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Jingle-jangle pre good as a bruiser but also it does have carry potential as well depending on how you build in quite versatile actually surprisingly so don’t think it’s as good as a solo lean set but here’s actually pretty decent and then when you pick him you deny from the enemy team so good stuff let me show you the rooms that you run on him because this is something that’s totally preferential you can do whatever you want well there’s like three different rooms I’d written three different key stones first key stone is what I’ve got here press the attack this one is better versus squishy opponents you just bought people pretty quickly you pocket quite fast with your Q so notice when I’m fighting a jungle jungle monsters here the jungle camps if I walk up to this it’s blue buff we do auto auto Q so bam-bam-bam-bam that’s four hits and if that was a champion press attack would be waiting on him right now for the recipe reasons got kind of standard stuff what’s nasty so that I can build a ninja tabi this game and I have to worry about being slowed down sets biggest weakness is just getting chytrid so in any situation where you are yeah CC and stuff it’s not really too much of a fun time for set and secondary of nimbus cloak and most of all kingdoms quote whenever we smite something and get burst and move speed pretty nifty pretty handy stuff and what walking just top it off in there in that sorcery tree that now I’m looking at making Gaeng happen in this top side I think chakra might be as well so that’s why we’re here as you see we ain’t too afraid of shocker even though he has ignite can’t do too much to me set just does a crap ton of damage to press the attack does a crap ton of damage.

All in all pretty nasty stuff fast your W with that huge shield it makes it so difficult for people to actually commit to you now we’re gonna look for this mood because Victor’s pushing out a little bit far here it’s not the easiest lane to gank when you’ve got Vlad in your team but it’s okay so looks like checkers going back tommnow actually don’t want to be there so I’m not afraid of Shaco but I am afraid of well I mean I guess Jace can’t hurt me either but I am a bit afraid of Jace and also mid lane so we have no mid poor oh no top pros which means that if I go for that crab and I fight Shack or I’m gonna get collapsed on by Victor and by Jace so we just don’t you know we just don’t do that I mean instead go for this but play or block crab I should see you see what’s up now I don’t really want to gank mid my shaco is top side or my shaco could be around but he doesn’t have flash so there’s a chance is it cool hello I need to be very careful here because it’s it’s gonna mess me up which is not gonna mess me up but again I’m not afraid of him he’s unlike full health trapping me in the bush there I didn’t even get to use my W like if you January for me they already killed him that’s okay all right jungle I am boobs so it done.

John was quite important now we can start keying a we camps as well single target really easy with with with certainly just like rope-a-doping them down are you wheeze not very good unless you get this you get your tier two jungle item like I’ve got here I didn’t actually mentioned these other under room choices.

Apart from prosthetic so this concur it’s an obvious one better blesses tanky team comps and then there’s after shock after shock is nice if you were just gonna play as a kind of I can engage or kind of a bit more supportive for your team it’s really easy to proc on set you can do it with your ear and your ulti so a really good option but if you want to play more carry orientated then you know aftershock isn’t really the best for that but to be honest I don’t think I think as a jungler you could take off the shock like every game and it would really be a bad thing because you always get value out of aftershock even if you build squishy and carry like aftershock will always still be useful it’s a pretty bastard room now my chickens rip chickens.

Vixx’s level 6 now I’m gonna peep this dragon here although Shaco might be able to do this can we turn this Scott he’s got no manner so we flatten him or you shall focusing the wrong guy press the attack it’s gone for you mate okay.

Pretty sure there’s a box there so I don’t walk into that I could have left that for Vlad and I probably should have left that for Vlad on his feet I mean I’m greedy right so give me that shit but but the benefit of giving that too bad means that you know Vlad has an easier time with things which is which helps me I’m happy if dad’s happy I’m happy no mommy Lena can start stop getting shat on then yeah good stuff what’s up Luxor oh hello Alex was here how you doing I’m not gonna go for this dragon here cuz I’m sitting on a lot of gold to reek warned and I’m shocked I was gonna be in this area cuz he’s blue buff just respawned so not really fit in that play but I am gonna wait there’s a teeny-weeny bit for my red buff sorry my shoes then when we get red buff and we level six and then we can go for this dragon hopefully we’ll catch bottling in a reset as well so my bot Lane gets back to lane fresh without sir isn’t jungle set Q max AJ so I think W Max is still better cuz Q doesn’t really I mean cute accused okay but I feel like it it is it does more damage when you have items rather than getting points in it so that’s my excuse for not buying it I’m gonna profile Q here because we run faster towards dickheads with Q I don’t think Shaco is topside tier so I can probably just smite this guy bop him Chaka is here okay I lied.

Okay set is honestly disgusting like genuinely I don’t know why but for a champion who doesn’t have an escape ha bollocks.

Don’t you flash on me good lad for a champion that has no escape bike set there really is no reason why I over it over it’s over chase like that and don’t die like really so no this is Shaq over here but I’m not I’m not too worried about tracker by himself and I’m really close to level 6 so we’re just gonna take this camp here wolf it as a bad smite loan no I’m gonna ignore my blue am I gonna ignore my blue nice is probably water topside lads disappeared I don’t know where though he’s boss signed so Shaka is my should be on this Harold he’s got made his walking that’s not too bad on the scene he gets two gets he gets pretty big chunk there which is good for us I’m gonna ignore this blue I really am so as set I don’t really care about blue buff gives me 10% CDR but obviously the mana regen is like a complete no factor yo-yo checkers here bugger er he did just use his cube he’s gonna run away okay so now we go for Dragon okay we’re gonna hold this min and go for Dragon hey there’s nothing he can do about this right he’s low we could push out this wave as well if we want it to wouldn’t be a bad decision especially since we’ve gone for quite a squishy carry bill at this game so getting gold and XP where he can is quite important but instead I’m gonna go for the mountain so shocked I should have recalled here basically and set with his great single target damage he’s really good at taking dragons this mountain dragon attacks so slowly it’s like one attack every 10 seconds nought points who’s nought point two five attacks me genuinely every four seconds he attacks me genuinely that is incredible that is so shite see if we can get some things in this jungle here what is topside it might be I don’t even dive the spot line you know do you think we can type what lean I’m kind of feeling it sorry let me just teleport op lemme just TP top my bad so I forgot my TP sure got TP smite that’s my bad honestly sorry about that I don’t understand if I was taking out my gran for not defending Tom but I don’t do you think I can do that honestly I don’t really think he can do that yeah it feels good when you’re balling wins it was very good I’m really happy about that next one ain’t my game a lot easier this is my third game today streaming this second set game both games.

Literally both games run middling rage quit literally now it’s not right I mean he’s he’s struggling but it’s not ragequitting and so I’m thankful I’m hella thankful did that hit him it’s okay we can actually do this in so I don’t know why shackle Raiders makes this kind of greedy but does you mean would just kill you me yeah so this is it you me screwed I was she gonna do okay we take that oh no I’m dead I can’t only my always like an auto-attack mate and we didn’t push this in fuck I come I’m just gonna run under that law if he’s standing okay so hit let’s see if he’s standing here and I run at him so I draw how I groped him to about you know here then he’ll – don’t really achieve much and the problem is that if I’m taking it out all that time then I just die right oh that is close that is close good job load me well I do have a blade set pure bruiser building yeah lethality handle blades are some kind of spicy actually yeah so it’s this play was just a little bit awkward solutely awkward check out being there as well I was definitely running on a timer there and I didn’t quite match the timeline unfortunate my bad boys get that wave in you’ve got that right oh okay yeah I’m gonna go die bad then I think I’ll keep I was on the way I can’t get him either.

Well I guess we push this on the tower I mean it’s already pushing so this I just don’t understand like okay because you for him a weird time it’s just not obviously you’re kind of screwed down you know bloody hell such a weird game want to see feels like everywhere run it so I’m just there like a second too late I’m gonna try run mids that Shaka is knocking about so I’m gonna have to be quite opportunistic with this I might even flash all my flash out excuse me I don’t want to yeah I was gonna say I’m not gonna hide dedicate to this that is the real one is it yeah I knew it was a real one because it was actually taking I knew it’s the real one because he wasn’t dying that fast so shekar’s clone takes extra damage compared to the Rorschach Rorschach’s takes why doesn’t take less damage by comparison he does so when I hit Shaco and I saw that he was a little bit healthy or he wasn’t like I didn’t like 1/4 of his health with 1:1 right click I think it’s probably the real tracker that’s probably legit choco and there it is it is legit shaco i’m not that is press the attack by the way that is press attack right there conquer conquer wouldn’t got me that kill aftershock wouldn’t go me that cool that’s the benefit of having it we are going for a bit of a greedy build this game even our warranty on Triforce if you’re feeling less greedy you know cinderhulk is really good on onset you can even be like a Jarvan thing where you deuce in the whole class black cleaver dude my fist is not having a fun time today I don’t think we want a story are we starting this I will start this I don’t I don’t know smart we don’t know yeah this I don’t think this is a great idea actually but I do have smite now so maybe we can try something you know what I actually think we were just gonna lose this anyway right it’s the real one again fuck did not want to kill the fake one ah stop this now bitches got me you me you get alright cool check I see how I was actually doing a lot of damage that time so I wasn’t sure if that was the real one or not that’s okay that’s okay don’t go stinger or Xin Yun Fitness down especially press the attack get that going down faster I’ve seen someone who’s building Trinity force Terrax into ie into storm razor into he loomed option item really onset okay okay watch the video view from five years ago you were so small I mean I’m a bit chubbier now that’s true definitely making works on the dad board that’s for sure nice I was gonna be infernal ocean ocean Seward another compound about ocean dragon I don’t know why I’m getting my fist on my ps2 so shit today sorry about that guys I wanted to go from this Harold here but always he good he’s good we keep running mate nice ok poor brand he just escaped he just escaped he just escaped poor guy wasn’t to be ok he’s actually dead I thought I’m just right I’m like The Bodyguard you know I just run around makes run my friend a business going down.

Apart from that I don’t you do anything so let’s go from this why nots in the Hulk’s it I mean no set is good a lot of signs and upset you can do that a Warren shunt is a shite turn damaged juice how many times have I killed Chicago just like in one combo of this game set does crazy damage okay she doesn’t have a big shutdown I thought some reason she was like unkillable hey Shaco it’s a highlight with me done like that that’s his farm a little bit I’m a little bit lawyer on with on XP here but to be honest if I wanted to cxp the best thing for me to do probably is to go and so Alain and try and take some rain XP I’ve taken a little bit of an XP this game not a huge amount it’s always the most reliable way to get farmed it’s just done jungle just go into a lane and take that instead so we’ll sit in the stock and we’ll push this in don’t want to use this Harold but I think that that midlane is gonna fall without my Harold as soon as you can save it like a really good shit really good like a better push this is kind of awkward actually so don’t know how it tough actually it’s to talk on bots are they gonna keep pushing do they keep pushing they keep pushing so we Harold which is still bought so JS / you mean give me it’s dead.

So just Jace don’t have any armor he’s got a ninja tabi know if I could kill him alone alright would to be one this here we go.

Look I went near him mess up my W there that’s fine that’s fine that’s fine we scared him off.

Oh I see I see you hunting me down I see you hunting me down now I’m not falling for that I’m gone I’m gone if you face check me here in this alcove I will be upset okay thank you thank you i Triforce wit if I had this before I’d pretty-pretty son I would have absolutely obliterated this Jace once you get trifle already crap you’re so strong any champion any time either by strife force as soon as you buy that shirt it’s huge.

Where Triforce 21 minutes it’s not particularly fast I don’t do.

Start group in there my team is pushing nice I’m just gonna group up with them so if the fight happens we’re around contribute.

What’s up Michael Hayden man why do I take every one of Jason’s cues Jason mate you hurt leave me alone how many doghouse Isis brand out 14 that’s pretty good that’s not bad it’s not bad okay ocean dragon next dragon that spawns we’re pretty big then because that would be our ocean so also at this point playing around Baron is going to be quite good for us okay i smite him there but ships I hate this honey free.

Well fuck how do we lose it so hard we actually weave it all here all right glad times are discussing bad things not discussing enough have I using my all at once this can’t yeah I have once what true we could Victor and we got the crab actually we’ve got the crab we got baits evolution that is that much is he doing AP no I was kind of strange kind of strange okay ninja tabi I just need to I’m generally thinking I’ll just like flash out someone I mean I’m pretty strong so I kind of don’t want to reduce myself to flash outing it’s good chance I get pops doing that but yes okay we’ve got ninja tabi now so why should my berries rush this you know he hasn’t more today but it’s possible somewhat it I see we have sent her okay so playing around bad when you have sent her is kind of risky Kissena takes Baron ridiculously slowly she’s like the slow said he carrier doing that.

Nice yeah we can’t really play for Baron just yet while shadows still alive I mean it’s a really easy easy still alright buddy I see you okay okay we can chill any time checkers around a really daunting as a good idea to try Baron psycho is a really really good baron sinner he just jumps in and you know that’s that ouch flash my flash my her I guess why does she why did she get off of Jace ah shit fuck you know 7hq that’s greedy I flashed too late didn’t even go off a tell me it was ok do I want to go it’s Derek sue I don’t have an EMR I don’t think I should get hexdrinker though I could get Deadman’s that man is actually pretty good onset pretty much the same reason why this volibear has it but if I go Deadman’s I think Eric’s the best ah I see.

– Jase flesh I’m not sure don’t think Jase flashed lol Blakey how you doing man what’s up nice yes he is so speedy without Union fps why so sad.

I mean force to the 50/50 seems like a terrible idea.

It really does I’m sorry that is the row shocker found dead which makes this awkward I think you can I think we can still do it but yeah go off to the gym crying like crab like it’s okay you’ll be okay all right look how slow the bad guys nice yeah see now all right so now we play force dragon why not soon hope instead of warrior you can do you can lose it all so no all warrior probably it’s an Hulk it’s like Jarvan okay it’s like Jarvan you can do either one just depends on you know which one you’re on if I was suggesting sets people I’d probably say go cinderhulk.

That’s cuz it’s you know everything that makes you tanky often is more alive one solo queue.

Holy shit I got that that’s why oh okay I’m so confused I was so confused but I did get dragon that’s the important thing right.

I did get dragon I tried you see my own son cool down but I don’t think I asked you I don’t think it went off I told I tried to install Jaco but then like he Oded as I altered I think so I don’t really know what happens I generally don’t really know what happened then I think no idea it’s that like a real jungle champion yeah yeah yeah Seth is a regional champion definitely it didn’t go off yeah that is I thought it didn’t but some cooldowns oh oh man this game is no I think as this game goes on squishy set becomes like less useful because you start running at people but people when they’re kiting you actually start really shitting on you oh he’s he’s past his tender power spikes I’m a little bit surprised actually a little bit surprised can we just sit in here come here Jenna just sit in this bush if you don’t have the numbers so if we can maybe trap someone that might work just be careful and just be careful that we don’t actually want to fight yeah I’m gonna be able to thank you after sterics they keep yep.

All right just get a big purple I’m such a good measure.

Vlad is on the way he’s not here just yet but he is on the way oh really now I’ve got a recall or do we have to do it honey fruits up no I’m just gonna be clear all right so no flash solution use mobile as a gap closer there he fouled his – so good probably could have done a bit more of a damage combo warning me like Bam Bam Bam Bam I don’t think I’ve Bam Bam Bam Bam dim I think I banned banned banned in which isn’t the ideal combo this game is so close the late game is pretty strong I mean – yeah like Victor and Vlad about recently was strengthened in teamfights their game and might be out of catch solution though right now so Lucian all right I’m just gonna run top and see if Lucian comes to hold this wave please don’t there he part about in oh my sweet lord all right oh that’s barren for sure okay wait no it’s not no it’s not no it’s not no it’s not this has potential so no hoop who’s pinging bound we can’t do baron me for the five thousandth time it’s not happenin okay it’s not happening I don’t wanna be here to be honest with you want to see this this is just something else in there well we do ouch that’s tie shoes a big slow some shepherd if it does really fast yeah okay well avoid ABARES now here’s ten death Palace bike as well so I’m hoping that at least one of my solo laners with their ten death power spike and start popping on so I’m looking good though I’m on the way I’m on the way but yeah I should have been more aware of this morning I never mind check out there anyway okay I think I just need to hope and pray that that can carry us at some point yes because I’m not useless I’m not useful anymore.

I’m very useless right now oh I’m gonna kill me man sure yeah we run that down a little bit didn’t we guys just a teeny-weeny bit and we’ll honor Senna Senna Brian my bot Lane did well honestly my whole team do well good job sadly you know we’ve got our laning phase and we decided we didn’t want to win the game but that’s okay look my gold has washed really low because again we hit mid game it was great and then we just everything stopped a good 10 minutes of this game I just was doing nothing bit sad bit sad anywho that’s set strong jungler helps in it so in this game if I’d gone tanky will do even better but for your plate better anyway alright we go next.

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