Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 – Must Get OP Bag For Skills – Guide And Demonstration

Author: Patrick Wolf

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Make sure to farm for this bag its absolutely insane!

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What’s up agents Patrick Wolfie up welcome to another division 2 video today’s video is gonna be a quick little guide for a certain piece of gear that is a must-have for anyone who enjoys using or you know like scalable to enjoy enjoys using my pyro ball that just recently dropped any kind of skill belt you will greatly benefit from using this bag possibly even DPS builds any any kind of bolt this is a great great backpack it is the Acosta’s back really it’s an exotic bag and I’m gonna let you guys know how to get it why it’s so strong give you a demonstration of what it does in this video so please leave a like and subscribe let’s get into it so first and foremost let’s have a look at the bag and see this is the parable that I recently dropped if you guys are interested in it it’s very very strong it’s very fun to use and this bag I’ve just kind of made it an addition to this bowl because I recently was given it and it’s really really strong so the best part of this bag is that you can actually grow it because I have 6 skill tears instead of so when you damage an enemy with a grenade it gives you one skill tear for 15 seconds when it’s an wall grants overcharge if you’re already at tsx now overcharge is a massive buff it is insane it is your skills just go on steroids they become so so potent and it’s really really strong now currently guys in PvP you have to hit someone with a grenade and it they have mitigated this in PvP but in PvE you don’t even have to hit the enemy with the grenade you just have to throw the grenade that’s the interesting part of this and this is why it makes it so strong so two in the back the best part of this is you actually get an extra armor kit which is really really good also you get 10% status effects 10% repair skills and also ammo capacity and grenade capacity so not only well what I swapped out was the golden gear one piece which gave me 10% status effects this gives me that and so much more repair skills and then on top of that I’ve got skill haste and skill damage and more skill s on a mod so it’s got a yellow mod slot also so this is perfect for any kind of.

Hybrid I would say even if you’re running DPS and you wanted a bit of utility but this is perfect for skill bolts it’s really really strong and I’m going to show you guys how to do it but first how are you going to get this it’s so important to get this piece it makes your skill build so so strong and it’s worth it in every way so currently guys in tu8 they’ve added a new feature so when you find the various faction boxes let’s say for example hyena boxes you guys know what a hyena boxes so it’s tiny little boxes that glow green right here so this is an outcast box just for an example so in t8 if you’ve found a box it actually shows you on your map now so there it is right there.

I’ve obviously found this outcasts boss box recently the Kostas bag can drop from any of these factions but hyena keys asari hyena boxes there’s a 3% chance to drop every time you open one so hyena boxes are what you guys want to go for this is obviously an outcast box but you can there is a percentage chance that you’ll get it but hyena is the best I’m just showing an example so that will be on your map so just go through a map and zoom in and have a look and see what if you guys have found any key boxes lately and how are you gonna get keys the best way that I find to get keys is to fast travel to the shop run right over here to this underground entrance and you will follow this track and you just go underneath collecting ceramics electronics and a lot of keys they will be on cabinets on the wall and that’s how are you gonna get them all so this bag drops in New York that’s where I got it so obviously just can it can drop anywhere but hyena keys are the the most efficient way there’s a true Suns box I recently opened as well so hyena keys are the ones that will say hyena so just make sure you guys try and open as many of those as possible there are lots of guides on YouTube there’s you know go onto the reddit pages on the forums it’ll let you know exactly where the keys are or I’m sure you guys have found a bunch of them I seem to have not found a lot of hyena keys unfortunately but yeah once you’ve done that then you will get access to this absolute beast of an exotic backpack let me just give you guys a demonstration with the pirate bolt so when you shoot a chem shot if you guys can see look how big the Aradia says that’s where the interesting part is this.

That explosion right there it’s okay it’s not bad but when we actually throw a grenade and I’m gonna throw it away there it’s not even gonna hit the enemy you can see the buffers now active below my ammo count.

Look how big this is guys look at that Boosh it’s insane it takes up all firing range and it amplifies it so much it is in st. and this works with all of your skills so can you imagine having even a turret up and you keep throwing grenades you’ll absolutely just destroy everything in sight and I’m gonna quickly show you guys exactly what I mean.

So if we go into the chem launcher I’m just so just reset your skill cooldowns over yeah.

We’re gonna go into this chem launcher or any of the skills I’m gonna show you just how potent that overcharge can be and it you can just proc it as many times as you want then refill your your grenades and I think there’s some certain talents that allow you to get your grenades back like ongoing directive that could be something that would be really interesting to combine so if we look over here I am getting radius 30% and then it goes to 135 and burn duration goes up a 40% so as you guys can see it’s absolutely insane how it amplifies it so for example if we wanted to do like a striker turret to do some damage 120 percent damage when it’s overcharged just 175 percent striker damage so it’s really really really strong and I’m loving this bag it’s not the best design it’s ok looking there’s a bit chunky but it’s really really great and it works so well with this build any kind of skill build it’s a must-have and it’s so easy to proc but like I said before in PvP they have mitigated this it doesn’t work as well I didn’t even see a proc that often is when I hit agents with a grenade it doesn’t work hardly so this is probably mainly for PvE but you know if you could lucky enough to get it to proc in PvP which is very such an irrational it’ll work but like I said before you get stats upon stats with the 2 in the bag and plus you attribute so it’s worth getting agents go and grind at higher boxes or just in the open world but that will give you 3% chance per box so make sure you do it please if you liked subscribe for more divisions you guides builds vendor resets all that good stuff and I’ll be singing engine one piece out guys.

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