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I’ve played a lot of smash and I watch a lot of smash and sometimes is easy to forget that when I play and commentate and throw around so many technical terms of radiations and acronyms but to the average person it might sound like we’re speaking a totally a different language I know a lot of my viewers don’t actually play the game all the time like me so in this video I’ll be covering all the terminology you might hear me say in a smash video and what it means let me know in the comments which terms you learnt today and let me know if you knew everything because that means that you are a smash professional in smash your moves will generally do percent and knock-back percent can be seen as damage you are died you take a certain percent but the higher your percent the further you’re gonna fly when you get hit we call this flying when you get hit knock back if you get knocked away all the way to the edge of the screen you hit the blast zone the blast zone is an invisible border that surrounds the stage touch the blast zone you die and lose a stock to deal percent and knock back to your opponent you have to hit them with some attacks a jab is the most simple attack you press the attack button which is normally a on most controllers press it a couple times to do a jab combo press it a lot of times due to rapid jab by holding your control stick in a direction and then pressing a you’re going to perform a tilt attack now every character has a down tilt a forward tilt and an up till you hear us often shortening these to detail F tilt and that oh my god when will it stop if you smash your control stick in a direction while you’re pressing a you’re gonna perform a smash attack these are normally stronger but slower than tilt attacks you could also charge the lot by holding a for some extra power and it leads to some very funny situations if you press a while you’re in the air you’re gonna perform what we call an aerial attack every character has five of these so I’m gonna go for the speed round all right here goes for dad which would call off air back air which we call a bear down over to record air usually what we call in there and up air which we call it good if we put all these moves together it makes up what we call the normals of a character so if these are normal then we’ve also got specials now specials are performed by pressing the button which is normally be now these moves are usually more unique but usually more situational there’s up down and side specials but most people were shortened to an up be a downbeat and a side B if you call it a forward B I’m sorry but we can’t talk anymore if you’re on the ground you can also do what we call a grab after you grab someone you can press a or the grab button again to pummel them doing a small amount of damage and then you can throw them by pressing it into a direction so we’ll call that like a forward throw back throw etc this does damage and knock-back and can even lead into combos or kills depending on the throw and the percent the reason you would do a grab over just a normal attack is that grabs go to your opponent’s shield every character has a shield this blocks attacks aerials and almost all specials as you hold it it gets smaller but it also gets smaller by taking hits with what we call shield damage some moves through a lot of shield damage for no reason if your shield gets completely taken down you get what we call shield broken then you have plenty of time to think about your poor life decisions while your opponent hits you with literally anything they want to if your shield is small moves can hit you around the edges where your body is showing this is a shield poke if you move your shield around by pressing the control stick gently you can block these but normally people just use this for some advanced teabagging strategies you can dodge moves completely with either a spot dodge or a roll these are pretty infuriating online because they work way too well when you can’t react to them and it makes new players think that there’s a lot better than they actually are.

You can also dodge in the air by pressing the shield button and do an air nod but watch out if your opponent expects this you will look extremely stupid there are multiple ways you can move your character around in smash every character can walk run or – some characters can also Crouch water jumping is also a massive part of smash you can do a full hop which is a full sized jump a short hop of which you perform by tapping the button very lightly and quickly and you can also do a double jump some characters have ever more jumps than that if you happen to get knocked off the stage you can use a combination of your double jumps and or just and your upbeat to make it back all of this put together is called your recovery.

When you get knocked back you’re gonna start tumbling through the air if you hit either the floor or a wall while you’re in this tumble if you press the shield button at the right time you will do what we call a tech if you do not tech you’re gonna bounce off the stage if you hit the underside of a stage and do not tech that’s what we call a stage spike now the timing for a tech is not that hard but it does require a bit of practice and a bit of muscle memory a spike is a move that says you pretty much straight down these can kill people extremely early if you hit it off stage and often considered as pretty disrespectful and something to really be proud of you can hit one now that I’ve covered the basics I’m gonna go over a few common terms that you hear us use a lot first one up is the SD short for self-destruct basically this means you accidentally kill yourself in the game if you can take your opponent’s entire stock without taking any damage at all that’s what we call a zero to them because it takes them from a zero percent to their death now most youtubers absolutely love this one because it makes for really good content if you manage to win a free stock game without taking any damage we’d call that a JV four because you have effectively four stop them by not taking any damage on your first stock some moves give your character super armor where their immune to all knock back while a using boom heavy Mane’s unate aureus for absolutely loving these moves as it can be pretty funny to just power through your opponent’s move and then hit them with something crazy some moves will hold you in place in the game this includes getting grabbed or getting faerie now you can get out faster by doing what we call the mashing so mashing just means pressing as many buttons as.

You can destroy this period of time I absolutely hate mashing because I think it’s stupid but you know you just gotta learn it anyway you just got to do it otherwise you’re gonna get involved in these battles the next few things I’m gonna go over I would consider some intermediate skills so when you’ve started getting a bit better at the game this is the kind of things you’re gonna have to start thinking about first up is spacing so spacing talks about how far away you are from your opponent and you play a might just hold it into their opponent while running out them into attack but with good spacing you can sneak around their moves and weave in your own without getting hit if your spacing is good you can often hit your opponent shield without them being able to punish you or do anything about it we would call this a safe move the next one’s a term that I had a lot of trouble wrapping my head around when hours first day to play smash and that is the term of the neutral neutral refers to when in a match neither player has a better position than the other you can think about it like the game has just started you’re on the same spot on the same stage facing each other with nobody really having the upper hand just yet it’s most players goal to during the neutral put their opponent into a bad spot where they have a limited number of choices about what they can do if you have these limited choices that means you are now in the disadvantaged State if you hear people saying this character has a good neutral it means that they have a lot of ways of entering their advantage States usually moves that are quite good in neutral projectiles safe moves pretty much anything they can get your opponent hit without you getting some examples of being then the disadvantage is when you’re either off stage above your opponent’s on the ledge or anywhere where you have limited options a term abused a couple of times already is a combo so I thought I’d better explain that as well a combo is where you can hit someone multiple times in a row without them really being able to do too much about a true combo is where they cannot escape at all so you might hear us asking is that a turn table where that means is there a chance I couldn’t escape where they do have the opportunity to escape sometimes we still call it a combo but then it’s technically more like a string so we call it stringing together moves if your opponent is above you and you’re continuously trying to hit them up and keep them off the ground that is called a juggle you can keep them in a disadvantage stay for a really long time by juggling them and a lot of characters have a lot of trouble landing or getting down back to the drown if you can stop something from making it back to the stage you’ve done a successful edge guards when guarding the ledge it’s pretty self-explanatory you can edge guard by throwing out attacks room on the stage or you can go off stage trying to hit them with an aerial on their way back when you let go of this your button there’s a very short animation where you can’t do anything as the shield drops certain moves can completely skip this animation and we call this doing a maneuver and a shield things you can do add up shield and jump upbeat and up smash this can mean that you might be able to get a punish that you wouldn’t be able to get otherwise now this is one that I see get thrown around a lot but a lot of people don’t know what this is so this is a bra or a reverse aerial brush this is where while dashing you turn around as you jump which means that you’re now facing backwards without losing any of your forwards momentum this can be great if you want to approach someone with your back air especially if you’re gonna be able to get a combo offer you’ll hear us talking about a read a lot so like I got the read that was a sit read all the time people don’t actually know what we’re talking about so I read of the term where you kind of guess what your opponent is about to do normally you’re gonna make this guess of what they’ve done so far by reading their option you can get massive punishes make them look stupid and do a lot better than you would be if you were just throwing out random moves a lot of the time we kind of confuse option coverage and reads so option coverage is where you throw out a hitbox just to try and cover as many things as you can wear a read is where you really pull out when you can go get a dirt and then color that one specifically so most people have heard of di before so I won’t go too in depth on it but di stands for directional influence di can affect how far and at what handle you go flying out when you get knocked back you affect your di by holding a direction as you’re being hit now something that you might not know is SDI so that’s short for smash the AI or smash direct or influence this is a kind of different type of di you can do while you’re getting hit especially in multi hit moves this means you can fall out of moves and they might not actually finish connecting which can be really handy for escaping certain combos a B reverse is a slightly more advanced technique that you can use which turns your momentum around while if you’re pressing a special move so if you were to jump up in the air B reverse your move you’re gonna be able to turn yourself around change the momentum up and potentially mix up your opponent which can be very useful now the next one’s a really fun one that I really like to perform myself so this is a jab low if your opponent misses attack and you get to them really quickly as they bounce on that ground with a very weak move which is normally a jabber most characters they’re gonna get stuck upon the floor and allow you to do any follow up you really want to move all of a horizontal knock back are often really hard to tech especially online and you’ll see players are going for jab locks after they hit one of these moves but since your opponent sideways so that’s it for today I have by no means covered every different term and every different tank in the game there are hundreds if not thousands of different things that you have to learn but these are the basically you might hear my videos from time to time thanks for watching let me know what you learnt in the comments and I’ll see you next time.

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