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Hey there guys so in today’s video I do a brief overview of all five bases located within state of decay 2’s Providence Ridge. Showing where they are located and what they each contain.

Video Guide:

  • Start – 0:00.
  • Firewatch Fortress – 01:01.
  • Fortified Truck Stop – 3:02.
  • Fenced Warehouse – 5:51.
  • Prescott Fire Station – 8:48.
  • Lundegaard Lumber Mill – 12:20.

Yes I am aware this is a re upload I had an issue with copyright and youtubes in house editing to remove the music is broken still.

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Providence Ridge bass guide hey what’s up guys.

Irish tail here and welcome back to state of decay – so if those of you guys that maybe aren’t aware undead labs recently released state of decay – juggernaut Edition which essentially is their brand new version of state decay – which has had in a complete overhaul of the graphics and it’s also brought us a brand new map of Providence Ridge and as the title suggests you know in this video I’m gonna be going through all the new bases in this new map for you guys to take a look and see if there’s anything that takes an interest also one of the cool things to know about the the juggernaut edition is this also officially marks the release of state of decay 2 on Steam and the epic store now for those of you guys that maybe haven’t had a chance to play state of decay – at all and if you’re interested I actually have a free copy of the state of decay – Steen Edition I’m giving away so if you’re interested in taking a look at that there’ll be a link in the description you can follow to my Twitter page where I’ll be doing a giveaway for that and yeah hopefully if you need you guys are interested please do feel free to check that out without any further ado let’s get straight into the video and we would take a look at the very first base you come across which is the Firewatch fortress now as you can see here this is in the northeast corner and a map I’ve done a little bit of exploring and basically this is the first map you’ll come into contact with when you play this map now if you’re starting a brand new game and you happen to go through the tutorial this is also the first location the game will bring you to after you do a little bit of a preamble and yeah you come here and you’ve got a very very easy basic base now just to give you guys a very quick idea of what we’ve got here we’ve got two parking spaces inbuilt storage you’ve got your command center there is an infirmary that is inbuilt when you arrive that is always there you have a empty stand then you have two empty slots which I happen to have made into a workshop and a garden and then you have the fire Watchtower which is built in and that’s actually just four beds and also one of the cool things as well is it’s also a survey point as well so if you go up to the top of here I might as well show you guys if you got to the top of here when you first start you can get a good look of the local area that you’re starting in and see what there is to see.

So you’ll obviously get the other little tutorial I think it tells you to go up here but yeah as you can see here I’ve got that obviously I can just have a look and see what’s available so yeah it’s it’s a nice little starting base and again like I said with the new tutorial there’s a lot of new onboarding stuff that’s here just to try and get you you know to hit the ground running and understand everything you need to know about the new bases and obviously you don’t actually have to go up there it’s just a thing that I’ve chosen to do just to give you guys a bit of an idea but that being said we’re gonna take a look at the other bases I’m gonna try and go through them in size order some very quickly to your idea we’ve got fire watch the fire watch here we’ve then got coming over here to the left to the west we’ve got the fenced warehouse and in between that we also have the fortified truck stop so probably go truck stop then fenders warehouse with um comes south down to the Prescott fire station and I will finish up with the lumber mill now these locations there’s some interesting stuff to take a look at without any further ado we’re gonna jump over to the four five truck stop and I’ll see you guys when we get there alright so here we are at the fortified truck stop or rusty roses as you can see from the convenient sign up there and that it’s just like sort of the first medium tear base you’ll come across now the base itself it actually comes equipped with an auto shop obviously female mechanical skills there’s also a built in a fuel storage that doubles as a watchtower and there’s a couple of other cool things take a look at so we’re gonna come in here first of all and we’re gonna hang a right and we’re gonna go take a look at that fuel storage so again it’s pretty much just a standard fuel tanker but again that doubles is a watch tower there so teammate you’re survivors will be up there shooting clearing out the local zombies we’re then going to come over here to the right hand side now obviously this is your radio tower this is where your survivors will be storing things and obviously when you can dump supplies as need be and basically your radio station works where they’re going to come around to the far side of the building you know on the left here as you come through the front and you can obviously see here this is the inbuilt workshop or auto shop and there you can build your car upgrades here fix cars what-have-you.

You then got your first small outdoor slot again whatever you want to build and then we have the Clio drop now again this is a clearable spot this can be cleared away with the right skills and you know potentially we’ll get some nice goodies out of that as well being able to clear that Clio drop and once you’ve done that that becomes a free usable space then gonna head into the diner itself and again you have this first indoor slot right here right at the front well you know straightest straight as you come in it’s pretty much exactly there for you you’ve got your main storage here to drop off supplies as need be you can obviously upgrade this what have you and then we have our built-in kitchen and the built-in kitchen here very nice just you know fix it up that will get that sorted and then back here we actually have the hidden distillery now again this is you know to make alcohol things like that it’s really good for like getting trade resources quite early on if you want to make maybe make like a little farm outside and use the food to make alcohol to sell that’s a you know a fairly nice little process there and yeah like I say it’s it’s a generally it’s a nice spot it’s essentially located across the whole map gives you easy access to pretty much everything if you look at the base itself one thing there like I say you’ve got a failed Clio drop you’ve got the kitchen and built the fuel tank watchtower the seating area it’s clearable you’ve got you know parking so you can also clear another spot in here as well a couple of spots in here as well this one and this one over here as well I completely forgot about but again they’re available to clear giving an extra two slots you’ve got an inbuilt bathroom not that it’s in the best state but yeah you know it’s it’s a nice starting mid tier base like I said and it’s one of two options we’re gonna have a hangover to the next one now which is the I believe it is the fenced warehouse so this is more for building auto parts and upgrading that way the other ones can be mainly for storage but like I said we’re gonna hop over there now and we’re gonna take a look for you guys and there you can have a look and see what I’m talking about and then we come to the fenced warehouse now this one as you can obviously imagine has a lot of storage being a warehouse itself as we come in here you can see six of them but this part could be a place to sit it could indeed be a place to set down roots you come in here you put the first indoor suprice spot we then have you know one large spot here just locate well just located here in front of my face we then have another couple of small slots back here as well so you know you’ve got a lot of open areas or to use sorry that might be the large lot there it’s been a while since I’ve played that’s the large slot you’ve another.

Here you’ve got your clear out clear out can’t speak today your Clio storage drop again that’s failed again this is clearable to give you another extra spot and then we come in here it’s the warehouse it has two sets of sheltered beds so that’s there and there obviously what’s upgraded that can be four and four it’s give you eight survivors in one area and then we have our warehouse storage now again this just means you can have a massive amount of materials coming through this base there’s a lot of storage potential here there’s a lot of sort of customizability on this base rather than the fire station which has kind of a lot of settings stuff this one has the ability to you know let you get some extra stuff get some extra bits and bobs it’s definitely worth considering it’s the other sort of mid tier base you can move in here once you’ve got four survivors and a thousand you know reputation whereas the other two sort of further down you need eight survivors and 3,500 influence so they’re a bit more expensive but this is definitely a mid tier basis definitely wanted to consider Percy like I said I think my personal choice would be the truck stop just because how its set up and what I look for in a base personally but again this is a solid choice it gives you some fair scavenging opportunity sort of around here you know it’s not so centrally localized to the bottom right hand corner map the London lumber mill might be a little bit too far for you fuel wise if you’re watching that but you know it’s a solid choice it’s it’s like I say it’s really small in sense of like what’s here but customizability there’s a lot more opportunity for you to choose what you need but yeah it’s worth considering you’d probably have to get a kitchen in there at the very least to get food so it’s I’d probably put the kitchen there you’ve already got your beds anyway so you don’t to canoe that you’ve got your storage that’s all set then you’ve got these extra outdoor slots here that you can fill you’ve got you know your three small ones and your one large one so that’s your one large back right there and then you’ve got your one two three small ones and a fourth small one once you’ve cleared away the clio drops so you know there’s a nice bit of space here like I said there’s a lot of options personally not for me but you never know it could be a place if you want to have a lot of construction supplies and really choose what you want exactly but with that being said we’re gonna hop on now down over to the Prescott fire station this is probably one of my favorite places for this map only them like a quick run-through just to sort of take a look and.

Yeah I think this is where my late-game gait base is gonna be personally but again it’s just it’s all choices I’m just kind of giving you guys the options that are available but with that being said I’m gonna hop over there and we’re back with you in just a moment so here we are at Prescott Fire Station now this of the locations in personal opinion is my favorite and I’m going to briefly show you guys why now as you can see here it is basically just a disused fire station but I think personally the facilities it provides are pretty awesome so we’re gonna come out right outside first of all and I’m going to show you this is the boring bit we’ve got two large outdoor facilities just Yesi but two large outdoor slots here one there and there but two small outdoor slots here as well so you know you’ve got four toe compare I’m gonna come inside this place could be a home you know where there’s a lot more interesting stuff to look at so first of all you have a set of sheltered beds there they are clearable though you blob viously need the beds we then have you know the general storage area we come to drop stuff off we have our radio just over here we then have at the back here which i think is awesome which is a fully upgraded you know workstation so obviously that gives you old materials you need everything there it’s really really useful it’s pretty standard to be honest for what you’re what you normally expect you know just reduces the parts cost for everything you build or repair you know it’s just very typical we’re gonna come straight up here now and we’re gonna just look over there we have a emergency services training so this is pretty cool obviously that teaches you to fight as it’s a gym and also because it’s an emergency services training actually teaches medicine and once once it’s all upgraded you can actually get passive injury recovery obviously it’s not quite as good as an infirmary but it’s pretty useful and we’re then going to come over here and we can see the inbuilt bulk storage again this is just an inbuilt bunks very useful and then we have this other thing here which i think is awesome this is actually a fully leveled up kitchen top-tier kitchen it’s the firehouse kitchen so yeah it’s a nice location it’s got a lot of utility options here we’re then gonna head straight up to the top of the building and we’re gonna take a look at the Scout Tower and the Scout tower here actually allows you to have three guards you know with no ammo cost and they also gives you a radio command to scout nearby areas which is pretty cool and again having you know three guards with zero cost and ammo that is really really useful for your base and then we’re going to come cap come to the bottom of the tower I’m going to show you my favorite thing about this base location which is the inbuilt utility room now this inbuilt utility room gives both power and water to your entire base so the whole base will get power and water from this room right here it’s completely free there is no requirement there and I think that it’s pretty awesome.

Means you don’t have to waste your arm you know your your outpost little slots with a power of water location because you’re getting it straight from inside your base I have another cool thing to note very quickly as well as the kitchen that so obviously has its own food storage so it gives you even more space to have food obviously maybe out here you can set up a private trip Onix maybe an infirmary because do you need that and then maybe you know like a workshop I don’t know you don’t need a workshop so maybe an autoparts builder or something and you know it’s just there’s a lot of option with this base but it has a lot of awesome inbuilt facilities as well which is why I think it’s one of my favorites and I think it’s definitely worth checking out especially for the late game just to remind you guys is down here in the bottom left hand side of the map is the friar station I think it’s definitely one of the better options for late game base I’m gonna go and show you guys next like I said the lumber mill now again I don’t personally think it’s amazing but I’m gonna obviously show you guys the base give me a few bits of information so I’ll see you guys when we get there and I yelled back in just a second and here we are at the final location of the Lundegaard lumber mill now this location here is probably the most unique location of all of them at least on this map and that is for one very special reason so we’re gonna come inside and we’re gonna just take a look very quickly I’m going to show you what the main thing is so when you come in you can see it’s a pretty bear location you’ve got a pile of logs just here you’ve got a bit of a sawmill you’ve got your radio station just up there and your sort of your storage here now the reason this is such a unique location is not because of these three small in the door slots but it’s the outdoor slots that make this base the most interesting so you let’s just count very quickly you have one large building slot you have a second large building slot you have a third large building slot you have a fourth large building slot which seems you know pretty awesome however the cool thing about this is that pile of logs there is actually clearable giving you a fifth large facility slot now obviously that gives you a huge huge huge amount of flexibility in how you want this base to be designed you can choose whatever you want for your sort of Billick base things so you know be that you know a huge set of you know power you maybe you want to get you know some gardens get a load of food going you know there’s all kinds of options for this you know it’s very much it’s very much kind of like the personal survivalist best choice like I say you can pick exactly what you want from this location it is it is left completely open for you to build what you want where you want you will obviously need to at the very least build a barracks so you’ve got enough beds because there are no inbuilt bed slots here it is just left for you to do as you will and I think for a lot of players that’s gonna offer them you know what they want when they really want that flexibility to build what they want whereas other people I don’t they’re gonna be overly keen I think they’ll be a bit of a disappointment and saying you know that they don’t really know what they need and it’s obviously gonna take a lot of time to get the materials obviously this sawmill does help as it does give you some production materials there and but again I personally it’s just not for me I think I don’t mind the flexibility I just think that you know there are certain things you’ll have to build just because you need them our facility so you know there are certain slots that are gonna be taken up with things you’re gonna have to build but you know feel free to prove me wrong feel free to head over this location build up an awesome base you know you can do what you want I mean one of the things that was suggested is you know why don’t you build all four of the leader facilities you know because you can do that here you know it’s it’s very much an idea of people being able to fill out what they want to fill out build it how they want to build it like I say personally not for me but I think a few people might enjoy it so there you go but with that being said those are your.

Five bases on this new map so very quickly just to give me the run there once again you have the initial fire watch camp just up here very simple very small not gonna last you very long you don’t have your mid game bases at the top here we have the fenced warehouse and we have the fortified truck stop you then come down here see the southwest we have the Prescott fire station and then you have the lumber mill so again they’re nice locations personally I think what I’m gonna be doing is I’m gonna be moving from the refugee stops my refugees are here from the fire tower over to the fortified truck stop and then down to the Prescott fire station that’s just I think to the path that I’m gonna take on this map obviously you know that’s just my opinion you guys can obviously take your own things this is never a video about telling you what to do it’s simply a video about showing you what’s available and giving you the chance to use it but with that being said guys I really hope you enjoyed the video again it’s just here to show you guys what’s there and if you did feel if you did enjoy it please feel free to hit a like button subscribe for more state of decay content coming soon I am getting back into the game I’ve had a bit of a break but I think with the juggernaut edition I really want to come back to the game and with that being said again just to remind you guys this is at the start I am giving away one free copy of the Steam version of state of decay to juggernaut Edition so if you do want to take a look at that feel free to take a look at the description I will post a link to my Twitter page where that competition will be held yeah so please head over there follow me you know all sorts of things there please do keep in touch I you know I use a lot of Twitter it’s I use a lot so it could be worth just checking out in general but with that being said guys I really hope you enjoyed the video thanks for your time and I’ll see in the next one you.

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