Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – The Best Guide To Ultimate Jigglypuff (By Hungrybox)

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You all asked for it and Hungrybox has delivered! Hbox reveals all of his secrets and knowledge on Jigglypuff in Smash Ultimate in this exclusive guide here.

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The most expensive pop tutorial of all time I’m gonna teach my sneakers in this game.

As I said it for a while there we go this how well started alright everyone welcome to the official hungrybox ultimate puff tutorial it’s been a while they’ve been promising this and now we’re actually gonna do it I know that in general puffs are suits and buffs recently puffs done pretty well in the general general scope of things compared to what she was doing earlier when the game came out and especially in turn asked for definitely a more viable character and my experience definitely still has a lot of faults that she needs to sort of work with but if you play properly there’s some matchups I can go pretty well in your favor and in general what you want to do with this character is with punish a lot so I’m not with punish you want to punish their whips right that’s what I meant to say this is a very much better reactive character than a rushdown character and so because of that you can do quite a few interesting things but you got to be careful with how she is right so as you know puff is a balloon she has one two three four five jumps six count one so it’s just one month and then two three four five six just five double jumps one name John um and the cool thing about puff especially after the buff is that she has one of the best horizontal or you know movement air dogs to the wrists so a lot of times we going for low edge guard way down here you can recover it and you can up hold hold up on your control stick and air dodge and you snap right to the ledge in fact doing so is actually a better way to get the ledge than just jumping.

If you jump sometimes you go over the ledge at that like you go just a little bit over the lip you know want to do that but if you go down here and you almost air dodge into like the bottom part of a Ledge it’ll snap and magnet catch that’s a really really good way to get back up right look how low you can go.

It’s sickening it’s sickening okay so keep that in mind that’s a really really big tip you see me did a lot when I play so recovery is really good there and of course if you’re like getting afraid of getting forward smash the big rains you can do to the right left also not as far let’s say you can store that pretty well look at that so neutral your neutral in this game is playing around platforms safely in general when someone bush an attack you want to punish all right so what’s the best way to punish with puff-puff we get them down here so when you when you make him when you’re shielding and then you grab someone you always have a few options they can pummel which is you never want to phone with my opinion unless they’re a high percent in general in general pummeling you should only do when they’re a high percent because they can’t get out I do I say one maybe like grab two pummels than them but for a forward throw kind of broke in the latest patch puff for throw got buck so when you throw someone the angle they’re going as a lot lower which means the classic puff kill in this game is simply to grab they go down and you go for a nice card alright that’s a very simple example but that’s that’s the that’s that’s the bread-and-butter right depending on all the other characters and how they recover it’s not as easy obviously you know I can take him some hard ones like top my head like polity and if it teleports snake Kitty the cipher and it goes up and down but I can sort of show you in terms of edge cards a good idea right there so like I said neutral is know is mainly about using her aerials wisely if she goes as a computer and just mess around the platform’s right you want to come down with things like following up airs one following up air leads to an up toe needs to fill it up in a nice little juggle isn’t easy percent there also you notice that’s forward air for instance has both are hard and a soft hitbox the soft that bucks right there is great for congos the hard one is great for knocking them off the stage the soft will clean to other things but a soft one that right there I did soft border and – tag.

Soften there.

A down smash right there if you can land it it’s two frames and recoveries so soft fair – tag.

Now when there are a high percents you’re saying how does pop kill okay puff kills with three moves back here three fast moves honestly one more than three you can kill it back here you can kill it up till you kill it – tag and they’re technically any murder arrows can kill a forward or an air and back there but those are the strongest ones like narrow he’ll do well but look it up – up still comes out really fast and they’re dumb enough to go into it it’s easy well a lot of times you can read up totes what’s not as good back here is good you can move backwards with it and then it killed it’s really hard you see that you saw that that pound right there is a great way to counteract those really fast snap recoveries and that’s what you want to do is pound speaking of pound this move is ridiculous pound is so dumb huge disjoint each shift alive pops them up and if you’re really good can actually get combos out of it too pound can go from pretty close to pretty far right and depending on what part of pound you hit they go in certain directions now you’ll notice that that’s the recently the patch people talking about Oh pound rest on this and that pound res has always been there but you know because there’s more stunt on shield because pounded up buffed it’s a little different so you can actually connect it if you get really close you’re not stuck sorry.

That’s right I can get a problem and you know it’s like killed her at 30 percent on the side platform right pound is good to use a neutral along with aerials because it does so much done on shield so even if they shield it it still stuns them and hurts a lot the point where it’s actually rather safe on shield so you want to use two pound pretty often I would say but then again if they read your pound it’s easy with if you don’t want to get too friendly with it too frisky with it so to speak but you know in general it moves it’s a move that lingers into the public I might say hbox what the was that that was a really good rest well another tool that I want to explain this up air up here actually lasts a lot longer than you think so watch you see that even though it’s already kind of ending its hitbox it kinda just goes right and a lot of people won’t really see that coming so if you catch someone the following up here that’s pretty good into arrest right so you think about that and falling uppers pretty good so you want to experiment and fall on that brick there’s an active dog for a long a lot longer than what people think fair like I said you have strong fair we have softer to it and soft fair leads into one a puss the most reliable kill setup super aggressive so if they’re in the air soft fair actually connects to rest a puff is not very good but door about that once it’s ready my editor is gonna save all this work here we go so if you actually land soft fair in the air with Jigglypuff you can actually hit a rest out of it let me show you what to do up tilt software rest here all right so went over recovery and how to use some of your aerials especially ones like pound pound of course have a lot of late a lot of you know a lot of meat to a lot of girls a lot of range and reach also just a lot of impact on shield but now for rest setups I want to go over a few then we’re really good the first press up you noticed I’m going to do is actually one even soft fair if you have soft fair that actually connects to rest like I said Fair has with a soft and a hard part somebody showed that looks like like I meant an Edgar situation edge guard soft fair so if you want to learn how to use good rest set up soft redress is very very reliable let me show you we’re gonna get our guy into about okay it’s about sixty percent.

We’re gonna go for an etiquette situation all right and that’s not fair to rest right you can hit that in neutral a lot more to set it up it’s actually different but once you’re in the movement of the game it actually happens a lot easier so if you notice I hit down the first try it’s pretty reliable so much out to you guys and there it is again so software the rest is a really really good one another one that’s really really good.

Is maybe a little lower you get to get powned to rest but just a little earlier find a big target is really really good so pound and how does the big tarnished kind of easy but you can kill people a pretty low percents in devastating style too so pound dress is really good so we’ve got fear to rest pounds to rest another one is probably up tilt rest up until rests right there forty it’s pretty reliable it’s a true combo to you know it’s a combo counter on the side true combo but you gotta be careful at up with all these rest setups it’s all percentage dependent saw admits aren’t the characters especially with rage to you’re gonna be too sure it was actually a spreadsheet that I have linked in description showing I believe every characters percentage at which they die from rest on battlefield and ft so that’s in the description below if you want to see it like I said the rest pretty good another one that’s pretty good is following up air rest like I said so basically up arrest I said earlier up there last a long time but if you pop muck represents a big Bowser at 40 when you’re following up and connected resolution combo right there this works phenomenally on care looks like Ridley Ridley at 55 percent will documents combo every single time I mentioned earlier that pound is good for rested ups you can angle pound so go straight or up or down right depending on how you hit a character that changes how you get a pops up so I’m gonna do a far away downwards pound on Bowser and see right there couldn’t really hit it but if I hit a sort of direct head-on pound like this the rest of entry accomplished so let’s throw out those two a little bit now there is a move here that’s really really great that I used pretty often especially online but in tournament and it’s actually sing and this game sing is actually a pretty good move my main uses of sink is with platforms so you notice right here Bowser’s on a platform right he’s moving around I’m gonna turn him off the CPU mode I’m gonna study and show you I wanna do I don’t think I’ll be clip you can do short hops sing and cover the entire space of a platform so if someone’s on a platform you can cover a tech chase option so you hit someone on a platform they’re gonna drop down these are gonna not tech or they’re gonna tech if they tech either get up in place Tech to the left or tech to the right so let me show you up there there right right there he did it tech I sang falling down that’s an easy rest right there okay again let me show us to you if he’s at around $60 days on the platform he were around 69 strike and up there no tech so right there he got the text I was fine but a situation where he doesn’t take it all this happens the moment he doesn’t tech right there that Shing is active he falls asleep if he text to the left or right that stinkin box will actually cover it just up with it and tall characters still get hit by it underneath you so you can act as sometimes you sing on a platform and if they’re tall enough or if they go for an up smash or removal a lunge upwards that sing will somehow still connect it’s a very odd phenomena happens in this game it’s pretty pretty great I’ve I’ve cheesed my way out of a lot of a good stuff so that’s really really good again sometimes I became a top platform look at this you can do you can do a little bit of a sing clip underneath and they’re already sitting on top of from ready for you and of course the higher percentage your opponent is the longer sing last fall asleep so experiment that because really sing is still a good move like you can use it sometimes in random in the scuffle things in neutral depending on where they are especially on a platform like battlefield platform length or even put one stay about from life you can find them too.

I wouldn’t try it too much on Smashville because smash was a very long platform not to quite a bit of a day right there puff raw is not really good it ties up all the way pretty quickly so all the way it looks something like this it’s not bad right when to use rollout right you might think if I choose a move roll out on finalist nation really good there’s no platforms and it kind of force your opponent to make an option if your opponents at a hundred percent no matter what character they are and they see rolled out they’re gonna panic for a little bit you’re gonna jump to the platform or they’re gonna try to get you right what you want to do with rollout is kind of fake it right what am I thinking.

Roll out you can either do one two three usually three turns but if you do it really tight corner one two three four right so there’s four times three or four times you can do it and depending on to how you do it it might actually hurt them now look at this if your opponent is shielding and do roll out it should actually eat through shield see how it ate through the short there it’ll either eat through the shield or in some cases so near the ledge right here it’ll actually break their shield this works.

So right there it didn’t break your ship his bars big guy but you notice how much small the shield shrank if they move even a little bit it can break their shield and don’t worry if you if you fall off the states with you fall the stage with rolled out most of the time connected recover so don’t feel too bad also in in previous games if you did a stop rollout and went off you would fall to your death but puff gets out animation and you get right there all right so that’s good so I showed you up a rest pound rest up tilt rest oh yeah jab reset.

Jab reset is extremely reliable right right there you see this if you jab your opponent while they’re on the ground they get up automatically but do not go for a rest here there’s no point in going for a rest on a one-on-one aim that’s a tuition you want to know why because Singh is far easier to hit let me show you sure you could do this jab jump and look to that rest maybe they get up in time but if you do jabs Singh it’s actually a lot better Singh is active the entire time you don’t got to worry about hitting it or being precise and when they’re asleep they’re super asleep you have all the time in the world hit him with the rest especially when they’re above 60% there’s another there’s some advanced techniques that bass major other puffs employ I think it’s called a Shan jumping we’re depending on how you move you can sort of almost teleport up on the ground and do some critical things out of it there’s a video he made on that you’re only going to see it I’m not too great at it but it sort of allows you to sort of boost your mental with puff forward I’m probably like that video in the different below as well and now the biggest buff of course of the new patch is drill rest drill rest I will be straight up you see me land it a lot like very often right you’re like wow hey Chuck it’s so cool he hits that every single time that’s so amazing I wanna be just like swan and hit drill rest and be the best player in the world in melee well hiya so sad news for you as cool as it looks here on this video and I can do it with my eyes closed are you kidding me.

It’s easy as it looks it doesn’t show true it’s not guaranteed it’s not guaranteed because puffs down air actually has weird property where depending on which one it lands on you didn’t pop the left or pop to the right so what I sort of tried to do is buffer a rest out of it in other words I’m already mashing down beat you don’t want to be the victim you don’t want to be the victim of getting a hit by someone SD on either they can pop out of it so the goal right here of course is to land the drill rest and see right there you just saw for no reason it seems you pop out of it immediately with one hit and you see now how hard is right in fact I came hit it.

You can try to reverse into it as well some people say that if you are facing away from your opponent and you drill down the other body it’s true or truer right but the goal is to not have your fun to go through you so by starting not facing them it gets less of a chance and they go through in other words it’s true and it wants to be and it was all the movement in there like sure right now if you’re aiming it perfectly and you’re not facing away from them you get down on them like it can look really cool depending where they pop you’ll still be in jigs tactics it’s rest active hitbox but you know would use this sparingly but hbox what do I do now this looks like her best kill confirm on the whole cast but it’s not true so I even use it here’s here’s the stick I understand called playing the odds alright you should go for drill rests and two conditions one puff is not a pill person that means if you’re playing against King Dedede and you’re at 15% don’t go for it because a fully charged smash will kill you so basically assume your opponent will always kill you off the rest assume you’ll are always gonna miss no rest if you go for it and a point where you won’t be dead you’re allowed to whiff it in other words you can afford it the other time you to go for Joel rest is when you are in super high percent like 120 130 140 you might as well go for it because you’re gonna get hit by something sparingly empty anyway and the sort of optimization cost effective way to go for it is by going for at super high percent right so you want to go for that and sort of understand what actually works bigger targets are easier to arrest I found that vouch is easy to arrest so as King Dedede Ridley ice clamors easier to arrest this is the bigger the target they are the either they are generally to land it whereas zero suit samus a lot harder right also watch out for your shield if it’s first time playing puff by the way if you shield too much that happens and that’s happened since masters before I don’t know why it’s the thing also keep wary of shadows like.

Ryu Ken Terry because they always face you during the match they have this weird property where they seem to pop out more often I haven’t had time to test it fully but just know that it’s not true but it’s really really good when it hits back there’s a great pill move so if you guys are both skirmishing about the high percents don’t take any risk arrest there just look for your back here because you move on the back here you can find if you can find a quick one right there Elsa made it quicker too which is nice if they’re grabbing a Ledge though too long jacket down smash and for a fall mouth which is really really good wall of pain I can do mix ups when I mention guarding but affair – fair – mare – fair maybe Jordan come back you want to mix up those aerials and sort of understand where your opponent’s gonna approach as they are with Bob for instance like someone like Mars Mars will always go really low right and snap up be immediately it’s so safe right so if you see Martha covering don’t wait for the upbeat go down there with them and go for an air even lower against Mars or link or young link characters I really love the vertical recoveries and go down there that’s the perfect time to use in there one of the best examples one to use in there in the game so keep that in mind also at zero you can just soften their into regrab what I’ll do a neutral lock is when I see someone fighting me a true thing is like a software into a graph that’ll always connect with the mana shield or run say that I did at that it is soft fair there – forward jab and then sing one more time right that’s a better mother right now at 67 will I die I don’t know but if you get up at rest.

He will die on the spreadsheet you gotta be careful to always go for the rest if it kills never go for a rest if it doesn’t kill it is not worth at all play around 61 arrests kill know what up address of course that will kill it ants true como drill rest but it’ll kill obviously but in my opinion is if you happen to land that clutch sing on your opponent but the not quite equal percent euro best option is up arrest in my opinion so work on that practice that that’s really really good it’s a little more obvious soft fair man the software near is really good for an edge guard software Nair works on almost every character for edgeguarding when you go that deep that’s fine too the CPU will have three options here Oh more than three they can either do a slow get up and I use grab and start the edge guard over again they might do it let’s attack you can also grab and either you have a shield and either grab arrest that but sometimes they roll right sometimes they’ll roll from ledge if you’re right here and grow from ledge puff ends up right over here see right here it’s little shadow if you end up right here and you read their role you could sort of jus come right so get a little sledge maybe move around the moving – and break their ankles a little bit and then go over here and dash forward they’re gonna roll in thinking they’re safe and then you end up with the rest and to me that’s a really really good tactic reading a roll rest is a very very good way to get a quick stock but also get into your opponent’s head so you want to do that when they come down they’re gonna want to mix up either an attack or air dodge you want to call out there either a down air or neutral air or sort of get-out-of-jail-free card hope having puffs below you having your fun above you is where you want to be with puffs because it limits their options if they panic and they air dodge you want to read that and a good air dodge a nice back here it’s pretty easy club also has a really strong forwards mesh like really strong honestly if you lend if you line that clip sing a platform clip sing and if they’re already on like 80 or 90 just do a floor not forward smash it’s super strong you actually should go for a forward smash instead of a rest at the super high percents because going for a rest means that you might get hit Megan finally come back down and in forward smash is completely risk-free I want you to note this ready I’m gonna do a rest right now and I want you to do with timers telling it laughs ready 1 2 3 4 and then I can move right now watch when I land the rest 1 2 3 I’m already out one more time 1 2 3 4 land arrest 1 2 3 I’m are do when you land arrest either on shield or on someone puffs get out of rest quicker so you want to make sure you use that if your part doesn’t know that you can go for a whip rest on shield.

It’ll be charging attack you can spot touch literally than you think so right now I’m going for one more drill rest it works okay with Swift first the whip drill oh let’s see he didn’t know the timing mashing does not make you a clicker I was doing to show you when I was first able to shoot one reason you might want to master when you’re singing or when you’re resting like God that goes said here is if someone grabs you you want to have the mass ready that’s really good pound fair rest yeah pound for a rest like I said both soft fair and rest lead our software and pound can lead to rests there rush right there ATS a really good bread and butter because soft fair does lean to rest and pound leads into a fair so you want to use those a little bit I would say in terms of how to shoot options if you if you matched both Y and a at the same time you do a show up in there so if you add a shield hit Y at the same time near the shields by firing offense option soften their or narrow his shield and then you can actually go for a Texas to jab reset sing.

And you go for a forwards match of course right.

I’ll smash I believe actually goes through a buffalo you know it is perfectly acceptable and okay to acknowledge that something is garbage but still like it like for example there are plenty of people who would adore to have this thing in their house and this is probably the worst thing thing I’ve ever seen so that’s basically most of the tips of puffs that I use to sort of get around my opponents remember puff is not a rush down character she’s a whiff character so wait until your opponent whiffs an attack like a – deck or something on shield grab them start an edge guard and look for the edge where to start with okay and a lot of time will do slow get up and do slow get up shield regrab start over again get in their face a little bit look that soft for Dornier for an edge guard and in neutral if you’re desperate trying to find that drill rest sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t and if you do happen to find a good pound in neutral as well go for that rest.

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