Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Farming Guide 2020! Unlock All Legendary Characters for Beginners F2P

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New to Galaxy of Heroes and need a guide or just need help finding the best direction to play? Look no further! The best and most up to date farming guide for Galaxy of Heroes in 2020 to help you do the very best possible while playing free-to-play!

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Attention ladies and gentlemen Gungans and droids across the galaxy this is your granddad Rolando directed a video gaming division here at the Galactic Empire and today we have what is going to be one of the most important galaxy of Heroes videos you are ever going to watch this year and that is a brand new 100% free-to-play and complete farming guide for 2020 a highly requested video lately and I I took out a new project a couple months ago as you guys know I first I don’t like to just give advice and not practicing myself I started a brand new free-to-play account and discovered a new best way for players that come into galaxy videos and follow and now I’m gonna explain in depth how to go about galaxy of Heroes if you’re a new player consider subscribing to the biggest Star Wars Galaxies viras community right here for all the best tips tricks guys the latest information of course some of the most fun you’re ever gonna see in this galaxy so we got a lot to talk about let’s just get right into it and what I’m gonna do right now is just jump start you straight to this gigantic overview right here we’re gonna take a macro perspective of this farming guide and then we’re going to look more in a micro level of each and every one of these episodes this is gonna be the blueprint for what I’m gonna tell you guys today because the core of galaxy videos is chasing after all those characters on the journey guy Padme c-3po Palpatine Thrawn alright see two Jedi Romans are having Darth Malak the list goes on and I’m not this list right here this graphic right here might seem overwhelming but what I’m gonna do is start breaking down the steps of how you as well could master the holo tables here in galaxy if heroes if you are a hyperdrive bundle usually there’s a link in the top right hand corner I’ve already made a hyperdrive farming guide if you’re kind of kind of expedite the frost and cut a lot of corners that’s the guy to check out because you’re gonna be a little bit further ahead compared to these brand new free-to-play players here so there are eight chapters to ahnold’s ultimate farming guide today and we’re gonna talk about chapter number one and that all comes down to our conversation I started a couple months ago about starting a brand new account in 2020 and that is in regards to the separatist faction separatist got major rework slashed and the great thing about the separatists they’re very a free-to-play accessible am their need for one of the biggest characters out there are two of them I should Padme Amidala as loes general Anakin Skywalker this is gonna be the first team you’re going to farm in galaxy heroes as you see even though we’re focusing on SEPTA’s as your first steps in galaxy of heroes we need to start building up for other things at the same time we’re trying to get you generate revenue as early as possible you need a good team in the mean time as well which is what the separatist feeling now in cantina store you could go for a chop at first but I’m gonna argue you’re gonna want to go out there so katana first because ahsoka tano could be used with your eventual padme amidala that the separatists are going to be unlocking for you sometime soon now one thing I want to mention before we start moving on to the other chapters if you finish your squad are in a galactic war cantina store before you finish the rest of the stuff that’s fine go ahead and jump to the next chapter and farm the next squad arena character because most likely you’re gonna form squad arena galactic war cantina store characters and maybe Cantina battle characters a lot faster than the other so don’t think you have to finish everything on this list before you move on to the next chapter if you finish to finish the squad arena carrots like you see nuke gun right here move on to the next chapter and farm the next squad arena character which is Kanan the next chapter I call the rise of the Phoenix so this is where we’re gonna mainly focus on the Phoenix and some rebels and also we’re gonna keep building on upon our Revit farms Jedi Knight ribbon as well as Darth and you’re gonna see some more Darth Revan farms in here and with the Phoenix separatist unlocks you pad me and they have the building blocks for getting to general Anakin Skywalker with things such as the b-2 super battle droid as well as the Magna guard and of course that Jedi Knight Anakin Starfighter here we’re building up for the Phoenix to lead you into Emperor Palpatine and the wrong which should lead you eventually into art c2 let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves right here it’s a beans not on this list she’s a hard no farm not exciting and you really don’t need it the Phoenix you’re just gonna need your unlock to eventually get the Chimera now with hard bales at this point you should be done of Count Dooku keep farming your basa Shon Juhani salvar Jolie and by this point you should have access to Bastila Shan fall and she’ll be needed for Darth and so start that farm as early as possible Gill Starfleet shipments not much is gonna change because realistically you’re not gonna be done with those farms at this point and fleet battles you should have made some progress and now can access things like Carthage is under the second wave of hard battles baseless shot as well as lbar farm bestest islands Albar if you haven’t finished them on the hard battles this should expect the process and quickly finish it up if you’ll notice at this point you should be able to unlock Grand Master because you have a so katana bass LeSean you also have Jolie Kanan and Ezra those are five Jedi right there so right there you should already be able to unlock Yoda as little passively just by chasing after the other types of legendary contents out there see this guy works beautiful let me tell you chapter 3 is the Empire Strikes Back a big focus here mostly on the Empire and as well starting to get the rest of your awal card farms in place we could start building our way over to seed through field a grand moff tarkin gonna be incredibly part because you’re gonna need them to try to get your zeta matt challenge accomplished plus you’re also gonna want grand moff tarkin to get you art seats because at this point you should have Papa teen and throng and you should have Vader already unlocked in five star six stars easy without even really farming because of all the achievements and challenges being accomplished so you’re gonna want to have them for your empire team for your capital shit because the executrix in my opinion is gonna be the best capital ship and slick until you get access to things like the hans balkan cantina battles you’re gonna want to start farming the rest of your Jedi Knight reven characters such as mission and teeth room four and then the tide pile is gonna be the last remaining Empire character you really should need the chase after r2d2 start forming some bond dinners because we’re slowly building our way up the Chewbacca and of course the Hans Falken because you’re gonna need these pilots for their ships hard battles wrap up that bass LeSean fallen hard battle so you can get our thriving hopefully in the next I’ll one or two chapters luckily with c-3po we’ve been already building you up towards c-3po with the elder as well as log great now all we need to do is start getting an early start on those Ewoks and hopefully idealistically if not this chapter for sure next start farming droid Acuff as well as boss two very important characters and very long farm chapter four ladies and gentlemen is gonna be legends of the Old Republic this chapter is all about finally unlocking generate revenue for sure at this point and you might be getting very close to unlocking Darth Emma but to make sure you’re getting there as fast as possible make sure you farm HK 47 at this point and kandar’s overdose should be your first cantina farm once you finish all those other ones and these two characters and if you’ve been farming Juhani as early as i’ve been telling you guys you should be done with her by the time you get to chapter 4 here so by the time you finish up this chapter you should already have your Jedi trend for sure you should already have your Yoda to go that generate revenue should have your pad maybe we should already have Palpatine drawn you should have art too need to be finished up all those Empire farms to get artsy – and in the meantime until you get commander look you can use art to meet it with Padme Amidala if you’d like that’s the Galactic Republic character you’re making great progress at this point you’re gonna have a lot of great characters and you got a lot of great teams already built up just because you’re chasing after these legendary characters and hopefully by the time you complete chapter 4 you should also have Darth Revan and of course one of your main priorities at this point is gonna gear if you’re Darth Revan and your Jedi Knight revving to try to tackle the Darth Malak event but in the meantime while you’re trying to gear up your Darth Revan and your Jedi Trevon seems to get Darth Malak that’s a top priority at this point you’re gonna want to start farming this chapter called a new hope a lot of things mainly meant to kind of finish off that rebel farm to get you over to Commander Luke Skywalker Princess Leia Squad arena again if you’re if you’re a head into squad or in a farm farm the next so which is gonna be stormtrooper hunt kylo ren’s Cantina battle is the single best farming area and galaxy of here is because it gives you his ship and his character farm debt because that is going to eventually build us up to our first order needed for Galactic legend Scott which is way out there but more importantly more and more short term BBA probably done of most of those guild store farms that we showed in the past we’re gonna mix up and show you the next batch fleet shipment you should be done with those Grievous farms the Darth Vader and make sure you start farming the Phantom and the ghost here if you don’t want to do hard battle farms lead battles I’m hoping at this point you have acts as a shakti and be one if not make it a goal because we need that Shakti and that b1 to start getting the general Anakin Skywalker’s fast as possible chapter six much of the first order and the chapter kind of explains itself lots of first order farms going on here lots of first order ever in the cantina Bandos galactic war is a hard battle I recommend you start farming things like huts and the Sith trip and the stormtrooper as early as possible there gonna be long farms you’re not gonna have no time for bb-8 most likely but you want to start this as early as possible because arguably the first galactic legends as your long-term future goal it just be shooting for is gonna be kyle around because it’s just a more accessible character and you need to farm the first order before you get bb-8 for galactic legends race so logically i’m trying to get you guys start as early as possible here fleet battles at this point if you finished a lot of the other stuff we talked about you’re most likely still doing Shakti and be one at.

Point try to add things like Lando’s money and Falken because you’re gonna need Landa’s money Falken for things like the raddest in the future some weird requirements but it’s a long farm get on it now and by the time you finish this chapter up you should already have commander Luke Skywalker for sure if you haven’t had storms you’re behind done by now but you should also that have bb-8 which is gonna be important for our next chapter which I call the spark of the resistance and this is gonna be a lot of heavy emphasis over on the resistance trying to get your veteran smuggler Chewbacca and Han Solo taking care of your pole your pose gonna be needed for the future galactic legends Rey should be finishing up your heart node Farms are at least almost done with your hawk sit rip or your first order hard node farm and Jedi Anakin is on this list because by this point you should be very very very very close the finishing of Shakti and the b1 battle droid so if you haven’t farmed Jedi Anakin at this point I’d farm him simply because he’s gonna be great with Padme Amidala but you’re gonna need him at least just unlocked for the ship that we farmed early on for dead Jedi Anakin you don’t need Anakin at seven stars for the general Anakin Skywalker but he’s just such a great character and he’s gonna be fantastic with Padme or a Jedi team so you probably want to start farming him right now just because of that and finally we get the chapter eight of the final chapter when you’re done farming carry some squad are gonna start farming not stop the ship prestige mats because they’re so hard to come across and they’re so important for building up your capital ships for sure you’re gonna want to get the ebon Hawk because you’re gonna need that ship in order to unlock things like the Rattus and the finalizer hard battles we’re getting to the tail end of those first order hard battle farms and now you should be going all in on the last remaining resistance characters now for fleet shipments at this point there’s nothing else too important to of course you can get Darth Maul scimitar not a very great ship right now so you don’t need to get it but if you want to make sure you get all those ships you can’t farm anywhere else you can get the scimitar but I recommend just keep using your ship currency to go get Zeta matte material so you can try to farm as many Zetas as possible that’s my personal thing I think a lot of people would agree with that and that right there ladies and gentlemen brings you to the close of the ultimate farming guide for galaxy heroes and again this guide is mainly tailored to get you started on the right foot start building up to those legendary characters and if you follow all these chapters you chef pad me for sure is one of your first major Legendary’s in the game chef Yoda you should have seeped through pew Palpatine throw on Jedi ribbon dogs have been dorrance Malick and the list goes on and on and on bb-8 the Chimera Chewbacca Hans money and Falcon this guide is just mainly trying to get you to navigate through this ultimate farming guide and all these journey guide characters that we have in galaxy Rose but of course I didn’t tell you how to farm every single character there are so many characters that aren’t needed for anything but I just feel very good teams the farm such as the Nightsisters getting archery finishing up nihilist farm all remaining characters and squad are in a galactic war the guild store we didn’t talk about things like stark you don’t really need Colonel Stark but you’re gonna want to have let’s just great to have all these characters farm in case they get reworked in case they’re needed for something so literally look at what you have left over if you haven’t farmed it yet try to make time to farm it and of course if you’re done farming and everything start hoarding ship prestige match if you’re done at the cantina farm for sure you’re gonna just want to non-stop farm relic material and that right there ladies and gentlemen it’s gonna be your 2020 free to play farming guide and galaxy of Heroes there’s a lot to do in Gallic tiers I put a lot of thought into this list to show you what you should be farming in a macro view but also trying to guide you on a step by step basis through these various chapters and I’m gonna take you through the Star Wars Galaxies heroes universe and I hope this video is going to be helpful Galaxy Earth is a long term grind unless you spend a crazy mount’s money this guide is gonna take you a couple of years to follow so almost everyone has watched this video whether you’re at the beginning mid gamer at that tail and there’s something to learn from this video but all in all it just take the game at your own pace yes more new consoles gonna be coming out beyond this guide here and if you’re a new player just take satisfaction and enjoy it for getting all these milestones completed as you make your way there galaxy of heroes thank you ladies and gentlemen so much for watching today’s video if you did enjoy the video go ahead that like button comment down below on all your thoughts and of course be sure to subscribe so you’re not missing a thing and I’ll see all you lovely people in the next video peace out everybody.

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