The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Beginners Guide – Ultimate CC Guide! Every Possible Way To Raise CC Explained!

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What is up everybody welcome back to my channel mystic watch and today we got a brand new video for you we are going to be doing a CC guide how to get your CC up you know what are the ways things affect CC pretty much just an all in depth guide on CC all together so for example let’s uh go over here and show you guys what it looks like on JP for my main team if I go here I have someone’s something incorrect but that’s fine this was I don’t care too much whatever it is my C my CC when I have all my gear correct is about a hundred ninety five k CC but this is an example of what high-end CC looks like even on JP there’s only a handful of people that actually have over 200 k CC you know majority of the people if you’re over 200 k CC you’re probably like the top 200 of JP when it comes to global though right now like the high break point of CC is like if your top pick most likely for like top 100 you have to be like over 130 KCC top 200 top 300 is probably like 100 20k Lea likey to be in like the upper end you’re probably just if you’re over 100k you’re doing really really good right now let’s head back to global and explain how CC works I was recording this before and I realized that I was spending too much time on things that didn’t really matter I don’t want us I want to kind of spend more times on the appropriate things start off things that effect CC your base stats every character has different base stats that go into effect with CC some characters have a lot more than others the end be an example she has giant yen specifically she has the highest base stats in the game and this stays the same way all the way to the end of you know even up until now on JP up until the state Deanne still has the highest stats in the game and the way the character works is all characters with the same exact like name you know if it’s in the same character type so when I mean character type I mean like the same way how there’s fat King skinny king those are considered two different characters but like all fat Kings are the same all skinny Kings are the same those character Taipings all had the same exact based deaths no matter what as long as they’re the same rarity I should say okay so DN has the highest other characters have lower this takes into effect with CC you know if you take two units with the same level same amount of awakenings and you just swap gear around you’ll notice that they’ll have different amounts of CC when it comes to things that impact CC not as much but are still important level and awakenings awakenings are more important than levels but they’re both still important you know like the difference between no awakening and max awakening could be the difference of like 5k a CC and even more when you’re fully cued maybe not 5k CC no no that sounds about right like three to five K CC and then level like the difference between a level 60 and a level 70 could be around 2k CC.

Oh that gives you an example however these scales with gear because in gear we have percentage stats I’ll get to that you know towards the end but just keep in mind the higher base stats you have the more CC you end up getting because of percents so leveling and awakening will very briefly go over these you know each awakening is corresponding with a town you know awakening number one the materials are all from town one awakening to the materials are all from town to and it goes all the way up to town six each of these give you you know a flat amount of attack defense or HP and then they also give you bonus things like resistance and lifesteal or Pierce raiding things like that the chalices you can find from boss battles not the actual deathmatch themselves but the boss battles of leading up to the deathmatch same way you know each each boss battle is related with a town you can find the materials correlating their I don’t spend too much time but this is a very simple way to get your CC up without having to put too much investment in because gear is really a very in-depth system and takes a long time to get proper gear or fully like to say you have like you know my gear set is done this is a completed set of gear that’s not something that you that happens like right away on JP I probably only have like three or four complete sets of gear and I’ve been playing the game since day one and I’ve been I’ve been playing a lot right I probably have like 2,000 hours logged on the game let’s move on to we’re gonna move on to the small things first that everyone can do equally and gear last because gear will vary heavily from person to person depending on which routes they go how lucky they get there’s too many variables involved with gear these things are everyone has the ability to do I want to make sure I get over these first I’m not going to be explaining awakening and leveling and things like that this is assuming you already know that and if not I have videos covering these things already let’s take a look at the closet or the costume shop I’ll explain this a little bit because I don’t I never talked about this before here are the total amounts of outfits weapons and it’s called cosmetic but just at peace whatever that you can get for each character and they all give you the same base stat but the secondary stats can change when I say base that you know each SSR outfit will give you 120 defense each you are outfit will give you a hundred 80 defense each SSR weapon will give you 120 attack and then you are will give 180 the same the same thing applies here like each you are will give 14 10 HP 930 I’m pretty sure they changed it on JP to be normalized but prior to that they actually differed a little bit and then when I say secondary things like recovery rate or regeneration rate like all those things can can change little by little but the main stat the HP attack and defense those are all the same if as long as it’s the the same rarity ideally you want five of the highest rarity things the way it works is you can have up to five outfits hanging up at a time so even if you own more than five it does not matter it’ll you will have to personally set which five you want aim goes with weapons same goes with cosmetics it’s not a video about outfits this is just me explaining the effect of outfits on CC so I’m not gonna get too much into this you can find outfits for gyms you can get them from the PvP shop well weapons from the PvP shop you can get weapons from Veronica as well whenever she not Veronica whoever the the wandering merchant is from towns she also sells weapons over there but the cosmetics and the outfits have to be purchased with gems and they also come out as bundles originally that can be bought with money but every single outfit or cost you combination ends up being purchasable with gems so you know you can buy them either way save up your money but they last forever and they carry over to other variations of your character so every giant d end will be able to use any costumes you bought so it’s not like you’re buying it specifically for this one it lasts a long time all right they carry over that’s all I wanted to explain about that you know maxing out all of your outfits has a pretty significant impact on your combat class it also gets carried into uncured PvP which is you know once you start into those high ends that’s how you break over a hundred K CC on gear now let’s move on to something else that’s not really talked about as much ultimate each ultimate gives you 400cc doesn’t give you anything else that’s it so if you have a max amount ultimate you will have an additional to KCC equipment equipment is going to be for our purposes alone HP defense gear or attack defense gear that’s all that matters everything else is 95% of the the unit’s in this game will use one of those two sets the other 5% like and full of units use crit damage and 0.5% will use something else but for our purposes attack defense or HP defense those are the gear that matter because attack defense and HP are the only stats that actually get converted into CC attack raises your CC 100% meaning one point of attack is one point of CC defense is 80% and HP is 20% but HP at the end of the day gives you the most amount of CC meaning HP defense sets are the highest CC sets in this game when explaining CC and you know when it comes to these stats this is where the percentages matter sub stats you want to be purely whatever the subset you want the subset of the exact same main stat if you’re you know if the main set is HP you want pure HP you don’t want anything else you know you don’t want lifesteal you don’t want regeneration you want pure HP for defense you want defense percentage protect you on attack percentage nothing else you want the highest possible percent you want the way percents work if you’re not a math person is the higher the base that’s the more the percentages you know you can have 30% HP off of let’s say you had a hundred H a hundred attack and you had 30% attack increase you now have 130 attack but if you had 10,000 attack 30% is another 3,000 attack.

The what ends up happening is yes you know the percentages are going to carry your CC as the game progresses right even though those like a small flat you know increases from leveling up from costumes from awakenings might not seem significant this is where majority of your CC gets counted how well you gear yourself I’m not going to be explaining gear on how to gear or anything like that I already made a video on gearing but please check that out if you’re unfamiliar with gearing but the main thing is attack defense set let’s say you have eight units in total that you need gear for your four main units and your four associated units of that you should have two or three attack sets max and you should have the rest HP defense set for example DN should be bearing an HP defense said I was just doing the showcase before where I had her put this on the people who actually need attack sets it’s like I could give every single person here HP defense set and it’s perfectly fine the people who are like new kurz or things like that you know they’re doing massive massive damage Jericho I think Derek was a little bit different because she uses quick damage but Jericho is a perfect example of someone who would never use HP defense set because she relies too much on her damage to get the job done without without enough damage she can’t do anything King HP defense set perfect candidate D an HP defense said just because she’s a CC monster you can also put her with a tech defense but I don’t really recommend it either one is fine but like I said that’s kind of how you want to go about it attack defense only two or three sets at most HP defense you want as many sets as you can make hopefully that explains how gearing impacts your CC now the final thing that impacts your CeCe and I’ll be making a full video on this but it is associated units let’s go here sociated units these units here that are linked up right there this is something that is almost never explained and you kind of have to figure out from playing the game let’s take a look at all let’s actually just read one of these right let’s let’s just click on this dn no whatever a kill Thunder increases The Associated heroes basic stats by five percent increases basic stats by 1% per ultimate level meaning you gain basic stats or attack defense HP nothing else whatever unit you have selected here you gain 5% of their base stats so those three stats in particular you will not gain anything else you’ll only gain those three stats if they have some sort of fate link you know if they have some sort of link you’ll also gain that stat so you’ll gain 280 over here now if the associated unit so let’s say this mellitus if I had his ultimate upgraded you know you can update an ultimate 5 times if I had his ultimate upgraded 5 times instead of 5% stats I would gain 10 percent stats from him but that is the main like that is such a big thing that no one realizes for the longest amount of time and I’ve wanted to explain that for each ultimate invested in this associated unit you gain an additional percent of stand meaning you want associated units to be units that are specifically 6 6 ultimate maxed out Ultimates that’s really it but when it comes to see see there is like other small things like people with a fate length the ones that have the swords going through gaining an additional 1k see see as well that’s just something that that just that’s just a thing right if they have a fake link they gain an additional one KCC but that’s that’s it right I’ll be making a full video explaining associated units how to break them down to the level of first which units to max out why this matters things to go for but this is the bread and butter just this whole thing of how CC works in this game so hopefully this explained it as much as I could now if you liked the video please leave a like channel is growing immensely and it makes me so happy you know I’ve never uploaded this much I just see all the response how many people are like you know I’m so glad you made this video helped me out a lot that’s what I’m here for I’m here to help out people that’s really it.

So hopefully you guys enjoyed and I’ll see you all next time peace out.

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