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Hey fam we back with a SMG build that I love alot, I am trying to bring you variety and style. Hope I broke everything down I am doing my best. I am usually busy with my stream and family but I love yall too! We going LIVE on twitch come thru if you want to show some love. Appreciate you.

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Alright so in this video I’m teaching you how to melt baby smell vital signs critical.

Rogue hive detected rogue agent man detective me of I new rogue agent killed David gear detective rogue agent neutralized broke protocol initiated now detecting contaminated gear serious drama annotated all right so what is up my people yo so check me out this is the build I’ve been working on I’ve been using a lot of different builds I played through the night once again I’m so I’m so like I’m messing up my schedule every day but this build is awesome I have some like things to let you know before I go and DAP into the bill you will die sometimes you know what I’m saying like it’s gonna happen but usually you should be able to outburst DPS almost anybody you see even rifle bills okay rifle bills are real popular right now in the dark zone they do a lot of damage they’re insane but I’m just enjoying all different types of builds and doing my best to make some dank builds right here we have what I’m enjoying and what I think to be one of the best SMG bills in the game but you know that’s just my opinion you let me know in the comments below what you like to run what you think is the best and you’re not my feature that in the video one day but yo this is how it goes down in the dark zone I’m running this lady death it doesn’t have the most insane roll but it’s really good as crit chance SMG shout out to my boy drew like butter if you guys don’t know if I like butter live man I don’t know what to tell you he’s a huge guy into the division man and he was so nice to give this to me man I’d grind it for three days and I was real lucky to have him on my team.

And they dropped for him on the first boss and he was so kind to give it to me so here’s the video and I hope you enjoy I hope you slay with it right so you get this from farming the open world bosses in New York City and you can find maps for that everywhere on Google so right here when you’re moving you gain four stacks per second or a stacks if you’re sprinting up to a total of 40 stacks okay each round fired consumes the stack amplifying damage by 60% all right so insane I’m gonna just show you the buff real quick so all you have to do is move right over Jolie and then under your armor you see it right there on the right it’s like two pistols one looking up one looking down that buff right there is consumed one stacked per shot at 60% damage amplified until you use all the stacks okay that means your damage is insane all right and if if used properly you can like absolutely slap with this man absolutely slap with this so the way I would use it is basically I would use I would run with my secondary and then as soon as I pull up on the enemies I would use this primary right and I should get a buff with versatile which is actually insane okay I’m gonna go ahead and show you guys amplify more damage and if you time it right you could get an insane amount of damage to burst damage 35% two enemies within 15 meters for shotguns and smg’s so basically that’s one of my talents my secondary talent is glass cannon I use a bunch of different builds alright so if you want to use a survivability DPS build I would suggest farming this exotic chess which grants you basically unbreakable but not only to you to your whole group so whenever you are an allies armor breaks they gain 80% of your armor as bonus armor you can run this different ways I have another bill coming up where I’m going to show you how to be a insane beast with it if you want to leave me in the comments below what you like to run and like I said I might uh shout you out in the video if you spark an idea in my mind so killing an M&E with your specialized weapon removes this cool down which is super awesome if you’re farming anywhere it doesn’t work so great in the dark zone because you can’t reset it but it’s still a super powerful piece I just like the melt mode you guys know all my DPS guys and and girls in the chat you guys know man or in the comments on YouTube y’all know.

That dps is fun you get to mell players instantly I got more videos at the end of the stream or at the end of this YouTube video for you guys to see more gameplay alright so I’m gonna break down I broke down the exotic for you guys basically when you get a kill you get 20% movement speed for 10 seconds which is like the old school booster had before they changed it and any secondary you want whether it be like a sniper if you’re nice with the snipe game I have this SMG because the stats look pretty good and I’m trying out measured it’s alright I might try out strained and see how it works they might work a little bit better since I’m running crit chance with this build and once again you can swap this build any way you want but this is what I think is the best the main reason is because you’re getting most applicative damage you need to get these namely path man Fox prayers if you haven’t you could do it on allocated loot and I suggest you grind until you get you a pair man 15% damage out of cover is a standard role for this piece and that’s an amazing roll like you guys don’t understand how much that matters in damage I use this to rip armor 11% damage the armor and also I’m running all damage and crit chance depending on what you need you should run like once again I said I always say in my videos that you should start building towards crit chance first then once you get to a comfortable crit chance or max crit chance you should stop and then starts backing into crit damage because that’s what’s gonna make the difference for you okay when you’re fighting somebody and you’re rocking your crits and you need that damage okay so right here we have another named item which is contractors gloves which is a Petroff piece it gives you a limb G damage which is okay because you want that 11% multiplicative damage the armor just rip that armor right here all of this is my opinion – if I’m ever wrong as something just let me know in the comments below and I’ll try to correct myself for the audience but here we have a yah mask which is also 21% damage to health and insane damage I’m running a higher crit 11.3 I’m getting these mods from legendary missions and they’re insane they help me like most people probably have like ten credit hit damage or you know that 1% kind of kind of helps man alright but I’m trying to get a max well I got a max armor mod but uh it wasn’t a what I was looking for so skill haste right here try to always get what you want you know like if I could have got crit damage right here this would have been real amazing like twelve crit damage move that would have been crazy right and damage has a protection so you’re not taking so much damage once again you know we’re getting we’re using this for some headshot damage and our main concern is the crit chance so you want to use two of these pieces and I’m or created damage and once again you could use a different different our pieces if you’re not comfortable with glass cannon you can always run our efficient which helps you with med kits and it increases your specialist bonus by a hundred percent which is real amazing especially if you’re encountering somebody in a fight and you’re you’re on your specialization is healing you at the same time you know over time and it’s buffed up to you know 100 percent which is doubling basically anything that you’re getting right and then you could also run spotter which amplifies your damage you can run intimidate if you’re running with somebody that runs like a tank build like perfect.

Vanguard which will give you our armor and yes I like glass cannon personally I run this one I’m solo when I’m fighting a group that’s that’s a little bit better I like to put this on and then uh yeah rock I walk in like that and I do my thing so usually uh you want to have at least fifty crit sixty crit is the max once again you get that up by having all your pieces wrote correctly and right here I also have another glass cannon for the SMG to increase a little bit of crit but I really like rocking are the two providence right now I feel like that’s pretty meta I’m pretty amazing right so yeah that’s the building a nutshell I hope it helps you I’m running uh this signature right now but I would probably suggest running like demolitionists because you get our armor you get you get our ammo on your armor being depleted and that really helps when you’re wanna be wanting somebody and you gotta win your 1v1 to learn the 1v4 oh yeah before I go I wanted to tell you guys like anytime that I’m playing and I’m making a pvp build I’m gonna bring you guys an assault rifle build soon I want to like use these pieces like these three pieces are a must in my opinion and then these two pieces I like because they’re giving Christians but they’re not necessary but you can change those two pieces out so like I was saying you can run that exotic and you can run another piece that’ll give you you know whatever benefit you want and it’ll it’ll help you like we could run a Seska right here and this will be with like let’s say bloodsucker I like to switch it up so I like changing and trying different things but I usually I like going with damage mainly and then uh lastly like you want to make this if you’re like a defensive player or you want that armor back this is kind of like you’re mad at these five pieces and then you always want to run the last six the six piece you want to use whatever weapon you’re using so like let’s say if I’m using a marksman I want to use a roadie if I’m using uh I want to use Fenris if I’m using an assault rifle right aren’t aren’t K if I’m using a pistol because it’ll give me pistol damage and yeah that’s basically how you want to do it guys I think I covered everything I want to make sure I’m being like there oh and yeah that’s about it and any any of these builds to do however you want to rock them you can Rock perfect vigilance I prefer not to run out pressing drizzling I’d rather use bloodsucker versatile and the reason is because when you’re using a perfect vigilance you’re getting that 25 damage taken away when you take damage so you know I rather not lose any damage and buff my damage in any way that I can and yeah man that’s about it for the video so so you know it’s really useful I run a jammer post but uh I don’t really talk about the skills usually too much because that’s your preference if you like a drone that heals you or if you like a drone that the.

Like damage that’s up to you I got more bills coming though if you have any questions leave them in the comments below I always try to answer those questions and I hope this video helped you and above most I hope you enjoy it alright salute and I enjoy this gameplay coming up peace.

Rogue I’ve detected a the gear detective helo was headed back cold one real protocol initiated rogue fixer throne detected contaminated gear detective.

You need some pretty difficult exotic honestly so hopefully you guys are ready to grind and slap food okay immediate medical assistance needed contaminated gear detected detecting contaminated gear initiated extraction Evo almost range rogue incinerator to earth detected.


Rogue hive detective nearby agent has become broke I can never move my mother’s book DC drop the incoming starting location nearby and now detecting contaminated gear manhunt now in effect.

Now detecting contaminated gear you.

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