The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross – Global Grand Cross PVP Meta Guide! Everything You Need To Know!

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Today we’re going over the current state of global pvp, what units are being used the most and why!

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Just want to preface that even on JP I’m not like a big PvP guy like I go for the bare minimum I’m not that crazy about the whole PvP system and whatnot so just just take that into account and take it over you you want to but just know I’m not like a PvP god I’m not trying to make that impression mine means I’m just giving my pain and going from there but anyways enjoy the video so a PvP reset earlier today has a me recording this and the title will inflate thumbnail is gonna be PvP meta and one night and it’s probably not gonna be what you expect um for those that actually play PvP is like okay make sense but for those it’s like okay what’s the meta what’s the best thing right now realistically speaking there is no true meta there are you know ideal units that are available on Google right now they use over others but there’s no truce like synced meta team comp that just makes sense from taking into account all their skills their passives attributes like nothing like that is currently available in the game and that’s not you guys’s fault that’s not the game’s fault he’s been out seven days it’s like it’s been a week like the game hasn’t had time to settle enough to where they haven’t even had their first banner and then depending on what that first banner is the situation we’re in right now might not even change to get them started right but let’s look all of units available on global um from all of these there’s a few notable PEP options for climbing quick and focus in on uncleared gear them off to talk about geared cuz gear it is it’s it’s more gear dependent not necessarily unit dependent it’s a mixture of the two but this is gonna be focused on on your PP where you can be getting the biggest source of diamonds from that’s the main objective so they’re starting out the game climbs eyes you can’t get those weekly PvP diamond and then be on your way but the most notable unit currently available it has to be blue Dian so Buddha I am what she’s mainly used for is going to be this skill right here or ultimate at fate link it applies six hundred percent damage of a CV 600 percent of attack on all enemies and then at just regular with one of the six Ultimates 525.

That’s an AoE ultimate so it’s gonna hit everybody available on the field right now so that does include sub shot obviously it’s gonna be every every enemy on the field that you see like immediately and then that paired all long side the blue king the free-to-play one who is also an AoE ultimate unit inflict shatter damage equal to 4 to 20% of attack on all enemies and then 480 when he has a fate link that combo right there is probably the strongest in creepy right now and that’s mainly because they’re able to all wipe you and there’s not much you can do about it to be honest.

Cuz it’s taking no equipment into account it’s just a matter of raw stats so if you have these two built up enough and you’re climbing and a lot of plague a majority of players like people gotta keep in mind that a majority of players like this isn’t really bad a majority of players they’re not stupid but they’re ignorant they don’t they don’t know how the game works yet they’re still figuring things out so if you have the advantage of watching YouTube tutorials playing JP for a little bit just just looking at the people like the pre-made guides already they’ve been on the game firm the JP version just studying and absorbing and processing that information ahead of time ah sorry gonna have an easier time when it comes to climbing but not everyone’s gonna do that so if you use that combo and you have it – are you stall cheese with C with CC courtesy of Kings petrification and then use alt wipe everybody that’s pretty much GG and then the lake I set PvP team but those only two units so the the third and fourth unit right those two that I just mentioned are to be for the AoE ultimate and then the other options for me there’s two there are two options and if we go here I know for a fact I don’t have this one it’s gonna be red Hauser red Hauser he’s available in coin shop so if you really wanted to you can get him in the coin shop for 30 coins 30s star coins off rotation in 20 when you were when he rotates in but his main use is gonna be double AoE skills so he has to AoE seals the first one inflicts Pierce which is three times the Pierce rate and then the second one has severed which is two times the critical chance which off of his base stats it works really really like alongside that because you would think of his base stats he’s not that good of a unit but then his skills increase those stats that you know benefit him a lot when it comes to spread damage and he just does damage like a key does more damage than you expect.

Especially in hunger situations and then his a weak ultimate so you would have three AOE Ultimates in your team with King died and then this hauser and then his Hauser is it’s a lower percentage but it still has like a good when it comes to usability it’s lo ultimate so at just regular ultimate no fate link is 350 percent and then with fate Lingus 400 but if you’d notice it has attack on on excuse me attack on all enemies decreases skills ranks then the place the ultimate move gauge by the number of skill rank decreases so what that means is let’s say your enemy has three silver carts okay you hit him within housing with the Hauser ultimate those three silver cards will downgrade to bronze and then you will remove three ultimate gauge one ultimate gauge per card rank down that’s how this works so his percentage might not be as high as the other two but it still has usability when it comes to like clucking your opponent and ensuring that they’re not getting off the level of two or three s if possible really really solid unit especially considering he’s technically free to play you can argue that he’s not because you have to get from the coin shop but you don’t have to spend diamonds to like get him directly you have to spend the diamonds to get the dupes to get the coins it’s it’s it’s it’s a you know it’s to each their own I consider him for you to play with air quotes I don’t think it’s a two stirs too far of a stretch to confer to play about think it’s fair to say it’s only suitable but um that’s his main use case but then the third option for the third slot is this Gustav and you’re gonna notice a common trend if you may hit Bob words here didn’t notice a common trend if you’ve been paying attention this entire time you’ll notice that so far every unit i’ve mentioned has had one thing in common and that is a Ultimates and Gustav is no exception so Gustav he has an AoE all to me inflict spike damage equal to 300 50% of attack on all enemies spike is two times crit damage increase so his ultimate is not gonna hit heart it just isn’t he’s more there for his skills or his singler skill was gonna go look at in a second while he has the AoE ultimate it’s not as good as the other three I just mentioned so don’t be dependent on it obviously if you have it at six of the six because it scales up and he’s an SR unit that’s really easy to pull more a lot easier compared to SSRS odds are gonna pull duplicates of him a lot more and then you can invest into his ultimate move to increase the output when it comes to the actual percentage here but I’m going at base value let’s say you only have one copy we went at base value this is not gonna do that much to you or for years none do that much for you so don’t rely on it too much.

His main use is gonna be this right here so if we look at his skill freeze one enemy for one turn freeze in cap oh my god this ward again incapacitates target infected removing targets attacked so this is basically Kings petrification with no caveats meaning that the only way to stop this freeze from applying is if the enemy has immunity which is a buff and I don’t think this is a no no that’s not true Arthur in the game so ret Arthur is able to apply immunity through his level 3 buff skill it’s very very specific situation for immunity be applied but that’s the only way this this won’t apply to the target it bypasses dodge it hits normal targets obviously and I don’t think it’ll affect petrify units but why would you freeze if the unit is petrified besides the point this is his main use case it’s petrification where that needs a bypass defense and if you can do it level one so it does the same thing at level 1 2 and 3 except at level 2 and 3 they have an increased damage multiplier so if you have a level 3 freeze and then you hit while the targets still frozen it does 200% extra damage meet person I don’t think that’s worth unless unless the situation is like super super ideal I would just spam this to stall for ultimate gauge when you have blue Diane and blue King on the same team so the main use is it’s a CC stole and AoE ultimate that’s the main strategy when it comes to these teams King has has this petrification this unit has its freeze King Diane Gustav and Hauser all have a OE Ultimates it’s gonna do spread damage and do a lot of work and you can see how the team building synergy is there but it’s not necessarily a true Medicus this team will not last long once they start releasing more units and you can argue yeah that’s the same for any matter and that’s not the case there’s plenty of meta stuff stuck around through the longevity of time banner releases an up case but um that’s three front you SS 4 units that can be interchangeable in the front row that I think are the best right now in global and then there’s a there’s a fourth unit or assume there’s a fifth unit for the sub for the force Oh God and then there’s a fifth unit for the fourth slot that I recommend everybody uses and that is going to be.

SR Green guilt under now ideally this unit will never see the field he will never pop up in the front he is going to stick in your sub slot and that’s gonna be due to one thing and one thing only and that is his passive as his main use case increases all allies defense release that’s by 30% in PvP that basically means gonna be tanking better that’s all it means you’re gonna be tanking hits better your HP your defense your critical resistance all that stuff is increased um does it actually show you what defintiely stats – no it doesn’t okay but that’s all gonna be increased and it adds longevity to your team not longevity through healing but just through bolstered up defenses and that’s really really strong in mptp where it’s at right now in general like this green go thunder he’s still using the sub slot to this day like to this day on JP referencing like eight months later in the game he’s a very very sub slot unit option for what JP has and where global to add is even better his other skills are not bad if it comes down to it you’re able to use his buff skill but again his main use gonna be on passive if he ever does come up in the front take advantage of his second skill where you’re able to buff up the attack of all your allies and then your first skill his first skill is pretty mediocre realistically it’s it’s very very very media after the like I would consider his first skill this one right here good at level 3 like that’s that that’s what I would consider good like good in the sense of compared to other skills at level 1 this isn’t good for level 3 but if this was like it’s not a good skill the percentage is just so low the damage output is just is just not there like it’s just not good sadly that’s just how it is so his main use is gonna be passive and then his his second is his may use gonna be passive in a second skill there was uh there was his menu was gonna be his passive and then his seconds go through attack buffing and then that pretty much covers everything this other niche team comps available like ret Slater ret Slater’s are really strong option to he basically sucks green King in every way possible essentially so if you look at this skill decreases attack away stats about one enemy by 20% this Able’s everything but attack skills so what that means is King so if we look at King King has a petrification skill peda fication only works at level 2 & 3 and notice how the icons change in the top right it goes from a regular sward icon to skulls that’s because the the type of card is changed it’s treated differently Street as a debuff skill instead of a regular attack skill does damage but it has the extra effect of petrification so therefore slater when he used that debuff skill on King he will no longer be able to pacify and choose you to get the ultimate off easier and faster and quicker whatever this later does put in work and he’s a very very strong contender for this for the general team bills that are available right now and global and which ones usually used for climbing but the the point of this video was to show the best team comp that I’ve seen used the most and not I’m not taking away slate from that from that spot he’s an honorable mention if anything honestly if he if you have him consider using him if you if you find yourself running into a lot of Kings which you probably do consider using so later he’s not about option he’ll probably do you a lot of work as well but my main focus was the AOE ultimate team build with cheese stall through CC and petrification that’s that’s the that’s the thing in my head that makes the most sense currently available but obviously teach their own PP is it’s basically it’s basically free reign right now you could get away almost anything at this point cuz you’re gonna be fighting bots in the lower ranks and if Jamie doesn’t matter this is more of a recommendation I’m not telling you that you have to use these units but this is just the team builds and unit compositions that make the most sense to me I’m not gonna go on any longer I’m sorry I found myself rambling a lot but if you found the video helpful consider like I’m describing tomorrow I’m probably gonna be dropping a farming guide so for those of you that have been asking questions or compute or are confused about how farming works what’s the best way to go about it what to farm whatnot to farm stuff etc I’m gonna try to include everything in one big video for you guys so look forward to that and again think about for watching.

Have yourself a fantastic day.

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