Total War: Warhammer II Multiplayer – Empire Guide Update!

Author: Zerkovich

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A guide on how to play the Empire in multiplayer! Highlighting the mistakes that many less experienced players make when wielding Sigmar’s chosen!

Thanks to Tlaxtlan Soothsayer for sharing his Empire knowledge with me also.

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The Empire a faction many people are fond of but not many people seem to know how to play properly in multiplayer which is understandable because they’re not actually the easiest faction to play so we’re going to look at some common Empire mistakes that players are making and how we can fix them so by Sigma let us begin so the first thing you have to realize when playing the Empire is that how you play them in campaign is not how you can play them in multiplayer in campaign people often have a heavy artillery reliance or tons of missile units and that just isn’t gonna fly in multiplayer even though the Empire has a ton of strong artillery and missile units so we’ve got to get away from this super defensive play style because in most cases online it just isn’t gonna fly so what do people tend to bring well I see a lot of people bringing a fairly simple balanced army they’ve got a cheap front line they’ve got a whole bunch of missile units because you know they love their missile units maybe an artillery piece or two which is okay and then only a couple of units are cavalry now there’s numerous problems that going on with this army but we’ll start with the frontline Empire front lines are notoriously pretty damn bad but did you know that that is probably your fault that’s right it’s you and why because you’re probably not supporting them properly example time here we have a little test I’ve got a front line of four units of Empire swordsmen not a terrible unit they’ve got some okay stats they’re not too expensive a good low tier infantry charging towards them though is four units of gore heard a strong damage dealer unit that eats light infantry for breakfast so you can probably predict how this one is going to turn out the gore herd with their high melee attack and weapon strength are able to overcome everything that the swordsmen have whilst taking not too much damage in the process breaking their leadership before they can really do anything.

And this frontline is running for the hills and this is most people’s Empire frontline experience now same thing again but this time they’re going to have support from the man who was supposed to lead them in this case volkmar on his altar and he has guess what battle Prez they increased melee attack and damage resist this will help these Empire swordsmen do more damage and take less damage whilst volkmar himself can charge around on his chariot just racking up a bit of damage maybe even drop a grand soul fire to add a bit of flair to the party supporting his troops fighting alongside them not wheeling himself off to some other part of the fight where he isn’t going to be that useful.

He needs to be up on the front line supporting his boys and those battle prayers are his best way of doing that he can still charge around he also causes fear in terror there’s a banishment which comes with his altar as well so there’s tons of support that volkmar can give to his frontline and as you can see it’s the gore heads turn to run for the hills volkmar and the swordsmen have overpowered them and they’ve done it pretty well they still got decent help these Empire swordsmen they can carry on fighting more enemies so hopefully from these two examples you can see the huge difference in performance of Empire swordsmen when they are supported properly and that big difference came in the form in this case of a lord doesn’t have to always be a lord but in this case it was volkmar on his altar who is probably one of the best at doing this for the Empire so understand that lords and heroes are imperative to your frontline success let’s take a look at the options well as we just said bulk Mart is a great choice he’s got those battle prayers he’s unbreakable he’s got fear and terror so he can help throughout enemy units quicker.

He can have regeneration he’s fairly mobile so one of the strongest choices for supporting your empire frontline a lot of people’s go-to choice the Emperor himself.

Carl France usually on deathclaw now while he doesn’t have the battle prayers like volkmar does most of his items and abilities are designed for supporting your troops so basically the same thing and then of course for himself he’s very mobile he’s got fear and terror he can do a lot of damage so he can charge around and support his boys where needed and then there’s boris bringer of tots can be an okay choice not quite as effective as carl or volkmar perhaps but he mostly has d buffs to the enemy he can reduce their melee attack and all melee defense as well with his items and abilities can be a good choice especially as he’s a bit tougher with his regeneration and the last main choice you may have is the arch Lecter he has all the battle prayer just like volkmar does he can only be put on a horse though so he’s not going to be as useful charging around like Bob Murray’s doesn’t have the fear and terror but can still be very supportive with those battle prayers and like all of these laws will cause encourage increasing leadership when nearby so those are the main laws that are best at supporting your frontline which one you bring is up to you it’ll depend on what your frontline is what faction they’re facing what your game plan is and probably a million other variables as well so you’ll have to try them out and try to find the best combinations but what if you don’t want to bring one of those Lords what if you want to bring beltasar guilt or Marcus wohlfahrt well you still can but you’ll need someone else to pick up the slack of supporting the frontline because of course as we know beltasar guilt can be knocked out by a well-thrown cheese sandwich so he can’t be down in the frontline getting stuck in and he doesn’t have all the support abilities he of course needs to make the best use of his magic and Marcus wolf are is obviously better at range using his bow so if you want to use a non-supportive lord this is where your heroes come in a battle priest for example acts basically the same as an arch Lecter he has all the battle prayers he can encourage he can stay with the frontline and support them to help them to win even an empire captain could be enough with the hold the line ability being dirt cheap they can be very very useful either of these two need to pick up the slack of a non-supportive Lord and you can combine these in any which way you like you don’t have to just bring one you could bring Carl Franz on death floor and a battle priest Carl Franz could be off supporting some flanking cavalry instead while the battle priest holds down the frontline.

The key point though is just to make sure you’re using all the abilities to support your units maybe your frontline don’t need support and you can use those abilities on cavalry instead but just know that whatever kind of frontline you bring it’s going to be far more effective with the help of a lord or hero one nice option the Empire does have on their frontline is unbreakable unit they’ve got Sigma sons flagellants the tatter souls all these can be very powerful on the frontline but they still will need those buffs to be really effective but it definitely can be a strong option to mix one two or maybe even just have a frontline of three unbreakable units which can buy a lot of time for your cavalry to that hammer and anvil so be sure not to forget about your unbreakable units because they can definitely have their uses so whether it’s a frontline of swords spears great swords or unbreakable units they’re all going to need support to perform to the best of their ability so the first two mistakes that people are making with the empire online is that their front line is all alone and is unsupported and the abilities that should be there supporting the front line get wasted somewhere else so think carefully about your frontline units and more importantly how you’re going to support them when selecting your Lord and heroes now to the Empire ranged units which is where most people probably fall down bringing too much against the wrong opponents in campaign you can bring five hellstorm rocket batteries and you’ll probably be just fine but in multiplayer you’re likely to get run over if you try that strategy most of the time now what I often see when I stream and watch other people play the Empire is a frontline that isn’t very well supported and that quickly breaks and then all their precious missile units behind get absolutely run through because there’s nothing there to protect them and that’s the biggest problem with missiles for the Empire you can’t really protect them very well even if your frontline does well it’s still difficult to protect them because there’s so many threats they can get after missiles and artillery in Warhammer 2 and the other side of the problem is that the Empire melee infantry just isn’t that good at protecting them they’re not designed for holding and surviving for a long time which is exactly what all these missiles units need time time to fire if they don’t have that they become useless very quickly.

Luckily the remedy to this is very simple you’ve guessed it just don’t bring tons of missile infantry at least against most factions just one or two well-protected missile Infantry’s can do much better than five badly protected missile inventories just because you’ll be able to allow them to keep firing and doing damage the money it would cost you to protect five or six units of missile infantry properly is simply too much but don’t forget good old skirmish cap these are a fantastic alternative to missile infantry you’ve got pistol ears who are great at cutting units as they have the 360 firing arc great for harassing and providing constant pressure and then you have the outriders with their armor-piercing missiles these are just hand gunners on horses there’s just less of them so their damage output is a bit slower but they can keep themselves safe and then one of my personal favorites the grenade outriders these boys can put out a lot of damage very quickly and they can keep themselves safe great against light infantry ok against heavy infantry nice damage dealers so all of these are nice alternatives to missile infantry they’re all mobile they can all keep themselves out of trouble I’ll be it at the expense of damage output at least for all but the grenade launchers so give them a go as a green skins player who often likes to run down the empire with sheer numbers it’s often skirmish cab that gives me the most problems because I can’t get a hold of the little bastards but when someone brings tons of missile infantry I know my green boys are going to have a good old time krumping gets and the same goes for artillery in many situations it will be simply too difficult to protect it all so you’ve got to try and keep the numbers down or just not bring any at all one or two can be ok maybe even three against some factions but that’s the important thing think about the faction you’re facing if they’re very defensive like the dwarfs or vampire Coast you know they’re probably not going to push up and rush you because they don’t have any great units for that role so three units of artillery and a bunch of missiles will be easy enough to protect but if you’re facing a heavy rush or Vanguard deployment army like norske the greenskins beast men or chaos you are going to have a very hard time protecting those three artillery because they’re not going to give you any time to fire they will be on top of you and they will overrun you also be sure to think about the map that you’re on is it a big map is it a small map is that a flat map does it have loads of hills how is that gonna affect your missiles and artillery are they gonna have enough time to fire before the enemy reaches you.

So the third mistake you may be making with the Empire is that you’re bringing too much ranged onto the battlefield at least against most factions don’t get me wrong it’s not that you should never bring missiles or artillery some can always be useful but there is such a thing as too much usually because you won’t be able to protect it but to tie into the next point one of the bigger reasons you don’t want to bring too much ranged is because you want to save a lot of your money to go into the Cavill.

And the Empire cavalry has always been and still is one of their strongest points they’ve got some great Cavalry’s for great prices that can get a lot done but they seem to be most effective when there’s more of them and it’s incredibly important for them to work together with the infantry and missiles nothing in the Empire should be performing so low because they just don’t perform that well when they do the empire are a faction that rely on teamwork all this cavalry though does require a fair bit of micro because all empire cavalry is shock cavalry that means they excel at charging into things but they’re not so great at staying in a prolonged melee fight so they need to cycle charge go in get back out go in get back out repeat so they are fantastic at charging into lightly armored infantry the cheapest Duke Cavalry’s Empire Knights and rights guard both not great on the armor-piercing front so they do best against lightly armored troops but they can hammer things from the front and do plenty of damage they can then get back out set themselves up and go again racking up tons of damage whilst taking very little damage in return but only if you can micro them well enough so that’s perhaps the first way you could make good use of these cheaper shot Cavalry’s the other option is to charge into the back of your engaged units so that they can hit units that are already fighting this isn’t going to do great in the charge front but it’ll do a little bit and will support your frontline melee troops not only because they’ll do damage but because they can push back models as well a great way to support your front light infantry if it’s struggling but the ultimate goal of your cavalry should be no secret it’s the good old hammer and anvil this is where you bring your cavalry around the back of the enemy lines and you hit their troops while they’re engaged fighting your other units the infantry is your anvil the cavalry is the hammer and you smash whatever is in between you this not only does big damage but also hits for some heavy leadership penalties as well so this tactic should really be the ultimate goal with your cavalry if you’re looking to support the infantry it’s not necessarily easy to get and you’re very often have to work for it but it’s worth the effort so the real problem here is that people just don’t bring enough cavalry they prefer to bring more info.

Tree and less cavalry and expect that to win them the battle when really the cavalry is the strong part of their army it should be the other way around you need the nice strong mobile cavalry to compensate for the infantry weakness because you’ll very often find your infantry getting outmatched if you bring plenty of cavalry you’ll be able to support your frontline and still be able to potentially pressure the enemy get after their miss our units deal with their cavalry whatever but if you only bring one or two units then you leave a lot of heavy lifting to just one or two units so be sure to support your infantry with your cavalry as much as you can looking for that hammer and anvil as the ultimate goal and skirmish cab can also fall into this point of bring more cavalry as they can help support the frontline also being able to quickly flank round and start shooting things in the back can be a very powerful tactic very much the same as hammer and anvil it’s all about combined arms and having your different sections of the Army’s support each other also realize though that that works both ways while the cavalry is there to support the infantry whether melee or missile it may also need support itself Empire Knights rights card demography can all use support depending on the enemy they’re facing they can sometimes be a little bit inefficient against better Cavalry’s especially Reich’s Guard and Empire Knights because they don’t have that armor piercing damage so sending over some cheap Spears or getting some missiles firing at the enemy or even some buffs from your Lord are all going to help to support your cavalry I also tend to find as well the Empire cavalry doesn’t trade well with monstrous infantry or single large monsters even if they may be able to beat them it’s not great in the value-for-money aspect if they’re completely destroyed after killing their enemy but sometimes it is necessary to engage these targets but if you can get missile magic or ability support it can certainly help so the final mistake you may be making is not bringing enough cavalry whether it’s shock or skirmish cab all of it is pretty damn powerful for the empire their mobility is an essential asset for supporting your frontline and ranged units but remember cavalry needs support also in certain situations there’s of course a million variables so you have to use your noggin but if you can correct these four mistakes you are sure to win prove is the Empire and become far more effective which of course will please Sigma which is the only reason anyone plays Empire anyway one last thing I should mention with the Empire game is their magic they have a wizard for every occasion they’ve got plenty of choices all which can be useful in the right situation it’s all going to come down to which faction you’re facing and/or what your strategy is if you’re facing an undead faction this weak to fire then a fire wizard is a good call for example if you’re expecting a lot of large monsters to charge around then maybe a like wizard can net them in place for you or the Jade wizard is always a great call with the healing you can heal your important units your cavalry your Demi Griff’s Kyle friends can be a little bit squishy because he has to play so aggressively he’s often in harm’s way taking damage so that healer can help him be way more effective and all the heroes I haven’t mentioned who can also have their place the witch hunter got Trek and Felix they can all have their uses in the right situation but you need to think about where they’re going to be useful and whether they’re the best pick for the enemy that you’re facing and lastly just to give you a few examples of builds you could bring when playing as the Empire against various factions starting off in the top left against the High Elves we’ve got Kyle Franz on deathclaw he’s got that Jade healing like I just mentioned we’ve got a bunch of cheap chaff infantry that is just there to tie things up and get in the way and be road blocks while most of the work is done by the cavalry we got a bunch of Reich’s card deme Griffes the oak Dorf Griff fights and some outriders just for a bit of ranged power so we can try and cycle charge or hammer and anvil their infantry have the deme riffs and ranged units or Carl Franz dealing with any large and they’re just pressuring their missiles with all the cap against the wood elves it’s a heavy numbers army with lots of calves great for pressuring all the missile units that they will likely bring infantry will do fine fighting against their infantry gonna get that support from the arch Lecter got a lot of fire in this army too with the blazing Suns and the fire wizard got the silver bullets very useful unit for the Empire with their stalk ability great for taking down flying units or fending off cavalry large units lots of pressure on the Empire and then against the vampire coastal Vampira –ts a heavy numbers army looking to overwhelm them with numbers so they have too many targets to shoot at but we got a lot of ranged in this army five units but the vampire coasts don’t really have any great maneuverable units that are to get after them so we should be able to get the money’s worth out of them we’ve got cavalry to get around the back circle charge them hammer and anvil and for our Lord we’ve got beltasar gilt who we know can’t really support the front line that well for that we’ve got two empire captains gilt can use plague of rust to help bring down large units or final transmutation to work on those ethereal units so lots of pressure and returning missile fire against the vampire coast and lastly the beast men again lots of Chaffee infantry got volkmar with his terror to try and scare things away of the beast men with their low leadership and of course he can support a bit with his prayers and then just lots of cavalry to cycle charge the crap out of the enemy pistol is great against those center courses are so lightly armored and yeah hopefully this just gives you a rough idea of how to put together some Empire armies facing different factions so there you go a brief guide on how to play the Empire in today’s multiplayer war hammer to world now I give many people asking about my old Empire Army guide and I get many comments saying that hey you should update this guide it’s a bit outdated because the DLCs have come out and things have changed by blah blah blah blah and well I do agree somewhat I actually found watching that video back recently that it’s still all kind of true and not really that outdated other than the new units not being in it although I did kind of notice that it was more geared for campaign rather than multiplayer hence why this guide has come into existence the other reason this guide is come into existence is because I don’t want to remake that guide just yet.

Because we’ve still got Warhammer 3 to come out I’m a remake the guide and the Warhammer 3 will come out and then they’ll change the Empire somehow and I have to remake the guide again maybe so I’d rather not waste the time and just give you this little guide in the interim which will hopefully help people improve as the Empire because as I say a lot of people do seem to struggle with them as they are a harder faction to play so my Empire guide will be remade one day but for now you’ll have to make do with this I hope you’ve enjoyed this thanks for watching I will see you in the future.

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