s very good that’s something that I’ve actually used quite a few times in the encounter very good for chopping tail it’s also decent at the head but it’s not really my weapon of choice for the head and it is potentially the best weapon at cracking the chest once you reach supercritical state like I’ve seen like the Safi Jeeva go down and like on the first hit of the great sword chest cracked so it’s it’s to me great stories like the best one for cracking the chest hammer is great forehead tanking because the head is more vulnerable to blunt damage so that’s gonna be real good for a tank in the head as well as just like dealing damage all around naturally you’re not gonna be chopping the tail with it but overall hammer is really good because it also gives you KO which allows openings for everybody else hunting horn very much like the hammer also fantastic for head tanking while also providing the really good damage buffs so hunting horn is a big boon in this fight and it’s something that I very rarely see use unfortunately when it comes to Lance I personally haven’t used a lot of Lance in this fight I haven’t seen a lot of people use Lance in the fight you’d figure it probably makes one of the best tanks but I always notice that whenever I do use Lance in a fight I feel like I’m liking damage I feel like man we’re not we’re not getting the breaks as fast as we could but I also think that that might be because of my own shortcomings and like I said I haven’t seen anybody else really use the Lance on Safi jiva so I don’t know but I think that Petco can probably hard carry with with the Lance out there so I think Lance is probably very viable particularly on the head but again I just don’t know because I haven’t played enough Lance on it Gunners and bow users are definitely the best for crack and wings and naturally stickies excel at everything because stickies are broken but particularly you know breaking the breaking the wings breaking the back breaking the head even breaking the chest stickies are gonna be tremendous help with all of this stuff and that’s pretty much Safi jiva in a nutshell now if you’re trying to figure out how to work with the awakening weapon system of the south EG vil weapons you should check out the video that i’m gonna be linking on the top right hand side of this video where I go over in great detail as the hottest system works and how to try to improve the chances of getting the awakenings that you want and before we wrap things up I’d like to thank Squarespace for making this video possible their online tools make it extremely easy for anyone to start their own website whether you’re looking to make a simple portfolio to showcase your work or start an online business they’re highly customizable templates have you covered built in online store support and community management tools can take any project you have in mind to the next level make sure to check out Squarespace calm for a free trial and see how easy it is to start your own website once you’re ready to pull the trigger go to Squarespace calm / Huracan and you’ll get a 10% discount off of your first purchase of a website or domain thank you very much for watching if you enjoyed the video make sure to hit the like button if you did not enjoy the video hit the dislike button feedback is important if you usually enjoy my content subscribe hit the bell notification icon I’ll see you guys in the next one stay strong and may your shields never break.

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