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In this video, I talk about how you can find the best most optimal keybinds in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. The last time I made an optimal keybinds guide was about 4 months ago, and it was only a discussion video about whether or not it is worth switching your keybinds to more optimal ones on keyboard and mouse. This video is much different and will talk about my optimal keybind philosophy, the best possible beginner keybinds for switching to keyboard and mouse, as well as keybinds you should and should not use for things like building, editing, crouching, and more. So, if you’re looking to find the best and most optimal key binds in Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 2 Season 2. On top of that, this video will make you a better player, get more optimal keybinds, improve at the game, and win more in Season 2.

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Hey guys so for this video I’m making an updated key vines guide for Chapter two season two the last time I made a video dedicated to only key vines was around four months ago and that was just a simple discussion video for this one I’m basically gonna cover all the questions I repeatedly get asked and talk about all the best key vines for each different action or feature in the game on top of that I’ll talk about why optimal vines are still important as well as which pros have recently switched to better settings themselves before we start though I’ll quickly throw up some timestamps in case you want to skip around you guys know I always recommend watching the whole thing through that way you can come to your own conclusions on the topic but feel free to do as you please so on that note let’s start with my optimal key bind fall off a now buy philosophy all I mean are what rules I try to follow when selecting key vines many of you guys have probably heard these already but for those of you that have not or forgot there’s four important guidelines you should follow when selecting vines first is that you want to put as many of them as you can onto your pinky and two thumbs this is because any build vines you have on your index or ring finger will force you to move that specific finger off of your movement key in order to hit it in turn this means you do not have full control of your movement while placing that build piece which is something you don’t want after that the second key bind recommendation is that you want to put any of the remaining bills you don’t have on your pinky or thumbs as close to WASD as you can that way even though you will be using your index or ring finger to build those fingers won’t be forced to move that far away from a or s second to last key bind recommendation is to try and spread your binds out to as many different figures as you can I suggest a maximum of two major actions per finger where a major action includes building editing jumping and crouching some good examples are your wall and ramp on your mouse side buttons which are both hit by your right thumb or your floor and edit key on something like F&E because they’re both hit by your index finger or even cone and crouch on left ctrl and left shift since they’re both on your pinky all of the examples I just said pass the two action per finger maximum and are Pappa Jerry and approved however the key word there is maximum if you can get it down to one major action per finger while also following the two other guideline then you’ve literally found the best key vines in the game but if you can’t like most people you could still follow my tips to get a pretty decent set of vines and speaking of good binds the final and most important rule is using what’s comfortable to you no matter how optimal the binds you theory craft are they will not work out if they’re not comfortable for yourself have you noticed how I have decently optimal key binds but not the most optimal like I’ll show later that’s simply because I’m not comfortable in changing them swapping around my crouch key or anything like that would hurt my finger and I’m not gonna force myself to play in pain just for the sake of optical key binds so above all else find what’s comfortable to you all right moving on I’m gonna talk about specific key binds I recommend for each major action I just mentioned as well as specific key binds I think you should avoid starting with your wall I highly suggest putting it on your mouse side button I know some of you guys might find it awkward at first but trust me being able to strafe right and left while taking walls is one of the most helpful things ever while box fighting I always had my wall on cue and while it wasn’t completely terrible it definitely held me back in terms of box fighting and feeling comfortable in close-range engagements oh and before I forget the other reason I suggest you use your mouse button is that you have to pull your wall out a lot which is not good if your finger is not hovering over it or you have a weak pinky still if you have a strong pinky or you prefer using your thumb they are just as good as a mouse button as you can see from my tear list even binds in the second tier like F could be in the first one if you tilt your keyboard like clicks and hit F with your thumb all it comes down to is what you’re most comfortable using next up your floor I recommend using C or V and hitting that with your thumb this sounds a lot easier than it actually is hence why I don’t use it most people that do I believe tilt their keyboard like 15 to 20 degrees vertically this way they can rest their palm on the spacebar to jump and then their thumb on the bottom row of their keyboard to hit C and V don’t worry if you’re not comfortable with that because there’s a ton of other options as you can see here most of them as you’ll notice are the same ones I said to use for your wall and that should make sense because they’re all close to WASD or completely off of your index and ring finger following that up is your ramp which I recommend you put on your other.

Outside button that means you’ll have wall on one and ramp on the other the reason I recommend putting your ramp on it and not your floor is that you’ll use your ramp more often and it’s also more important for box fights and build battles so if you only have a few options for builds that you can put on your thumbs or pinky make sure you prioritize your wall and ramp first some other decent options are things like II and Q that you’ve seen twice already for the other build pieces you just want something close to wasd or preferably off your index and ring finger lastly for your cone turn sprint by default on and put it on left shift most people including me have really weak pinkies and can’t spam it as much as we can like the rest of our fingers with a cone however you’re never really spamming it and you can always quickly whip it out without losing control of your movement since you’re pink you should be hovered over it at all times potential backup bonds are the same ones I’ve showed like three times already but if you can do your best to put your cone on left shift on to one of the most highly debated binds and that is your edit key in my own opinion the two best edit binds re and F both of these key mines are extremely close to WASD and are hit by your index finger but cheryan didn’t you say you want major actions off your aide Dax and ring fingers yes yes I did the one thing that does not apply to though is editing you need to be able to spam your edit key to edit fast I don’t care how fast you can spam your pinkie your thumb or your ring finger your index finger will always be faster however that does not mean G is a good edit bind F is quite literally right next to it and closer to WASD even booga who hasn’t changed any binds in years recently switched from G to F for editing and as far as F first egos I really don’t think it makes that big of a difference.

I know mongrels switch from apps to e a few weeks ago mainly to help him do Montreux classics but it mainly depends on how you position your keyboard and what you find more comfortable so again you are fr tier 1 tier 2 are other common binds that do not include mouse buttons because that can mess up your aim and tier 3 are ones that you really should not use but you might if you have no other options one major action and fortnight people tend to forget about is your Crouch I pretty much only recommend left shift or left control to Crouch unless you play with a vertical.

Keyboard and you see with your thumb why well crouching is it extremely important and overlooked key bind that you need to have off of any of your movement key fingers way too many people you see and hit it with your index finger then complain that they can’t strafe right while crouching believe me when I say you always want to be able to move left and right while crouching and on crouching if you can’t that’s a huge problem have you ever wondered how mongrel went so many fifty-fifty bloom fights a huge part of it is sin Crouch and strafe spamming to make himself a harder target and the way he does it is by hitting left control to crouch space to on Crouch and at the same time hitting a and D to move side to side that is something you simply cannot do if you use C or X to crouch and hit it with your index finger so if you can’t do that with your current Crouch bind you really need to get a new one the final and probably the least important of the major binds to choose are your weapon key binds by the way I’m gonna include pickaxe as one of them even though it’s not technically a weapon regardless the safest and most popular weapon binds you’ll find our number keys this is because you should be swapping your weapons before the fight or during it while jumping so it doesn’t matter that they’re kind of far away from WASD with that being said it’s important to keep in mind two things one is that if you have a left over key bind like Q or something else that’s easy to hit definitely use that over a number key vice versa if you have Q as your pick ax but you use X for your floors then consider swapping them for more optimality the other thing to think about is what finger you hit your shotgun with your shotgun bind is by far the most common weapon key you will hit especially in box fights that means if you have to building binds and your edit key on your index finger you would have to press three different keys with your one finger to do a simple mongrel classic now add your shotgun to that which you also hit with your index finger and you’re adding another button to press into the mix which will only make you slower and more uncomfortable during box fights so while I did say weapon binds don’t matter too much try to be aware of which key bind you’re assigning to your shotgun as it’s by far the most important weapon bind you have to wrap up the video I’m really quickly gonna show what the exact set of key binds I recommend to everyone switching to keyboard and mouse these are basically the tier 1 vines I just talked about but I know some of you guys they’re gonna ask for the best keybinds possible and order so here they are.

Front mouse button for wall seed for floor with thumb back mouse button for ramp and left shift for cone edit on e scroll down for reset left ctrl to crouch scroll wheel up for interact F for pickaxe Q for shotgun and then 2 3 4 for the rest of your weapon binds the rest of your key binds that I didn’t go in-depth into our honestly irrelevant and don’t matter too much I just put whatever I use or what I’ve seen different pros use for their Maps inventory and other stuff like that so if you’re looking for the most optimal keybinds possible either because you’re switching to keyboard and mouse or you’re sick of your current vines this is them and I don’t see them changing anytime soon overall guys that is everything you need to know about optimal key binds in fortnight chapter 2 season 2 let me know your current key binds down below and maybe I or someone else can tell you what they think of them I know a lot of you guys love to talk about key blinds so make my comments section the place to do it.

On top of that if you enjoyed the video then do be sure to drop a light subscribe to the channel and to turn on my post notifications shout out to everyone using code Jerian I hope you guys are all staying safe and doing well with all the coronavirus stuff otherwise that’s it from me and I will see you guys in the next one later.

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