Season Twenty Prep Guide Diablo 3 Patch Build 2.6.8

Author: Bluddshed

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What’s up guys bloodshed here and today I thought I would do a quick season 20 recap video mostly like a prep guide to get you guys ready for the season and we threw a lot of information at you over the last few weeks we have like tons of videos and guides on everything I thought I would just make a video to make a sense of it all and give you guys some resources in the description so the description of the video as always will have everything that we’re talking about and have it organized in a fashion so you can understand it right because there’s just like people are asking me if I’ve done my starter videos and I’ve clearly I’ve done all the started videos but there is a lot so this video is kind of like a directory video and like a just an introductory to the seasonal theme and everything like that I’m going to go into detail and try to but try to be as concise as possible so the season starts this Friday 3:13 these are the seasonal rewards that you can get for season 20 pretty cool bad pet it doesn’t fly though which is funny here’s all the Heydrich’s gifts you can get for the season and remember you can also start with a lot gem they made it the second gem that drops every single season so the legacy adream gem is basically like the legacy and nightmare bonus but you get it right away so you can go into heidrick or you can just build your way play your way I really love the law gem start also we’re getting three new sets a frenzy barb like a melee generator set a witch dr. Munda new goo spirit barrage set and a wizard hydra set which you can play the set version or the lawn version they’re both really good a seasonal theme you still have three cube slots but you can use any item in any slot you like so for instance you can use the NGO minimis or schmidt where otherwise you had to have put like an armored item here so you can even go another weapon with the seasonal theme like if you wanted to go like the furnace or something like that so it’s kind of interesting it effects necromancer’s are greatly since they have a lot of general buffs which is kind of good cuz necromancer’s haven’t got their new set yet so it’s nice for them to get some new toys to play with the seasonal theme my impressions is that it’s really amazing for.

Leveling for speedruns you get to be really creative when you’re doing gr ATS or if you do gr hundredths and then maybe sometimes you do like a gr 105 a gr 119 a bounties any kind of Content the seasonal theme is super interesting because you would slot in different items at different difficulty levels for pushing the highest tiers of content there’s not that many options though so it’s really limiting for like the meta players but I think for casual play or just like would we spend most of our time doing speedruns riffs and Griff’s and things like that I think that’s where it’s really interesting I got to play it on the PTR tremendously I put a lot of hours in and I think people will like it more than they think the theme anyway so I mean I like this theme this season it’s unfortunate that one class benefits so greatly but it is what it is you know it’s only one season and then hopefully season 21 we get another theme and another theme and another theme so I think it’s cool and the dev should continue to take risks because it makes each season a little bit more unique so people always ask me your blood kind of double backing to the Heydrich’s gift your blood what’s the best class to buy at clay euro blood what’s the meta what’s the best hey Jerry was the easy set dungeon so hopefully this kind of stuff showcases all that I’m gonna put a tier list video in the description of this video and I’ll put the infographic right it’s my my my Monalisa my Microsoft Paint Madness so obviously hardcore viable builds are underlined in red there’s a little asterisk it means I think they have higher potential to push farther and again this is just my opinion there’s probably a lot of opinions on the internet.

Like it’s the Internet right so that’s totally cool this is just with my experience playing the game you know over 10,000 hours a plane each class individually and just kind of my perspective on it on everything how I think it’s gonna fall this is what I think the number one comp will be but you can slot in a lot of other 150 like you can slot in Lance necromancer for rgk you can do a spear barrage witch doctor for waveclear and I kind of talked about that here if you kind of scroll down and look at it just like I think it’s possible for witch doctor or barb to be AOV Seder I just thought I just thought a avi Seder would be the number one clear the season but I put him in the same s tier which is like the very best here you can have easy Heydrich’s to rest a journey I’m a mortal King I think is just so easy you can build any way you want with 0% cooldown you can have a perm errata berserker right out the gate it was really powerful and you know these are just other the same with Natalia as Natalia’s can build into anything and I just kind of ranked it so that’s just my opinion on that stuff speeds here list I think wave of light LOD and the Sun will go version are the best and then I have all these other builds here obviously if you’re a really good player you can kind of jump tiers and make things better than they are and then I put some easy side dungeons in the corner just for people like that’s always a big thing every season and I try to include my set dungeon video in the description I have an old one I’m just kind of giving you tips and tricks of some of these that are listed below if you just want to have fun on the season maybe do a 100 maybe do a 110 maybe do 120 any of these builds can do that like any of these builds can clear a hundred pretty easily right but I did a 115 in hardcore with roll in two seasons ago and I had no issues right so you can play any of these builds and have fun and all these builds are listed in the trailers video if there’s any missing just check my patreon master build link I rented a character list on the tier list like in the YouTube description I hid the character limit so I put Moses of them though in there another unique thing about the season is the kunai leveling method now what is the kunai leveling method bloodshed I just found out about this two days ago this method is utilizing the immortal throne event from the kunai event so the kunai event is only in March and you run to the throne room like you’re watching here watching me watching me and you talk to kunai right Kevin it’s a tribute to Kevin kunai Griffith he was on the Diablo team and sadly passed away so respect to king kunai anyway you get to alongside him every March he does drop a rare scorn transmog but that’s only available at the last week of March that was like his birthday week so let’s play so you jump in there with him and basically the kenai method is he is like a super follower he two shots everything so you can tag the mobs on like you can see I’m on torment one kind of you can tag the mobs on t1 and he kills for you so you’re basically like a Z barb or Z monk or whatever class you want to play you just go through you tag everything he kills for you it is slower than well we’ll get into that we’ll get into that so it’s a fun method it’s different I’ve played you know 20 seasons of Diablo now and I like it because it’s different and that’s it’s really fun this is only a second the second time it’s even been available so we would have had had a season start in March and we’ve only had one season ever in March that was at the end of March in 2017 season 10 so we would have never even had a chance to do this method before until now and then season 10 so for me it’s different it’s fun and I’m gonna put a link to the this video in the description so you can watch I did a full playthrough a blind playthrough and I got two and a half hours solo and I didn’t even know I didn’t even optimize it it’ll even watch the run you know I pause it answer questions on twitch chat and I was hella casual and we just coasted to a two and a half hour so which leads me to the question is it better than the normal leveling method it’s better if you normally take longer than two and a half hours yeah that’s basically the question you got to ask yourself how long does it take you to level solo we’re only talking solo in a new season if it’s more than two and a half hours I would do the kenai method or if you just want something different if you can do it in under two hours then or an hour if you’re just a massacre bonus Savage then by all means you know do that for sure or you know whatever you like I think for most people it takes them three hours or more to level so this would shave some time off of you’re clear and it’s a unique experience for sure it’s a fight with Kenai himself guys all right one of the popular questions I get is can you use the Kenai method in groups and you can do massacre bonuses and groups but everybody has to tag all the mobs which is really problematic if you’re killing mobs your level like if they’re if you’re playing on Hard difficulty or whatever and you’re in a four-man group everything’s dying so fast it’s really hard to get a tag on everything you would have to but since we’re playing on torment one through six it’s easier to tag the mobs before they die so you could do it theoretically in groups I haven’t tested it in a format I would just recommend this for solo players but if you are in a group I’ll link svr did a crazy SVR and Rob and a lot of the boys over there are doing some crazy times with four men completely optimized setups I’ll put his video under the kunai video so like a group video and then this will be like the solo method I guess I also made like this little cheat sheet I put it in the top comment of the video and I just go over some tips and tricks right so number one thing to remember when you’re doing this method is kink and IED does all the damage we just need to survive the run and tag mops for Massacre bonuses I’m gonna be doing this on hardcore so yes you can do it on hardcore I was able to survive on t1 with just vendor gear and building defensively see normally we don’t build defensively we build offensively to kill stuff but yeah your job is to survive so I buy like a lot of vitality gear you know health regen movement speed and a lot of the spells I use like horrify hot spirit walk cheat death a lot of the things to just survive move and get by because you just want to get there and then tag mobs right so I made like a little cheat sheet with the kunai method since it’s a little different a lot of the same things apply though to the normal leveling strat you’re still gonna roll your blood shards you’re still going to upgrade the weapon in the cube you’re still gonna roll your level 70 weapon you’re gonna do a lot of the same strats and that’s why I wanted to make another graphic just so you guys have that and I had another chance to display my paint skills so I’m not saying this is better it’s different and I’m going to do a.

Because it’s different and I’m excited one question I get is blood what are you gonna be doing the season what class you’re gonna be playing you know like what’s your plan for the season I’m gonna be playing semi solo sell found it’s a mode I made up for myself I’m gonna do solo sell found hardcore and I’m gonna do bounties and groups because that’s the worst part about playing solo is doing bounties so all my progression for greater rifts and solo trips will be solo I’ll be hanging out with the community as always I love my community I’ll be hanging out answering questions I’m able to pause the game to when I’m running solo and it’ll be a good time and then I’ll just run bounties in groups so it’s not really s SF it’s like a semi solo cellphone it’s just a made up thing and you should make up your own goals for every season and however you want to play – I encourage it another thing I’m gonna be doing is uploading all of it to YouTube to a certain point so I don’t know what point that is but and as long as you guys enjoy it on YouTube I’ve been crossing over a lot of twitch footage to YouTube and I’m gonna continue to do that in the next season and so you might see a lot of content a lot of people can’t watch twitch at work because it’s blocked or whatever reason I think you can download videos on YouTube I get a lot of things where people say they can’t watch twitch so yeah I’m gonna upload it all to YouTube so you guys have all the content I’ll be where you can play alongside me SS SF so semi solo cellphone do you play alongside me for season 20 it should be a good time I’m gonna play multi classes I’m gonna probably start with witch doctor hardcore t-one running to the kenai method and following the steps that I’m gonna put the graphic in the description so you can play alongside me it should be a good time another seasonal question I get is yo-yo blood yo-yo blood what kind of snacks do you like during the season well I try to stay away from sugar for the most part because it spikes me and then I crash and then I fall asleep so I’m probably not going to do a 24 hour stream but I’m gonna do the long stream and then I’m going to.

All day Saturday so I’ll be live pretty much the entire weekend for the season 20 launch for launch night I like boneless wings cuz I can just eat them with the fork and don’t get my hands dirty don’t get the keyboard and mouse dirty I also like a lot of water trail mix dried fruit I don’t need too much though because it does have sugar right so I did a little like a little bit of like cherries and stuff like that protein bars beef jerky lots of protein I guess I don’t really need energy until like the 12 hour mark on a new season because I’m so hyped I got the adrenaline we’re getting drops and leveling so I usually don’t drink anything maybe a cup of coffee or GG supplements right and maybe like around midnight if I’m staying up all night yeah I try to I try to limit that and then one strata do as I stay up like let’s say the season starts on Friday I’ll stay up super late on Thursday like till as late as I can 5:00 in the morning 6:00 the morning then I’ll sleep late in the day and wake up a couple hours before the season starts that way I’m not up all morning you know doesn’t always happen cuz there’s like yard work outside or you know just the Sun goes through the window so I know maybe I need to board up the windows maybe that’s the best draft for the season I got some patrons here to thank over the last week drew brian gordon chris and peter thank you guys for the support basically my twitch stream and youtube is crowd funded so thank you guys so very much thank everybody for the support over the years everybody that come like the positive and constructive feedback means a lot I’ve been considering disabling comments on YouTube videos because I hate seeing a lot of the toxic you know even my community is one of the best like we don’t really have that much you know but even that is just like oh it’s just nasty the nasty part of the internet I’m not gonna do that but I’m easily gonna probably time people out and stuff like that and remove comments that are just super toxic like just be constructive and you know that’s all I ask I guess just be somewhat constructive the trolli comments is totally fine like somebody said I didn’t say a tear I said aids tear and that’s funny like I don’t mind that it’s just the lately toxicity it’s I’m kind of over I guess so just putting it out there letting you keep you a fair warning if you’ve watched this far in the video I hope you enjoyed my seasonal kind of prep guide and I hope you’re ready for the season.

Thank you so much for watching this is the blood shed and I’m out of here peace.

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