Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 – Legendary Stronghold Tips And Tricks Guide

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In today’s video I will talk about the hardest content in Division 2 which currently is the legendary strongholds I will give you my best tips how to play them what the rewards are what bills I set up you need and much more if that sounds interesting then let’s get in to the video so to start it off I would recommend you to get a group before we go into the legendary and avoid the matchmaking if possible because having a group with good communication teamwork and roles that synergize with each other is key keep in mind that legendary is one of the hardest challenges in the game so it can be really rough at start but the more you play them the easier and better results you will get if you don’t like a challenge then you don’t have to do this the only thing that’s exclusive to the legendaries is the exotic a are called Bighorn and that one is not even good right now if you want to see the Bighorn in action I will put a link to the video I made in the top comment and then there’s also the white tusk cosmetic apparel which looks really nice but it won’t make your character stronger so keep that in mind if you don’t want to have a challenge then don’t play because you’re not missing out on anything really because you can just form something else if you don’t want to have this challenge anyway so what I would recommend is to play one healer one tank and two DPS.

Of course you can play it in other ways maybe you could play a skill damage field and take like five to six hours to complete it but I’m just gonna go through how we did it and I’m not gonna cover some super cheesy strats like that so I have made a build video for all the bills that we used in the legendary they will be in the description or the top pin comment but I will talk a little bit about them because some things have changed with the bills so I will just cover that really quick so when it comes to the healer build I would recommend to use the BGSU gloves because they are extremely good when it comes to crowd control and it also gives your teammate their skill cooldown back which can be huge to get your revive high back for example and playing as a deep bass player and you just use the rebuy pipe and then you get the cooldown back you can play a little bit more aggressive and feel a bit more safe if you really want to take it easy though you can wait and make sure that you have over shards from their gloves ready for every room don’t open the next door until you have it ready when it comes to the tank build I would recommend the new exotic mask over the named holster so you can give a more crit to your team then we have the 2d base builds nothing I really darah have one for LMG and one for rifle I think I personally would recommend the rifle one because you do have the shield and it’s just a little bit more safe and the damage output you can do it’s pretty crazy then you could also have one player that runs the state is a big build his main purpose would be to use crowd control I only played with a dedicated status effect built today and we play 3d paste and then yeah this data’s effective and that seemed actually really good but I also think for that strat you need some really good damage builds I will have a video covering this in the future though like how to set it up and how to play it but for now I only tested it once I think and I don’t have my build ready yet so give me some more time on that and I will come back but that’s the build part and then we come to the communication you definitely want to have voice chat so you can communicate because as I said teamwork is key and it’s crucial that you all are on the same page so not one guy for example push forward while everybody else backs and all that so make sure that you can communicate with each other so when you got the group ready.

You have builds with a decent setup it’s time to get them into the actual legendary stronghold something that I find super important the first time you do a legendary mission is to play very patient and don’t be too greedy please super save and take your time if one in your team goes down play safe there is no checkpoint before the boss room so you want to do everything you can to not wipe so talking a little bit about the white tasks so they are basically black tasks but they’re just way way smarter and they will actually sense way more than other AIS if your team is weak they will try to take advantage of that and push you or if they are feeling threatened by you they will retreat and usually they try to do that all together with that said though you can use that to your advantage to bait some NPCs to push you and then get some easy kills I think something I would recommend as well is to keep a long range it’s a good strategy because if you are far away you will do less damage but you will also take less damage which means it’s less likely for you to get one shot so having a decent distance and a back-up plan to retreat to is always good it’s basically when it comes to the minigun tanks you want to keep range you want to focus 100% on breaking the minigun chain because when that happened he will go down and fix the chain you also want to focus this backpack because when the tank comes close the backpack act as a stinger hype making crazy bleed damage so make sure you get the backpack before they get close if you have really really good DPS you could ignore that but still it doesn’t take that much damage to break the backpack so I would recommend to do that so keep shooting the Shane and when he goes down to fix it you could get rid of some red purples MPC’s aureus focus on him depending on the scenario.

I recommend only aiming for the Shane / body and not going for headshots at all when it comes to the tanks since when you’re focusing the Shane you will hit a lot of body shots as well so it just makes sense to keep going for the body so in terms of the npc’s it’s important you guys understand who of them are the biggest fret and priority the minigun tanks are talked about earlier is definitely number one the drone operators are super annoying as well so getting them quick is important because otherwise you’re gonna get drones bound and those drones are pretty quick so you are getting rid of those emphases it’s important then we have the healer that have the healing station and if you don’t kill them before they put it out you have to deal with their healing station and you can’t really kill anything except the red and purples if they are in the station so ideally you want to kill the healer before it puts it out if he puts it down though you can try to bait him out of the station and kill him and that way the station gets destroyed as well then there’s also the Grenadier NPC that can be super annoying they spam grenades like crazy on legendary and there’s also that robot that shoots grenades too for the rooms with robots though you can use a EMP grenade or impede jammer it works great so make sure your team knows what you want to focus first so you’re all are on the same page and focus the same NPC first three don’t just focus different than pcs and you managed to kill nothing and now you’re getting spammed by drones they have healing station and you’re getting grenades back so really crucial to be on the same page there then we have the crowd control we didn’t do much crowd.

Troll at all in our first rounds but the more we played the more we added it into the mix and it’s a game changer so remember when I said you want to have a healer with the be TSU gloves I did make a video about that a few days ago but if you don’t know the be TSU gloves over short your full team’s skills for 15 seconds with a 2 minute cooldown it also removes all the skill cooldowns for you and your teammates so it’s great to have to get your revive pipe back for example and of course it makes the deepest gives go from tears zero to overcharge which is insanely good and that is something you could use for every single room as long as when you’re done with the room you wait until the cooldown is back on the gloves before hitting the next room so in terms of the skill be used for crowd control we usually have both deepest with gun or banshee poles or one deepest with banshee poles and one Firefly blinder drum both works great especially with overshot the blinder Firefly gets like 15 targets you can basically blind all the NPC’s in the room and banshee gets a huge range increase and also instant charge speed one skill that we haven’t really used that much though is the Easter fire flight the militia targets the weak points on the NPCs so it disables the NPCs special move for example the drone operators can’t use their drone the medics can’t put out the healing station and on the minigun tanks it affects the backpack and ashame so it should be super useful for legendaries i guess if you don’t like those skills I could recommend a few more but those are mainly what we use but you could use the shock trap and it should work really good for the smaller rooms it’s like a 15 second shock with the over short you think and the area it covers is huge but keep in mind it takes on time before it triggers so make sure you can cover the full room I guess the foam cam lotion could be useful as well with over short since it gets a quite big radius but we don’t really use those skills though but I thought it would be worth mentioning then we also have grenades the healer plays survivalist so he will get the incendiary grenade which is amazing then we have the deep s on gunner that gets the foam grenade which is awesome as well and if you have a rifle build he used.

We place sharpshooter so that’s a flashbang which is really useful too so make sure you use the grenades when you can and especially when your skills are on cooldown and the effect is gone on the NPC’s and since you have a healer with a survivalist spec you will also get 10% multiplicative damage increase to NPCs that are on status effect so that’s quite huge but I think that’s it though hopefully this one was fine I had to rerecord the full voiceover so I really hope that this the second one was fine because it was a bit frustrating the rerecord is especially when it’s almost 5 a.m. here but luckily I did script is better though because I want to make sure I did not forget anything but I probably did anyway if you guys have any questions though let me know in the comment section below and I can try to help you from there but I hope you guys did find this video useful and if you are interested in more division 2 content then make sure to hit that subscribe button if you want to go the extra mile stone supported channel financially you could become a youtube member for less than a dollar but that’s only if you want to anyway thank you guys for watching and see you guys in the next one.


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