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Well you asked for and I delivered this is the comprehensive list of every single overwatch slang that I could possibly think of and there’s probably tons of missing but this list is legitimately over 60 different terms learning every single term can be vital for improving your game sense and bettering yourself as a player but Before we jump into this and say let’s definitely go check out gaming comm if you want any clarification over anything in the video but without further ado let’s jump right into it stack X or the stack call can be used to tell your team to stack to any one point you can say something like stack McCree stack payload or stack objective and everyone should be stacking to the target that is called meta equals most effective tactic available currently established optimal team composition or strategy for winning squeezing to wait to the last second to use an ability or ultimate this is like waiting for your team to get super super low before you beat so that your beat lasts super long in the mid fight very advanced tactic but can get a lot of value if used correctly ballooning when you are capturing a point you spread out to take more space and make it harder for the enemy to alt you altogether botting out when you make a terrible decision that gets you killed or you just all the sudden lose all your mechanical skill and die because of it so when someone does something that is suspiciously insane looks near hacky because of just how I’m saying it was pick first opening kill and a teamfight punishing capitalizing on enemies being at a position or miss playing flank towards the backside of enemies going around trying to get a pick or some advantage off angle not quite a flank but add an alternate angle to your team shooting from an adjacent angle onto the enemy flex swapping off you’re here that you’re playing to another hero that’s better for the situation l OS equals line of sight or the line of sights of you or your enemy on to each other trickle in going in one at a time and usually getting punished for it squishy a character whose overall HP is easy to kill or target 200 HP or less no armor stagger dying late when your team is supposed to be regrouping causing you to either stagger more or waste precious time on the clock reset of call to tell your whole team to regroup as a full 6 to fight as a full team cheese composition something that’s meant to get wins in an unskilful type way think something like a bash and sim defense something that’s really hard to push through that relies on the power level of the characters themselves not the to visual skill pirate-ship built around shielding a passion on a payload something like Sigma and Reinhardt shielding a bastion dive composition a composition where you physically engage onto the enemy or their backline you dive it with your full body’s diving the enemy with something like Winston or Genji soloqueue playing ranked simply just by yourself back capped when you cap the objective when the enemy is not paying attention to you at all you manage to sneak it all the way in without fighting the enemy in any way when they were not looking c 9 c 9 comes from cloud 9 where a scenario where everyone walks off the point in overtime when they already won the fight this causes them to lose the objective or even lose the entire game even in a lost fight that being said this term has been used to accompany pretty much anytime you get off the point for any reason even if you get booked and z9 is something that’s just thrown around like crazy pretty much no matter what happens people are gonna call you as e9 main your best most played hero smurf playing on your account that’s much lower than your main kind of farming the enemy team because you’re way better than them and you really don’t deserve to be at that rank alts an account made for practicing heroes or learning in general dps this can be two things this also means damage heroes or damage per second which could be referring to the damage yours or just how much damage your character does per second which could be tank or support death ball playing a strat where you stick close to your tank and push forward as a team bursts doing tons of damage or heals rapidly pocketing picking one hero to enable heal or boost booping knocking someone around trying to boob them off the map or put them in a specific location that you want them to be all tracking following how close the enemies are to their ultimate so you can make a better game plan about what Ultimates they have a DS aim-down-sights this is characters that have a scope such as Ashe Widowmaker or honor hipfire hipfire is not zooming in forth characters that have a scope firing without zooming in on something like ash or Widowmaker baited tricking an enemy into pushing in when you’re ready for them this could be an honor walking out in the open so that someone will dive her just for your McCrea on the corner to flash bang and kill the diver overextending pushing too far without your team without resources usually getting you punished wipe when you or the whole enemy team gets killed that is of pure white.

A oe or area-of-effect also known as Splash Damage is something like the remanent splash from an aid or the remnant splash of something like a far rocket boosting a negative term implying that someone is getting actually boosted outside the rank that they deserve by playing with another character that’s far better than them or even smurfing tempo play temple rats are doing something to keep the fight going with momentum maybe you could reset but using a tempo play forgoes resetting to keep that momentum going bongo another word for a risk of supercharger DM is defense matrix divas defense matrix purple is when you cannot be healed or honest anti heal CC crowd control or things that stun or control enemy’s bodies knave shatter boob hook these are all forms of CC feeding die to the enemy when you should enough or giving the enemy free old charts like running around the map is hog you might not be dying but you’re giving them tons and tons of old charge you’re feeding them old one trick someone who only plays one character typically a negatively associated term space air is on the map that you control where your team can effectively heal damage enemies and make place it is primarily the main tanks job to try to confirm space for their team Pele helping a teammates who needs help and is in an engagement or someone’s engaging on them a diva coming back with defense matrix to help you from a tracer or a support coming to heal you when you’re under threat sustain keeping your team up to fight at a full fighting force far away from spawn fall-off damage that is lessened the farther you are away from your target flick moving quickly and firing at a target through a swipe of the screen tracking following a target with your crosshair the whole time while you’re firing at them or even before clutch winning a fight solo or in a big disadvantage but winning it anyway through the sheer power of you being a badass main healer it’s kind of a weird one because in scrims it means something different in ranked it means healers who heal loss of overall HP but in scrims a main healer is someone that typically calls that doesn’t have a lot of mechanically demanding actions so for example a main healer and something like scrims would be someone like mora lucio or mercy but a main healer and ranked would be not lucio a main healer and ranked would be someone like more on a map off healer again something that’s different that’s in scrims but in ranked it means less over Kealing but in scrims all feelers typically don’t shock all because they have more mechanically demanding positions for example to oculars are both onna and zen in scrimps these are both mechanically demanding heroes but honor heals a lot and zetton heals a little so they don’t follow the traditional main and all field that you hear in ranked which can be confusing but for ranked when someone usually asked for our main healer they’re asking someone that wants a lot of heals and when asking for an off feeler they’re asking for someone that brings utility doesn’t bring as much heals to the table spaceship grab which is da result which seismic slam which is doom for soul comboed beyblade nan owing a reaper when he death blossoms dry push pushing a point while investing no Ultimates whiffed completely missing an ability or ultimate like you’re grabbing nothing when you tried to grab the enemy team upper or lower general area of where the enemy is mega or mini defined as a small or big health pack can help with the call like left lower mini you know that the enemy is on the left lower so not on the high ground and near the mini so if you know where the Mini is you could find their location pretty easily with those simple calls one when an enemy is supposedly one hit be careful when people call something one because a lot of times it’s like half HP snowballing running with an advantage and pushing forward you get a pick but you keep the enemy staggered by pushing them on the back foot and even investing Ultimates to keep it going electric cowboy is just nanoa McCree nao when you use it terribly turtle is when the enemy stacks together closely and usually doesn’t move something like a bash in erisa defensive comp Bustillo nanoa galuzzo.

Usually on accident because Lucio sometimes flies in front of you when you’re trying to nano again G or something aimbot hacking software that’s the user never miss this is cheating please don’t mean but taco this is an aimbot that can be turned on and off instantly so sometimes someone will be aim biting and it will look like there ain’t body but then all of a sudden they’re aiming terribly this is because they could turn their aimbot on and off on a whim low fov aimbot low field of view this means that the aimbot only snaps when they’re closed so they can’t do these insane 180 flicks or anything like that these are meant to make it look more realistic and they’re harder to spot than just a full-on aimbot AKM blade taking forever to charge at an almost passive rate this is a reference to AKM who had a dragon blade almost completely passed the charge rate because he did almost no damage game sense your understanding of Heroes maps and the interaction between everyone in the game from ability timing stall tracking and matchups impact how much overall value bring to winning a losing a teamfight slash game this could be through your heels did your play making potential or even your kills themselves instant locking someone who picks the character instantly and usually doesn’t swap a negative term for sure kite increasing the distance between you and enemies to either regroup get heals or get you cooldowns back online for example you could cut away from again G until you get your flash bring online only to go back in and flash him and kill him.

Mmm are hidden matchmaking rank that is usually based on how well you perform based on your peers only implemented at ranks under diamond off tank hero that has extra utility but doesn’t have the tools to take space like a main tank something like Zara that doesn’t have a full-on shield but can help her main tank take that space and help get divers often peak looking at an enemy briefly sometimes people will say something like don’t peek main which means don’t even look briefly main because maybe there’s a widow looking right down there that could kill you instantly hitscan weapons that register immediately upon execution of a fire think something like a macri’s weapon or a widow-makers weapon projectile weapons or abilities that have travel time and thus are never 100% hit and less from point-blank range Rando someone that’s not in your stack of friends and queue just some random person that gets played with you skill stealing how high the maximum scale output is on a character someone like widow has an insanely high skill ceiling versus someone like brick has a much lower skill ceiling skill floor the barrier to entry skill required to play a character at a decent level someone like widow has a pretty high skill for because until you get to a certain level you’re not gonna be bringing that much to the table versus someone like more has a pretty low skill floor because it’s pretty easy to get decent amount of value in her without any mechanical skill at all what’s important to understand about these two terms it’s it’s actually possible for a character to have a low skill ploor but a high skill ceiling as well they’re not necessarily directly conflated think of something like road hog Road Rock has a relatively low skill floor and you’re gonna bring that much value to the table even if you’re not that good at him but his skill ceiling is still pretty high because if you can hit every single hook you’re gonna be able to output so much more than just an average personal in the character spawn camping sometimes waiting for an enemy at spawn to kill them by surprise taxi speed boosting a teammate who died back to the team or picking up a mercy use use use this is usually a call to use Ultimates when a fight is winnable which is our next term winnable when a teamfight is winnable if you focus up in target usually when a teamfight is winnable this means either activate ultimate or start calling and focusing on who’s on point because the fight should not be Auto pile because it might be winnable lose Abul the contrast of this this is the fight that looked like it was already won but it actually might be lose abou because the enemies are trickling in and might mean you need to either pay attention stop Auto piloting or invest if you want to make sure that the fight stays winnable who that is a lot of terms and I know for a fact that this is not even all the maximum terms there were some terms that I completely left off the list because I thought that they were already self-explanatory but if you have any terms that I missed please them in the comments down below for anyone else I would love that so that people can get educated anyways please peacefully smash the like button for me if you really like this content I can definitely push out more but I need a certain amount of support for this video if I know that this is concert that you like to see anyways if you have any questions or comments about anything I have in this video please let me know as well as any more video ideas I made this video as a direct response to someone asking for in the comments down below I read every single comment and I will always make videos that you the community suggest that being said you suggest me videos to make and I always do so the one things that I ask of you is to go check out game neucom that’s pretty much it you just have to go to the website just check it out that’s all I ask of you but enough about that I hope you have a great day see you next time.

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