Starting Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes in 2020? Ten things you need to know

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Are you fresh off The Mandalorian, Fallen Order or The Rise of Skywalker hype? Looking for a little Star Wars in your pocket? SWGOH is very fun, but may not be for everyone.

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And we are live tonight from the Outer Rim in what is another gorgeous night here at the hall and guys we are back with 10 yes 10 things you need to know about Star Wars Galaxies of Heroes heading in a 2020 and I’ve got five good things and five bad things you know maybe you just saw the Mandalorian maybe you watched episode nine hopefully it’s good and maybe you play a Jedi fallen order and thought to yourself I need a little more Star Wars in my life well guys stay tuned let’s go to the list and let’s see if this game is worth your time in 2020 let’s hit it halt okay we’re gonna start things off on the negative here and what I will tell you guys is the first thing you know about galaxy of Heroes is that all the meta is the most efficient tactic available all the top teams in this game are manufactured to work together and what I mean by that is you can’t cobble different characters from different factions and expect to get a top-tier result usually the factions whether it be clones Jedi SIF resistance that sort of thing they all require more units of the same faction for them to function at their peak performance so that isn’t to say it’s not fun just know and understand that when you get into this game that you’re gonna be expected to farm up characters that you may not like that work to complement an overall faction so just keep that in mind as you guys dive in for the next point I wanted to make here guys is that free-to-play players absolutely have a place in this game it used to be a lot more free-to-play friendly it has since changed over the last couple years that isn’t to say you cannot compete it being up free-to-play if you are laser-focused with your resource allocation making sure you’re hitting top raid rewards top squad arena rewards op fleet arena rewards you can certainly put together a roster that can compete in this game what I will say is though you’ll have zero room to go farm up things that you actually want to farm up and things that you enjoy as a Star Wars fan by channel and built entirely around having fun with weird random teams we’re in comps and characters that are underutilized so for me having fun in this game is just the sea tier characters and that sort of thing but if you want to be laser-focused and just focus on what the meta is currently saving for the next meta hitting all those payouts and there is a place for you albeit a tight place but you can you can certainly accomplish those goals the next point is kind of a negative point here guys and please understand that there are zero catch-up mechanics in this game so if you have a friend that has been playing since launch and you start playing the game in 2019 2020 just know that there you are you are basically four years behind that point and there are very little mechanics in the game to help catapult you kind of back into the the endgame content that is way different than mmm we’re like World of Warcraft has all sorts of catch-up mechanics people that have haven’t been playing recently don’t expect that in this game they have addressed this in recent Q&A saying they want to do things like that but the velopment team is so lean on this game that I wouldn’t foresee that happening anytime in the immediate future just know that you you can certainly exist within the same char the same galaxy is these other players that have been playing for four years the types of content you’re gonna see and the results you’re gonna see are gonna be two very different things okay another positive to go over here guys is the pricing and this used to be a massive negative and depending on what kind of game you’re coming from it still may be a negative but it’s probably one of the most expensive free-to-play pay2win type games out there in the mobile space but just know that pricing has certainly peaked out in this game it’s a four year old game and a lot of people have since a lot of old-time players have since moved on and we’ve started to see over the last couple months.

Cheaper packs coming out that are high value packs based on what legacy players have been experiencing over the last three to four years I mean specifically a he’s like flash packs that come out very quickly and then they’re gone a one-time purchase we’re starting to see more of that incorporated into this game thus bringing down the overall pricing to get the same thing you would have gotten a year ago for a much cheaper price.

So do know that the pricing is coming down it’s not great by any stretch of the imagination I mean if you want a top-tier new character a marquee character as they are called you could be spending upwards to three or four hundred dollars for that character if you want a hero’s journey or an epic confrontation type character which would require a full team you’re looking at seven eight hundred dollars there’s just no it is not a cheap game but pricing has peaked out and we’re starting to see it trickle back just a little bit the next point I want to make here guys it’s a negative point is the development team around this game if they move at a glacial pace and I’m talking it is bad it is a Star Wars project and the fact that EA has allowed capital games to remain under staff around a Star Wars project has just blows my mind uh what I will tell you is also on the development front they supremely lack the ability to test their own content this recently they had.

Malak event come out Darth Malak come out and game character bug twice out of the gate all sorts of disappearing buttons and all sorts of other complications going on the game currently and I feel like the development team also lacks communication at times while they have been better recently since they’ve had a change in leadership to spend more time talking to the community and what they call state of the galaxy post our communication is very uneven they have access to talk to all the top content creators in this game they don’t exercise the want to do so so we’re giving them a important piece of information we’re hearing from our communities and they are just flat-out ignoring us.

Also I feel like a lot of times they don’t really have the best interest of the player base at in their mind it’s all about the the bottom line for these guys they often see predatory things that they do bigs ways of deceiving the player base anything that would be a small win for the player they generally don’t give it to them and it’s just sent as silly to me that’s it used to be way more forgiving and now that they’ve had this change in leadership they really don’t really throw it with the players upon much at all the next point I want to make and this is a point very near and dear to my heart and the main reason why I really love this game if you love Star Wars you can be you in this game and it’s unlike any other Star Wars game that I’ve ever played and what I mean by that is this game has a huge list of characters I think we’re almost at 200 maybe even over 200 at this point with ships and everything they have a massive list of characters a lot of which of those characters have leadership abilities in this game if you are a fan of obscure characters you get a chance to play with those characters and relive the magic all over again I am a huge robot fan my channel was built around that guy he has a leadership ability with droids it’s just crazy to me that you can play as low bot and he can be your main guy and you can do all sorts of stuff to bump him up and get him to be super competitive and super fun and you can play the game really the way you want to just know as I mentioned before doing those things playing the game the way you want to will come at a cost because that team is not always the best team to run so you can be totally unique and you can have fun you can make weird random thing and what happens if we pulled Darth Malak and Darth Revan and light side revin and vassilissa like you can do all sorts of stuff and it spans all across the entire legends along with the expanded universe and the Canon material as well HK is in there HK 47 from those kotor days so it is a great game for that purpose alone the next point I want to make here guys if you’re just joining this game in 2020 is that fording is rewarded this is something we’ve seen become a massive issue with this game they just had a general Skywalker general Anakin Skywalker event which is now considered at this point at the end of 2019 the best character in the game with the proper faction around him it was a massive event which required his starship it required separatist units it required just like 15 different required units to get this one character and what happened was they released the character of five stars which is basically like a middle-of-the-road type of release and you were then required to have a currency to get the extra two stars to make him his maximum power level well they told everybody that they were no longer gonna add new characters for that currency and they ended up putting general Skywalker’s cards in for that currency after kind of saying they weren’t gonna do that anymore and everybody had spent all their currency and no one had the ability so even all those people that spend a lot of money to get general Skywalker they didn’t have the currency available to get him all the way to seven stars where he actually becomes useful because you can put better mods on him and more gear on him so that is just something to be considered moving forward that boarding is rewarded in this game and only a select number of players under 500 actually got general Skywalker right out of the gate to seven stars and maximum viability.

Okay the next point I hear guys and it’s a very positive point probably one of my probably favorite point I have to make here I’m a second favorite and what I will say is the community in this game is unmatched.

I’ve played probably over a thousand games in my entire life I’m the gamer since I was five years old and I will tell you the community in this game is top freakin notch we have the best content graders we have wonderful people willing to help you we have Star Wars fans we have guys that are just fans of tactical turn-based games we have guys that is totally just love the math aspect and the theory crafting aspect we have many types of des players in this community and guys they’re just out to have fun and you’ll see a lot of those different types of people and different types of players in my community in general a big shout out to the hall you guys want to come over and have a good time come on over to my discord we have nothing but a party and the community is top-notch we’re providing good feedback the reddit is still alive still going strong four years later into a mobile game yeah just have fun with these guys because they’re fantastic okay so the last negative point I want to make here is that cheating in this game still exists and it is existed for four years they’ve done very little to combat it other than you tell us and we’ll go get these guys well this game has had a ton of controversies around cheating all the way down to content creators showing people how to cheat with a hacked apk and that sort of thing they’ve said they have new tools in place to catch these people but we’ve not seen any of those results.

I’ve message directly to capital games cheaters that I’ve seen that my community is seen that we’ve all agreed were cheaters and they have done nothing to address that so that still exists and as far as we know it’s still happening each and every day and this is what’s preventing them from spreading around the crystal income to other game modes like brand arena which is going to be our next topic here but just know that this is a major problem they have yet to address everything is done client-side then report it back to the server and that allows people to send back fraudulent information to the server and get away with it alright guys and the final point that I want to make here is that it is a positive point and Grand Arena is by far unmatched in the Gotcha space the type of game this is a gotcha game where you’re collecting characters you’re leveling them up and that sort of thing brand arena is the best and game mode out there it is the most fun I think I’ve ever had in gaming you take your roster you put it up against someone with a comparable roster you set a defensive set of teams you set it off and then you have your offensive sets and you go head to head with this guy over a 24-hour period and whoever has the most efficiency most wins it’s the win and moves on to the next round and there’s three rounds per week and it goes over the span of a month absolutely fantastic game mode and I would tell you I would cover other mobile games if they had something like this in their code in their game but they just don’t and Galaxy bureaus is unmatched in this regard they were wise to put all their ducks in the Grand Arena because man it has paid off very well for them and it is made the game a very streamable game an event type thing where you can have your community come in and watch you do your grand arena and it’s what really took my channel to the next level in terms of content creation so with that being said guys if you’re new to the game welcome come on by my Hall it is the hottest damn islet Abel Hall on the Outer Rim come in say hi join us for a Grand Arena stream and I guarantee you will have a great time with that being said guys get to your ships safely I’m issuing the evacuation code signal good night from the outer rim Hall.

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