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Hearthstone Battlegrounds – Explains the usage of Unstable Ghoul, as a Key card that can be used to counter the current meta consisting of divine shield minions like dragons, mechs and murlocs.

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I just want to go for Sylvanas ad with one one each no Milhouse millions go go ahead would marry that thing is a bit too boring to write I feel dead light there’s really nothing interesting about death nice playstyle everybody’s a buff up that weight is the best wing ad for the win for the win ago I wins a low for playstyle usually to here itself you can go for higher levels depending on composition or situation Bethany’s not good if young you lo roll while everybody else like em I rolled your comp – yeah that plays like T Reese kind of boring.

They should bring a brand back in please interior baby you don’t seem to go from your best heroes like them I don’t like your about that – II like um like them all your us have a chance to win anyway so you can just go for anything try one with anything alright you seem you got a GLIP start.

I went to sleep in the milk of a useful streaming and see only 10 hours guys FYI the G and our injustice led in the game not like Jana Jam but I like jam but what if I really really really like James go to sleep baby no daddy no I’m a dragon and a Tonto that’s good.

Tocqueville can help you like I’m save a she didn’t really make it was pretty nice oh wow.


That’s a big one now that should nice start for him he just needs him prisoners at this point Louisville up we’re gonna go for the dragon here so since we got a decent dragon start let’s see how this can scale who’s listen to get serious be yeah.

You still zero three good targets perfect hawk buckles businesses he’s very good at training don’t destroy people.

Morgana what’s your ranking league sozin TFT these sums at TFT like I haven’t played League him like forever only like why are two games every now for fun mmm there’s no death way so it might be birthed by a bigger minion bigger stat a minion or should I just buy direwolf yeah having a 5-4 sounds a bit better and let’s pop this one up so they can equally like on wack we didn’t find the same sentence mm-hmm could be better than see I’ll probably flame no death we know that swing out unfortunate range that was a very early like like very early like Domino module trip 1 to tier 4 this isn’t worth the usage Shh care for Nizam is thought those have more stats so now anything about exactly what direction wanna go for I think I keep on rolling to find like a composition or I could just level up and try if you look for height your menus actually there’s really nothing too buff we don’t want to buff any of these like a best-of cliff but it’s not without strong debuff Lefevre so if my next rules here is good then I’ll just buy and roll if it’s bad I’ll just level off and travel for their officers.

No it didn’t matter though okay number one down number two down.

You’re gonna take game here what’s the top I forgot what the title was galakrond took damage these guys are done no we did find this stuff I could try to go for earlier over to win oh okay.

Never mind another my razor gone make sense.

This makes more soon as I think well I want to solve this for a river anything I thought I’d be not what the glyph to make him a threats I was gonna summon the rover and buff the rover but I guess we’re gonna go for a dragon Compton dragon comps needs a level take a stronger – we got six dragons I can’t rotate cards if I’m going for dragging like this down okay good good that’s perfect like I want to rotate don’t get me wrong I want to thank you this is all worse than a moment on yep the taught healthy fight better my composition flights much cleaner guaranteed every fight because it taught men you’re right that’s what does one one something get Cali gossip got just one here can we find Kelly gasps I’m gonna deep that’s even better.

Oh all right we can use this level up to sixth and find Kelly cost ourselves this guarantees me clean fight order right attack from the left to the right these guys get their value first talk waggles completely protected not to worry about Cleese or any effects like that yeah Deena John we can just level two six six realm with this one with all this like a value unless we find another Reza cool Oh actually even if you find our vehicle we can level up cell so you got this you’re way ahead nice strike all that divine shield value pop gravels growing nice hit right close it’ll be only like two big minions so if they don’t trade well it’s kinda awkward this guy should be strong now a divine she’ll like I’m caught with like oh those factors.

Use a circuit mama beer listen it can also go friend stable goal instead put in the front and then the demons that could be nice or should I just look for Kelly Goss first I do want to find that value if I put this in I have sell this this and this all three for telling awesome.

Never freeze your stable goal could be useful use my opponents I could look for Kelly calls but that’s only one card so that’s way too dangerous let’s get a good composition first now they’re all going for these eventual comms – oh me nurdinez now I mean oh yes nurdinez yes okay.

That was six micros ruin my dimensions now is there a single scenario where the unstable ghoul like Kyle messes with my demise Jules I don’t think there’s a single scenario Oh another reservoir is there a similar scenario no no debate placement you can use a year for our portion only because we like to bold but it could be a second read the bezel is a bit late but it can start scaling to will fill the sewer at a time soon for a better card if you can find out.

Once in the pack it’s a team regarding the ghouls doing work right and the gold at work that’s right should that go out you saved us there that’s what I mean by value well it’s not just merlocks is also next to you Syrio time to aquitine this fun the composition is just too good if you were to go for this.

I do want small-time boss like you another one of you good Beast buff top one let’s see a value of a sable ghouls I guess all these compositions to choose unstable goal or not choose unstable cool is something to decide based on house what your comp is if your comp can’t like doesn’t care about a stable at all then you can just pick it up after you check like what your phone stars mix mix and Merle awesome or loss right if it’s mix mix on you mix mix merlocks and there was another Marin loss I think I think curators Merlin lost earlier your unstable goal always get to value and this doesn’t ever mess up my divine jewels well I wrote a next oh no I think this is it final comp guys maybe find another unstable I can rotate the night to triple T’s it’s too late for Kelly goes to like I’m hoping that these are Kelly causes the ghoul Pross first and then the Deena like Doc place so it doesn’t do that’s good so far before the swing much something Waldron Jeff Karp.

You can put a holy macaroni time to find Paco a golden a golden koyla Loki – play or a golden raisin go too far it’s not good Kali God’s too late suits for me – I start he’s murlocs – he’s also devotional Tom there’s such a good car Tata if I were to get something merizan what did he have snoods maybe I can sell one for you like I feel like it’s much more valuable this feels about right the good thing about that MERS on there is that I can actually buy the myrrh is on and the Handy Menagerie this way which allows me to get buff value good I buff here when this guy’s not damaged I could make this guy bit stronger so you can trade better it was well I guess you’ll have to make sneak drop in there too man ladies your skill and your like rssss I oh wait what.

Okay that’ll take a Barris night rock.

Thanks for doing excellent Micro no right oh that was the best part for me he’s out he tried to go for the calm sea traffic got him off cool for sure but this is it there’s nothing more to do with our calm so oh he’s dead Gigi and that’s how I use a stable go make him guys we should use a stable go more the reason why a stable goes more important in this meta is because it’s because everybody is stabilizing people figured out the meta they know that device your comps are very are one of them mostly consistent like composition to go for so everybody is picking those cool balls track noise macros composition along the way so that’s why unstable cool usage will be much more important now.

At this point because it counters all those people that aren’t going for that and we can also check in game if the opponents aren’t going for them it’s really simple if deb mex syrup they’re always divine shields mix are 100% smile shields and murlocs has a chance demons only demons and beasts don’t use it dragons use it to a degree with bull fart like usually dragon comp stuff like bronze warden and dracula noise anyway so dragons can also use that too so we have to try to use unstable more if you can your miss met i feel like if you if you can of course if you’re not a met come from your own so I think just adding in a stable goal like that’s making yourself into an affair we in right.

You’re turning your own composition it’s like an affair in comp so I feel like I’m we should try to use that more in the can yep if the meta is stable we go for the unstable cool guys I.

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