Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 – Best Solo Heroic DPS Build Guide! 5 Million Headshots

Author: NickTew

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Hey what’s up guys it’s Nick – today I am joined by a special guest of my cat he wanted to sit on my desk so I guess he’s here for the video he just likes to sit here so you see him moving around there you go today we’re gonna be talking about what the best solo build is in PvE especially for doing like heroic content doing heroic is particularly difficult if your solo because all the mobs are focusing on you and everything is gonna do a ton of damage – so I figured I would make a video , dating you solo players and talking about what the best thing to use currently is so we’re pretty much just kind of jump right into it if anybody needs help making a build farming anything like that you know you need help farming season fast you need SAT levels you just need help getting certain gear exotic tours how to write email me and Nick tube is that jimick comment I’d love to help you guys out and if you’re interested in watching me stream you want to ask me some questions you want to see me make new builds you want to be up-to-date on what the new meta is and stuff feel free to check me out over on twitch at slash Nick to where I stream every single day if you guys liked the video please make sure to drop a like and subscribe for videos similar to this one as it helps me out a ton so getting right into it in terms of specialization we’re gonna be running sharpshooter the reason for this is that we’re gonna be using a rifle with this built I know a lot of people you might not really like using rifles but even if you don’t like using them if you wanna do solo heroic content this is gonna be your best bet and I’ll go into the reasons why but the reason you want to run sharpshooter is because it gives you you can get rifle damage on anything but this gives you 15 percent increase headshot damage which is really good as well as the stability is pretty nice make sure and when any kind of a laser and then the armor cuts okay and then getting you know headshot damage or whatever that’s pretty nice so in terms of what you run there’s a couple different things that you can do for heroic ultimately it’s pretty much very similar to just an overall DPS build but the main takeaway from this is that you really want to use an m1 a so the thing about the MA is that it has insane insane insane base damage to where you can pretty much one-shot almost anything that you want in a solo heroic context okay my cat is crawling around oh okay kitty that’s that was interesting all right he jumped off okay sorry about that so rifles they’re the m1 a rather makes it to where it has such high base damage you can pretty much two shot things and the thing about rifles that makes doing heroic content with them so easy is that you can literally sit at the very back of the map and just shoot at things with pretty much no repercussions like a lot of time when using like an AR or an LMG you put yourself in a really scary spot because NPCs are spawning on you they’ll run towards you and then once they run towards you they start coming like behind you and from all different angles but with a rifle you can just set at max range do all your damage and if you want the priority targets die you can just shoot them two times they’re dead and I mean even though it might not do as much raw DPS or damage per second as an LMG would it still ends up clearing things a little bit faster just because of how much like survivability you have in the way of like not actually constantly taking damage and being able to kill certain things that you want so getting classic m1 a is 100% what you wanted to do it’s pretty easy to get a baker’s dozen I have a pretty good one baker’s dozen is just the name variant of it am i enrolled with max rifle max crate and I can also all the damage targets out of cover so I got pretty lucky with this I believe you get one at like level 50 in the season pass guaranteed perfect lucky shot is okay although I don’t think it’s great I prefer rifleman but other honorable mentions are strange is not going to be good but something like boomerang is pretty good or killer and a solar contact is pretty good other than that Ranger maybe if you’re purposely staying at a super long range to benefit from Ranger but sometimes you just can’t do that so overall I think riflemen is better and I’m gonna talk about some interactions that it has like with this scope so one thing that I’m running is I’m learning this headshot damage scope this might seem stupid because you have to aim in with the scope and this is where like kind of two variants of the build are come into play but other than that you just want a crit chance and then if you’re running lucky shot you can get reload speed here but if you’re not running like chives go +5 round so the reason we run the scope I don’t if you saw my other video but pretty much you can run this talent focus where increase your total weapon m is about 5% every second that you are aiming while scoped with an 8x or higher and this scope obviously giving 45% head just huge island sounds 5% crit not a big deal but the scope is a it counts as over an 8x what you can do is you can pretty much whip out a Crusader shield and then you could benefit from focus plus using the scope without without actually having to aim in with the scope so I’ll just show you guys a quick representation of this this is only good sometimes I wouldn’t use it all the time in solo it can get a little bit clunky but if you’re trying to do the most bullet damage like per hit this is gonna be the best thing for you but as you can see I can just swap or pull out the shield and then I can ATS with this and then my focus is going to be buffing me and it’s going to go all the way up to 50% actual damage if you’re using an overall D chest you can get this up to 60% which is pretty good but if you do that you miss out on 10% crit chance from Providence so it’s up to you if you want to do that or not alternatively you could very easily just not run focus here and then you can just put on you know crit chance usually this is what I prefer to do because using the shield can be a little janky but sometimes if you want to get really good damage this is particularly good to do and it’s really good if you’re playing with like a tank like one thing about this build is that it’s not only good and so although it’s good all around so like you can use this with a group and if you’re playing with somebody that’s playing a tank build you can easily put the shield on and then nobody will even focus your shield and you can just keep shooting at other NPCs so if you don’t want to use the focused talent you can in my opinion I would like to run obliterated you’re not gonna have it up all the time but this is the only thing it’s going to give you more damage the reason that I don’t run perfect glass cannon in heroic is because there are a lot of things that will just do unavoidable damage to you running perfect last cannon when you’re solo and heroic it’s literally just gonna get you killed.

Like it’s nice to have all that much damage or all that damage but it’s just gonna kill you so I’d much rather just run obliterated have some survivability and it gets still a pretty decent amount of damage an alternative League he was like in trench or maybe can use like spot or if you want to run a pulse I was entirely up to you running spotted with a pulse is pretty nice because I think the poles is pretty cool but other than that if you’re trying to get like raw pure just a huge like head chakra at like over five mil then I would go for a focus other than that pretty much how you set it up is like kind of every other DPS build like solo you want to run Kylie.

Masks more often than not you probably have the 1525 meter buff and a 25 meter buff so ideally you want to be sacking like a lot of crit chance and crit damage currently only a 45% crit chance with my that’s what my bullet King actually so let’s see how much I have with my and my name my money I said I still have the same mount 45 percent so I think that’s a pretty good middle ground to be honest because if you were to get either of these buffs it’s still a reasonable buff to you I mean getting 25% crit chance isn’t going to be the best thing for me it’s only I’m only gonna benefit from 15% but that’s still a pretty good buff especially considering that I have you know over a hundred percent crit damage on the setup but yeah one thing I forgot to mention if you’re running focus with the shield I recommend having one m1a with the scope and then one mA without the scope so that you can swap to the other one so like for example having a baker’s dozen in one hand and then where’d my bakers doesn’t go having one ma with the scope in one hand and then one in the other for whenever and the shield runs out so for example like I have my shield out right here and I could shoot with the one I have that has the headshot damage scope because otherwise I’d have to actually aim in and nobody wants to do that so then whenever your shield breaks you’re gonna swap to this one and no big deal you end up losing you know some damage on the chest talent but without having like obliterator or something but really had something big of a deal did another thing you lose is functionality of a different skill okay so going into the rest of it you just want like two piece Providence or maybe three piece and then anything that gives you a lot of crit then you can go for a little bit of headshot damage here and there if you feel like you have too much crit is getting one piece Cheska is really good test score chest gun or know people keep making front of the way I say whatever Cesco Cheska Mexica whatever that is get that 10% crit chance is really good and then you can also get one piece sambar out which will give you a 15% crit damage which is really good that’s pretty much interchangeable with the three piece on Providence and then for your gloves you would like to get contractors clubs these are gonna give you damage to armor but you can very easily swap this out for something else if you want to but you know for me out recover this cause damage armor is pretty huge and I have a really good roll and then you 100% and want Fox’s prayer this is going to give you a rifle damage towards rifle as well as giving you flat weapon damage flat damage of targets out of cover which is huge in the national enrolled online if you don’t have those I try to get one piece of overlord in the build somewhere and then you can just replace other things that you don’t have with like more Providence or a somber piece to get you more create anything gives you crit is what you want if you want some survivability you can go you know you can use something like entrench on your chest and then you can spec a couple of the pieces into Armour if you want to do that or something like that if you don’t have the other pieces and if you feel like you’re dying too quickly personally for me I would rather just kill things in like two shots but if you find that you’d rather I have a little bit more armor for doing solo that’s 100% acceptable I would just do that so it’s like one last look at my stat sheet here this is what we got going on and then if I were to you’re looking at skills I always run into Reviver hive and then of course I’m using the Crusader shield but if you don’t want to use a ghost Raider shield then you want to use a blood right under chest or something I would just use the fix or drone and then there you go so yeah that’s pretty much it thank you guys so much for watching I hope that this video helped you out build is incredible for doing pretty much any types of content I’ll leave some gameplay of me doing at the end of a heroic mission there’s like halfway through a heroic mission just showing you guys how effective it is if you guys want like a solo AR DPS build or anything like that please feel free to let me know and I will make that pretty soon alright thanks for watching and I will see you guys later peace alright for anyone watching the video the gameplay starts here because I was listening to music and I just now decided that I want uses games like your video so what I’m doing thank you follow molecule for shinmin iron schemes so Brooke and almost any of the satisfactory pretty broken like you get hit by a suspect oh you’re dead unless you have a lot of hazard protection unless you have insane amounts of health which and it’s really weird that they would increase the amount of damages sativex to and then simultaneously reduce how much health you can get on each piece by tenfold so the max amount of health I can get on a piece is like 20k or something like that it might even be less than that I’m to follow savage and warrior but then you know my overall health pool is 270 K but then fire will do 600 K damage to me and the max amount of extra health like I get is like at most like a hundred K or something yeah like let’s just lower the let’s just lower the healthful you have but then not compensate in any other way so you just die have fun just said don’t get hit by a status effects forehead just say I play better you know just don’t run through the invisible fire don’t get hit by a nail gun don’t get it by throwing knives you know as as you can just do that cap just it’s just that easy cap it’s possible I’m missing a mod and one of my pieces of gear okay I’m not good.

You have your own team yeah I have my own clan they’re not my own clan but I’m in a clan of people thanks for fall cap captive King you died two grains that did fire to you you took 2.5 million damage in two seconds yeah you know what I have to say to that dude get better kappa just to avoid fire you know that’s what they want you to do how much wire you think is will how much change you think this will do to me that’s not going straight to my health but walking into that fire for a second did half my armor what’s up kappa get good it exactly you just get good am I an idiot where am I supposed to be going it’s been it’s been a while since I’ve done this mission pipe over the door I got it Aleut I’m rich do I need this picture drone thing iteration might be better than what I have I’d like no good skill mods at all I’m an idiot I was actually already over there my favorite thing about size effect is that half the time like they break your Reviver hive I understand the reason for if I ever have to be like to have the ability to get broken so it’s not always just like the default choice but I know it feels pretty shitty to have something that’s on like a six minute cooldown right and then it happens you die you expect it to save you and then it’s just like it’s stomped on her and like randomly just blows up just like um why am i using this skill again more often than not it will save you though but the fact that it doesn’t is a little little sad where’s the I wash my new CPS build hey you’re blocking issue as well so I’m trying to find gear only finding crap ass yeah well hopefully you can get set up man named item.

Max rule well accuracy dude pass rule don’t more people spawn in here no okay oh dude don’t don’t dogs end up spawning in this mission I think dogs don’t put on so I got that I got the big brain strap for the dogs all right guys ready for it oh no I think I put that weapon in my stash no well she’s booking then the dogs I was gonna use it Nick ever said he handed remember actually being really good for a some G’s and if one is still good to use ur useless so smg’s currently like they aren’t worth using that much because their optimal range is really bad their accuracy is incredibly bad and usually the RPMs are incredibly high which means that you’re reloading a lot of the time rather than being able to do damage but the main drawback is just that you have to be like super close range to be able to utilize them and even then if you aimed only at the head the accuracy is so bad they won’t even hit like 50% headshots and the headshot multiplier built in is also lower than any of the other weapon types so smg’s kind of like just got shafted from PvE or in a PvE context what is this like RP thing on me okay Sean oh hello Maya.

There’s no dogs I think there’s documents black tusk oh the boss will spawn over there yeah actually you should camp in the middle here you’re safe here you’re walking through walls you’re nuts I hope you’d be safe with superpowers it’s safe I got a I got a broken m1a don’t worry all these red bars so spooky I’ll probably die from a somebody’s suicide bombing me just for saying that you had Oh dogs aren’t challenged I think dogs I’m in heroic I think dogs are just there when they mounted a gun no no no no I think dogs are just there when it’s black tusks.

This is Rp I see the Boston where that’s right doesn’t like take a while from to come out or whatever yeah yeah.

There’s one room where there’s like seven dogs runs on invaded that’s a fun time I want to kill all these dudes spawning before he spawns but I think they just end this is bond I’m not sure how that works I think he can get foamed I want to try it but got clear ads if I don’t kill him fast it might be a little spooky with all the ads I should be able to just beam him in the head though one can only hope.

This is where it gets a little spooky you know we’re fine because he’s dead all right cool yeah if he survived like a lot longer that would’ve been a little scary anything good I guess I can try out preservation 20% armor and kill pretty much there’s a crazy role anything good.

Max weapon damage mask might need it I don’t know anything but the and 14 build is obsolete to be honest we mean them 180 build.

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