Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 – Fast League Completion Guide! Exotic Cache

Author: widdz

Text version of the guide (automatically created subtitles)

So since I already grinded the league to the max I thought I would go through the league and tell you my tips how to do it the fastest and also show you what you get then tell you what I think about it if that sounds interesting then let’s get in to the video so I guess before I tell you a bit more let’s check the rewards and see if you think it’s worth it so this is the rewards that you get nothing too special here like getting the outcast bug patch sure it’s pretty simple everything here is nothing too spectacular and then we come to the rank 6 to 10 and the rank 9 is an exotic cache which seems to be insanely good if you got in the exotic mask from the battle paths you know it rolls pretty damn high and everybody that I heard that got exotic almost got God roll exotic I will show you soon what I actually got from the exotic cache because I think it was pretty unbelievable what I got then we have the rank 10 which is an outcast body vault which looks pretty decent but yeah that’s the actual reward named item come on exactly what I wanted guys I wanted the tsunami sausage shotgun that was on my wish list definitely what I wanted here I’m so happy actually okay you guys can look first I’m reading shot everybody’s fucking oh my Wow look how is it even possible dude it’s a girl sure but are you kidding me oh my god I would study impossible dude that’s unbelievable.

That’s unbelievable dude like sure it’s like Garo but I have a really good one already.

It’s unbelievable dude why orangie and warlords except today oh that’s actually pisses me off dude fuck my life did max troll yeah but I already have one and I don’t want to play pissed like I have this one right 2% off like fuck that grounded so what is this League thing so the West Side League have six different objectives four of them being missions and two of them being other objectives to do so the three first one are used normal challenging missions and then we have the Rose world which is a heroic stronghold.

So for each shall ensure you have a different stages from 1 to 10 so sadly I already completed it so we can’t see it but I think for the missions you have to beat 14 minutes for federal and I think the other missions are 16 and then the stronghold is 25 to get the stage 10 so this will count the base time that you get – if you actually complete it.

For example Rosewell faster than 25 minutes then you are at stage 10 you don’t have to do it again the missions are pretty simple you can do this as a solo player to man or tree man like it’s still the same time you have to beat so I think the mission part is pretty simple like just play the mission learn the mission how the NPCs spawn I just played until you beat the time you have to do the missions on challenging and the other rows will have to be on heroic so I had a bit trouble with a few of these because I always saw an out when I play PB so I actually don’t know the missions that well but I managed to do everything in the first try except federal bunker that I had some problems with the vents and I just went the wrong place and yeah just the start of the stream I was a bit tired and all that so I missed it with one sick and I actually fought on stream that I made it so just watch the highlights here come on come on dude I don’t want to redo it mad you do it I think I did it this day we do it please please dude I gotta be exactly on point dude not even close it one second off oh my god did I have to do it again 14:01 so yeah those are pretty easy to do then we have these two right here the outcast members burned and the outcast elites killed so for that kills it’s only 250 elites which is pretty simple so to do that one what I did I went to the left part of the map and I did just open world outcast control point I also did just random activities here without caste and the reason you want to put this on a row is because there’s way more elites that spawn if you play it on easier difficulty it’s not gonna be that many elites so personally I don’t have any issues with heroic but but I can understand if a few of you guys have that but but honestly not sure what the best way would be done if you don’t playa Roy would at least recommend you to try it and if that doesn’t work then yeah I’m sorry I don’t have anything else for that but I don’t think that one is gonna be the hardest then we have the outcast members burn which is the most annoying thing I’ve done in the game in a long time this was so boring to do and I guess that’s because I tried to do it efficiently and only focusing on doing that but still like you have to get out cast members burned so it’s still gonna be boring I think this was pretty bad addition I think it should not be only for one faction it’s just really boring to do but anyway probably one of the fastest way or the way I did it was to do Potter Mac event center on hard then you get to the boss room and then I equipped a skill build slash damage field you don’t have to go all in on the skill but I kind of did that you only have to make them burn though so you don’t have to kill them with the burn just make the NPC’s burns so for this I did play a fire wall because you get longer fire duration which doesn’t matter I guess but since I had a skill build my skill would kill them pcs and you get the flamethrower which is a nice addition so that’s the one I used for scales I use the flame turret and I also use the chem launcher fire started so those two and I would just tie them and kill it and offer you kill the first boss that usually when I would wipe because then you restart at the same room and then you just repeat until you have 500 kills I know this is super boring though but you probably get this done in one hour so like doing it boring 1 hour or doing it in a couple of hours I guess it’s up to you but that’s one of the fastest way to do it at least anyway to conclude the video I think the leaks are a pretty good addition to the game however though I think they could have done something more with it right now it’s only stage 1 to 10 which everybody could complete which is fine but I think it would be cool if they would take everybody that do the missions and they would put everybody into different tier kind of how they did in division 1 with global event let’s say the 1 to 5 percent of the fastest time would get something special and the 5 to 10 would get something as well of course as I said this would be an additional thing they should still keep the stage 1 to 10 that everybody can complete but adding something more worth to doing speedruns I think that would be so.

And great for the community to actually have a reason to try to get those super fastest speed runs anyway I hope you guys found this video useful I mean mainly just going through what it is but I think the outcast members burned is something you guys will find useful but hope you guys enjoy the video and if you are interested in more division 2 videos make sure to hit that subscribe button see you in the next one.


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