Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Warlords Of New York – Starters Guide To SHD Levels And Everything You Need To Know

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What is going on everybody it’s nothing my skills and in today’s video we are going to be taking a look at the Shay level shade watch and I’m gonna be explaining everything you guys need to know and what in my opinion is the best thing inspecting to first remember this all depends on your play style if you want to take a look at your shade watch if you want to level it up if you go into your build right your so your inventory screen your build screen at the bottom right hand corner you see shade level I’m shade level 60 I have all these points to use if you look next shade point is offensive we have offensive defensive utility handling so I have 11 points that I can put it’s all offensive.

9 points and defensive 12 and utility and 12 and handling now field proficiency rewards every 5 shade levels you’ll automatically receive a small health boost +1 selectable reward of your choice and that goes in the scavenging tab and I’ll show you that in a second so we have current health boost of 1800 and remember that it’s added to my flat health that I have already on my build so I got a little bit of a boost there so if we look at the shade level screen we have offensive we have defensive we have handling we have scavenging and we have utility and we’re gonna go into all of these right now so far offensive.

We have weapon damage so you can get up to an additional 10% weapon damage on your build.

We have headshot damaging additional up to 20% headshot image on your builds we have critical hit damage additional 20% critically damaging healing your build and then critical hit chance additional 10% critical hit chance so you can spec into all these I personally recommend spiking into weapon damage first and then all maybe headshot damage after that they you do crit chance crit damage but that’s just what I recommend because you can get a lot of Christian sand great damage on your builds already without having to spec into critical hit chance and critical hit damage here but that weapon damage of 10% is going to be really good and the headshot damage would be next so a weapon damage headshot damage and then crit chance crit damage that’s where I will tell you guys to spec into so you have the defense we have total health that’s going to be 10 percent max health total armor 10 percent max armor hazard protection 10% hazard protection and explosive resistance 10% so you can additional 10% and all these I recommend spiking into total armor first for that ten percent total armor maybe total health after and then you can go into hazard protection explosive resistance that’s really up to you I really don’t think that anything is gonna be better than armor in this tab so doing armor first then the other three after is gonna be better so we have handling we have accuracy for 10% we have stability for 10% ammo capacity for 20% and then we have reload speed for 10% I think that out of these four it’s gonna be reload speed or ammo capacity personally I’m gonna spec in to reloads be first then ammo capacity if you guys having trouble running a gun like an LMG and you want your stability be a little bit better than spec anticipability.

But I think out of all of these reload speed because you can get back into battle quicker and then ammo capacity so that way you don’t run out of ammo we’ll get into scavenging in a second we have utility skill damage 10% you can get additional so we also have skill repair you can get 10% we also have skill haze for 10% and then the final one is gonna be skilled duration so this really depends on what your play style is so out of the four so out of the four I think on this one if you’re looking for something to help improve the amount of damage that your build is doing if you’re doing running a skill damage intense build then run skilled am expecting to that first if you’re not running or it really a skill type build or you’re running a healer build then I recommend skill repair that’s what I’m gonna go into I think having a fixer Joan that repairs your armor a little bit better having a camel ancho that’s gonna repair you a little bit better even with Harley any skill power it’s gonna be better to your advantage but if you’re going for straight damage skills damage is gonna be good and then of course skill haste if you just want your skills to come back so I would go skill damage skill haste for your skill damage builds and then for everybody else healers skill repair and for nobody if you don’t have any skill power then I will go skill repair because I run the fixer John all the time and it definitely helps me out with that extra ten percent I would really like that and the final thing is scavenging so scavenging is what you get after every five levels you get one reward you can see that I have a trait so I can claim eight different rewards here so you have a credits that you can get up to 10,000 D credits you have the 20 ceramics 20 poly carbonate 20 steel tens carbon-fiber ten electronics 10 titanium and five printer so the ones that are red it means that you’re fully maxed out tells you on the left side how many you have so I have three hundred and ten thousand yet it’s out of the max cap right and then we have 111 ceramics out of 1500 so I can collect these and and I mean it’s not a lot but it’s a pretty cool reward that you can get it’s only it’s only a little bit but i I’ve been going with e credits because I just think that that’s a little bit better benefit than just twenty still ten carbon ten electronics because I can actually just farm those pretty quick but the way the scavenging tab works is so y okay every five levels you’ll get a reward so it goes offensive defensive it goes handling utility and then on that fifth reward you will get scavenging so you get that health pool bonus plus you get a scavenging point that you can use and claim one of these rewards now there are over a thousand che levels he has a thousand shaved levels so what that means is you can level all of these Mac’s so that means once you finish these you’ll be able to have 10% weapon damage 10% critical hit chance 20% headshot damage and 20% critical hit damage in the offensive tab and that goes for the rest of the four so all four tabs offensive defensive handling and utility you can have that extra bonus right now what I’m doing is I’m spiking into and I’m finally using my points for you I’ve been holding off on them and do you really need to spec into these no but it gives you a little bit of a bonus so that’s what I really like about this shade watch I think this was probably one of the coolest feature it gives you something else to grind you’re like all my watch I want to get a couple shade levels I’ve noticed that playing heroic missions I’ve been leveling up like one to two shade levels so that’s the that’s a really good way for you to get on shade levels so but if you can’t do heroics don’t worry about it it’s still pretty easy to get up every time you level up you will get um shade levels right so instead of those fill proficiency caches that we all hated prior to this and used to give us nothing right we used to get a bunch of junk now we actually get some that’s worth it I want to know what you guys think about the shade levels are you guys all about it do you guys enjoy this feature do you think this is really cool feature that they added to the game I think what they brought to us in warlords of New York was amazing and I really want to do a review on it once I play this for about a month get my hands on air all the content the positive and negative and then maybe I can put something together to you and then just tell you guys my honest opinion for everybody who hasn’t got warlords of New York.

Now one thing you need to remember is your shade watch like the visual of the shade watch changes as you level up too so not only are you leveling up each section right but as you start to level up your shade watch like the visual representation of that shade watch will start to evolve so that’s something else that’s pretty cool small little feature that some of you guys might really find really neat but we are going to wrap up this video here let me know what you guys think about this if you guys have any questions still always use the comment section if you’re new to my channel first time watching a video hit the subscribe button certification belong so when I release a video you guys always get notified and you don’t miss out on any of the amazing content but for now I want to thank you guys again follow support for in wrap up the video here and I’ll see you guys in the next one nothing but skills is out.

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