Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 – Legendary Healer Build – How to Build Guide

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I’m stacking the heel on your bra so it’s time to showcase another bill that we’ve been using for our legendary runs and this time around it’s gonna be the healer build before we actually go into the build oh I want to start off with a specialization is I think a lot of people do play technician or actually think about that in terms of healing or skill skill juice right but I would definitely recommend survivalist if you’re playing as a healer because you have a lot of good talent here for example you have a 15% increased outgoing healing you do have the armor kit as well which also applies to group members even though I don’t think that’s a big deal but you still have that protection from elites not the biggest deal you have a flame grenades or incendiary grenades that are super good to crowd control in PvE especially late in their or heroic you also do have a survivalist tactical link that gets 10% bonus damage to targets with status effects so pretty good to use with the incendiary gram and I guess something worth noting is that the mender secret mine is currently bugged so it’s not scaled to the highest level though but we’re not gonna use that anyway so yeah so that’s what survivalists got going and I think that it’s better than one extra skill tear the 10% skill healing like you’re not gonna use this I for example and yeah like healing a scale with armor kit it’s just better overall so that’s the specialization if we take a look here at the actual build so this is one of the versions I’m gonna go through another high-end version as well but hardwire is easier to set up you can use craft it and it’s pretty easy to get because hardwired pieces they have used one piece of one roll right so it’s super easy to setup because they always come with scale tear so you can use roll the other talent to whatever you want so real easy to set up then two outs as well or the repair scale and scale duration lookey quickly at the weapons before going to the pieces though you want to have a weapon with the Reformation this one have perfect I believe that’s forty skill repair instead of Ferdie it’s not optimal when you’re playing a healer you’re not gonna shoot that much but if you have time having 40% more skill repair it definitely be good use depending on your build right then a bullet King never reload and mainly to use fire when you can and get some amateur teammates there’s also actual named weapon called the send off which have perfect distance which is 100% optimal range and also perfectly routed which is while the weapon is equipped you need to have at inter actual hand and you sit in cover all skill damage and healing is increased by 40 percent for 15 seconds buff is lost when you exit cover and it can only happen every 60 seconds I don’t have this weapon though but it’s pretty easy to get just go to the specialization and then you hit the field research on the technician and then it’s the 4th reward right here so you can craft it so that’s probably something I have to do so let’s actually check through the hardware set the gauge to two pieces skill haste three pieces repair skill and skill damage and then we have the four piece feedback loop and this is kind of where the hardware is at shines.

Whenever you use or counsel a skill your other skill is automatically refreshed and increase total skill damage and repair.

10% for 20 seconds this can occur once for 20 seconds right assist puts that at 10 seconds though but 20 seconds is enough you can see I have two charges at the moment if I put down the hive now I will get the free charge right bounty free it does reset the cooldown all right if you look at the cam launch right now we don’t want to use it about now because then it only goes to four and it starts over like the best moment to use it would be super early on the coulomb like about now so that’s something you could try to look at if you want to be super efficient so now we got it back it’s been 20 seconds we pick it up we have four now it’s gonna go up to five.

BAM by five and now we want to use it I don’t know why I tossed it there and then we get six right now it’s pretty dumb to toss it there right yeah that’s how a hardwire works and that’s why it’s it you’re gonna just have so many more charges with the cam launcher right because of it so that’s pretty nice with the hardware so let’s start off with the mask like it’s pretty straightforward what the pieces have though but something it could do is to use the new mask its exotic mask that I would like to have a night at least tank players gonna be decent but only healer just a lot of sacrifice to have to do because you’re giving up the core attribute and also the minor attributes for a tank at least you get damage and you shoot your gun way more so it’s not that big of a deal but for a healer a it’s a bigger sacrifice but if you wanna do that you could use the mask here for example and then use a chess piece hardwired instead like that honestly I don’t know the thing is I don’t know if I said it earlier though but most of you guys probably know that I’m not the healer I like to heal in games like World of Warcraft when it comes to the raids and arena PvP right but in Division I never enjoyed it so yeah I know how to set this up as the Franco a bit or some more info used to have all the correct in for right so I’m just here to showcase it for you guys because I want to show all the bills we have in the legendre right but anyway let’s get back to the actual benzo CI looking at the actual garden-like mask have a repair scale the Alps chest piece I actually had a guy role but I messed it up I don’t know I’m tired and I’m doing recoils and I don’t know what I’m doing I think I did this on stream actually and I saw nowt I fought my chased had overwatch but it did have unbreakable so I was supposed to roll that to overwatch but instead I rolled the skill haste right so yeah so this is the chest I have right now so I don’t even have a skill history this skill is there because of the gear mod so I’m missing 20 skill astir but this is mainly to show how to set it up right like that’s the purpose of my videos it’s not to like oh look at me I have min max build it’s just I want to have them as good as possible of course when I show it to you guys but the videos purpose is to show you guys how to set it up it’s not like the flexed and it builds so yeah I think it’s totally fine so overwatch is a pretty good talent here so you see the hover and you get the total weapon damage and skill damage by 12% also worth noting is that you can go out of cover you have around one second to go back before you lose the box you can water cover but not for more than a second and yeah repair skill and skill haste is the starts we’re going for we have skill a stir let me actually swap the Alps here let’s have some skill hast got less repaired oh but you know that you’re gonna use or which there is another talent as well but apparently it’s a bit buggy I’m gonna rock run up and show it yes I don’t think I have it I think I only have it in the storage it’s when you heal your teammates they get damaged but I heard it’s buggy though not too sure about that but that’s what I heard dddd talents for the armor talents empathy something right I’m perfectly resolved by preparing an ally increase their total weapon damage and skill damage by 3 to 15 percent for 10 seconds want to 7% for yourself and it depends on your skill there so you’re gonna get 15% weapon damage for 10 seconds by healing of course that’s easier to do but that’s only for one person while all watch is for everybody but you have to stay in cover for 10 seconds so you not gonna have 100% uptime.

But that’s like the talents to look at for the chess piece if you’re not gonna like run exotic masks the holster have a skill hey stir and then douse back like really really good one.

You definitely need to have safeguard while at full armor increased total skill repair by 100% and this is actually multiplicative and since you’re a healer you’re gonna sit in the back you’re gonna be at full HP almost all the time if that’s how you should play so you will get 10% extra healing which is just insane right so most have there then repair skills and skill haste and then you mode it with repair skills or skill haste we go to the skills later to check like what what’s the ratio and all that you can figure that out gloves with skill haste and knee pads with repair skills but it’s basically skill a stand repair skills you want to get and then like you can just go and shake here a bit like my build is not perfect or anything but like you want to look at the chem launcher and you want to have not more than 10 second cooldown for ammo like having around 20 seconds or lower is really good and definite over 1 million armor repair I think I actually could put a bit more into armor repair so I have like 19 seconds cooldown or something and that would be maybe better but that’s like good to look at at least over 1 million armor apart and below 20 in cool Don if you look at the modding here as well I have a heal mode here it’d be a little bit better she go heal mode and then we have the other of the skill vanity then you have +1 ammo and apparently one annoys the max that’s what so that’s how you want to mod it.

We look at the hive when it comes to morning you can see the healing here too so first mode we want to put in healing about 4% of that we don’t want our radius we want to have repaired charges the radius is huge anyway and 4% is not a big of a deal we take four charges and then we should probably go he’ll fare because duration doesn’t matter like two seconds like we’re gonna go to hell if it’s 50k extra health like whatever you do where is not a big deal but let’s just go health care and that’s yeah what I use for the mods and yeah I think I covered everything for this build right you can go to the high end one I guess use check the stats quick but as I said like I think shaking the chem launcher is good for it’s a good guideline and keep in mind like I’m not the healer so yeah I’m just here to help you guys I have 66.3% skill heist I can we see the repair skills but even know how if you can that’s a skill aced at least but just use the the chem launcher for you see like where you at and then we can shake another version the high-end one which I believe should probably be stronger but I’m actually not sure so with this one I’m using tree Alps to Murakami and one Hana you so Hannah use stem skill haste VP sells is repair skills skill duration and skill haste and Murakami is skill duration and repair skills mainly going for the repair skills there is also RK you can go I don’t know how good that is like I don’t heal or don’t look into that too much because honestly don’t find it funds I don’t I don’t want to like deep into it too to dieto but I did hear that some but I can’t see this maybe being strong for the repair skill as well but honestly I feel like it’s better to skip this one and try to agree with me as well so I’m gonna trust my boyfriend so anyway that’s like the bronze you could use for the high end there might be better versions here I’m not sure I know this one seems pretty decent and the thing with high end oh it’s gonna be a bit easier to get the use of the exotics my exotic mask right so if we shake the stats right now like remember we shake just the hard way one and this one is really similar we go repair skills and skill eyes everywhere since its brand sets we have two studs everywhere and same here we have the chest that’s fucked up again so let’s just swap the DS to have a bit more skill haste because it makes more sense because I fucked my knob.

Same hair actually I did kroff this one because they didn’t have it because they just want to show it to you guys how to set it up so we could have way more skill haze there it’s the same backpack gloves are actually Garo and here this one I crafted as well so I do miss some skill ease right it’s not perfect at all still using the same specialization of course same weapons or talents and talking about the weapon I guess like you don’t need to use a sniper or this it’s whenever perfect Reformation you can just use like a SVD with Reformation or a rifle or whatever you like you feel confident in head shots wit like you’re not gonna shoot too much but I think sniper makes sense especially if you’re gonna play the exotic mask but if we look at the cooldown without take sorry mask we have a 14 point 9 second cooldown and remember I did miss like probably 10 or 15 skill hast because my pieces are not good so you could get that even lower.

I know Franco have only spilled hair like 12 second cooldown I think so I definitely probably won’t have a bit lower here but 15 seconds might be fine I haven’t heal that much so I don’t know and when I heal they used hardware so it’s hard for me to say but below 15 second you definitely want to have that bit lower could be good because I think 1.2 million armor it’s more than enough right like I think 1.2 million is enough you don’t need to have more than that so it could lower it a little bit and get the extra skill list amazing I think it should be pretty good though yeah that’s with tear 6 if we actually use like Sonic masks which would be really good for a healer except that you lose so much attributes like on pair days look how much we’re losing we’re losing 24 skill aids and 20 repair skill plus ones kilter which is a lot of freaking loss to be honest but the exotic mask is pretty good for your team but sadly as I said yesterday this is what I mean like if you could have skilled to hair and this could roll like scale attributes since this mask is a support set that would make sense that would be amazing as well but let’s just look how it how it would look if we would use that so then we go back to tier 5 which is a lost 420 a 20% less healing 10% radius and one arm oh not the biggest deal though we went from one point 250 million I think so we basically lost 200k in armor repair but I still think that’s fine though we lost a bit of cooldown that’s probably the biggest issue probably good to get this down to 17 seconds I don’t know if that’s enough though like it’s a big sacrifice but yeah this is probably something that you guys did actually heal could know a bit more about but it would be nice to have a healer and then attack using the new mask is the healer would basically just use the sniper hit once 25 metres and above and then he would get the Reformation and then keep this buff up because remember this will this buff will be up all the time and giving 25 Christians to your whole team especially like in a raid when you have seven other people that’s insane that’s basically how you can do it you can use this exotic mask as well for hardware and I guess worth noting like I gave up the skill haste on Alps or you can give up this holster for example this parent set and it doesn’t matter where the pieces are of course the exotic must have to be it at the mask slot but you just need the brown sets here the two days.

But I think I covered everything to be honest and shake the stats we’re gonna have iron skillets now then before since we don’t have hardwired but keep in mind even though you don’t have the skill list on hardware you still have that the hardwire skill right so we have hundred one percent skill Eastern but I hope this video was useful to you guys because that’s the point I just want to help you guys out because I’m not the healer I just wanted to have every built in the legendary video so you guys could get those building you could try it as well and I think I will do our video covering some legendary mission tips and tricks nothing could be useful for you guys and yeah before I end the video I guess I want to give a shout out to fry Co for helping me out with the questions because there was definitely stuff I didn’t know since they don’t heal so thanks to fry Co for helping out with the information but hope you guys enjoy the video and yeah see you guys in the next one.

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