Trials of Osiris Guide for Noobs: How to get to the Lighthouse in Destiny 2

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Want to go to the lighthouse in Destiny 2? That will require you to win 7 games in a row in Trials of Osiris. Here is a quick guide to help.

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Really quickly I’m doing a livestream for the launch of trials of Osiris if you could go to slash em Tash I will be live all day going flawless and showing off that sweet sweet trials loot please support the stream it would mean a lot to me now let’s get into the guide hey everyone M TAS dear and today I wanted to do a quick guide on trial Osiris to help you go flawless and give you a couple pointers on playing this game mode optimally I’m gonna give you a couple of gear recommendations as well so let’s jump into the content with some easy rapid-fire stuff first you need to pick up a trials package from saint-14 before you jump in and play now I highly recommend going for the mercy because it forgives one loss per run that means you can still go flawless even if you lose and that’s important because the further into the cards you get these sweaty ER and better the opponents will be but also more likely that they’re going to be a very high power level I’m going to talk about that later in the video but chances are you’re gonna run into some people that are much higher power than you if you end up running into one of those lucky or unlucky teams that are super super high those games are gonna be almost unwinnable so it will be nice to at least forgive that one and hopefully jump up against people closer to your level if you’re looking to speedrun and you think you’ve got a really good team with good power levels you could also take the ferocity to speed things up but I think mercy is the safer route if you’re trying to go flawless and get to the lighthouse make sure to pick up your trials bounties as well as replace additional bounties while you play these will give you trials tokens that you can use to get rewards but these will go away every single week so if you don’t spend them on the weekend and they’re gone you’ll also get a powerful drop at three wins five wins and a pinnacle piece at seven now if you go flawless you will also go to the lighthouse and open up a chest there for an additional ward most likely going to be a pinnacle drop as well so when all your games now this tip is only going to apply for the first one or two weekends before people really start to power up but the first weekend especially because this artifact is actually going to be active the power level from it so you can see I’m over a thousand power and I can imagine many people right here that are watching on this first week r9 69 79 80 even at this power level I’m gonna take four head shots instead of three head shots from a hand cannon I’m gonna be able to kill you with two head shots and a body shot because I’m a sweaty greasy tryhard that didn’t have to go to a job right and so you have to remember there’s gonna be a lot of people like that and the further into your card you get the more likely it is you’re gonna see some crazy high power level person that was able to grind all week if you’re trying to go flawless this weekend you might want to commit to doing all of your powerful drops and getting that power level up now that will give you a much better chance at winning because even if you’re playing a terrible person in trials of Osiris if their power level is way higher they’ll probably come out on top they’re gonna be tankier they’re gonna do more damage to you and in most situations you won’t be able to win a 1v1 duel now I wanted to give you a couple of gear recommendations as well it is an auto rifle meta but if you’re on PC you can still use something like a spare rations and do very well but I’m guessing many players that are watching this are on console so if you’re looking for a kinetic weapon I definitely recommend the suros regime this thing melts when you spin it up and if you’ve got the catalyst even better it might allow you to clutch out some big plays if you’re on console and you’re looking for an energy auto the hard light is probably one of the best guns in the game right now even on PC this thing is nuts I highly recommend it and you might want to check this out if you’re looking for a good sniper the beloved is easily farmed in the menagerie and I definitely recommend it and the Mindbenders is one of the most popular shotguns in the game but might not be as good as it used to be it’s still gonna be strong but you know this this gun did get nerfed a little bit and shotguns nerfed as a whole I would recommend sniping over shotgunning and fusion rifles if possible if you’re confident was sniping it’s a lot better at taking out people that are reviving and picking people at a distance and leaves a little bit less guesswork in melee and I don’t know I think that sniping is the way to go and trial is almost all the time but if you don’t like to snipe running in with a shotgun is going to be good as well if you want to go flawless you want to make it to the lighthouse I’ve got a couple of gameplay tips that I think are going to help you one of the big ones is revive so I think this is one of the most important things you’re gonna see here in a second that I actually pick up this revive in the middle of dueling and shooting here I actually am like kind of holding down this lane here and getting the revive you need to practice or rebind your keys so that you can revive on the fly and in the middle of engagements bringing someone back gives them an over shield and it gives you another man advantage in case you end up dying don’t sacrifice your aim but bringing people back is hyper important to winning tribe Osiris and you can even see in this clip it kind of messed me up and I ended up dying if you get a pick you need to guard that body whether it’s up close with a shotgun or at a distance with a sniper you can’t let them get back to that body and bring their player back for free I think that this clip is a good example showing how crazy it can be with the revives on both teams now this super isn’t in the game bringing yourself back to life but the revives will be it will be absolute crazy drama and it might be a good idea to even pop a super to get a couple revives from time to time it makes you more tanky and allows you to hopefully get those a little bit safer always go for the revive if you can because if you end up dying you at least have some backup that can maybe clean up the kill now there were exotics and destiny one that allowed you to revive much faster and so I don’t think it’s going to be as oppressive as the first game but you still need to be wary of it that is going to happen a lot and you need to be defending it so let’s jump in with another tip and that is don’t be here don’t be a hero.

Unless you are getting pressured and it is a must-do 1v1 situation go for the revive in many situations people end up backing off to regroup or they back off to stay alive and it gives you windows to go for those revives instead of chasing them down and they most likely are hardscoping that door go for the nearby revives and try to regroup and push as a team if there’s a bunch of revives in that room for their team as well as a bunch of revives for your team if they leave that room and they leave that engagement they are giving you a free opportunity to win the round if you go for the res if you go for that life advantage you will come out on top way more than pushing down the hallway and trying to clutch it out in many cases you might even trade even if you kill them and the round will be a tie go for the life advantage go for the win play smart now as I said before I know this is all kind of based on revives I think that sniping is very very strong and trials you can see in the majority of these clips I am using a sniper because it allows me to deal with revives at a distance as well as pick targets very quickly from a safe distance or some pretty interesting angles if you want to shut down heavy you can do it a little bit easier from a distance with a sniper someone’s running into the room you can still hardscope them and kill them before they can even really react and I think that snipers are the dominant weapon for this playlist now the next thing I want to talk about is supers this guy outplayed me super hard with that and the supers are gonna be important they’re probably more important in this game-mode than pretty much any other game mode in the game a super allows you to be tanky which means you can most likely get revives something like a sentinel bubble will allow you to get free revives and even capture the point if it goes to time but you could also just be super tanky as a dawn blade and go for revives and force people away from your allies this is probably one of the only game modes where I would honestly recommend specking until intellect a little bit if you can I think that the meta would be recovery and intellect so you can get your recovery back after duels but also having your super up before the other team.

If you can get your super before the other team that means you can most likely generate orbs your team and snowball a little bit and if you have high intellect there’s a good chance that you can have multiple supers in one game this is a ton of value to have but there’s also a very good chance other people are doing this as well so you need to get used to dueling people in your supers if you have a couple of friends I honestly recommend going into private lobbies playing some mayhem and just fighting other supers and figuring out which ones you’re good against and which ones you suck against personally I’m someone that likes to use shut down supers like nova bombs so that i can kill other supers but there’s some really good roaming supers like the dawn blade that you can use to slay out and get a bunch of kills now this one might sound obvious but hear me out.

Communication people are going to play differently in trials they’re going to be at the back of the map with a sniper rifle in a weird creepy angle off your radar there’s gonna be someone crouching off the radar behind a box and if you don’t communicate when you see them it could lead to disaster I highly recommend that you are using a headset you’re using a mic and you’re talking with your team because radar isn’t enough this isn’t a random pub game this isn’t Rumble where you’re in it for yourself you need to talk to your teammates tell them to go for the revive tell them to go for the capture point tell them to protect a different players revive and there’s a lot of communication that’s needed if you want to survive this is going to be sweaty this is going to be hard it is probably the most difficult playlist for many players to succeed and go flawless and so if you follow these tips I hope that I give you a little bit of a better chance thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you soon bye bye.

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