Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 – Best AR Build Guide! 15 Mil DPS 500k+ Headshots

Author: NickTew

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What’s up guys it’s Nick – today I’m gonna be showing you guys the current best AR build if you’re just trying to dish out as much damage humanly possible this is gonna be the build that you’re looking for this build is fantastic for doing you know any pretty much any type of content that you’re trying to do vision I’ve solo heroic missions if you’re trying to do dark zone farming with your friends anything that you want to do this build will help you get through that just because of the sheer amount of damage that it can do keep mind that the updates only been out for a few days so this build is not perfectly optimized and there are a few things that I would like to replace however it’s still doing pretty decent damage considering that before I get into the video if any of you guys would like to check out my stream I would HIGHLY appreciate ashame every day making builds farming doing all kinds of stuff testing stuff and if you want to ask me any questions feel free to check me out over there over at slash nick – I would love to see more if you guys around and if anybody needs help setting up a build like this help farming and getting some of the gear for this or you want me get help getting like forty or anything please email me at Nick to biz at and I’m also doing a giveaway for Worlds of New York DLC keys so if you don’t have the deal see ya and you would like to you’re trying to giveaway for that I’ll leave a link down in the description for a Twitter giveaway that I am doing but anyways getting into the build first we’re just going to start off with specializations which is gunner you’re pretty much just going to run gunner and the reason for this is you know the rate of fire that you get every single time on kill and then you also get some ammo capacity that doesn’t matter the weapon handling is kind of nice but really you’re just doing this for the rate of fire buff that you get on every kill and then you also get 10% armor on kill every third reload is 50% faster so this ends up being a pretty significant DPS increase as well as the armor kit being just overall very strong and the minigun itself does pretty significant damage as well so just moving on to the build this is pretty much almost exactly the same as the LMG build that I made the other day but a lot of people have been asking me for an AR built so I figured I would just talk about ARS and shows and gameplay of ARS and just make a build why not because you do want to change a couple things but it’s really not that big of a deal but overall in terms of how good.

Arrows are in comparison to LMG they are still very good you can use an AR and you know succeed perfectly fine with it the thing is that LMGs edged it out just a little bit but it’s not by that big of a difference it’s not by like a huge margin so if you want to use a ARS feel more than you know happy to do that yeah we’ll just talk about guns and then we’ll get into everything else so currently the best AR is the FAMAS ii to that there is like the honey badger is pretty decent although you end up losing like a mod other than that the g36 is pretty decent the AKM is okay but not great and that’s pretty much it the people were 16 is also pretty good but the g36 and the p4 16 pretty much have the exact same stats so they’re pretty much the same gun at this point but the FAMAS is going to be the best all around so definitely tried to look for a famas and in terms of like talents and stuff like that currently I think strange is best especially with how easy it is to get a lot of quick chance but if you don’t have strange I’ll just mention a few other ones that are pretty good so killer is pretty good if you’re doing like solo content or any content when pcs die really quickly such as like the dark zone or like hard mission or something killer is pretty good although you don’t want to run this unless you have like at least 50% crit chance so that you can pretty much reliably get the crit crit damage buff um other than that fast hands is pretty decent regardless because if you’re running a decent amount of crit this is make sure reloads very quick and that is going to net you an overall DPS increase other than that breadbasket is pretty good for just a flat additional headshot damage I wouldn’t go out of your way to like shoot in the body and to get the headshot damage buff and then aim to the head I would just play normally injure see it as a flat head talk damage increase other than that there’s not that many talents that are that are that good so I would just go for that in terms of what you want on your like attribute rolls on your a our arrow is always going to roll with AR damage and health damage for the other attribute you either want to go for crit chance or you want to go for damage to targets out of cover I believe you can get 10% there I might be wrong but I believe you can get a high percent damage of targets out of cover which is very good and you can also get a rate of fire at about 5% those three are the best ones as you can other than that those are only three that you want in terms of actually modding your gun this is gonna depend on your current crit chance in your crit chance setup for me I just put crit chance on every single one of these and then I swapped out some of my mods and I’m at about 58% crit chance but make sure just the big takeaways make sure – don’t go over like 60% as long as you’re at around 50% crit chance while using strained and you’re stacking a lot of other crit damage elsewhere you’re gonna be perfectly fine so as long as you’re on a 50% just try to hit that mark but yeah just put crit chance all here because it’s a very reliable way to get 15% and then of course you want this the extended 5 5 6 so that you can get 20 rounds otherwise until then you just put the +10 rock back there that’s pretty much it now in terms of the rest of the build it’s very simple stack crit chance crit damage and headshot damage elsewhere where you’re not stacking crit chance and crit damage I the main thing is just the brand set so I’m running to Providence to Providence gives you headshot damage and crit chance which is very good 3 Providence would also be very good for crit damage 3 Providence is interchangeable with one Sombra one Sombra is the exact same thing as the third piece of a Providence would be so I could very easily just have a Providence holster instead of a sombre holster and it would be the exact same thing you just get the crit damage here which is very good and then Seska you always want a one piece of this is probably the most important one piece because 10% Kurt chance is more valuable than getting 15% crit damage would be so getting the one piece Eska very nice and then it might seem weird me having overload kneepads but I have named kneepads who really want to try to look out for these these named Overlord kneepads have a special stat which gives you 15 percent damage of targets out of cover which is incredibly strong it’s almost the way that I see is it’s almost a flat 15 percent damage increase which is pretty huge other than that you could just like run Providence or you know if I wasn’t using this I would probably run a third piece of Providence then get that 15 percent crit damage and then I would change the damage of targets out of cover to either crit damage recruit chance depending upon you know the rest of my rules and then then I’d be tolling and then on your gloves I’m running Fenris gloves at the moment so that I can get you know the 10% a our buff but if you for example if you didn’t have the Overlord kneepads you could very well.

Run the petrov gloves to get the damage to armor and then you could run fenders kneepads so that you still retain the 10% AR damage buff from fenders but other than that like I said you pretty much a stock crit chance and crit damage everywhere possible and so all my mask weapon damage crit damage had jaw damage crit chance same thing with the chest weapon damage crit damage headshot name its crit damage you know it’s just crit and had a chop pretty much everywhere anchor it chance of course you just go from forehead shot if you can’t go for crit otherwise pretty much in terms of like talents on the chest and stuff right now my chest is pretty unfortunate like my rolls aren’t that great on this but also I simply don’t have a talent that I want ideally you’d have the named Providence piece that gives you perfect glass pan and which increase your weapon damage by 30% but it increases the damage that you take by 60% so you become a piece of paper if you don’t like that you can very well just you know not use that talent and if you would rather have a little bit more survivability in the build you could just swap a few pieces of you know a few core attributes instead of weapon damage you could just go for like 170k armor on each of those pieces and very well get yourself a little bit amount of survivability so that you have like you know 1.1 Larmour so you just feel a little bit more tanky but for me I just like to go for pure weapon damage and of course my damage would be even higher if this talent wasn’t completely useless so you’d either go for glass cannon other than that there’s not that many chests be sounds that are that great of literally is pretty decent crits increase your weapon damage by one percent for five seconds stacking up to 15 times if you have you know high amount of crypt chance you could pretty much get 15% weapon damage instantly if you just shoot you know especially with from Austin’s the RPM so high um other than that like braces kind of okay efficient is nice because you you know get your armor kit quickly but yeah other than that nothing too big there and then here’s a holster up an image crit damage crit chance on the backpack there’s a few towns that you can go that it really good there’s about four that are pretty good currently I have ensemble force this is pretty good for solo content you can kind of have this up almost a hundred percent of the time if you’re killing things I don’t have a lot of health but in group content it kind of falls off because they’re not gonna be able to keep the buff up that much especially when there’s mobs I have like a ton of health and you just can’t reliably get kills over and over again unstoppable force starts to be not as good but other talents like concussion gives you 10% weapon damage for every 1.5 seconds that you’re hitting a headshot and then it gives you another 15% weapon damage if you kill an enemy with a headshot that’s both great for solo and group content it’s I think it’s a little bit more consistent than unstoppable force would be but another really good talent is composure while your uncover increases our total weapon into about 15% that’s pretty much just 15 percent weapon damage so it can’t scale as high as other talents but it’s 100 percent of the time there and you can reliably get it there’s another one vigilance you get a 25% weapon damage whenever you have not been hit for the last 24 seconds or no 20 not 24 seconds not 24 something that when for the last 4 seconds so that can end up being pretty strong you just have to make sure to not get hit and then you can reliably keep up with that damage buff and it’s also worth noting that if you get a named Providence backpack it reduces the time from 4 seconds to 3 seconds which is not great but it’s pretty helpful so that’s it in terms of backpack talents there’s not a lot that you want to choose from but it’s kind of up to you I would say that the best is probably either vigilance or concussion those probably the two most reliable now on the gloves weapon damage crit chance headshot damage I’d roll 10 job damn instead of crit because I have a max headshot and I like to have a little bit of headshot damage in my build and then same thing on the kneepads that I could have went criticized went for a little bit headshot and that’s pretty much it if you want to see the stats here I got a yeah this was my for my 82 K weapon damage 58% crit chance 106 % crit damage and 107 percent headshot damage and my health damage is pretty low there is a mask you can get that gives you a headshot damage I talked about this in my other video are not headshot damage a health damage I don’t think that it’s worth going for the health damage mask because you end up losing to route attributes and a brand set you lose one attribute if you get a perfect roll because you’re swapping that attribute for the damage to health but the way that I see is that you’re losing a lot of crit and it’s just more consistent to keep the crit rather than getting something that is only going to work on half of the mobs and usually when mobs get their armor taken down they just die in a couple hits after their armors down when they’re when they’re in their health part so I don’t think damage health is that good but it’s not terrible if you want to run that mask you can just know that you end up losing a brand set piece and you end up swapping that out to be out for something else so it’s up to you if you think that it’s worth it to use that in terms of skills I use the revived five the decoy is pretty decent as well pretty much regardless of what you’re doing you just throw the decoy down and then a mutual treat at that but sometimes it like bugs out and then pcs will still to shoot at you otherwise for PvP the defender drone is pretty consistent but it’s you know RNG weather and I will actually deflect the bullets but it can be pretty helpful so yeah that’s pretty much it I’m just gonna leave you guys with some gameplay hopefully this video helped if there’s any other builds that you would like to see from me in the future please let me know down in the comments I’ll probably make some videos talking about what the best weapons are in total from all the guns I’ll probably talk about that tomorrow or something and then I’ll make some videos like PvP fields I don’t know what else I’ll do if you have any recommendations let me know but that’s what I have on my mind right now maybe like the healer build maybe a tank like true patriot build and yeah that’s pretty much it thanks for watching and I will see you guys later peace you.

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