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Oh speed don’t you think it’s a little mean to make a thought analysis of a game you played against like fairly low of our players some people on your bracket know you need to learn from your mistakes all right it’s really not okay no it’s not it’s really not okay that these players can’t beat me I mean you have game leap add your access you can literally buy a game leaf subscription and you should be immortal within at least a month it’s taking you longer than that I don’t know actually I don’t know what’s wrong with you if it’s taking you long enough to that but yet today I’m gonna be showing you a Mars mid game play I played with a bunch more gamely friends and the reason why I want to say this as well is in the game leave discord if you like to play matches with people on dota who are trying to have a good time go to the game League discord and do that but getting back on topic for this video mid Mars I dumpster the enemy team and what I want to say conceptually about this video is how to build a net worth lead and keep it a lot of people they struggle to actually build net worth leads when they win they’re lame they kind of just go slightly even or 200-300 gold I’m gonna be showing you how to build a thousand two thousand gold events just above the enemy midlaner and let’s get into it something I’ve recently been doing has been experimenting with random heroes in the mid lane I’ve played Beastmaster mid ax mid Ricky mid spend mid and recently going back to the point of the Sven I just played Sven mid lane and did a von analysis for the main game League website it was a really cool game because I managed to weed my lane by applying core fundamentals I learned from other heroes on to spend in the mid lane in fact I thought we were gonna lose that game we were 10k behind at some point but because of good item timings and decision-making I was able to win it so please click the link down below so you can check out that video I put a lot of effort into it it was a ton of fun to record and also to play so yeah click the link down below and I hope I see you guys there all right let’s hop right into the game but before we do and I know that’s kind of contradictory but I have this idea that I wanted to bring to you guys and tell me if this resonates with any of you it’s like almost an experiments I’ve been doing lately but whenever I watch a pro or a melesa pro match and then I play that hero afterwards I do so well like I do so so well for whatever reason like and I know it might sound simple well it’s like oh because you’re just copying with your gaining speed but no even if I’m doing something completely prynt there’s something about like analyzing high-tier matches or paying attention to someone better than you and really analyzing what they’re doing and then playing your own game and having success so let me know if that resonates with you whether or not it does I’m just curious and let me know in the comment section down below but getting into the laney stage I want to mention how I managed to pressure the first two creeps of the wave because this is a often very common dilemma for a lot of mid players right they get into the situation when they’re like you know I can’t get both right so I’ll just get one I’ll typically get the last hit that’s what they do but if you have a nuke what you do right when you have a nuke is you walk up you hit the creep that you want to deny then you secure the creep with your nuke I am get the knife that’s really effective though right so you get that and I right you hit that and I wants then you nuke the creep that you want to lost it and you secure the deny it’s a really really effective works basically every single time whatever the creep meets neutral and yeah that’s all I want to say for that moving on into this landing stage I’m a really big fan of taking the passive at level 2 I know there’s a lot of people who take spear at level 2 and while it is good for securing certain creeps I just feel like having the 40% damage reduction block is insane like 40 percent that number just seems unbelievably high and I didn’t even use the spell to effectively because you can toggle it on and off so that you never have to turn around I mean think about how that effective that is in the laning stage I can go for this deny and while most heroes will get punished because I have to turn around and waste all that time which causes them to get right-click two or three times you don’t have to do that as Mars at all I just feel like this is so powerful now I didn’t do it and this is why you have to analyze your own games guys I realized after playing this I’m like why didn’t I do this and that’s why it’s so crucial but and think about it I really think that Mars made is so powerful for this reason you literally take 40 percent less damage for every single auto attack that’s an insane you also have two nukes – secured creeps which is a really standard thing you want as a mid laner and you can see the pressure I’m applying to this winter here auto attack after auto attack I have 69 damage POG and and really I just felt so confident this laning stage with my last hitting I mean guys if you have tried last hitting with Mars you know how good it feels this hero has such a great animation great damage and then of course you can buy a coiling blade moving on into the landing-stage what I’m gonna recommend you guys do is try out this build that I go this game so essentially what it is it’s like a very heavy stats build and the goal of it is to be a wall you’re trying to just stay in the mid lane you’re not focused on rotations you’re focused on a pin your farm and creating that net worth lead I’m talking about and I’m gonna show you exactly how to do that here so first off I’m gonna put start with a bracer I buy a mango to keep my mana regen up which I only eat preemptively because I didn’t have a slot for it and then getting it to that I’m gonna go a bassy into a buckler and both of these items go into the Vlad’s that you want so desperately on Mars because your W gets lifesteal for every single thing it hits it’s really really effective on top of it this gives me unbelievably good stats for the early laning stage fright as you can see I’m very tanky I have six armor and obviously I’m gonna have even worse that’s when I get the buckler and I don’t really feel the need to get boots.

That might sound insane and I’m not a hundred percent sold on this idea either myself but I just love this concept that being a standard mid laner who does not focus on rotating if you’re middling player I stress I please I beg you I beg you that you try this out where you don’t rotate you don’t focus on even pressuring your opponent that much I’m harassing the wind Ranger just because she’s walking into my double use and Q’s I mean obviously I’m trying to hit her while I’m securing the creeps cuz that’s just a good mid laning concept but overall I’m focused on securing every single creep in that I that I can I have 32 left sits well now 33 at the five-minute mark and it’s so easy to do as marks like I’m being real it’s really easy and because of my built up harass that I applied onto the rear turn you’re sure my mango sustain that allowed me to get my spear off and my ultimate off I’m able to pick up the kill right I literally just had enough mana ask yourself why is that possible guys it’s because I bought items that allowed me to do that about the SATs I bought the mango and I especially had the HP to do that because of the south and tangos I’ve been buying all throughout the laning stage so keep that in mind.

Did you lose a kill because you ran out of mana don’t say it’s unlucky it’s not a lucky you’re doing something wrong and finally to stress this even more I buy a lot I buy a soul ring in another mango I’m literally upcycled guys but as joking as this might sound I’m very confident that this is the way to build an advantage in the Midway now this wind Ranger is quite a large amount of MMR below me but I’m not doing anything insane here I’m really good at last hitting and I’m saying that personally out of ego but mostly just to express to you guys said this is the most important thing to do in the laning stage I’m able to beat this guy and net worth because I have 42 she is 23 now it’s easier for me to last it because of that you know the damage difference but it’s also because the items I get and then because I get good last hits I get more items and because I get more items I have more damage and more sustain and I get even more lost it’s it’s a snowball so you need to focus on the fundamentals so that you can apply the other concepts you can’t even apply the concepts I’m talking about if you’re bad at last in it and now with an arcane ring that I found and all of my sustain I’m able to start jungling you’re gonna notice that I’m even casting my spear with the arcane rune I would do the same thing if I got to reach an rune to amplify my farm and this is pretty common in the mid lane especially a Samar’s so you’re gonna be wanting to pick up runes I got a DD later on which helps me out a lot too.

Illusions are great you can use them to basically just have 60% more damage in laning stage and you’re gonna notice I’m sticking to a very basic formula here shove the wave walk to the nearby camp clear it out right soul ring W spear and I’m never gonna have mana problems because of this pasty in the soul ring you see that guys it’s so powerful for that reason yeah you’re gonna notice even though I was close to top there instead of ever trying to make a play on top I just called my spirit breaker mid this is one of the best things you can do as well where it’s like if you think that you’re having a good game and you want to apply pressure bring people to the mid lane bring your teammates to the mid lane because then instead of you having to go run around and waste your time you can have the supports turn around why wouldn’t you do that think about it if the sports can come to you and spend their time while they of course are not forming right why not just bring them in and it might be a leak will speed because then I can’t get the safe inner that’s top well odds are you might even be able to get the safely into TP mid funny enough or on top of that you’re gonna get multiple supports to TP pin and that’s what we see in this game I’ll be able to get the rubic to show mid after the spirit breaker secured the kill because that’s how dota works.

It’s how people react and I never really ever leave my lane and now if we look at the net worth.

– Kay advantage almost on the winter eater obviously it’s more like 1.5 K but that’s the concepts you need to build the net worth advantage obviously superior last-hitting I have 70 CS and 9 minutes and 40 seconds which is you know a good balance between great mana regen great HP regen being able to bounce from the cam to the wave and securing all the last hits right I also don’t over focus on pressuring the win rager the only see am I really pressured her primarily was if she walked into God’s for buek range and I won secure creeps that’s fine I would then hinder with it and now this is one of my favorite examples of the game because as you’re gonna see there’s a very clear TP right why don’t my TP here I have a DD feast boots and my spirit breakers in why not TP because first off I don’t have arena for a couple seconds not the best reason but most importantly I feel like they might back I didn’t feel like we could chase anymore my spirit breakers not six you just use charge and my Lycan it’s not too far right now right he’s doing okay he’s doing fine but he’s not in the position where he’s gonna run over the game and as a result I decide to just continue to pressure mid on top of that this is one of the best place to make in dota taking the mid tier 1 tower is unbelievably underrated in low amaura games as an impact play in the early game.

For mid laners I remember when I was little Marv for whatever reason I gave myself the challenge when I was playing sniper and I remember this specifically so this is not me just making up a story when I played sniper I would try to take them in Tower as fast as possible so what I would do is I’d shrapnel out the wave I think that was like six point eight three when snipers fairly broken I would shrapnel out the wave and then I would just hit the mid tower whenever I could even if it was one two auto attacks every single wave and it added up and I take the mid Tower by seven eight nine ten eleven minutes every single game I got really good at it and I first a lot of rotations and I also got really good at reacting the rotations think about it I got really good at reacting to supports ganking me because I was so used to it that at that point I’m like oh yeah every time I push the mid tower.

He supports just run it at me and it was a really good lesson for me and it also helped me learn how to increase my efficiency by not ganking now moving on from there after I take the mid tier 1 tower this is where I’m gonna start to look to rotate I do hit the mid tier to just a base some heroes to come in but then instantly I pop a smoke right I’m like okay yeah I’m gonna make some gank play now I unfortunately you’re gonna have to see speed be a a noob you know I really tried my best with this one guys but that guy’s that guy’s a mortal what am I supposed to do alright the remix immortal how am I supposed to how am I supposed to hit him I even get flamed in all shadow come on bro so we hit him with the toxic also the return toxic an all trap because we don’t we don’t put up with that guys alright we’re strong we’re strong and then yeah I found him in the jungle so like yeah that’s what I’m talking about free little kill we spearmint to the Mars Oh at the end he goes down obviously you’re gonna hit him with the tip as well guys if you don’t know how to do this fight this point where someone trash-talks you and then you immediately gank them to just tilt the heck out of them you’re not playing dota right even if this didn’t tilt the Rubik I’ve no clue I’m sure it did it because I’m seemingly friendly it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter but conceptually I would also like to say that that gank was very effective because I brought the enemy team to me right the rubic Deven oh and the bristleback were all there they’re not farming and my team is afk farming trial gets to take whatever she wants in the jungle which gets the farm bottom liking gets the farm top I mean look at my team come look at my team comp do you think they want to fight that much I mean maybe the legend to Spirit you do but the other two heroes you know maybe a little bit but it’s a bit difficult considering that the enemy team also has heroes that are very good at defending towers and preventing us from running at certain objectives now before I get into the mid and / late-game I want to give one more concept here for all of you meddling players or actually I’m sorry this applies to basically everyone who has a hero that they feel like can fight but they also want to farm let’s say it’s a juggernaut with ami / a thesis fluid chrono and they’re like yeah I got my spell I want to do something this is what you need to do this is how you need to think of dota exactly this hear me out so what you do is if you have that spell go fight if you don’t you farm period period don’t do anything else listen to me don’t do anything else right so I have my autumn in here it’s on cooldown do I fight do I look – gang No.

So what do I do I get my wave clipped on me but in all seriousness I shove away done shoving the wave ultimate comes up what do I do.

I’m gonna go gank right right and then of course what do you do right after I get this kill what do I do next if you thought I was gonna say that I go back to farming well you were slightly correct but on the back I’m like I got a DD I’m going in this is a little bit too far though so I felt like I was tops in you know I was trying to do a little bit of Thompson cosplay here unfortunately he’s actually good at the game and I’m working on it you know look at their guys look I almost earned it oh oh the raindrops saved that guy and then I get tempted and then the age-old question comes up it’s 20 minutes into the game I’m ahead how do I end do you just run it down mid know you called Roshan.

Guys I’m gonna keep saying this in every single YouTube video for the next month I’m actually not gonna do that but please if you read the objective to take is Roshan in 99.9% of games I don’t even care if you’re team comp can’t take it go rose at least try and first the enemy team to come to you do not just run it down hi girl but then when you get the aegis you look to catch people outside of their base not necessarily go hang around by the way right but this is how I continue to push my net worth lead without overextending onto the high ground.

I find them outside of the base right they made a Mis play they should have waited on their high ground but they didn’t because that’s how these pubs work in this bracket which is around the 2 to 3 km of our bracket with the mix of a few immortal players here and there on both teams because it’s unranked matchmaking that’s how it works but yeah we’re able to pick up two kills and now we can go high ground because of my like it’s a good player he shoved the mid wave for us and we can immediately transition it into a tower so that’s what you’re trying to look to do that is the best play you can possibly get no shot into pickoff into wave shove into towers and then when there respawning we keep on going because trade the way through far ahead but realistically when the enemy team is responding that’s when you back off do not over commit to high ground fights right do not do not do not do not do not obviously this game is over 15k net worth at 22 minutes I mean there’s basically no way you can lose the fight but your average team when you’re ahead and you think you can go high ground you’re probably only 3 to 4 to 5 K net worth up and that is not good enough to do this it is not yeah thank you guys for watching I hope you learned a lot about sort of snowballing a lead because that was my goal with this game just kind of giving you the core concepts you need to actually look at a mash and tell yourself eight why did I not really build a lead in the match right felt like I could have that’s where I’m like I’m pretty convinced I’m better than the enemy be leaner but I didn’t end up beating them hopefully this gives you some insight thank you guys for watching if you enjoyed please like it subscribe to our channel grow as always we’re putting out daily content here on this channel I’ve been appreciating all the support lately it’s been it’s been chilling we’ve been doing great and yeah I even played a lot of in-house matches with you guys lately so yeah if you want to play with me on the game beep discord there’s a lot of great people there that are running matches over and over again almost every single day as far as I’m concerned yeah check that out and hopefully I’ll see you there are you tired of being hard stuck at your rank or at gain leap comm we have a library of hundreds of guides authored by pro players and coaches covering literally every aspect of dota whether you’re looking to master a new hero or role or just polish up your existing skills game leap is the proven place for competitive gamers to hone their craft and unlock their secret potential hit the link on screen right now right now to take advantage of our special offer for a 25% discount guys 25% and start your journey today.

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