Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 – Best Solo AR DPS Build Guide! 600000 Headshots Heroics Made Easy

Author: NickTew

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Yo sup guys it’s Nick – today I’m going to be showing you guys what I think is the current best solo AR build if you’re trying to solo heroic stuff like that this is a little bit of a different type of a build this it’s not just like pure focus into damage I know that going into pure damage is really good especially in like a solar context as the idea is kinda just to kill stuff before it kills you but I particularly think that this build is really strong when playing solo if you just want to relax you don’t need to focus about dying every three seconds and I can actually clear her oaks pretty quickly I’ll leave a gameplay there’s some footage of me clearing a heroic mission relatively quickly it seemed pretty fascinating way compared to if I were to just run a pure damage build because what I did with this builds I tried to get some survivability without sacrificing a whole lot of damage I think that it turned out pretty well I did this over on Twitch so if you want to you know see me make other builds or you want to see me play or anything like that please prefer to check me on twitch at slash Nick too and if there’s any builds or you know you need help farming you’d help leveling I’m for season pass or just need help creating and build with the gear that you currently have please feel free to email me at Nick to biz at and I would love to help you guys out so we can get into the build I do want to preface this by saying that I’ve tried like a bajillion combinations I’m aware of a lot of the combinations that are you know present and I’ve tried a lot of them there are a whole bunch of different talents different gear sets different you know skills different things that you can roll in your gear to make it really good I’ll only mention a few of like the different options that you can go for what I tried to do though was to pretty much just make it to where I had as much damage as possible so I can clear things quickly while gaining enough survivability to help me out do the mission I’ll talk about some other things that you can spec into to give yourself more survivability if that’s what you want and you can 100% do that just note that it will take a little bit longer if you do the missions but if all you care about is having good survivability then you know you can do that this build is incredibly flexible so since this is a hybrid build pretty much what I’m doing is I’m just trying to do good damage while having a heal that heals me up so the reason for this is just because a lot of time in heroic you can’t regen your health you just take a lot of damage then you kind of sit there not being able to do anything so I thought it would be really good to have two separate heels that he only four at lunch what pairs very well with this is the technician so I expect into some AR damage so that I have a our damage I do need to spec in some rifle damage because I do like to use a rifle with this bowls as well but the main reason we’re going into this is because you get a skill tier which makes both of your heels significantly better as well as you get 10% an additional skill handling which is really good so getting into the build itself the crux of it is that I’m using a fixer drone this has almost 100% uptime so keeping this up constantly is healing you 438 KH PS which is really nice pair that with the chem launcher heal and you’re getting healed for a ton of HP keep in mind with this build you don’t have a Reviver hive you can very easily swap out the drone or they can launcher for a Reviver hive if you would like however I think it’s easier just to have both of the heels and I mean as you can see the can launcher heal 412 K HP it’s pretty good and I have five ammo because of the additional skill tears that are running so with this build I am using an AR I do think that running a rifle typically just going to be better but a lot of people just like to use a ARS and I wanted to challenge myself in making a build that was going to function well with an AR in a heroic content setting so that’s what I did so as you can see the build looks a little bit weird and I don’t have the perfect pieces ideally I’d swap a couple things around but I just want to make a video now and then once I get like that all the perfect your and stuff that I might make another video but for now I think this is pretty good so we’ll talk about the guns and then I’ll just go into the individual rules and the kind of stuff that you want to look out for you don’t need to copy everything exactly like I said there’s a lot of variability in what you can do so as long as you get the core things down that’s what’s important so you just need to understand what is it you’re going for and then you’ll you know be able to carry that over into your build without having the exact same gear so for the weapons like this video says we’re gonna be running an assault rifle I’m running the military P 416 just because I don’t have a very well role Tomas I think the FAMAS currently is the best weapon although once you have guns with very high RPM this game has ghost billet and hate registration problems so the higher the RPM the more bolts are just going to miss because of hate registration problems so running a lower RPM weapon is not that big of a difference and that’s what I had my my piece.

Better than my FAMAS because I’d much rather have damaged targets out of cover then I would quick chance all that both the p4 and the FAMAS are pretty strong honorable mentions the the police m4 is pretty strong the g36 is just about as good as the P 416 is so this role would have been bad MK 16 is okay so yeah in terms of the talent that I’m running I’m currently running strain just for additional damage just gives me a lot of crit damage you can run breadbasket or you can run killer those are pretty good although I think strain is going to be the most consistent one however if you want more survivability Reformation is a pretty decent trade-off you do miss out on a lot of crit damage which is a reason why I didn’t spec into this but getting the extra skill repair you can spec for this instead of getting skill repair on a piece of gear in which case you know that would be pretty strong and it’s pretty reliable 30% skill repair so if you want to do that 100% go for it in terms of modding my weapon I just went for crit chance because if we want to still have some damage with this build so we’re going fold great I think it’s 100% necessary to have a rifle in your offhand a lot of the times you’ll see this of the gameplay at the end there’s bosses and stuff that are like super far away and then there’s too many mobs around them so using an AR just doesn’t make sense because you have to push up and then you just get shot from like every direction and then you know it’s kind of bad so if there are certain situations where you know there’s a lot of situation that is what I’m saying is that there I’m an idiot let me let me rephrase because I cannot speak English right now there are a lot of situations in which using a rifle or a gun at range is going to benefit you because you simply won’t be able to use your AR effectively in that situation so using an m1 a is a perfect thing to do for with this they might be nerfing this but even then it’s still going to be really good for this context so I just have an m1 a with rifleman damage target out of cover again just back into crit chance on it it’s very easy to get one of these because the Baker’s does and drops in the season’s pass so you can just get one of these and then damage targets out of cover so that you want same thing with the AR you either want damage as hard as that cover crit chance or you want rate of fire or damaged armor all those are very strong but I think damage of target ah to cover is going to be your best bet because you can get like upwards up I believe you can 9.5 is your max so that’s really strong.

Okay moving on from weapons into your gear so pretty much what I tried to accomplish with this is getting skill repair in skill healing while retaining crit damage crit chance and weapon damage so what I did to do this was I’m running the coyotes mask since this is a solo built coyotes mask is really good since using an AR most of time you’ll have up to 25% crit damage or the 10% crit chance and 10% crit damage which is really strong in almost all cases however you don’t have to run this if you wanted to instead use instead of using the coyotes mask put on like a providence and then get like crit damage or put on a Sombra get crit damage 100% you can do that it’s just a tiny difference in damage I believe my cast about a walk over here so you might see another special guest but other than that like my brand sets aren’t even where I want them to be but they’re pretty decent like I have one Seska for a 10% crit chance and then I have to Providence 4 headshot and crit chance and then I have the Overlord name kneepads for the damage of targets out of cover you could make the argument that you’d rather have like fenders so that you can get 10% AR damage and then you can just use crit instead of the damage as hard without a cover that’s 100% fine the difference in damage there really isn’t all that significant really all you want is to have a good combination of crit chance crit damage and then incoming repairs slash skill haste and repair skills so as you can see I’m running run I’m running one piece RK this is for the 15% incoming repairs and then I have one skill tier just to make this a little bit better I think it’s I think it’s pretty helpful to get one skill – you could even go into another skill tier on another piece of gear and then he could not run repair skills here and then you could swap that out that would be fair because running running skill tier ends up helping your heal much more than anything else would because it gives you 20% heal as well as making like the health better and on your it’s particularly good on your count launcher because it’s gonna give you 20% per as well as giving you an extra ammo and making your radius larger so getting skill tiers really good and I’m just running one R and K for the 15% but again you could instead of running one piece rnk you could run like a third piece providence or one piece Sombra and then he could swap out the crit damage and then instead of running the skill tier or instead of running like weapon damage here you could just run a skill tier or you could run like an extra repair skills here there’s a lot of combinations that you can do personally for me I have 20% repair skills here and then I have a mod with 14.5 percent incoming repairs it’s pretty much the same thing in solar context and then I have one another repair skills and then another skill tier so I only have four things that are buffing my heal plus the skill tier from technician and the 10% there and I think that’s perfectly fine as long as you get around that amount and then you just put all your eggs into crit and crit damage you’re fine there’s so many combinations that you can do in terms of the talent that you want a lot of people think that clutch is really good with this build I don’t think that it’s necessary and I think that you’re losing a lot of damage losing that concussion or a talent such as companion or maybe even vigilance so I would much rather just keep up concussion my recommendation is to run concussion with this build or to run companion companion just pretty much makes it to where you’ll have 15% extra weapon damage whenever your skill is out so you’ll have your um your your healer drone if you’re running that or a healer seeker mine that will constantly be increasing your damage but I think concussion ends up giving you more damage and I’d rather run that than clutch goes clutch doesn’t really seem to help me out a ton and I have enough survivability in terms of healing as it is um in terms of the chest talent I think obliterate is the best thing to do alternatively he’d run like in trench or something for maybe some more survivability I don’t think it’s really worth though I think you just want to go blitter 8 I tried doing this exact build a glass cannon.

It was pretty counterintuitive and running glass cannon in a solar context I think no matter what you’re running is a no-go because there are things that will just one shot you and it’s not cool the reason I’m not running in the armor with this build is because I try to full armor true patriot build and why you can do that what I’ve noticed is you’ll just take a ton of damage no matter what you do and status effects are still gonna one shot you so I’d rather just have the damage and just go into a heal rather than.

Just overall armor because with armor all that happens is that you can take one or two extra bullets and then you’re dead on the floor anyways but with a heel you can take the damage and then heal immediately back up and still do damage way more consistently and even with the armored build you’re gonna die to like status effects anyways and that’s pretty much what kills you most of time in heroic so yeah that’s pretty much the build just try to get Providence Cheska Sombra maybe we can go Fenris try to get the right talents being concussion and to obliterate you want the Coyotes mass but if you don’t want to run that that’s perfectly fine you can go into Providence and then other repair skills you want like you know one piece of a repair skill thing so like I’m Alps is really good for the one piece rnk is good for the 15-percent both of these do pretty much the same thing there and then yeah that’s pretty much as long as you just get a little bit of repair skills here and there incoming repairs you’re you’re completely set I think ideally for my build instead of having Providence I would have a Sombra glove and then and that would give me 15% crit damage and then I would have fenders chest and that in in that situation I’d be getting 10% our damage and 15% crypt image rather than 10% headshot and 10% crit the difference there is pretty minimal but I think that’s what I would like to do and instead of like the explosive resistance here I’d much rather have either more repair skill or I would just go into like hazard protection or simply just more crit chance if you guys want to see my stat sheet I have 51% crit chance I have a little bit more than I would like to considering I’m using the Coyotes mask but around 50% is a perfectly good spot to be yet I have a hundred and nine percent crit damage which is fairly good considering that I have a lot of healing from this build and then if we take a look at my overall healing I got there I have 67% all weapon damage bonus which is pretty good and then this is all my armor.

Blah blah blah I have 30% incoming repairs which is pretty solid and then I have 7% skull haste and then I have where’s my this is just my chem launcher can I see the 29% income in repairs can I see the.

Where is it I’m trying to see how much overall a skill repair at armor repair I have but it only shows that per skill you have I guess I can’t see the percent unless I’m just like an idiot I can’t see it.

The only showing me the incoming repairs but I guess if we are just look at it we could just see repair skills at 20% there and then repair skills at 15% and then incoming repairs as well paired with that as well as another income and repairs so you can do the math so yeah overall this builds pretty good I’m just gonna leave some gameplay here if you need help with the build again you can feel free to email me and hopefully you guys like the video if you do please make sure to drop a like and subscribe for videos similar to this one and yeah enjoy the gameplay guys yeah I’m gonna have to hard pass on that one I heroic American History Museum easy concussion easy max obliterator concussion right no please your this fact cursing over there see this is like night and day versus bunker his bunker I start the mission and I just get 360 noscope tomahawk from dib one I’m like I’m like alright things die I don’t die in half a second you know I’m having a good time it was like I’m playing a video game like I’m not in the Special Olympics Steve this feels normal how did this happen supress I’m using an AR what do you even mean suppressed.

They spawn like roaches yeah the MPGs just keep spawning over and over again that is true that is what’s annoying in crews you know that the Chipotle’s no delivery today XD y’all probably edit out a lot of the like running from pack to pack the one chem launcher juice then my drone got shot that’s kind of messed up dude usually they don’t shoot at it but sometimes they’ll decide to a man then you know you get inside of the Chipotle.

I could be doing a pretty significant amount of more damage if this were set up the way that I want to be weaver ease is pretty cheap.

Uber eats doesn’t have to pull away here it’s like door – and posting it’s an asset I got a little bit known as Papa Kenny I’m back to full easy stop runnin I appreciate it these guys don’t even shoot at me man I want them to be hitting me whoa you’re hitting me hit me oh Jesus Sheila easy those shotgunners are very scary drop shot her we got a black ops 2 player.

It was just activity completed crap girl off my screen.

Or sandwiches there wasn’t I went to Walmart last night there wasn’t even like any meat there was literally nothing at the group at the grocery store like there was actually completely there’s just cleaned out even if I wanted to make Sammy’s I couldn’t make Sammy’s because it was cleaned out it was a mess oh no he’s running behind me trying to flank my little booty like I was just standing there I am doing damage to me pretty cool bear what are you talking about too if you’re on drugs and crew back you up that’s why I’m here I like that it is shotgunning me from over there it’s doing a lot of damage I’m lucky so I think here I’m gonna use the rifle a little bit because things spawn constantly around this side I want to be able to use rifle to kill the boss and stuff up there I can use a our guys close range that’s why having a rifle with this head up is good because a lot of the time using an AR you kind of forcing yourself in a bad position so I think the rifle to swap to for like for example this boss is pretty good can I get the copy off what’s an EMP name she never Peaks from either that’s weird for here I can you they are and if I finish the boss off of there not quite the accuracy gets really bad at that range and your damage drops off a lot too.

Jesus I’m getting quick scoped out here leave me alone that turret oh it’s this guy oh my god that’s scary don’t don’t end me I just killed her when I had the chance to where did that guy come from what is happening there’s so many new guys spawning usually this is really easy you should kill the boss but now there’s like getting new to buy the boss and that guy.

Yield the full easy cause of healer drone this is kind of obnoxious to be honest with you.

I’ve never seen that extra heavy guy there maybe it’s goes to road I think I’ve done this on her.

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