Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 – Season Pass Leveling Guide! Super Fast Experience

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Hey what’s up guys it’s Nick – today I’m going to be sharing with you guys the most efficient and fastest way that you can level up your seasonpass pretty easily as well it’s not really all that difficult I’ll share a few different ways to do it so one way is going to be more beneficial to those that actually have a pretty decent build right now and can go and clear some harder stuff and then another way is going to be a little bit easier for those of you that don’t have a great build setup and you just don’t have a lot of time to do all that if you don’t have time to make builds and you need help with that please feel free to email me at Nick tubas at I could also help you know get your season pass up anything like that please feel free to email me for help and if you guys are interested in watching me stream over on Twitch where a lot of the stuff you guys just ask me questions about prior to me making videos so you don’t have to wait for me to make a video to ask a certain question i stream everyday over on Twitch a twitch on TV slash Nick too so make sure to check me out one more thing if you guys are interested in seeing the build that I’m currently running to do like solo heroic clear Legendary’s all stuff like that just a pure damage build make sure to LIKE this video and let me know and as well if you liked the video make sure to like it and subscribe for videos similar to this one so in terms of actually leveling your seasonpass let’s just take a look at what you get out of it.

I’m not going to look at this over and I’m not gonna look over this too much um I would not I want to preface this by saying I would not go out of your way to level this too much it really is not all that big of a deal I’m only level 50 by the way it would be level 100 if I actually like was playing it but I’ve been busy doing you know legendary missions and doing like IRL sevens and whatnot but I dunno the most efficient XP per hour but either way a lot of the stuff that you get from the season pass really isn’t all that big of a deal you don’t need to go out of your way to try to level it up really quickly the only thing that I would really really try to get ASAP is the level 35 mask so a level 35 you get the Coyotes mask if you haven’t seen my video on it I’ll leave a link to it um this will increase your damage by a crap-ton so you definitely want to get this outside of that there’s some things that are really good like there’s the sacrifice chest piece that you get I’m not even sure what level you get it at but you get a guaranteed sacrifice which is really good and then there’s some other named items that are pretty good like yeah you get the sacrifice at level 67 you get some cosmetic stuff you get the baker’s dozen a little 57 which is a really good m1a like there’s a lot of name stuff you get from here that’s pretty decent but unless there’s something very that you’re trying to get out of here other than the exotic mask I would not go out of your way to farm for it but with that other way let’s get into the best ways to do it so first off target practice if you don’t know what this is pretty much on my map right here you can see there’s one target practice available this is pretty much an activity where you just go over there and you shoot a bunch of targets now what you can do is the activity XP right now it’s only at 146 K it will scale based on the difficulty so I’m on heroic right now but if I change my global directives and I add all these is going to increase the XP that I gained by 125 percent and of course the directives aren’t going to add any difficulty to target practice as you can see right now it’s given me 330 k XP which is half a level and that’s when doing something incredibly easy literally just shooting it at BOTS there um I know how that BOTS but it like you know target dummies or whatever the reason that you put the directives on is because it just increases your XP gained from it and it does not increase any difficulty because you’re shooting it you know NPCs they’re not NPCs you’re not shooting it any NPCs are literally shooting it a target dummy so the reason that you want to do this is because they will spawn all around the map and it’s literally just free XP the way that you get these two spot on the map is that you have control of all the control points in one area and then they will start to spawn if you see like usually areas like this you’ll see a target practice and then be able to see them in the areas that you have a controlled control point and then they’ll pretty much just continuously respawn over and over again but in areas that you don’t have control that they will not spawn so one problem with this is that you know I might go and do these two and then I won’t get another one to respawn so a good way to force them to respawn is to go over and control certain areas so like I could go control this part of the map and then if I were to have certain areas of the map controlled chances are I could just go from target practice target practice and then they’ll keep respawning however you do need to keep in mind that if you’re on them you want to be doing this on heroic for the target practice but you have to clear the control points on heroic because if you change the difficulty from heroic challenging or vice versa.

What’s going to happen is that all the control points are going to get taken over again and what is controlled on a different difficulty will not share over so this method is only very good if you are able to control a lot of the control points which means that you actually have to go and do them on a row otherwise it’s going to be pretty difficult for you so the alternative to this would be just spawn in change our difficulty to row put on all the directives see if there’s any target practices to do if there is do them and then what you’d want to do is change the difficulty to either challenging or hard and then you want to put a few of the directives on the town the difficulty that you want to do this on is dependent upon how comfortable you are and what build you’re running will determine what you know global directives that you have on so if I have it on challenging and then I do some of the directives it will still give me a very good amount of XP per thing like if I was doing it on hard with I believe all the directives and was giving like 200k handle shows in gameplay of that and then I also did them on challenging with only a few that seems to be the easiest for me was to do it on challenging with only like three directives on to me that was easiest but your mileage may vary if you know your build isn’t that great or haven’t had a lot of time to put into it then it might be a little bit easier for you just going hard and then I’ll activate a lot of the directive so what I’d recommend in terms of directives and how you actually want to play around this is um cool skills is good if you’re playing a DPS build you can put this on if you’re playing like a healer or tank build you definitely don’t want cool skills to happen animal hoarders is perfectly fine no matter what you’re doing I would highly recommend having two different weapon types though so what I do is I run in a LMG and then I run in m1a and my second slot you’d also run in a o or something fog of war is very easy it just make sure your mini-map disappear no regen is kind of scary especially if you’re playing solo without a healer build some you might want to disable that special ammo you pretty much always want to disable unless you think that you’re confident enough to do it on hard and then do all five of them but yeah that’s pretty much my tips for that what I do when I play challenging is I put on ammo I put on cool skills I put on fog of war and then I keep no region especially I’m off because that just makes it a lot easier and then like I said you pretty much I can just change the difficulty so you guys can see how much XP it would give you but I’ll leave some gameplay of me doing it as well so I’ll turn off in a region I’ll turn on special ammo I’ll confirm it and then I’ll show you guys how much XP you get so per activity like if you do a war round to get like 300k but then if you do public execution public execution and territory control you’re still getting a very high amount of XP per round I believe that was showing the so I might have just debated you in light yeah if I show it on challenging it’s about 200k per and then the war hound convoy still be about 270 but 200k per is very easy like I was able to do a public execution in about like a minute so I would literally just a shot over here and just do all of these I would not recommend doing control points control points barely give you any more and they’ll take about five times the amount of time you can do the missions are on the map if you want to do these this will give a decent amount and you’re also getting blueprints and loot at the same time however doing control points with directives is pretty difficult ideally you just want to do like territory controls public executions propaganda broadcasts water target practices all those are incredibly easy and they’re very good source of XP and yeah currently dark zone does not give you XP towards this hopefully in the near future it will but yeah I would just find a place that gives target of loot that you want so for example Providence is really good however over here I do some of the resource things over here I do some target practice as you can see I have two on my map and I wasn’t even playing on challenging today already two are there but otherwise you could you know go to this area of the map and then do all the activities here and then if you wanted to do them in a specific area to get that targeted loot over and over again you could a fast travel to this area do these activities and then you could change the difficulty to heroic change it back to challenging or whatever your you’re doing it on and then all the activities will reset again so you could pretty much just farm one specific area over and over again so you could use this as a very good method to get a lot of loot especially loot that you want if you’re going into targeted area for example Providence uses to get a lot of loot as well as just getting a lot of free XP and alternatively if you’re trying to get some exotics I’m doing the American History Museum on challenging it’s not gonna give you that much XP it gives you 500k but you can finish this in about 7 minutes if you’re doing it with some directives of course the more directive is marked P but if you’re trying to get some exotics this isn’t the worst way to get some XP it’s definitely not as much as activities and stuff like that but if you want to know knock out two birds with one stone this is a decent way to do it my main takeaway from this video is just try to utilize the directives pretty much when you’re doing anything some of them can be pretty annoying like cool skills can fuck up your Reviver hives if you’re using a Reviver high fog of war it might mess you up a little bit ammo hoarders doesn’t really matter special ammo will really hurt but if you’re doing like hard feelings not that big of a deal.

And no regen might be a little bit scary depending upon what you’re doing so yeah that’s pretty much I’ll leave some gameplay of me doing it unfortunately I can’t leave any audio because I will just get copyright strikes so yeah I’m just gonna leave some gameplay of us doing it on heroic at one point which was definitely not worth that I would not recommend doing the activities on heroic it takes way too long but doing it on challenging or hard is 100% worth the XP that you get so yeah thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys later peace you.

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