The Ultimate Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 2020 Config, Crosshair And Settings Guide!

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Hey, guys so Today’s video is a pretty in-depth video on getting the perfect, Nvidia Settings, In-Game Settings, Viewmodel, Config, Crosshair and MORE!


  • Jump Throw: bind v -attack.
  • Press V and Space at the same time when jump throwing a smoke.
  • Scroll wheel Bhop: bind mwheelup +jump and bind mwheeldown +jump.


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Today I’m making a video on how to get the perfect config in csgo this includes crosshair view model settings and just overall general quality of life improvements this is the ultimate guide to get the perfect config in csgo I hope you guys enjoy it and let’s get right into it.

Hey what’s up guys it’s super here and welcome back to another brand new video and if you guys do enjoy this video or if it is helpful please do like and subscribe because it does help a lot also.

Hey guys of a discord server and also I stream on Twitch every single day so go follow me on Twitter on the discord server check out all that stuff and let’s get into it boys alright so first of all we’re gonna cover the best settings in csgo but first we’re going to actually exit out of the steam real quick for this to work you need to have an Nvidia graphics card so you basically just right-click you click on Nvidia control panel and then once it opens you can do a couple different things so obviously if your monitor has g-sync you can turn that on or off I don’t think it really makes that much of a difference I actually typically have it off I know it can cause a little bit of input lag so I just kind of like turn it off so I can get the highest framerate possible for csgo and then you want to go to manage 3d settings so you go to global settings and then when you scroll down there’s an option called low latency mode typically this is off but you want to put it on ultra basically this reduces the latency as much as humanly possible or as much as your graphics card can handle and it makes the game a little bit easier to play and it makes it a little bit easier to be accurate and then you want to go to texture filtering normally it’s on quality but you want to put it on high performance I mean you’re obviously your games won’t look as great but this will definitely help with just you know the overall performance of the game that the game will run looks so much better you also want to turn off vsync because vsync is just not good and that’s pretty much it actually those are the main things you need to change in the Nvidia control panel to make the game as responsive as possible and then you click on apply and then you can also go into the the adjust image settings with preview you go to use my preference emphasizing performance and just click on apply it you pretty much want to put everything on performance over quality so your games aren’t gonna look as good but they’re gonna run way better next up if you want to play on a stress resolution you can go to adjust desktop size and position you scroll down and then and then you basically so normally it’s on and no scaling but you want to put it on fullscreen so basically no matter what resolution you play it’ll stretch it out to be the full resolution of the screen all you have to do at this point if you want to play on a stressed res is hop in to hop back in game now that we’re back in csgo pretty much all you have to do to actually play on a stretched resolution is just change your resolution to a I guess a four by three one or a sixteen by ten one or whatever res you want to play on and it’ll automatically be stretched as long as you click apply I actually prefer to play on 1080p so we’re gonna stay on 1080p alright and then in terms of settings so the best settings to run obviously well it obviously depends on your computer if your computer’s really opie and you get like a lot I got really high frame rate if you get a high enough framerate while playing at high settings to get a get like 300 plus FPS then you’re pretty much good to go regardless you can play on high settings which that’s what I do but this is what I would recommend if you have a less powerful PC or if you just want to try to get a couple extra frames you want a key you obviously want to keep global shadow quality on high and you want to keep shader detail on high these basically allow you to see shadows which can help with like grenade lineups it can help you with smoke lineups flash lineups and you can also see the enemy’s shadow too so having these on is important but you can turn down pretty much everything else including like anti-aliasing FXAA for vertical sync you want to turn this off for triple monitor mode you just just turn it off and then motion blur of course you want to leave it off because motion blur isn’t great like motion blur actually hurts your ability to play also you want to leave multi-core rendering enabled yeah that’s pretty much it for the settings and then in terms of like the audio settings just put on like whatever you think is good alright next up we’re gonna be getting to the part of the video where I’m gonna show you guys how to set up the perfect view model and config and all that stuff so let’s hop right into it there’s gonna be a couple Maps linked in the description down below so if you need to find the links just just check down below so the first one is the config generator and I guess technically you couldn’t set up your view model on this one but I feel like I don’t know I prefer the other one because it has presets and it just it’s it’s a lot easier to use it’s a lot more user-friendly alright so here we go so basically so there’s a couple different binds here that you can do so there’s a lot of so this is actually a really really useful map and it has a lot of really sick things alright so anyways so there’s a couple so there’s actually some vines you can set up like you can you can bind these to different keys and it’s just it makes the whole process so much easier but you can also just do everything in you know you can do it like in the console as well so for clear decals what I actually personally use is I use most three to clear decal that’s really useful to jump through I use V so that in that way when you actually jump through you press space and V at the exact same time you can also you can also do bind it’s like buying two n and a negative attack and I believe that should be the command if it’s not then I’ll correct it on screen you can also jump on the scroll but for the jump on scroll wheel you can just do bind and wheel up plus jump and then M wheel down plus jump so that’s basically that’s how you bind your scroll wheel to be hop super simple you don’t even really need this map to do it and then for recommended they just have all these different things you can turn on like you you can turn on net graph you can also turn it off too you can change the radar view model all that stuff but this is just what they recommend the settings that you get from this might not necessarily fit your play styles so you know you can try it if you don’t like it then you can switch it up oh but also though they have custom configs too so you can play using the configs of a bunch of pro a bunch of pro teams and apparently these are like really outdated Hoscheit is messed up I just know step trap ok so I just changed my config to Stewie to Kay’s config so yeah that’s a big F but you know what it doesn’t matter this also has a crosshair generator but I wouldn’t really recommend using this cuz we’re gonna be going into a better way to set up a crosshair later per view model I guess you can change it here too but I have another map that’s that’s just more in-depth and it’s just way better for the HUD though this is big so you can basically change the color of your HUD to whatever you want I usually go with red cuz that’s just what I did actually you know that straight blue we’re gonna mix it up a little bit and we’re gonna go with blue cuz I feel like it matches my streams a little bit better you can change the scale make it bigger you can make it smaller I want to make it as big as possible so I can actually see everything a horizontal gap you can change that I’ll leave it like that just because that’s what I like T numbers you can turn on or off T numbers I would recommend having it on so it shows how many people are alive in terms of numbers rather than showing like all the profile pictures and then colored yarn icons I don’t even know what that does but I’m gonna turn it on just for fun also you can change you can put the score position on the top or the bottom I prefer to leave it on the bottom just cuz like that’s just what I got used to and then for the radar what I would recommend doing is I would recommend you want to make it as big as possible not too big though but you want to make it somewhat big and then you want to zoom it out you want to get rid of the rotate and you want to Center it if you can see the radar like this it gives you a massive advantage because if if one of your.

He made sore if you spot the enemy anywhere on the map you’ll be able to see a red dot so you’ll know exactly where the enemy is and then that’s pretty much it for for this map let’s move on to the next map all right next up is crashes view model generator and this is the this is just the view model generator that I personally use and I really do like it it’s pretty dope like it gets the job done and it’s easy to use and well looking into it so basically the view model that I always use is I use m7 and I pretty much I do the maximum fov you can basically just see more of your weapon and this is mainly just the best view model for checking out skins that I found because like you know when I inspect to get in here I can see the entire thing even the back and then also in terms of for movement I put it on the lowest then that way you know when I’m moving around there’s not a lot of like bother with my guns like my everything stays pretty consistent so this is definitely the best map for setting up your optimal perfect configure your optimal perfect view model and now guys we’re gonna talk about crosshairs and how to set up the perfect crosshair and csgo all right so actually because of a recent update valve made it so you can actually customize your crosshair directly from the menu so you don’t even have to like download a crosshair map anymore they’ve made it so much easier and I’m gonna be including a bunch of different crosshairs in the description down below if you guys want to go check them out.

All you have to do to import a crosshair is you click on share or import you and then you copy and paste the code paste it and then you click on import and boom now we have a blue crosshair okay I’m gonna go in a different map okay now that the bots are out of here now we can actually check out the the crosshairs so this is what I used to use but I actually switched it up like a crosshair like this is actually pretty useful because it’s like you know you can see it there’s like a little there’s a gap in the middle so you know exactly where to shoot you have to do a lot of interpretation like because you don’t know exactly where the bullets gonna land a hundred percent so you have to there’s a little bit of guesswork involved and unless you’re like a top-tier pro you’re probably not gonna add 100% of the head like even if you’re aiming at their head there’s a chance you might miss there’s also a little bit of inaccuracy in this game too so that makes it a little more inconsistent but what I found was having a crosshair kind of like this one which I’m gonna be throwing this one in the description this will be the second one I play a lot better with this crosshair versus the old crosshair just because it’s a lot easier to actually line it up on their head because you physically have like a little cross and also this has a little bit of opacity too so you can kind of see through it so if an enemy like walks through it you’re not gonna miss them because your crosshair was like blocking your.

There’s like four bigger circles and then there’s like four there’s like a little cross right there and you just want to go you want to aim the exact center at the enemy’s head and boom boom boom everyone’s different but for me personally I play a lot better with a crosshair like this versus like a traditional like regular Pro crosser but obviously you can do whatever you want you can customize anything to your to your liking so basically so let’s go through all the different like crosshair combinations so there’s obviously the default one which is just kind of like this crosshair where it moves around and it’s just you know it’s like the default one when you start up csgo it’s good for new for beginners but I don’t know I feel like it’s way too distracting and also there’s not really that there’s no customization at all that you can do on here either so not really too great you can’t change the color next up is default static and this is actually the one that I use and I just made I just made it like yeah I just made it as small as I possibly could but you can also make it bigger too incase you prefer that at the end of the day like your crosshair your config your view model your resolution it all really comes down to personal preference so just pick whatever you like the best pick whatever works for you like just because like a pro player uses like a certain crosshair that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll play well with their a crosshair so all you really have to do is just play around and experiment and figure out like what you like what you don’t like it can take a very long time to like get your ideal like config and your ideal setup yeah so once you get to the classic crosshairs though then you start getting more customization so you can meet you can change the length you can change the thickness make it extra thick change you can also change the gap make it extra big I can put an outline or or not it just depends on you and you can also change the color to any color you pretty much want you just have to like play with these three wheels and when you get the color that you want to you want to use then boom there you go you’re good to go.

Let’s try yellow cross you know that looks awful that looks so bad yeah I’m gonna here I’m gonna copy this code and if you guys want to use this crosshair specifically check out the description down below this is actually so dumb and then you also have the option to turn on the T style which basically gets rid of the top and it kind of makes it more of like a T crosshair let’s actually make this look more like an actual crosshair there we go that’s better and then there’s the split size ratio which is basically like where it splits yeah I mean there’s just a lot you can customize so just play around and figure out like what works for you or you can check out the ones that I made in the description down below so the classic one obviously it has like a cross here but then it has like a smaller part of the cross hair that actually felt like it actually moves when you walk around when you’re not as accurate it kind of does that I feel like a crosshair like this would be good though I cross her like this is just more for like when you’re like learning how to play the game because if you’re if you’re moving you’re not gonna be as accurate but because like the crosshair moves as you move you know you know exactly how accurate you’re gonna be so like when you’re when you fully stop you know a hundred percent that your shots gonna be accurate when the crosshair looks like that and that’s like one of the main benefits but it can be a little distracting and it doesn’t work for everyone so if it doesn’t work for you then you can always try the next type of crosshair which happens to be the classic dynamic this one’s actually very similar to the last one except instead of like in having a little segment that kind of breaks off the entire like just the entire crosshair moves as you move so this one’s a little more simple and there’s not as much to distract you but if you’d prefer to go with classic static a lot of people I think a majority of people use like static crosshairs like it just it stays the same it’s the same color it’s the same like shape no matter how much you move you just have to like know what you’re doing in terms of aiming you have to like your movement has to be on point to be good with a crosshair like this that’s not necessarily a bad thing so there’s there’s so much you can do like there’s so much customization in csgo change your settings and figure out what you personally like yourself and feel free to change it around every once in a while now don’t change it every single day cuz like if you keep changing your config and your crosshair you’re never gonna get you’re never gonna get used to one so what I would recommend doing is pick a crosshair and use it for a couple weeks and if you really don’t like it try mixing it up and if you play better with that crosshair after a game or two then you know try that crosshair set like a lot of pros actually end up switching crosshairs just because like it doesn’t necessarily make you better at the game but it’s kind of like a placebo effect where like because you’re mixing the game up it makes the game more fresh and new in your mind and you I I don’t know I don’t know if that’s how it actually works like I don’t know what I’m talking about just ladies and gentlemen I hope this video was helpful hopefully you guys can set up your perfect config your perfect resolution and hopefully also the Nvidia settings will help you play at a higher level because it’ll make the game more responsive and also hopefully you guys can you know get your perfect crosshair and just you know start playing better and just overall get a better experience while playing the game because honestly the default settings are pretty bad let’s be real here anyways guys if you enjoyed the video like comment share subscribe click up like on and if you watch the video all the way until the end leave a comment saying hashtag turbo my crosshair actually you know what let’s do something cool let’s do something interesting.

So guys pretty much paused the game like so hop on csgo pause the game go to settings and then actually copy your code and post it in the chat I want to check out some of your guys’s crosshairs and I might actually do a video like showcasing the best crosshairs from the community so yeah if you guys want a chance to be to have your crosshair featured in a video just copy and paste it in the comments down below you could also leave another you can you can also leave a comment letting me know your thoughts in the video as well with that with the code or not it it all really depends on you anyways I got a I’m gonna go to the gym I’m gonna go lift some weights that’s completely irrelevant from the video but I’m just letting you guys know that that’s what I’m doing after this video so yeah regardless thank you guys for being part of the community make sure to join the discord follow me on Twitch check out my social media all the links are in the description down below and a big massive shout out to my supporters on patreon thank you guys so much for watching it’s turbo and about peace.

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