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All right so time for a coin shop guy that I have here on the right to have global on the Left I have GP and we’re gonna talk about the coin shop and stuff well you should be buying the question now JP of course is a very different concept in global especially because you already have all of these coin shop units that global don’t have doesn’t have yet particularly the coin bond should be releasing on global next week as you can see here we have a reset date in five days and 9 hours that should be when in green Nunchuk bond releases on global they I do highly recommend buying him as he will be a very talk to your unit for TVP now currently on global they have this weird thing that JP also had for a while where they were selling several years for SSR coins one Jeep not have this anymore buff for I think a few weeks we had this right now we have bond and a king by the time you’re watching this maybe watching the fusion might be different Bob don’t expect this to be forever they will change it to being only close on peanuts and they order if they follow GP that question parents will release there’s gonna be next this bond right bonds gonna come out and again he’s really powerful you should be buying here when he does come out if you have the coins golfer should follow up next and then demon meals and in Marlin so a new Marlin replacement for the red one I guess there’s no replacements for each other because this Merlyn was many different things that the other Merlin doesn’t do in vice versa but still a new more new board isn’t gonna come out in like weeks what a few mumps cuz they’re probably gonna take a period between like two weeks for each character so this Martin is gonna take a long time the Emilio’s is a very solid unit but not needing right now because his main usage is against it the crimson demon and the Crimson name is known on global yet and then the golfer is the best in any game after you buy bond 100 percent save your coins for golfer now why am I not mentioning buying tickets and stuff I don’t think it’s worth it biases our opinions or guarantees it’s alright say kids it’s just not worth it with boys now we’re at all the coin shop agents are so good.

Every single one of them is good I think right now we can buy DM on globe over here.

Not worth it don’t buy her especially because it’s not discounted every single week we have a rotation of discounts on I hope they follow GP is doing which is to read this counts per week then you can buy one coin with each discount its case you already bought this week this is Merlin just fine to the 606 and of course in the future we’ll be working on getting full dupes for these characters no right now I should just worry about getting the first copy right the first copy of Bongo for Merlin and DM le this asked for the right here is again GP he will take probably a very long time to release on global he did come out on JP in December for a new year so like last week of December for a new year I think it was last week so he will take a long time for Globo these Commandments units like Esther OSA gallon in Alaska they also will not come to global for a long time and these are costumes that were recently added as well but the coin shop should look like this for global in a few weeks.

Bongo for the MLE merlin King and the N a lot of people still ask me how do we get copies for King and he will be introducing the coin shop later so I do recommend buying copies for him first of course buy every single character right and then start working on getting dupes King is maybe the first one to prioritize because he is like a top tier in PvP even to this day or JP and you need him like with dupes because then he is ultimate wipes really really good as if our that’s a hard question not much to talk about especially because Global is really lacking right now they didn’t spare you only make sense right they wouldn’t per every single like Croatia fear that we already have a GP on global day one because it would be so overwhelming right people just not have the coins to buy them you know but yeah I don’t recommend buy any some of the units like this this is a king I say for the coin shops the coin shops you can only acquire here unless they do that weird banner with some data mind which I don’t think it will happen I favor not aware there was a data mine of a weird.

They had the opinions but I don’t think that would be the case it could happen by Norfolk his diamond he’s gonna really come and then the gold shop the gold shop is the most fun one because there’s so many options so next week when I time I’m recording this Jericho is gonna come to the the coin shop and she is there hardest-hitting the name the game JP took until two weeks ago I think to release a you know their heart they hit harder than Jericho that’s how long it took seven over seven months for JP to releasing it hits harder than Jericho even asked her Disney as hard as Jericho if you properly build her outbreak Aska there probably has like a battery no damage per hit probably I don’t know but the Altima Frangelico it’s so goddamn hard and she’s very worth buying verifying dupes as well so that’s worth considering.

Houser is a really good you know very good farmer be singing PvP since Pacific builds but not really the right now in global that’s a really good really good really were farming farming by not farming our fur is pretty good he’s not gonna be the most useful for it the right now on global but he’s really good in the future I mean it’s pretty easy even even now we follow all the games to be how JP he’s still pretty decent Slater is really good for renting me right now of course I still think Ally hawk is just a better unit you have because you’re so easy to build up right so easy to give the DSR pennants and stuff but if you want to use house house Slayer is really good it does need if you want to build her you need to kind of build him with like red damage gear and stuff like that so that’s why I do prefer and I do lean more towards using le hoc or a demon but still be still really solid for of course all these other games I don’t really become a buying like helping is a really good unit and right now with the great demon just kid just coming out oh there’s a guide frame how it was like super needed because the optimal seems for the great demon are the green King Halbert or give a funder because they’re the true boosters right you use one and then your Li use the other and then gopher don’t have go for yet on global why he’s gonna come out soon and if you don’t have go for just use either like column le or whoever green you’re halfway there but a booster is very important so if you don’t have helped him he can’t be very good for the great demon but I would just wait to pull him honestly and then all the others I would recommend a Gil it’s terrible this guy’s terrible as well terrible terrible.

He’s the worst in the game like I think his worse than ours he’s really really bad so I recommend giving phonies all right this is his not that it’s not all of that but he’s pretty okay especially our global effort the other items I don’t as much as SSR pendants are quite rare right now in global if I keep missing I keep mentioning like right now I’m going because you know I’ve been playing GP for so long the versions are a little bit different now just because of time right but parents are pretty varied on global but I would still recommend buying units over buying the pendants yours are just worth more valuable right and especially on discount you can get a unit for the price of two pendants a full-on brand-spanking-new unit that you might not have or two pendants like green Jericho again the Harley’s hitting you in the game for the next like five plus mom’s probably for global for the price of soup penance so it’s like I do prefer books no way no way buy books no way by chalices these are items you can easily form so yeah no way you would not know about this oh this is terrible this is a terrible deal but yeah I would recommend staying with the unit’s but if you want to buy it and even like even if you want to buy just for the coin like right now I already have from all these units from the question up right here I already have all of them that I want max I haven’t you I have Jericho 66 so lay there are four house I might start biting album actually because I do use help me of course in the booster so but then after damn I’m probably gonna use just probably gonna buy coins should Genisys our SSR quite right and they’re using the sarcoid shop so that’s probably another good way of using their I guess way I’m moving on to this silver coin.

This one is probably the most simple answer you come here you click on this one you click max register all in exchange that’s that’s what you’re doing the simple one because stamina parts are just so valuable like these tickets they are very very luring right you look home and as sorry so sorry ticket that seems really good but the price is just not good 20 silver coins you can buy to any full refreshes of stamina for the price of the SR then you’re gonna get from this ok this is 6% don’t don’t be don’t be don’t be stupid okay I’m ski but don’t feel fooled by this saying yes SRP take it is just wrong okay it’s six percent chance you’re probably gonna get an SR by the price of 20 of these so much better value and then I do recommend buy anything else maybe this but even steroid just recommend buying this this is the best value from a silver coins 100% of anything by renowned GP I have 71 silver coins the airport it’s just the best value this is very close the other ones are not even close even after the update before the rare coin shop or a super close shop was literally just the stem of the pods because they had nothing else really good and then they updated will put its a can see here and even still even if the tickets in here the the silver coin shop is just the this time the Fox that’s it maybe go stuff if you don’t have good stuff right then you buy one of him.

But because he’s summonable I would still think getting him Somerville is somebody for him and I getting dupes is better than buying his dupes so enough there goes we felt saying I guess but yeah that’s really easy then a friendship friendship also pretty easy you come here in the it was a special dungeon event dungeon key bundle and that’s why you should buy by the way if you don’t know about this if you common settings you go your friends list and you click on this option you will get a a bonus of friend points like right here this is the bonus I got the urgent a for because I have like a full list of friends right you do get the the bonus of friend points by doing that so make sure you can do that once a day so make sure make sure you always do that once a day and then this is probably the best thing you can buy that I think here’s the thing right I did say in the rare coin shop that it’s better to buy the stamina pots over it but and then the friendship coins right you have both options why this one’s better than this one it’s just a price in this shop the event dungeon key cost five times the price of the stamina pots right in here it costs ten times the price of the stamina pots so it just conversion right this one is more perfect than this one by conversion sake but yeah that’s pretty much it the coin shop is very probably the best system I’ve seen in the gotcha game like in hindsight it’s just low key and it’s pretty simple but meant especially the stamina pots because imagine if you played all can you relate imagine every time you put or if you could exchange that for a foolish refreshes tablet man that’s so big and especially in this game of the little lower rates right it’s so big in the gold shop they literally sell you the hardest-hitting in the game like on JP again I have Jericho I didn’t have a single copy of Jericho right I only had the her we found any dupes and I just came here when the one she was added and just bought all 505 copies I need it for her because she’s like really really really good really a top-tier so it’s just such a good system and then of course the the SSR core units they’re so goddamn good all of them are tops here every single one except maybe gallon MLS cubed but he’s gonna take a while for them to release on global well yeah that’s it the guys watching and we say from your purchases I guess.

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